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Release: HBL R100 for PSPs up to OFW 6.31!


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  1. Wolfdawg says:

    can I get an image of my psp on my laptop screen?
    I think you need kernel access

    I could just buy a cord, but my TV sucks

  2. Wolfdawg says:

    aw man 🙁
    I found remotejoy, but you need CFW
    I can has hacksbles PSP?

  3. moai says:

    For those of us having trouble with SNES9x_TYL: I found a different SNES emulator that works for this, uo_SNES9x. The only problem is that it seems to run pretty slow. If anyone’s interested, you can get it from Ruka’s homepage.

  4. xXSEEKERXx says:

    as of today hsgot is still not patched. just giving a heads up for newcomers.

  5. nmagod says:

    I’ll test PicoDrive (it only works with SEGA CD ISO FILES, NOT PS1 OR PSP SO DON’T BOTHER, RETARDS) as soon as I have my Go updated and the launcher opened.

  6. JT says:

    I can confirm that HSGOT hasn’t been patched as of 09/09/10 5:57pm CST. I have the US PSN version running r100 without too many problems aside from random boot crashes. PSP Go OFW 6.31 test results below.

    Doom : Works great
    NesterJ : Played SuperMario3 with no issues (working)
    Picodrive : slowdown issues when compared to running on Patapon 2 exploit, barely playable.
    SNESxtyl – Crashes upon boot to white screen. Anyone know of a SNES emu that works with decent speeds?

  7. nmagod says:

    PicoDrive does indeed work, including the save/load state function. No sound on the PSP Go, naturally, because that’s one of its limitations on the device.

  8. nmagod says:

    Hey JT, have you tried changing some settings in PicoDrive? Set the renderer to fast or accurate? That often makes something play faster. Also try disabling each of the sound emulation functions, even though there’s no sound, they’re still running unless you stop them.

  9. pancho260 says:

    Wololoo! please try to import the hack to Hot Shots tennis! I beg youu!

  10. GR1 says:

    Hey all. Here is a archive with some homebrews that work 100% with this exploit/hbl ————>http://www.mediafire.com/?djtxcdib0ttvqdm

  11. Bvlgari says:

    Hi i have a psp 3003 slim is it possible to run ISO games with r100?

  12. Dazman says:

    uo_Snes9x for PSP 0032 works on my psp go.

    I have 6.20 and used everybodys golf hbl. even starfox 2 works.

    Best 6 bucks I ever spent.

    Going to update to 6.31 now.

    Thanks wololo and all envoled. I love reliving my younger days on my psp.

    Cant wait for updates.

    Also, can the eboot be changed to not have music in xmb and also the pic changed. So it looks like hbl off the xmb.


  13. Bvlgari says:

    Hi i have a psp 3003 slim is it possible to run ISO games with r100?

  14. cobaltex says:

    for people using the patapon 2 hbl go here: http://advancedpsp.tk/foro_es/viewtopic.php?f=21&t=1200 for a modified version of the eboot that i’ve reduced to 46.9mb, and yes it still works fully.
    P.S., wololo, if you know of a good tut for learning hex editing could you let me know about it, currently i’m a complete beginner and only know how to insert and delete code but am looking to try my hand at more complex hex editing.

  15. Dazman says:

    Using psp content manager you can edit the eboot and remove sound and all pics and add your own icon, it then saves the eboot to location of your choice, just copy it back to psp and it no longer looks like everybodys golf game.

    Not sure about changing the text, i will try it and post if it works or not.

    I love the fact you just load the game and bang, HBL menu opens up. I love this game choice for HBL. works great on 6.20.

  16. ben says:

    hello i can’t run hbl r100 on my psp 3004 in ofw 6.31 for everybody’s golf my psp freeze and i’ve tried to rename folders and file
    please do you have any solution ?
    i ‘m a novice

  17. newguy says:

    @GR1 great man i be waiting some like a compablility list but this is better xD
    i see in internet run isos whit digital commic???? this is true or false

  18. Mamimi says:

    -I have Hot Shots Golf Open Tee (US, UMD)
    -I have a PSP 2001, firmware 6.30
    -I downloaded the correct files (though the read me still refers to Patapon 2, so I can’t be 100% sure, but I downloaded from the correct links)
    -I installed the files in the correct places
    -HSG:OT starts to load, the screen goes black, the PSP turns off

    I don’t know if this information is helpful, but i thought I’d bring it up here. And if anyone has any useful suggestions for me to get this running, feel free to post them. 😉

  19. Lorz says:

    @newguy…. I think what you’re talking about is mars loader…. and tbh this is still a bit of a mystery… some say it works, others say it doesn’t……. in any case it’s hard to find any solid information about it except for a few youtube vids which could easily be fakes or the real thing who knows….. but as Wololo says….. until it has a release, consider it a fake… and when /if it ever gets released, if it does even half of what they claim….. news about it will be all over the place.

  20. toBsucht says:

    THANKS WOLOLO !!! 100 if i got my paypal i´ll make a donat;)
    @Dazman great this exactly what i search thanks, to u
    maybe http://www.halfbyteloader-psp.350.com take it into the download list.

  21. rcdash says:

    I have psp 3004 -6.31. i do not have any UMD for hot shot golf or everyday golf or mina no. can i run HBL in my psp using patapon demo 2

  22. wololo says:

    @rcdash no, you need hot shots golf or everybody’s golf

  23. FOL says:

    Just to let you all know.

    PSP Go! 6.31 using Everbodys golf (under PSP Essensials) works still.
    I downloaded the EU version from PSN this morning and HBL works fine.

    I updated my Go, after I backed up my Phats nand and updated that to 6.31 to see if game was still exploitable.

    Hope this info helps some others, :).

  24. cscash241 says:

    there seams to be a compatibility issue with the debug version of the hotshots golf exploit http://code.google.com/p/valentine-hbl/issues/detail?id=327#c0 sorry for spaming this every ware but i thought everyone should know about it so it can get fixed

  25. -Sp>>d- says:

    List of homebrew i have that works on R100…

    -[BattleGrounds 3] AWESOME GAME- crashes when you quit

    -[Doodle Jump PSP 1.3] the game is ok… sort of slow… game crashes on exit

    -[CSPortable 0.75] AWESOME game… the could make the bots buy ammo though… the run out and jump around with a knife…. Has multiplayer…
    This is maybe my best game

    -[Cave Story] AWESOME GAME

    -[Deadulus R14 beta] AWESOME… runs slow… you might have to google how to make deadulus run faster.

    -[Kitten Cannon]Not the best game… but it runs on R100 (no quit button :O

    -[Mh GPSPkai] awesome GBA emu works well… the 2 times speed doesn’t work very well…

    -[Rag doll Cannon] Its really good but the cannon has to charge up half wrecking the point of it… still fun though…

    -[Wagic] Works perfect… been trying to learn how to play…

  26. H2Otter says:

    can someone be kind and link a version of a N64 emulator that works for this HBL much appriciated plz 😀 if not then thats ok too i guess 🙁

  27. cameraguy256 says:

    audio is f’d on emulators, choppy on picodrive and high pitch and choppy in masterboy

  28. Omar says:

    hi I have OFW 6.31 on my psp. And for some reason i can’t load the patapon but on the game menu I click continue then I click the game but it says loading failed data copparat sorry about my spelling errors

  29. rcdash says:

    Thanks for reply wololo

  30. Tim says:

    Heyy i have a PSP with OFW 6.31… i didnt knew i ever wanted to go to the wrong (but easy cheap and lil bit more fun) side :P. (downloading games etc.) So i installed it…
    Email me if u need a OFW 6.31 tester. I bet i have to wait till never or till i can downgrade 6.31

  31. joozet says:

    tengo una psp 3010 OFW 6.31, UMD minna no golf Hot Shots Golf Open Teen, me funciona exelente, lo unico malo es que no me reconoce los juegos ISO, ¿tienen algun formato en especial?, ¿se crea una carpeta aparte?, por favor denme una solucion, de antemano muchas gracias y disculpen mi ortografia.

    Saludos !! 🙂

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