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PS Vita Models

Currently, there are two different PS Vita models. Below is a table showing the differences between both models.

PS Vita PCH-1000 PS Vita PCH-2000
Information The PS Vita PCH-1000 is the original model. The PS Vita PCH-2000 is a new (slim) version of the PS Vita.
Release Date JP 17.12.2011, EU 22.02.2012, US 22.02.2012 JP 10.10.2013, EU 07.02.2014, US 07.02.2014
Dimensions 83.55 mm height, 182 mm width, 18.6 mm depth 85.1 mm height, 183.6 mm width, 15 mm depth
Weight Wi-Fi: 260 g, 3G: 279 g Wi-Fi: 219 g
Screen 5“ 960 x 544 pixels OLED, 16.7 million colors, capacitive touch screen 5” 960 x 544 pixels IPS LCD, capacitive touch screen
Storage No internal storage 1 gb of internal storage
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