HBL on hot shots golf: getting there!


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  1. QuEEr says:

    Keep up the good work guys!! I can’t wait!! Thank you so much for all this work you’re doing, really!!

  2. psp-hacks.com gave you a PSP? πŸ™

  3. Google.bee says:

    Do You Know When We Will Be Able To Use This? Because I Really REALLY cant wait to use it, lolz

  4. debiru says:

    It’s ready when it’s ready.

    Thanks for your great work. Can’t wait for some GBA or SCUMM on my PSPGo! πŸ™‚

  5. need4speedplayer says:

    Great work guys can’t wait for the EU version of HBL to come out πŸ™‚ Keep up the good work guys.

  6. rafael707 says:

    does the hot shots golf exploit with HBL have any better capabilities, features over the patapon 2 exploit with HBL?

    in other words, is the patapon 2 expoit with HBL faster and more efficent than the other exploit?

    im running a psp go 6.20 btw

  7. antcapp says:

    wololo…. you are the best

  8. Lorz says:

    @rafael707, You can find more details here http://advancedpsp.tk/foro_es/viewforum.php?f=42

    So far it’s looking like this

    Hotshots Golf HBL

    Shorter load time for HBL
    No annoying Patapon music
    Can play games that require 6.3x OFW

    Have to buy the Hotshots golf game
    Not as much compatability as patapon HBL(YET)

  9. xXSEEEKERXx says:

    hopfully the game is not patched i still havent baugyt the game XD and i was one of the ones to wake up at 6 am to go to 711 4 card

  10. Lorz says:

    @xXSEEEKERXx. Agreed, that would be the biggest worry….. if they do a firmware update to fix it no biggie…. just don’t update, but if they patch the game, seems like it would be a whole lot of work by the HBL team down the drain and all for nothing….. not to mention people who unknowingly bought the patched game expecting it to work with HBL……. that would major sux.

  11. Nickolas says:

    wololo i know its completely irrelevant but i need the help of a decent C# programmer. it has nothing to do with psp if you can help me i will describe what i want you to do. nice work by the way….

  12. tigerchitpile says:

    good job to all the ppl who worked on this and made it possible. *DOUBLE THUMBS UP*

  13. cscash241 says:

    glad to see this my cousin just had a baby today he will be baby of hbl on 6.31!!!! unless wololo has kids

  14. Reayn says:

    You guys are the ultimate PSP HH (Hacking Heroes) – We really appreciate all your hard work!! :))

  15. cscash241 says:

    when will this be put into the svn/released

  16. rafael707 says:

    @Lorz thanks

    i hope patapon 2 remains the better exploit, i would be mad if hot shots golf exploit had more system support

  17. midnightexpress says:

    I have cfw so I don’t need too worry about this stuff. But I find it important too know what’s going on, every time we have a new explote meens more users running homebrew and perhaps cfw. But ATM a user mode explote well tigh over users! Good luck on this. Btw wololo well you still be working on the petapong 2 version of hbl? Idk let’s see what you guys have.

  18. cscash241 says:

    @midnightexpress r100 also makes it more “portable”

  19. cscash241 says:

    @Bryce burse http://advancedpsp.tk/foro_es/viewtopic.php?f=37&t=1197 “WORK IN PROGRESS: hot shots port + portability” PORTABILITY

  20. Daniel says:

    @wololo: I was wondering if you might be able to realease what you have so far as a BETA so people have somethign to do while there waiting and if you dont want to then thats fine with me THANKS WOLOLO!!!!!!!!!

  21. cscash241 says:

    w7y7a7t7t no i am not mad at wololo he is doing a great job i was just mad i was geting errors when i compiled it

  22. Daniel says:

    If some one can get it working properly can they make a link so it will be easy for non devs to install and download the expliot

    • wololo says:

      If it was ready for “non devs” we would release it. The reason we haven’t done any binary release yet is because people who don’t want to take the time to understand how it works/ how to compile it currently will not manage to correctly run it anyways, even if it’s released in a binary form. I believe a binary release now would give users more frustration than anything else. I’m not preventing people from releasing a binary version, but you guys should trust me when I say it’s not entirely ready.

  23. pancho260 says:

    wololo… i’ve been searching information about how this exploit works on your webpage, and i have found that this exploit can be compatible with Everybody’s Tennis, which also has a crackeable demo at the playstation store… I’m not very good at programing but if you can please take a look.. see ya

  24. pancho260 says:

    also i’m not very good at english, so please forgive me

  25. Lorz says:

    @cscash241, generally “portability” in the coding world refers to the ease with which the code can be adapted to run on another platform, for example a linux program that was ported to mac, then to windows, or a piece of low level code that can easily run on X86, Mips, and PPC.

    What the HBL team *probably* means by portable, is that the binary loader now has the ability to run on more than just one exploit….. and hopefully that when future exploits are found it can be more easily modified to be used with those too… which would shorten the time from discovery of exploit to stable release by a pretty good bit.

  26. wololo says:

    @Lorz: yes, that’s exactly what we mean by “more portable” πŸ™‚

  27. bigicedog says:

    great job keep up the good work

  28. tonshinden says:

    thanks again guys for the marvelous HBL ^^

  29. nickxab says:

    Take your time guys.
    You did a awesome job so far. ^^

  30. JuNyA8971 says:

    Out of curiousity, will this work on Minna No Golf as well? Or is specifically for US and EU versions. The reason I ask is because I have a JP version 1 and 2 on my PSPGo (6.31).

  31. skullguy12 says:

    wow, can’t wait for this. is there any way to install cfw using this exploit?? πŸ˜€

  32. U_K says:

    Wololo, I think your PSP Go! is running on 6.20, so… will this exploit also works on 6.30 & 6.31? Thanx. :]

  33. Reayn says:

    again with the CFW questions….. NO CFW will be created using this exploit as per Wololo. This is an exploit at the user level NOT the kernel level (which is needed for CFW). Read up on the “IMPOSSIBLE” dream elsewhere as this is specifically for HBL 6.31 to run homebrew/Emulators and trust me that is awesome already!

  34. wizarddoctor says:

    Hello Wololo,

    my question is: Which version do you recommend for using on any PSP?
    The latest r100 or another?
    Thanks in advance.

  35. wololo says:

    @wizarddoctor: if you’re running the patapon exploit I recommend revision 99 for the moment, but if you want to help us debugging, please give a try to R100.
    If you’re running with the golf exploit, then you have no choice, R100 is the only one that works for now πŸ™‚

  36. jlo138 says:

    All hail ye King Wololo! Most of us are peasants. We have nothing to offer, but much to receive. We thank you for your generosity of HBL. The games of the past shall remain in the present and continue on in the future! Also Wololo, do you realize that you have changed the gaming world forever? I also heard they are going to change the Patapon song to “Wolo, Wolo, Wolo, lo,…you get the idea. Lol…

  37. npissoawsome says:

    I like this one more, becuase it seems like it loads faster then the patapon 2 exploit, but you also have to buy it

  38. kh10028 says:

    hey this is the best ever, but is there any way i can make my own exploit with another game to play like mod nation racers? its a smaller file and i dont have alot of space on my mem card!