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Half Byte Loader Revision 81


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12 Responses

  1. che says:

    great work

  2. oxmudxo says:

    Sounds like you took a step forward and two steps back on this one, but I do love seeing these updates!

    Keep up the grate work.

    Tho, I got to say I miss that old Wagic project you where playing with.. Haven’t seen a update for that in a while. 😉

    Anyway you *** nothing but gold and we love ya for that Wololo. 🙂
    Keep it coming!

  3. Cheeze6661 says:

    Thanks for the update. I’ll be testing the minute I get a chance to.

  4. prints2003@list.ru says:

    Regulation ? 79 people running Custom Firmware V.2.1 Nebout who try to put her through what nebud firmware

  5. Omar Sawani says:

    where can i find an explanation about putting this software in the PSP GO and do i need a memory stick or is the hard disk of the PSP GO is enough??

  6. oxmudxo says:

    @Omar Sawani,

    You need the Patapon 2 Demo and a SD Card.
    I believe there is a read me with the file with the Download on how to use this..

  7. Linske says:

    @Omar Sawani,

    If your goin to use the HBl on the pspGO system … you need to first plug in your pspGO system Via usb cable then extract the contents to the root of the pspGO harddrive … well it wont work if you dont have the patapon 2 demo and the savegame exploit ..

  8. DarXPloit_$a1 says:

    Nice entry wololo. The hbl improves and improves 🙂
    Would it be useful to search for libtiff exploits at the moment because we´ve already the hbl?
    But since 6.xx it isn´t possible to run kernel mode , right?
    sorry for stupid questions ^^

  9. l0kust says:

    I can’t get Daedalus working. It says the firmware is not compatible. Can someone post the one working on R79? Thanks.

    BTW my PSP 3001 has 6.20 firmware.

  10. crisishell says:


    download N64 deadalus from = http://uploaded.to/file/4bk21l

    this will work 😉

  11. ME says:

    Is their any way i could run a desent N64 emulator with the improvements of HBL?

    I mean the only game i can run is Mario 64 and it only goes like at 15 frames..

    and other games just wont run………..

  12. omarsawani says:

    i have all the stuff from patapon demo, the save file and the latest version of HBl file from wololo website.
    so i dnt need a SD card!!?
    and i have 2 extract the file in the root of my psp go(what is the best version of the wololo suitable for the psp go?) then where do i have 2 put e.g NDS emulator hombrew games??