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Half Byte Loader R93


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97 Responses

  1. pregnant & 13 says:

    Where can I find a list of the best homebrew for HBL? Right now I am just trying things and some stuff crashes and some stuff is stuff is lame. Can someone make a list of the BEST homebrew for HBL?

    In Soviet Russia the PSP hack you!!!!

  2. Dex says:

    For thse asking about GPSP, alot of sites are saying that it no longer works with HBL.

  3. wololo says:

    GPSP Kai Test 02 DOES work. I test it before every single release. That is, with Wagic, THE homebrew that I can guarantee will always work. I’ll never do a release where it doesn’t work because it is part of my testing pack (Wagic, Doom, GPSP Kai, ScummVM)

  4. LEBRON JAMES says:

    very nice i like this hbl hack

  5. Revolver says:

    and DOSBOX too lol

  6. CAPORD says:

    I havent updated the HBL on my psp because i practically just use the UnOfficial gpSP kai 3.2 and it crashes when you press Exit.

    PD: I have a PSP 3000 with the ofw 6.20, ¿what would be the problem?

  7. Nickolas says:

    @wololo where can i find wagic with pictures??i know it is illegal but i am brave enough lol

  8. psplike says:

    NesterJ 1.13beta2 for HBL

    @wololo defense station portable support plz~

  9. garrei says:

    hey wololo…. you might have seen it but i raised a question on lan.st earlier and i want your thoughts…. do you think that its possible to develop a kernal exploit in a way that when the HEN has run, you can create your own sercurity measures to prevent cfw releases…. this would keep you in complete control of the exploit even when it is released. im not sure if its possible but im sure people would love a k-hen soon. ps. you should pass this idea onto coyotebean and anyone else that has kernal keys.

  10. garrei says:

    ok fair enough. thanks anyway.

  11. CAPORD says:

    Hey wololo could you tell me ¿which rev of the daedalusx64 works in the HBL?

  12. monkey64cow says:

    I have a suggestion for games that require to read flash0, you might be able to make a flash0 folder and put all the files from your PSP’s flash0 folder into that, and redirect those games to the flash0 folder 😀
    It might work, and you could put in different flash0 files for other firmwares for different kernels i.e. 1.50 kernel, 3.XX kernel, I think it would work, but maybe not

  13. INEEDHELP says:

    @wololo: My FW is 6.20 I haven’t updated and left it as 6.20.

  14. LeO says:

    THANKS WOLOLO and does anyone know a GBA emulator that works on rev 93

  15. RathalosSlayer438 says:

    not 2 be pushy but does any1 know when r94 is comin out

  16. wololo says:

    @RathalosSlayer438 : errr…. yesterday actually…

  17. pipo831 says:

    uhh does anybody know if any version of Xplora works on any version of HBL?