advancedpsp is gone


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  1. iSWORD says:

    That’s sooooooooooooooooooooooo bad !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    No one’s left !!!! (I’m sorry wololo, You are GREAT, but good company is always the best way to get a good result)
    I’ll do my best and continue my way in PSP development !! I believe you guys should all do the same.. I’ve already started with a small project.. We should all be together !! No one is useless.. Just believe in yourselves.. We can do it.. Impossible is NOTHING, And nothing is IMPOSSIBLE…

  2. iSWORD says:

    Guys.. Please join my site.. AdvancedPSP2 dot tK
    I’ll post NEW crashes as many as possible.. I’ll never make anything private..
    But I got to go to sleep now..
    When I get my 15000 crashes ready I’ll post the most different ones.. (I mean I’m not going to post useless copies..)
    Good luck, Guys..

  3. cscash241 says:

    i can’t seam to get on tipi’s site either now

  4. TiPi says:

    Had a little problem with the host, should be solved now. 🙂

  5. sandesh says:

    @ wololo,
    i have got a great idea!
    instead of making a forum, we can just make a facebook page for HBL
    that way, it will be easier to make posts, many ppl will be able to see it, AND its gonna be awesome!!
    pls make a reply of what u think of my idea, wololo!

  6. iSWORD says:

    facebook pages never replace forums.. I guess it’s a bad idea.. I’m sorry.. That’s my opinion..

  7. Arthur says:

    I´m interessed to help this project, contact me and i will get a cPanel hosting to the new forum.

  8. dos says:

    @ sandesh
    why Sony can see are face and what state we live in what school we goto and post will get deleted due to posting on the wall

  9. Xaikiri says:

    Lol. I laughed so hard. BTW here’s a page for the which serves as tribute.!/pages/Memories-in-advancedpsptk/160928250600920?ref=ts


  10. Xaikiri says:

    m0skit0 ain’t leaving. He is just leaving the development. check this,48.msg203.html#msg203

  11. Organized_Chaos says:

    Can anyone else access TiPi’s site? I’m getting “Firefox can’t find the server at”

  12. Xaikiri says:

    What do you mean chaos? i can freely visit the site. Did you typed teh URL correctly?

  13. cameraguy256 aka.terminator157 says:

    wow over 101 comments…

    WELL…to stay on topic, will this mean 6.31’s HBL wll be slightly delayed meaning it wont be a while b4 we see more compatabliity ITS BEEN ALMOST 2 WEEKS WHAT THE heck, I CAN WAIT I NEED JUST A LITTLE MORE COMPATABLITLY AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! IM GOING INSANE >:( >:(

  14. TragicTheBlubbering says:

    There was an issue with the server earlier, but TiPi quickly resolved it. 🙂

  15. NightStar3 says:

    xD fail at whoever you are -_-

  16. ynos says:

    Sabotaged by sony?

  17. Beecher says:

    I created some new hbl forums
    Check it out here

  18. iSWORD says:

    yaaaay !! The same style as my forum.. On the same host service.. You’re not copying, are you ?! 😀 :S 😀

  19. Nymphaea says:

    Considering it’s not on this page, I’ll say it again:

    TiPi has made a replacement site, and almost all of’s moderators have gone there, and plenty of the active members as well.

    The site is:

  20. n00b81 says:

    Well, since this thread is getting a bit of attention 😛

    … anyone with a PSP 3000 and DMB tuner? Or own a PSP and a device that can be programmed to emulate a device? (arduino, programmable usb controller….)

  21. bocco says:

    that’s why someone invented a database backup function…

    too poor…

  22. bocco says:

    is a FREE webhoster, so don’t blame them. they can do what ever they want.

    that was just a bad administration from the advancedpsp owner, nothing else

  23. cv says:

    okay everyone i think its official, we’re all moving to TiPi’s site, so dont waste time making new sites and just try to get old pages they don’t have

  24. Pirata Nervo says:

    Only someone that is new to web hosts would use 000webhost. It’s the worst web host ever.
    Do a google search “000webhost reviews” and you’ll see the same thing happening to a lot of people.

    The problem is not the administration like some people here have mentioned.
    They mention everything as unlimited, there’s nothing like unlimited.
    Bandwidth and space are limited, you can’t just put no limits.

    When you reach their limits they shut down your account. They don’t mention their limits anywhere and you can’t actually do anything since they can do pretty much what they want (read their TOS).

    Next time use a paid host or get a limited specs free web host, otherwise you’ll probably hit the wall.

  25. Pirata Nervo says:

    I can host you for free on my VPS (under certain conditions), you can contact me if you wish – just check my email in this comment.

  26. cv says:

    well nvm sum of us will go 2 TiPi’s site, others 2 wololo’s forum, id reccomend we go to wololo’s forum, increase his revenue from advertising so he can buy things needed 4 hacking, testing, personal stuff, etc.

  27. Geana says:


  28. TragicTheBlubbering says:

    Anybody else having trouble getting onto TiPi’s forum?

  29. Nymphaea says:

    Anyone having trouble getting onto, try switching DNS, I had a similar problem earlier and it seemed my DNS wasn’t connecting to sitefrost or, however right now it seems to be timing out, not sure why. Just keep trying I guess 😛

  30. raing3 says:

    I’m happy you are giving 000webhost the bad name it deserves. I had the same thing happen to me 1-2 years ago when my site was hosted by 000webhost. Thankfully the site had little to no valuable information so nothing of importance was lost.

    I always hated how their MySQL servers would regularly reset (every hour I think), it left any database driven site down for about 5 minutes every hour which was horrible.

    Then all of a sudden I got the message that my site was being randomly audited which lasted for about a week before they completely removed the site.

    All of this was despite there being no illegal or copyright material hosted on the site or links to any such material.

    Despite their seemingly good service with such large bandwidth and disk space quotas the flaws are undeniable. I would agree that 000webhost is an amazingly sucky host who fails to consider their clients who despite not paying anything should be given the courtesy of at least an automated email saying the hosted content is going to be deleted.

  31. Pirata Nervo says:

    @Geana you cannot save PHP from cached pages. You can only save CSS files, HTML files, JavaScript files and Images. Nothing else can be saved from a browser if it’s not being displayed or used by it. (and the google crawler caches what the browser displays/uses)

  32. reverze says:

    ***!!??? this is ***, thats why i don’t have a website(and/or i don’t have badazz coding skills) but that’s life

  33. reverze says:

    back (again) so as i was saying earlier…. ***!!! we should sue i will troll until that fake and retarted (cause you can’t say *** anymore) host is taken down

  34. npt says:

    Really sorry to hear it. Some of the best stuff going on in the scene right now.

    So is that comment about a new site with the same mods and same active members correct? I sure hope so.

    Also, I am on the lookout for a korean DMB TV tuner. Get a hold of me if you have one.


  35. Nymphaea says:

    @npt, Yes, and just got back up(DDOS problems >.< ), and though wololo opened up an HBL development forum here, it's still a good little psp community.

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