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17 Responses

  1. amorphophallus says:

    hi, this is so great job. also they are.
    can i translate this for japanese on my blog?

  2. wololo says:

    @amorphophallus: yes, go ahead, but please put a link to my blog too, thanks 🙂

  3. eric says:

    excellent work.we are waiting …

  4. amorphophallus says:

    yea, I’ll make trackback too, thanks

  5. ltwp says:


    Just to add a comment to a question of the article:
    running a ps3 on 2.6x fw, the tiff file just opens & shows the picture; no crash to be seen

  6. mamosuke says:

    Your article is very useful for PSP freak.

    I translated your article into Japanese and published in my blog with putting your link to here. I am sorry for the delay to talk to you about it.

    My blog is….
    When yyoossk,who found the Phantasy Star crash you know,posted about it to dark-alex forum,I helped him as a translater.
    Here is a link to the forum. Translated website to spanish in it is my blog.

    I always visit your blog and enjoy reading.Thanks.

  7. wololo says:

    Hey mamosuke, thanks. I actually know your blog, and I visit it regularly (as well as piccolo33/ringo’s blog) 🙂

  8. wololo says:

    @ltwp: thanks a lot for the info… too bad for ps3 owners, I guess…

  9. Roberto1 says:

    Hey wololo I was able to use psp link but I guess it dosnt work im not sure were I would post this so I put it here.So could you check the crashes for me posted on my old messages if you can thank you wololo or anyone who checks

  10. shadow says:

    ok dude I have some question about how this work, this because I don’t want to send to the garbage another console.

  11. smiky says:

    Hi wololo, could you tell us psplink how to used? all the time i dont understand how to use it.

  12. Gert says:

    That’s a smart way of thnkniig about it.

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    […] but happen to have a firmware 5.03 or below, your PSP is “half-hackable” through the laughing man tiff exploit and the associated Homebrew Enabler, better known as “ChickHEN”. […]

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