Issues with Buttons in HBL R97


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  1. ziggy celis says:

    @wololo “applause”

  2. Wolfdawg says:

    @wololo LOL!!!! (did DAX really get paid?) what you said did sorta make sense, thats a good ideal for sony, give us CFW without ISO loaders and ill buy a brand new PSP

    Is this real?, ixploit and light_alex made it. It works, it starts from the XMB and
    shows a screen (light_alex)

    (download the link in the 3rd comment and try it, never bricked my psp)

  3. Wolfdawg says:

    13th comment*

  4. wololo says:

    @Wolfdawg: light_alex, a.k.a light_alexander a.k.a. dark_alexander is a fake.

    Also, Mars CFW, Jupiter CFW, different names for always the same kind of ***. People who can’t tell the difference between hexedit and programming, who have never written a single line of C in heir lives, and think they can trick people by creating a new site every week or so. I won’t even bother to check their forums.

    I edited your post slightly (replaced the http), so that these guys don’t get free advertising from my blog

    And, of course, Dark Alex was never paid by Sony to quit (I assume you realize my post was sarcastic, but just in case…) , he just got bored, that’s something very human

  5. moonyagami666 says:

    I am with you wololo and with the help of m0skit0 and all of them are going to be able to win to sony in his attempt for increasing his sales, unfortunately that dark alex sold I am sure that serious of great help in this but it is necessary to follow forward pt: you might talvez create a version of the hbl specifically to reproduce the daedalo x64 I manage to reproduce but it goes out for me constant that that had a mistake on having loaded, talvez could manage generate a specialized Hbl to reproduce the daedalo x64 I am sure that thousands of persons would be grateful for something this way apart that we are grateful to you for the alone fact of having this exploit

  6. cv says:


    *** if your going to complain about wololo’s n his teams product you might as well not use it, the fact that hes doing this work for free should at least make you happy someone cares for the end users and even if he was paid by sony(not sayn u are) what would it matter? we are still getting what we want wololos getting what he wants so its a win/win even if he has ability to access the kernal why would you want that? so you can illegally get an iso loader to play bootleg games? geta job

  7. moonyagami666 says:

    I make my publication because I like to play n64 games and i’m not complainig about wololo’s work I’m just saying a sugerrance about get a better perfomanace in daedalo x64 and I have a kernel before but I read the hbl and i read (this project have no risk of brick) and I update to the OFW6.20 and I do not repent having done it thats all and 1 thing more thing if you going to critic to other people please critic in other forum becouse this is for hbl not for critic what the others say I don’t tolerate the piratery now (I am not in against but of his side either)

  8. Wolfdawg says:

    yea, ixploit is fake and Im sure mars is
    but that (pretty much hello world) did run from the XMB
    he said he edited a demo

    • wololo says:

      @Wolfdawg. Haven’t tried it, but if it’s what I think, it’s useless: There’s a way to replace a psp official logo (png file) with the png file of your choice. Such as the psx eboot “splash screen”, if you want. Other people discussed this on a while ago, it’s an interesting “customization”, but no hack is involved, and this will not lead to anything.

  9. moment says:

    Wait for crack of 6.2 too long~~~

  10. Wolfdawg says:

    I give up on waiting for 6.20 HEN, Wololo is my Hero forever

    now I just need java on my ps3 SLIM (some people have made online emulators, but they use java and ps3 slim can have an OS)

  11. cv says:

    @ wololo
    that thing about replacing the png on start up if you used a crafted image from an old png exploit is it possible there are still png libraries that werent update/removed to read from umd/sony eboots only and not from xmb? if that doesnt make any exploit, you could always replace patapon2 start up with hbl logo for looks ^_-

  12. bdogg says:

    N64 EmuPack 25 works on pspgo 6.20,the latest daedalus r555 running fast speed.thanks wololo

  13. Wolfdawg says:

    ***!!!, r555 isnt working on PSP 3000 6.20 >:c
    Is it running fast with out changing override_sceCtrlPeekBufferPositive=1 to 0
    because daedalus crashes after 5 minutes when that is 0

  14. g-funk says:

    I’d also like to know anything on a 6.xx HEN.Been a while since stuff was even rubbed in our faces.Looks like sony actually won the war. I appreciate your work on wagic and hbl thanks a bunch

  15. Harmless Whisper says:

    where can i download daedalusx64 rev 555 to verify that it works on psp go 6.20 currently using daedalus r13

  16. ??(zhizhuo) says:

    HhH?when i use Bookr with R97,this problem shows,but some homebrews else work normally~~

  17. Wolfdawg says:

    @harmless whisper
    go to
    will you compare speeds to the x64 revision that does work on HBL (not r14)

  18. hugo says:

    in my psp 3000 runs fine on the menu of games but then crashes

  19. toBsucht says:

    @harmless whisper & @Wolfdawg i use beta 2 daedalus r14. They´ve my working game u know(updated list rev97).
    I prefer mywindemo0.1 if i choose one of the mywin.
    @hugo do it like wololo say or place game direct in gamefloder or wait till the king & team has fixed crash in his new rev.I think he release a new ver. soon.

  20. fotis says:

    guys pls i need some1 help me 2 hack my psp go… 🙁 pls send me an e-mail at with the steps i have 2 do 🙁 i ll download the hbl rsomething but i dont know how 2 instal it at my psp go 🙁 ty all and i am sorry if i ll bother you guys

  21. toBsucht says:

    @fotis hi u need patapong2 demo in the gamesfloder on ur memorystick(ms:psp/game). Can u run it make one game save?! Ok then u have 2 place the savegame(exploid by wololo) on ur ms:psp/savedata. And last step put wololo´s hbl floder and h.bin file to ms! Then start psp, start patapong2demo- load 2nd savegame(wololo´s) if it has load u have to press x and littel later (1sec) press right-shoulder.Visit ;)no installation:)

  22. Jose says:

    nada =(…todavia…esperando..

  23. Icey says:

    Bookr 0.7.1 screws up if you don’t remove this line.
    it’s as if the analog stick is pushing down but it’s not.
    Removing that line fixed it though, thanks. 😀

    PSP 2000 starwars edition
    OFW 6.20

  24. lynx says:

    mvspsp emu is very slow working on my psp (psp slim 3004 6.20 hbl r97) which version do you use? :/

  25. Bilal says:

    Hello I want to know if I can hacked my psp 3004 version 6.20 please I not know where to start here is my msn if you want to help me I am lost thank you thank you

  26. Hypermephiles says:

    Damn I thought there was a virus in my psp so I deleted it and updated to 6.31 (no offense to you wololo I was paranoid sorry). In other words I had hombrew for less than 2 months and 2 months ago was the first time I had homebrew (2 years ago I found out about homebrew wanted it but couldn’t get it) . well I guess that just means that I have to wait till Hbl is compatible with 6.31 Which is in 24 hrs. I was Such a ***.

  27. noobfree says:

    Could you make the hbl compatible with the homebrew Fusa gamepad?

  28. Akshay says:

    Pls help me to hack my psp slim 3004 6.20
    its disgusting with this type of version and i dont have game except raw vs smackdown pls help me buddy

  29. Akshay says:

    Pls help me to hack my psp slim 3004 6.20
    its disgusting with this type of version and i dont have game except raw vs smackdown pls help me buddies