Wagic 0.12.1 Released!


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36 Responses

  1. Wolfdawg says:

    I have no ideal what it is, but ill try it

  2. kondzio says:

    does it woek with HBL?

  3. lattenwald says:

    I got a problem: any directional key is like pressed twice. There are 5 menu entries, and I can only select first, third and fifth.

    I am running 5.00 M33-6, with few plugins. I disabled macrofire plugin and the problem is still there.

    Can anybody help?

  4. lattenwald says:

    About this problem: it’s only in WTH. Buttons in shell works good.

  5. Jorgerix says:

    What happen with the Mulligan?, i saw in the forum some advance about this issue. Maybe in the next release we may see something about that.
    Anyway congratulations for the new release, i had been waiting for a while

  6. MUD says:


    I’ve been waiting for this for what seemed forever!
    I’m so glad your still working on this project you are the man.

    I love you as much as a straight man can love another man.

    Big Thanks Wololo.
    keep them updates coming. 🙂

  7. darkmatter says:

    A great update, I’ll be messing around with this for a while no doubts!

    Will certainly make a few storylines to follow as well!

  8. cDub says:

    I have the same problem as lattenwald. I’m reinstalling because I accidentally set it to install in spanish thanks to this bug.

  9. wololo says:

    @cDub and lattenwald: can you tell me what PSP Model and firmware you are running on? Do you have any plugin running ?

  10. TheMith says:

    I have the same thing happening as Lattenwald. No plugins are running at the same time. I went back between the old files and the new files, and I’ve narrowed it down to the options in the settings folder. in the new options.txt, every key binding is stated twice instead of once.

  11. TheMith says:

    getting rid of the extra key bindings or using an old options.txt file seems to have fixed the issue.

  12. Wolf says:

    CFW 5.50 Prometheus (The Gen-D3 update)

    It takes a realy long time to load on the XMB due to it assessing the size of the file.

    Music skips a little bit between screen loads.

    Other then these 2 things the game plays great and with the added images looks even better. I have been following this since 0.9 and i cant say that i have evver found a better way of playing M:TG on a console, not to mention this is the ONLY M:TG on a handheld not even the ds homebrew scene has made this and they have had plenty of time to make one. Heh. All they have is a crappy card reader they ripped from Workstation….

  13. lattenwald says:

    @wololo I am running 5.00 M33-6 firmware on PSP2000 (TA-085 v2).
    Have all game plugins disabled, running gamecategories plugin for xmb.

    When installing first time I copied stuff from old Res/player to new installation. Now I removed it an copied original files from 0.12.1 here, and got a change: now buttons are pressed like 3 times instead of 2.

    I’ll explore it a bit later, leaving to office atm.

  14. limpopokanoah says:

    I just can’t come to grips with how long I have been playing this game and how much it has evolved. Not to mention the fact that when I get my Pandora ( pre-order Feb `09) I think this game will live on well past the life of my PSP.

  15. lattenwald says:

    After fresh reinstall Wagic is working good, no more multiple keypresses. If you want me to do some testing then write to gmail: qalexx, otherwise I’ll just be playing it 🙂

  16. oDoCx says:

    wow! been playing the beta version, can’t wait to try this, 😀 tnx to all the developers, you rock! oooowwyeahh!

  17. Pau says:

    Thank you very much, but I have a question: Do I can cast and play with ALL Rise of Eldrazi cards (including Eldrazi creatures, totem armors, rebounds…) ?

  18. Pau says:

    Another question. How can I see ROE cards with images? I’ve got the complete images pack for all colections and have ROE images too ( downloaded in the imagfes theme) and I can’t see ROE images ( ONLY ROE, other images runs very well) Please, answer me.

  19. wololo says:

    @Pau: no, some cards from ROE cannot be played in Wagic yet. I will update the list of compatible cards in the days to come 🙂
    Regarding your issues with images, I can’t help you much, just make sure that the names of the images match the id field of the cards in Res/primitives/mtg.txt

  20. TheMith says:

    Lattenwald, just check your options.txt file in settings, make sure the keybindings are only there once instead of twice.

  21. Pau says:

    I don’t understand, the keybindings are instead only one…

  22. ken says:

    Wololo sama, stop spoiling us:)

  23. steven says:

    Thank you so much for what you did, excellent job!! i just love it!

    There is only a tiny mini prolbem which is bother me very much, The update! you see, how do i update from Wagic 0.11 to Wagic 0.12.1 without lossing my decks, my cards and my money in the game? maybe someone asked before, but please please please anwser my question, i really don’t want to give up what i have for this game, i spend so much time on it.

    Thanks a lot!

  24. EdgeCrusher says:

    As always, thank you wololo and the Wagic Team for this awesome game. Another reason for me to donate for this cause.

  25. Kier says:

    thankyou for the hard work and bringing us yet another update 🙂

  26. Jared says:

    @steven Go to Res/Player of the old version and copy your deck, collection and money to the newer version

  27. ravine says:

    wow! i’ve been waiting for this, finally! thanks a lot wololo.

    can i use the other themes from the older one version of wth?

    thanks again wololo in advance!

  28. Adam says:

    I’m having the problem with multiple key presses too. I upgraded from version 10.1. First I installed 12.1 to a new folder and copied my profiles and decks over from 10.1 and the key presses worked fine, but it didn’t let me load my new profile that I used with 10.1 (it loaded my old profile that I used through 9.1 instead). So I copied over the files from my new profile and made them default, and then when I loaded it up again I got the multiple input bug. My options.txt doesn’t list any key bindings twice so that can’t be the problem.

  29. wololo says:

    @Adam: try a fresh reinstall without reimporting your profiles first. It seems the issue happens only for people who try to get their old data into wagic 0.12. It is probably a problem with profiles actually :/

  30. Adam says:

    OK, I just did a fresh install and moved my profile stuff into the player directory and I seem to have my latest profile intact with working controls. I guess I should avoid creating a new profile then?

  31. koz says:

    hello wololo, i got a prob with the ROE set.
    after i unlocked the ROE, all the card i can see at card shop is only land
    and 2 or 3 common card like heatray, demify etc

  32. DRAXARD says:

    oh cheat !!!
    I love MTG but I cannot play, I’m in 6.20 sniff

  33. Pau says:

    Its possible to play with Morph cards (Ex: Vesuvan shapeshifter)

  34. Pau says:

    Its possible to play with Morph cards (Ex: Vesuvan shapeshifter)?

    (sorry, I forgot the “?”)

  35. skeeter says:

    wagic is a good game, so far only problem i have had AT ALL is, when i tried the starwars wagic, my screen was split in 4 and it showed 4 menus, all purple and i couldnt move left or right

  36. KimeraFusion says:

    Thank you for that superb homebrew (and also for the hbl which allows me to play this game), but I got a problem : I tried three times to buy a Victual Sliver, but it doesn’t appear in the deck editor. Maybe this card bug?
    Also a second bug, there is a card which can summon one token 2/2 bear, and with threshold (at least 7 cards in graveyard) it summons two tokens… But with no cards in my graveyard, it still summons 2 bears…