First public release


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10 Responses

  1. pootie_tang says:

    thanx very much for developing this game! I have been waiting forever for this!! if it’s any help, look at MPS (Magic PSP Station), it’s the same project, but I could never start the app and I think it has been abandoned…

    keep up the good work, I hope to see this program evolve and become the first Magic game that is playable on the PSP!!

  2. wololo says:

    Thanks for your comment. Magic PSP Station is really different from Wagic, as it aims to be a port of Magic Workstation. Wagic is to play against the computer.
    Basically, there is no rule enforcement system in Magic PSP Station. This makes it more flexible than Wagic, because you can add any card you want, but it is not possible to play alone with Magic PSP Station.

  3. Monkit says:

    holy ***! this homebrew is one of the best I have seen!!!

    I am supporting you!! WOOHOOO

    I think when viewing the cards, that vertical End bar looks weird… how about a separator between the last card and the first card?

    E.g [] | [] the [] are the cards while the | is a white line in between with the word end on the top.

    I like how you display the cards when setting up the deck. It feels like using mac to view pictures.

    There isn’t a clear indicator which one is the deck and which one is the cards you are choosing from. Perhaps big white word on the top right hand corner of the screen might help. Even though I know the background changes but I do not know what it means…

    When your deck has only 1 card. It shows up as many cards without the end indictor

    When buying cards. You have to try to buy to see the value of the cards and not shown before you want to buy them.

    The starting menu rox. I love it very much. A trailer shown before the menu would be nice. But leave that until the game is finish.

    One of the land cards “bayon”, the words are too small. maybe make use of the R or L trigger to enlarge the words.

    I like how you made the help show after you do not press anything for awhile.

    A bug: After I chose all of the blue lands.. I wanted to pick the white lands.. but whenever you pick one of the white lands, it jumps back to the starting card (green land).

    I know that it shows how many cards I have picked into the deck. But it does not show how many cards there are in the category.

    It hangs alot still.

    when you view your deck the artifact part. It shows land.

    When it showed me the lands, the btm right hand corner icon shows as a tree.

    I couldn’t get to the game part unfortunately. It seems to crash after I pick the other non land cards and view them. The background would turn blue instead of the normal grey. then everything will act weirdly. then it would hang and crash my psp lolz. luckily it does not harm my psp though.

    thats all i have to say. keep up the good work! I will be supporting you from behind 🙂

  4. wololo says:

    Thanks Monkit, Overall, very good points, I’ll take that into consideration! You *should* be able to reach the game part, though. There are memory leaks in the game, so it is true that if you go often to the shop and the deck editor, then it might crash the game when you want to play. But if you create your deck, save, quit, and re-launch the game you should be able to play, hopefully…

  5. Monkit says:

    woohoo! i finally got to game part…

    I think that.. in order to win the AI.. you have to be very lucky to get the good cards. The starting cards you have is unable to form a very good deck.

    Bug: If you finish picking all the cards in one of the colors (during choosing of cards). E.g. I picked away all the blue cards. then it will change to green cards although the btm right is the water droplet icon.

    Bug: Urza’s glasses do not work.

    When trying to enchant something. It does not clearly show that you are enchanting other than the single line red box which is barely visible.

    When there is more than 1 event to interrupt, it fills up the box and you are unable to see x-Interrupt 0 to pass.

    1 question. What are those pictures when you press X on your deck during game? It shows some cards. I can press X on opponent’s deck as well but unsure what it does.

    When I bought booster. I don’t know what did I get at all. Not even sure if I got any cards. Haha.

    The card’s pricing is random right? Some good cards I see cost very low while some normal cards cost very high.

    I guess thats all. Hope to see alpha 3 soon :p

  6. wololo says:

    Thanks, again, lots of very good points.
    The AI is not very good, so, I think it’s good to have a bad set of cards at the beginning so that you don’t beat it to easily 🙂
    You’re right for the “target” thin red line. I’ll add something cooler in the next version. No idea what yet, but that is definitely one of the biggest flaws in the GUI.
    if you press O on your deck, it shows your (or your opponent’s) library. That’s a bug.

    You’re right about buying a booster, I’ve had the same feeling. I should add the list of cards that you bought.
    Yes, cards pricing has a random modifier, but also depends on the card’s rarity.

    It’ll take a couple months before the next release I think. I’m taking a 1 month break for some personal reasons (getting married)

  7. Monkit says:

    oh my god! you are getting married! Congrats. Hope that you will have a nice blissful marriage. Just remember don’t name your child “Wagic” haha.

  8. wololo says:

    thanks 🙂

  9. Froh says:

    Awesome. I’ll follow this project, best homebrew I have ever seen yet. Added to favorites.

    It lacks some sounds/music, It crashes, but the main menu is beautiful °°

    Froh, from France.

  10. GunslingerFyre says:

    Very very nice. For an alpha, it’s actually pretty darn stable. Followed your advice, built deck quickly, saved, quit, started, played a few games just fine. I probably won’t spend much time on the alpha, as I don’t have much time, but I am EAGERLY anticipating the beta and/or complete 1.0. Bookmarked!