Please don’t ask me to send you Total_Noob’s HEN


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  1. wololo says:

    @Wolfdawg: sorry, not yet (work has been longer than expected today). I’ll do that tomorrow or sunday 🙂

  2. christof says:

    Hi Wololo. Just one quick question. Does this new HEN works on FW below 6.20? Currently I have 5.51 in my PSP3000. Will the HEN work there or will I have to upgrade?

  3. @Wololo: can you test the Devhook in your psp? , i Know that is old, but that can be a way to load all the homebrewas and isos, thanks.

  4. Wolfdawg says:

    oh ok, I thought you might have picked somebody and not announced it lol
    (because Iv been checking everyday)

    I can’t wait to win it 😉

  5. MNX says:

    Thats the problem with the PSP hacking community. They ask and ask but non of them do anything to solve it. Thats why other systems do so well even thoue the PSP has more homebrew/hacks than them, yet thouse systems have unpatchable explotes, its becose all the PSP user’s that are coder’s see how to do it and than don’t bother working on hacks, as the users that have no coding skills dont even bother learning how to. Its vary sad that they run around asking for stuff yet they dont take action.

  6. 1HandPlay says:

    @wololo you can trust me

  7. SuperMoron says:

    My fox is hungry! :p

  8. TN HEN :D says:

    @wololo, does this mean that we can expect TN HEN to be released on November 1st

  9. BmAkK says:

    6.20 tn is 1mb I got it. Just google pwmetal,it’s real,you just gotta know how to install it.I do

  10. nickxab says:

    Haha lol nice work.
    Put your ms in a treasury tho be sure that this will not be stolen. xD
    Don’t give it cause there are many leechers.
    By the way i was one of the first people who i knew about this HEN.
    Too many months ago. ^^
    And i didn’t tell about it anywhere.Muhahaha i am bad. xD
    Hmm i hope that with this HEN we will see a new 6.xx CFW WITH 1.50 KERNEL FINALLY.
    I stuck in 5.00 cause 5.50 don’t have 1.50

  11. Joel says:

    Fake wololo is fake. Our avatars serve as ID authentication, people. Don’t trust that green wololo… only the pink one.

  12. Joel says:

    In fact the green wololo is John from further up the page. Pathetic.

  13. shura says:

    @Joel, yes you are right ^.^. That guy is fake!!!

  14. williand says:

    sweet good job wollo ill keep up with your posts 1 question though isnt the psp 3000 the same as a psp 3001?

  15. xaex says:

    happened already are cloning your name my dear wololo but as it says but as Joel says is false @ false as our avatar is unique as it is seen that this fake is the first time you visit this page thanks for all my dear and true wololo

  16. 1337 says:

    I think joel is right look if you back at page 1 and 2 you see wololo picture is pink but if you come to page 3 you see that wololo picture is green hmmmm

  17. rafael707 says:


    1.Does this “HEN” have access to all system resources, like cfw?

    2.Is this HEN capable of High Memory Mod, to allow the use of the full 64Mb of ram?

    3.Is it more stable than HBL at the moment?

    4.Does this HEN have access to kernel prx modules?

    hope you reply, and thanks for your work

  18. williand says:

    is the psp 3000 the same as the 3001

  19. rafael707 says:

    @williand GTFO

  20. yellow says:

    @williand yes

  21. williand says:

    ok just showing a friend cuzz he didnt believe me and he doesnt think that wollo and them are verry good but i think there like psp gods

  22. williand says:

    oh and srry for double posting but does any of you know some great homebrews for hbl r101 i cant find any good ones

  23. wololo says:

    I deleted comments from somebody who was using my nickname. I won’t say this enough, but people who try to impersonate others should really get a life. As many of you noticed, if somebody posts with my nickname but a different avatar, it’s not me

  24. williand says:

    @wololo hey dude do you know of any good homebrews for psp 3000 ver 6.2 using your hbl r101 i cant find any

  25. 0M9H4X says:

    ok pay more attention to fake wololos, guys.
    dont feed the troll unless you live in soviet russia, then the troll feeds you.

    and yes, total noob announced that his hen is now capable of loading packed and unpacked PRXs.

    the PSP 3000 is the same as the 3001, the last number only indicates the region. 3004 would be the european model, 3010 latin american for example.

    The HEN’s only said to get released before christmas, jeez.
    till then, stay tuned and watch some avgn.

  26. williand says:

    ok but what about some good homebrew games

  27. Yoti says:

    what about soviet russia? *post from russia*

  28. Chinmay says:

    Can we play ISO/CSO on this custom firmware….. PLZ REPLY…..

  29. williand says:

    hello can anyone here answer a simple question

  30. williand says:

    whats some good homebrew games for psp 3000 ver 6.20 on wololos hbl r101

  31. NsAnE says:

    I REALLY hope you’re just trolling, because if you’re not and you really are as stupid as it seems, you don’t deserve to breathe God’s precious air.

  32. yellow says:

    @williand check this site and download it it has alot of hombrews and apps also emulator

  33. williand says:

    @nsane and yellow thanks guys this helped alot i just couldnt find anything cuzz i gotta run my comp on safe mode or itll just take like 20 min to load the logon menu i know i have to whipe my hard drive but i cant

  34. Rapier838 says:

    “if you have a cancer”


    Okay, serious mode, will it support PSX games?

  35. SWN says:

    Yeah, really. I want to play Resident Evil 2.

    *Post from Russia

  36. equis says:

    There is no date for the releasing of the HEN. Aproximately it would be released before Christmas.
    In the other hand, Sony is a perfectly established enterprise in Mexico. If you bought your PSP with an authorized dealer, it comes with a valid guarantee and Sony MUST repair your console. In fact, Sony does it, because Coppel only redirects you to Sony.
    If all that is “impossible”, there is spare parts sold anywhere for psp (not from Sony, directly).

  37. bryan1001 says:

    Everyone,save your Finger Energy, The HEN will be here before Christmas, just be patient, Total_Noob and Wololo and the Other Devs are using their Free time to help with the HEN,what do you want, Wololo and TN to quit there jobs just to make a HEN, for now use HBL, after that, your patience will be rewarded, with a HEN, and for other people, Just get this clear, HBL or the HEN will not support iso or cso, after the HEN is done, ask someone who has previosly Developed a ISO/CSO Loader and maybe they’ll make one, please just give the Hen Devs time, after all, everyone gets busy.

  38. Andy says:

    what am i ganna say? thanks