Xbox One Hack – current status & news

If you own a XBox One and are looking for the latest information on an Xbox One hack, you’ve come to the right page.

We maintain this page with up to date data about ongoing Xbox One hacks, we tell you which piece of information is real or not, so you don’t have to figure it out yourself.

Xbox One hack: current status

Finding an Xbox One hack is not an easy task, and lots of hacking teams or websites would like to claim that victory. For many reasons, news websites will rehash old fake stories or hoaxes, in order to make you believe they have a hack for the Xbox one. Other, more malicious, sites, will go as far as pretending they have the hack, asking you to fill a survey in order to download the hack. By the time you realize there’s no such thing, you have already wasted your time filling up a survey, and they’ve been paid for your time. So beware of false claims.

An Xbox exploit was released in March 2017 for consoles running firmware 10.0.14393.2152 and below. This is a usermode exploit and not a full Jailbreak.

Xbox One hack – real exploits/news

The Nyko Charge base for Xbox One controllers

The Nyko Charge base for Xbox One controllers


Xbox One Hack - SDK leak

Xbox One hack – fake exploits/news

160 Responses

  1. Everythingbutt

    No Xbox One Love

  2. No, still in progress.

    • Nathan

      I noticed.. and it looks like ps4 winning at the moment well that’s if it don’t get patched the time it gets to uk lol..

      • Theft

        Nathan needs free games because he is very poor. You can’t afford games don’t buy ps4/xbox1 . I hate you jailbreaking *** who should be in prison.

        • Dmaskell92

          He should be in prison because he wants to modify a object he owns. Good logic. Maybe you should be locked up in a mental institution for derranged thinking.

          That’s like saying you should be in prison for putting a turbo in your car… ***.

          • Riyakuya

            Of course it is your console and you can hack it. Just don’t expect microsoft to allow you to use their services on a hacked console. They have the right to do that. And hacking your console is okay, downloading and playing pirated games is sure as heck not! You did not buy those games and have no right to play them. So basically you are just trying to find an excuse to play pirated games and just failed miserably at it.

        • Chris

          Sir….you need special education, I totally agree with dmaskell

        • cezar

          what r u doing on this website Theft?

        • Nathan

          Rather not be the *** feeding these company’s money that rip you off.. all the money they get & can’t even protect your accounts Sony / EA / Activision / Micro They all laughing at you… I also let this too

        • OrphanTears

          Hacking a console is more than just pirating games. ALL console manufacturers do not release any console at it’s full potential. Not to mention they put together a hardly running OS. I hack all of my consoles (hand-helds included) for the sake of personal customization. I’m a one of a kind guy, why can’t my gaming platform be one of a kind? Not all “jailbreakers” hack the consoles to play illegally downloaded games. I own every game I play on my consoles, but say for my XB360, I have a custom theme for my dash, as well as a 1TB internal HDD. Can’t do that stock now can you? The stock music player for XB360 is garbage too, so I use my own. And when I get in the mood for something retro but don’t wanna take my Sega DreamCast out of it’s box, or take a chance in scratching one of it’s hard to find disks, I load up the emulator and enjoy the older games. You sir, need a better education about the gaming society and really need to get a grip the life of a dedicated gamer. I bet your car has some type of modification to it, weather it be rims or a louder exhaust. Hacking the XB1 is no different. If you own it, do as you please with it. Don’t like it, stay off sites like this one.

        • trollsrfags

          troll breath.

        • eistien

          i also want a jail break for xbox one so fu*k you

      • Ninja

        Who made bad games and dont create a money back policy its must in jail, this kind of hacks allow people to evaluate games before 1 purchase

  3. nirajan

    Please make Xbox one hack quickly these games are too costly

    • ASN

      They will definitly not bring out a hack just for you to pirate all the games.
      If you want to save money, just buy used or – in some cases – keys. I personally would appreciate a hack that brings some freedom to the user, but sadly most people just want a mod or hack to pirate the games and even when they enjoy the games they wouldn’t buy them.

      • Riyakuya

        I agree and it is sad to see. Games are not that expensive at all and they have always been around this price. If you don’t have much money to buy games, here’s some help:

        Be selective and only buy games you really want to play. Buy used games. If you really like a game it should be no problem to wait for a used copy to appear online. You could also just try and get off your lazy *** and get a job. Honestly I don’t earn much at all and also have a kid to take care of, yet I can still buy games and even have some money left. Just take care of your finances and don’t waste money on useless stuff.

        • Josh

          Original videogames are considered a waste of money in personal finances, thats why pirated games rules

        • johnnybagofdonuts

          Don’t know why I’m reading this in 2016 but still. Video games are a luxury and I work hard and want to save my money I don’t spend money on anything unless one of my shirts tears. Every single thing I’ve ever pirated I had no intention of purchasing. I will never buy a DVD, video game, music. Since these consoles aren’t hacked I haven’t been able to play any new games and that’s alright I find better uses of my time. I’ll buy the console once I can pirate games but until then I will never give these publishers 60 freakin dollars for a video game that’s half baked and costs another 60 freakin dollars for all the DLC to bring the game somewhat close to where it should’ve been at launch and where all video games used to be back in the day and I’m talking like pretty recently because this half *** over priced business model is making me just even more eager to pirate games just for the heck of it, just to hear these publishers cry about “lost” revenue.

          • baz

            Dirty piece of human refuse, bottom feeding sponge, oxygen thief, end yourself, you are doing nothing for society and deserve to part of it.baz

  4. nirajan

    Hackers please release Xbox one hack faster

  5. Ha, ha, ha!!!
    You really know it?
    You see, this christmas eve will be spent on XO and pirated games, i hope so.

  6. Jason

    Cant wait for some homebrew love!

  7. nirajan

    i love xbox homebrew hack please hackers hack it fast

    • Mark

      Idiot. Sitting around demanding that other people work faster just so you can pirate games is going to get you nowhere. It doesn’t work that way. Hacking anything can be a slow and very time consuming process, plus people have lives and jobs. If you think it’s possible to just “hack faster” then you fu#$&ng do it.

      • James

        He said HOMEBREW you dumbf**k. He did not mention pirating in ANY way shape or form. HOMEBREW is community made open source games. PIRATING is copyrighted software being stolen. Now get an education, shut up, and ENJOY THE DAMN INTERNET!!!

  8. zangho

    please hackers hack it fast

  9. Keefme

    please hackers hack it fast

  10. Martijn

    Here in The Netherlands I can Hire xbox one games for nothing! I can borrow 10 games for one month! Only reservatie will cost you 25cts per game

    • KankleKake

      What kinda scam are you blabbing about. The Netherlands good for Newsgroups, and file sharing, but they are also full of hacks, and spam. No offence… 😉

    • Riyakuya

      Really? Never heard of that before. I’m from the Netherlands too. Anyway I like to buy my games so they are mine lol

  11. nirajan

    where is hack for xbox one? this time hackers really failed??

  12. Fair

    I have been to Iraq and Afghanistan. Military FOB’s are considered US soil. No different in being in the United States. In 2009 I was on Victory Base in Iraq and Mr. Joe Biden came over a couple times to visit his son who is an officer in Jag of all places. He walked into the hagi shop and bought 3 movies. Needless to say they were pirated and the store sits on US soil. Nobody says *** and don’t care. I pirate movies and games and don’t give a ***. I seen this with my own eyes. I wouldn’t buy the game or movie anyways so they ain’t lost nothing. So for all you ritious pieces of *** go say something to the rest of the world. They ain’t better than us and those people make there money from you. Support your local gamers and movie goers. But I do pay to watch the movies in the box office for the experience. So not pirating something I paid for there but heck no ones perfect.

  13. Fair

    I ain’t done yet. I’m tired of going to different sites just doing little research just to find one or two holier than thou *** that says its theft or its stealing. I can afford the games and the movies. I just choose to mod or hack or whatever you believe it is because its more fun than playing the damn thing just to see what I can do. I also know a lot of people and the majority is children who can’t afford it or who’s parents can’t but still want them to have it because they don’t have much or anything. So I give it to them free of charge. I’ve given a bunch of Wii’s and Xbox 360s and ps3s away to those kids fully nodded with a lot of games. Look in there eyes is well worth it. But this is what I want you to do. Tell me the truth. When was the last time you were going 1 mph over the speed limit or crossed the street with out a crosswalk or anything that broke the law. Like Jesus said those without sim cast the first stone. So which one of you ritious *** is going to say you have never done it. Which one of you never used a cheat code in a game. Never sinned. Speak up or shut up. You people really make me sick. Pull the sticks out of your *** and swallow enough poison to kill whatever crawled up there. That is all I have to say I highly doubt I will get a response because there was only one perfect man on this planet and they hung him on a cross.

  14. Adam Fox

    I am aware that these things take some time, but I am actually rather shocked that there hasn’t been anything new for the Xbox One in a long time. This generation console has been REALLY secure….The Wii was hacked in about a year…the PSP had an exploit in a matter of months. I know it took a LONG time for the PS3 to be hacked and I remember TONS and TONS of fake hacks for PS3….tons of people claiming to have installed CFW on software above 3.55 or downgrading 4.x firmware using only a USB stick. Then you had “jailbreak dongles” that were being sold for INSANE amounts of money when within just a couple months or less, it was reversed engineered (in fact, the PS3 scene was developing so fast, it seemed like new stories were being printed every DAY)

    • xMrCory

      I downgraded my PS3 using a USB, it’s the most affordable way to do it. There’s a version of Rogero that takes it back to 3.55 no matter what version you are on.

  15. nirajan

    this time hackers have really failed due to microsoft strict security

  16. prithvi

    no need to hack. how to make this thing work without connecting to internet

  17. Mikasa

    most of people in developing nations pirate games because they can’t afford for expensive games.most of publishers have a fixed price for whole world. it’s okay for people in developed nations because they have a high salary so spending $60,50 or 40 for a game is like nothing to them but for someone who is from a developing nation $60 is like a quite a lot of money. so if developers want to reduce piracy they should reduce the price in developing nations. some publishers select specific countries and change the prices but still it doesn’t include all nations. they can implement a method like if someone logged in from X country, a price specially for that country should be assigned.this method isn’t unfair. they can ban all proxies, VPNs to reduce frauds.

  18. Teddy

    Of course, fathers and mothers can also be excited the Barbie doll games that their
    kids play. Over the past decade, on line gaming has come to replace arcades.
    I am so glad I did because this is one of the more engaging and addicting games I have played in a

  19. Salamy

    You know, it doesn’t mean every person with a hacked console plays pirated games. It is perfectly legal to own a copy of your own game that you paid for. This comes in very handy sometimes! (especially when you have a 2 and 4 year old running around!)

  20. Aurélio Henrique

    Acredito que em breve deva sair algo relacionado a jogar em modo offline, vamos aguardar.

  21. jack

    well, if i’m almost capeble of buying xbox one or ps4 then for sure i cant buy games

  22. Xbin

    If anyone working on a hack reads this: CONTINUE YOUR WORK! YOU ARE DOING A GREAT SERVICE TO THE WORLD!! XD

  23. Temp