Kernel exploit 6.20: new video from Total_Noob


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48 Responses

  1. wololo says:

    @bem: pandora batteries for the PSP 3000 are not happening anytime soon. Send your PSP to a Sony repair center, or sell it for parts on eBay.

    @dan: this will most likely not run ps1 games in the first version, but I’m sure people will work on that as soon as it is released.

  2. bem says:

    @wololo: if i did send my psp to sony, what should sony do in my psp?? sorry i didn’t know that the flash0 of psp 3000 is so sensitive, all i know is not upgrading it to 5.50 to 6.31..

  3. wololo says:

    @bem: they will reinstall it with the latest firmware (6.31). And, this costs money, by the way (I don’t know the price but they charge for it)

  4. bem says:

    @wololo:when i turned ON my psp, its only black screen nothings happend after that and then shut OFF. is sony repair it and reinstall it with the latest firmware(6.31)? is that right? and then i can now use my PSP again? except running ISO’s?

  5. bem says:

    @wololo: i am fun of your HBL since its first release,february 2009 i bought my psp 3000 and accidentally update it to 5.50 and this early 2 months i swap it to psp 3000 5.03 and it cost Php.3000. im so lucky about that but i didnt know that the flash0 is so sensitive, and so i bricked a psp again. XD

  6. qazer03 says:

    I hope that if there is hen for ofw 6.XX then there will be a CFW enabler. Or what if all the psp hacker join togethere, hope there will be a permanent
    CFW for psp 3000 like the psp 1000 and older psp 2000 they can have a cfw even they reboot it, so good luck to all psp hacker especially Totalnoob.

  7. Felipe says:

    I hope that the hackers make a cfw for 6.20, I really don’t care if it is permanent or not, so, good luck to all psp hackers, and especially, Totalnoob.

  8. Lorz says:

    @Wololo: I bet something like Pandora is still out there though just waiting to be discovered that will work with 3K and Go…….. I’m sure Sony is not disassembling, desoldering chip, and using eprom flasher on every bricked PSP they get………. and if they are doing that, then no wonder they’re always whining about the PSP not making them any money >.<