How to run Wagic 0.12 with Half-Byte Loader


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  1. DarXPloit_$a1 says:

    cool wololo,
    but i have a question to crashes:
    if i would get a crash , how can i find out , that the file is a breakpoint?
    on 5.XX there are many bugs but i don´t know if they are patched on 6.XX.
    Is there any tool?

  2. Roxaxis says:

    Awesome!! Thank you very much wololo .

  3. Thiago says:

    awesome! downloading and testing on my 6.10
    keep with the great work, wololo!

    btw any news about A HEN/CFW for new models of PSP soon?
    keep us informed please 🙂

  4. gossip addict says:

    Awesome work! Are those the fingers that did all this? lol
    Can you tell us any new gossip you hear about new HENS/CFW?
    Thanks! Keep up the good work!

    In Russia the PSP hacks you!

  5. Wolfdawg says:

    back the the menu screen omgs

  6. cheeze6661 says:

    Thanks Wololo!!! Glad to see you pretty much got a menu loop working. And Wagic is the sh*t. LOL.

    Quick question, is the menu loop an edit in the menu.bin or or the HBL codes? Just wondering because I don’t really care for the module read out of the homebrew so I’ve been using r88’s menu.bin on 89,90, and will so on unless this loop exists in within the menu.bin coding.

  7. wololo says:

    cheeze6661: this change involves a major refactor of the menu, which will become a separate homebrew. you won’t be able to use “menu.bin” anymore, however I am expecting that this change will give motivation for people to code new menus.

  8. nakano says:

    Thank’s wololo and team! Love the new story mode. Noticed some minor spelling mistakes (“Now time for you to figth some real ennemies” should be “Now’s the time for you to figth some real enemies.”). In addtion, the text was partially out of screen (“Great. now let’s talk about phases” at least). Thank you for the latest, excellent release!

  9. [Yoshi-Fail] says:

    Thanks!!!! Since I downloaded Wagic 0.11.1 on my psp go I play it everyday 🙂

  10. popstar00x says:

    Chinese version:
    For chinese visiters.
    translate by myself:
    ?? BY ????? .???????????.?????.????????????????.




    ????HBL??Wagic,???????????????exception.prx ???????,???.??EBOOT.PBP?”Res”???.?????????.????????…






  11. Norml says:

    Heck yes, I’ve listen to that damn patapon song over and over, this shall reduce that when it’s released. Ha ha ja ja, keep the AMAZING work in full effect! Thanks.

  12. cheeze6661 says:

    Thanks for the reply Wololo. Can’t wait to check it out. 🙂

  13. Krozoa says:

    thanks wololo, im new to wagic and dunno is you have say something about this question, have you consider putting multiplayer to wagic???

  14. ragranze says:

    illW go 6.20 and 300X 6.20 have difference
    using hbl?

    Have a crash using hbl91 3005 6.20

  15. yoshiFail says:

    Hi Wololo. I love Wagic and HBL, and I would like to donate, but I don’t have paypal. Is there another way to donate?

  16. yoshiFail says:

    And why do I ALWAYS get this scary picture when I post a comment on this site 😉

  17. wololo says:

    yoshiFail, thanks a lot. currently there’s no other way than paypal to donate, but there are other ways to contribute to the project (testing, reporting bugs, etc…)

    For people who want to donate but don’t have paypal, my current suggestion is: donate the amount of money you wanted to donate to HBL, but instead donate it to something like the Red cross or any other humanitarian association. The Red cross especially accept a variety of payment methods in many countries. I’ll personally feel extremely good if the HBL indirectly contributes to a better future for mankind (lol, that DOES sound presumptuous :D)

  18. yoshiFail says:

    ok, i’ll donate 30 euros to the red cross, because I think wagic would cost that much in psn 😉

  19. jackson says:

    hey i have half byte loader 85 and when i chose a game it goes back to the psp menu screen what should i do