Compiling Aquaria on the PSP (Download included)


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33 Responses

  1. JON4TH4N says:

    wow, i have no idea what this is about, but i checked out the video, and I thought, “hum… Wagic will be as good as this one day”

  2. Wolfdawg says:

    This is the best looking homebrew iv ever seen, its just like official psp game
    But this game is kinda stupid and i wouldn’t even take the time to download it even if it was just one step to install on psp

  3. Pregnant and 13 says:

    There are problems loading this game PLUS I gotta pay for it???? come on….. is it April fools day?

    Wololo, Get back to work on HBL!

    In Soviet Russia the PSP HACKS you!

  4. wololo says:

    @Pregnant and 13: you don’t tell me what I work on. If you don’t like independent games and homebrews you shouldn’t be reading my blog.

    You pay 20$ for the freedom of playing the game on as many platforms as you like, including the PSP, but the game is a PC game. You’ll never get such an opportunity with “standard” commercial games.

    If you can’t understand that, then you don’t understand what HBL really is about.

    I agree that if you pay for the game only to play it on your psp, currently it is not worth it. But if you play it on a pc, it’s 3 times less expensive than any other modern game, for the same quality.

    • cabbrick1243 says:

      I agree with the multi-platform argument. The only reason I bought it in the Humble Bundle was because it is fully ported to Linux.

  5. LeSupraHoo says:

    Looks like a great game, might buy it for pc.

  6. JON4TH4N says:

    @Pregnant and 13:

    i didnt use to pay for games or software, until I started working on Wagic, Wagic has actually taught me what other’s hard work and dedication is worth, paying for a services someone provides is perfectly normal, one can not expect to get a free meal from a restaurant the same way why should one get a game for free?

  7. pregnant and 13 says:

    Was supposed to be a joke. On second reading didn’t sound like it. lol sorry.

  8. darkriku2000 says:

    @pregnant and 13

    Sarcasm doesn’t carry through text, I would suggest your future jokes rely on it a lot less

  9. Nickolas says:

    @ wololo the pc version that we are supposed to buy runs faultlessly??because i am willing to buy it….

  10. wololo says:

    @Nickolas: I haven’t gone that far in the game yet, but it seems to be working pretty good so far.

  11. Triompf says:

    Wow nice homebrew but hopefully it will soon run on psp 1000 or psp go ( hbl)

  12. d32 says:

    I happen to own this game (was a part of Humble Indie Bundle), so this certainly is a good news for me; thanks for the guide.

  13. monkey64cow says:

    @Triompf this won’t ever be released for the PSP 1000, because as wololo said this game requires 30mb of ram which the PSP 1000 doesn’t have…

    @Wololo, this game looks great, to bad I can’t do this until I’m over my summer vacation, my mom didn’t let me bring my laptop to Canada. I have Mac OS X, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Linux Ubuntu, Linux and XP are running on virtual machines on my mac, while i use bootcamp for windows vista πŸ˜€

    I might compile everything myself or wait until some guy does this later in the future, and lets people download this and only have to put it in to there game folder for it have to run πŸ˜€

  14. ogre says:

    *** i have to buy to play this game i want it for free damn people your being greddy for cash like sony.

  15. wololo says:

    @ogre: 20$ for the result of years of work is not “being greedy”. You have to learn the reality of life. When you’ll become a grown up and have to find a job, I think you won’t be happy when your boss tells you “what, you want a salary? Stop being greedy”.

    Please respect the work of others.

  16. darren says:

    i have baught the game…..and have all the graphics…just dont know how to compile the stuff on windows 7…..can you please send me the aquaria.dat if i send you all the graphics and sounds?
    just tell me what to load onto a .zip file and send and i will……

  17. darren says:

    sorry for the double post….but if you dont want to send me the .dat file…its fine……i can always play it on my pc πŸ™‚

  18. wololo says:

    @darren : I’m sorry… please try to contact the developers of the game, and tell them they should include the PSP files in a download for buyers…
    As soon as a better solution is available, I’ll post it.

  19. darren says:

    its ok…i played it on my pc…i kinda like it…but thanks anyway

  20. achurch says:

    A few quick notes:

    – I’ve put together a GTK+ based PSP build tool to replace the simple shell scripts. The tool has an embedded copy of the EBOOT, so you only need the data from the commercial PC version to build the PSP game directory. (Linux binary at, though that will change with future releases; my home page ( will have a link to the current version. I don’t have a working Windows build environment, but the source should compile on any platform supported by GTK+. However, be aware that gtkitemfactory.h has a deliberately non-prototyped function declaration, so you’ll need to either disable WARNINGS_AS_ERRORS or change the declaration.)

    – PSP-1000 support is unfortunately just not possible with the current engine, which in fairness was designed for systems with far more memory. I’ve already trimmed texture data down to around 8MB, and the early Home Waters area still uses over 30MB total. (Side note: If you press Square+L, a debug display pops up showing current memory usage.) Between this and frame rate issues, I think the only solution for a “real” PSP port would be a new engine. Perhaps if I’m feeling particularly bored some day…

    – I did find a memory leak in PNG handling (thanks for the bug report!), but even with that fixed, the PSP doesn’t have enough memory to go beyond the title screen. I’ve updated the README accordingly.

    – For strtof(), it’s sufficient to add __attribute__((weak)) to the function declaration, and doing so won’t break any other programs — you don’t need to delete the function definition itself. Disabling WARNINGS_AS_ERRORS is also generally safe if you haven’t changed any of the code yourself; my own installed copy of PSPSDK has several fixes for system call prototypes in the SDK headers, and GCC may spout warnings with a vanilla copy of PSPSDK. (I should probably just disable it in the public repository to save people the trouble.)

    – A missing ICON0.PNG shouldn’t cause any problems, and doesn’t for me with the current code. (It’s only loaded in order to provide an icon for the settings save file.) There might have been a bug in older code, or there could be a bug in the OS / custom firmware you used.

    – I’ll check out the “charging” issue in the Energy Temple. I haven’t yet played that far on the PSP myself, but in theory you should be able to charge by holding down Circle for a few seconds.

  21. npissoawsome says:

    lol they should totally port starcraft πŸ˜€

  22. Jshmoe24 says:

    Hey wololo keep up the great work!! This is the best unofficial game I have ever seen. Since I am already a linux guru I figure this should be a breeze, long live ubuntu πŸ™‚

  23. Golden_BARS95 says:

    It freeze in menu . How I can fix it ?

  24. Hetty says:

    Is anyone doing up-to-date builds for this? I have been trying to compile the eboot myself and failing πŸ™

  25. baconman says:

    Hey. For the “right-click” shot-charging thing, make sure you’re in the form with the black suit. You actually have to transform to use different power sets in the game. Usually, it’s shortcutted to the 1-8 numerical keys, or each can be toggled on by “singing” an appropriate song.

    I forget how to change back once you do that (apart from pressing “1,” I mean. The shortcut keys spoiled me a bit!). Hope that helps you, and enjoy! Aquaria is a fantastic adventure, just wait until you hit the “Kelp Forest” area…

  26. Ramon says:

    Got it to compile, but it running the game on my PSP keeps returning me to the XMB without any reason. Halp?

    Btw, maybe update the guide with the newer toolchain? πŸ˜›

    • wololo says:

      could be that the game does not find the resource files, or you don’t have enough Ram (the game won’t run on a psp 1000)

      • Ramon says:

        Got it to run by using the PSPSDK’s freetype library rather than the library supplied with Aquaria, but now the game runs at NOT 480×272. :/

  27. Nick5435 says:

    can you please do a HOW-TO for this on Windows XP? All i want to do is play the friggin game!

    • BohBeh says:

      i second this. even if 5 years have passed. i have 0 programming/compiling skills and no will to use Linux.

  28. hetty says:

    Has anyone gotten this to run on TN-HEN 6.2 or CFW 6.35? I’ve been trying to get this to run on my 2000 (“unhackable”) for ages with no luck.