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HENkaku (変革) is a native homebrew platform for the PS Vita, developed by Team molecule (Yifanlu, Davee, Proxima, xyz) and was released on July 29th, 2016. The name HENkaku means “revolution” in Japanese. The native homebrew exploit is initially launched and installed via the web browser application preinstalled on the PS Vita firmware 3.60. Because it is a HEN (Homebrew ENabler), you must run the HENkaku installer again if your PS Vita is powered off or restarted.

PS Vita Requirements:


  • Firmware 3.60 (may someday be ported to lower firmware versions; unlikely)
  • Access to a local server hosting the HENkaku exploit


  • Firmware 3.60
  • Access to the internet and official HENkaku website:
  • Access to a computer with an FTP client (to send .vpk packages to install via molecularShell)

Known Issues:

  • Error C2-12828-1 when installing via web browser (delete your cookies and restart your Vita)
  • The screen becomes black after the installation (this is fine– you can manually close the web browser now)
  • Error C1-6775-5 when launching molecularShell (simply run the HENkaku installer again to fix)
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