Firmware 6.10 Hacked with Kernel access! PSP Go POC Video By Team Typhoon


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6 Responses

  1. eric says:

    nice work typhoon,
    good news,wololo.

  2. oxMUDxo says:

    Thanks for this news update!

    This is grate news indeed, I hope they release it soon and its not a hoax in anyway.

    Finally no more patched games.

  3. H@lo World says:

    hey wololol,
    This is a kernel exploit, is it ?
    …likely based on an picture like tiff , png ,jpg…
    really nice news!
    First the savegame exploit,than an kernel exploit…

    It´s good they don´t release the exploit because it will be patched if they make it possible.So they have an joker!!

  4. H@lo World says:

    sorry for the mistake
    possible == public 🙂

  5. yyoossk says:

    Please look this video

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