Half Byte Loader on OFW 6.30


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  1. jerry says:

    Hey Wolo Has There Been Any Inprovement In Hacking the 6.30 or 6.31???

    Do You Have Hope For The Development Of This New 6.30 Hack??

    And Do You Plan On Making Patches For It As Well???

  2. veendog says:

    cool and thx for replieing but is there a estimated time of relese ( tor ) ???????? p.s i am so never going to update my psp again lol

  3. wololo says:

    @jerry, veendog: I am not directly working on this hack. I have been contacted by the devs though, and as expected, porting HBL is not an easy task.
    When people need to know about progress, I’ll post about it on my blog. meanwhile, stay tuned, but don’t expect too much, too soon.

  4. veendog says:

    kk thx by the way thx for helping all of us with this

  5. dany says:

    wololo I have a question for you, you believe that you might make work the hbl in the same way as it appears in the comparation of the rev95 and the rev96 but for the OFW 6.20 for which to my Mario I do not present any improvement please to be that I am very been delighted by this project

  6. wonttellyou says:

    i have a friend who’s expert in creating cfw and stuff i don’t get about psp like c+ programming or something like and she created a special cfw for me in my birthday which was about a week ago and now i can play iso games and i have over 250 games i wonder if i should ask her to help you guys to create a cfw for the PSPGO 6.30 for the guys who want to play iso games on the massive 16 GB storage

    by the way she really is a enius and she doesn’t give a *** about developers or sony because she used to work for sony and got fired so i think this is like a payback for sony for getting her fired

    • wololo says:

      Cool, she’ll meet my friend who is an ex CIA agent but doesn’t give a *** about the US government and can decrypt AES anytime she want. They’ll have a nice talk, and then go back to their homes in imaginationland.

  7. zero says:

    @wontelyou lies lies dude who you trying to fool. you wish you had a go that can play iso games.

  8. PspGoBrew93 says:

    Yeah U probably work for sony

  9. xpl0s10n says:

    Keep up the good work ^^

  10. wonttellyou says:

    you know i was trying to give you guys some help but it seems that everyone thinks im lying then fine i wont help
    and here i was thinking of posting some pictures and links for the custom firmware which by the way you can install it through patapon 2
    but it seems that you guys want to wait months for kernel access

    i wanted to help but you refused so don’t bother knocking on my door

    this is the last time i come to this site

  11. wololo says:

    @wonttellyou: yes, thanks for not coming again, fakers are not welcome here.

  12. PspGoBrew93 says:


  13. ajmal says:

    wololo have you heard of any progress on this

  14. vsdvs says:

    had 2 update my psp 2 6.31 because my psp system restored it self and i couldn’t play my games (MGS PW)

  15. wololo says:

    @ajmal: yes, unfortunately j416 is being stuck with various issues in his exploit. It seems more complex to port HBL, than I initially thought.

  16. ajmal says:

    ok. thanx 4 the update

  17. Lance says:

    hey wololo, i wish when the new version of hbl is released that includes the 6.30/6.31 because i miss playing gba games ^^

  18. j0hniboi. says:

    hi wololo thankz 4 all your hard work on the hbl project, congrats mate u shud be proud. Just one question mate .do you think us peope in the uk will have a chance of having this on 6.30 . Psp go. Because it a japan game. . Plz get bak . Cheers. J0hnb0i

  19. wololo says:

    @j0hniboi.: be sure that hackers (not necessarily me) will do everything they can to make the hack as easy as possible to access. If the EU version of the game is exploitable, a hack will be made available.

  20. Prodigio says:

    Hi wololo, I wanted to know where is the development of HBL Rev98 for systems that have firmware 6.30 and 6.31.
    So if there are hopes to see it in the short term.

  21. Saul says:

    i translted the side thanks to google chrome (yay) and they said somethink about tetris. the grammar was bad so i did not get it much. i’m not encouraging ppl to get the mini, just informing people

  22. jlo138 says:

    I just seen on youtube what the new game exploit is. It’s still at the “Hello World” stage on OFW 6.30 so it’s not ready. I was surprised that the videos I seen only had several hundred views and they were upped in May. I won’t say the name but also read it wasn’t an American version but possibly a European one. I don’t know anymore than that. If something can even come out of it, it’s best NOT to name the game for exploiting sake. Plus many will buy the game and if nothing comes out if it then what a waste of your money. Unless you like the game…

  23. jerry says:

    Excuse me My Fellow peepz.
    is there a way to get the n64 a lil faster then it is
    i seen on youtube on how to set settings,,
    what i mean is…
    is there a recent update of the n64 emulator that works a lil better,,i know n64 emulators not supose to be on point but i saw this vid on youtube of a kid having sound and gameplay with a lil lag, but id be greatful for that 🙂
    if not its cool i understand if i knew the stuff wolo and his friends knew i would try to help out as much as i cud,,but im pretty much dumb as heck,,so sorry for my stupidness lol…
    if this is some way a dumb question..Im Sorry I took up your time and thank you for the time you took for reading it..and maybe Answering…

  24. jlo138 says:

    @jerry, get Daedalusx64 emulator. It has more options than others. Plus it runs quite well using Mario 64. I use it on my PSP Go, but on my friend’s 3000 it’s not as fast for some reason. It does freeze occasionally and shut your PSP off seconds later. Here is my Youtube vid on it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jvLjbuC1F2Q

  25. saul says:

    Finished translating the j416 blog. Relese date it 8/24/2010 t 22:00

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