HEN for PSP3000 – Next Week ???


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  1. ? says:


  2. ChineSe powER says:

    Oh my god…Thanks of Hack PSP For People…

  3. china boy says:

    We are looking forward to the results of their research , thank you,Welcomd to china

  4. Wow-?????? says:

    Well done!

  5. ChineSe powER says:

    Support Is HACK PSP PEOPLE

  6. iwitw says:

    I am so glad to hear the news,but also have a great wish to see the iso’s run on the psp3000’s.

  7. china-song says:

    Thank you?good news????????????????

  8. ChineSe powER says:

    Ha Ha I’m Very Happy
    In Flames
    Children Of Bodom

  9. jordan says:

    you can’t it’s just your a dream

  10. Alien says:

    Well Davee said the HEN may be released later today so.I am waiting and hoping :D.

  11. ColiteWon says:

    Well done.It’s enought.I agree with your idea.You are great!!

  12. fancyang says:

    Are those above person who professed you are from china really from china?
    Are you crazy?Is it necessary to tell where you are from ?I guess you may be the commercial spy from japan

  13. ssd says:

    not iso?

  14. ChineSe powER says:

    Davee You Hero
    Come On

  15. booboo says:

    omg…why isn’t it released yet????it’s (tuesday) where’s the HEN????
    i hope u r working on it..thnx by the way..god with u

  16. cesy94 says:

    are there notice for the hen’
    sorry for my English but i’m italian

  17. wololo says:

    Apparently it got postponed by a week or so. We were all expecting it to be released this week, but given the current circumstances I don’t think it will be released before next week, although I still secretly hope it will 😀

  18. zyl says:

    good everyone thanks for you in the world

  19. edqq says:

    Thank you?

  20. asd says:

    GOOD?but now is May 2 ?2009.??

  21. bannny says:

    My god,Is that ture? I can’t imagine it!!!!! How wonderful you are!!!

  22. john says:

    You are stupid, this is lie! where is hack? May 8 today!

  23. wololo says:

    @john, are you kidding? The HEN’s been released 2 days ago

  24. Yanmi says:

    come on. GO GO GO….

  25. zhouyi says:

    I LOVE YOU! ??????????

  26. erpan says:

    thank you!i m so happy!!

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