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PS Vita Exploits

PS Vita Exploit Release Date Notes
PlayStation Mobile Development AssistantJune 14th, 2015Sony has ceased registering for PSM Developer accounts. There are work-arounds available on Wololo Talk Forums. Works on firmware 1.69 to 3.51
WebKitOctober 18th, 2014Sony has patched on firmware 3.30. Works on firmware 3.18 and below.
PSP Exploit Game Available Regions Supported Firmwares Hack Type On PSN? Developers
Everybody's TennisEU,US,JP,AS1.61 and beloweCFW/BubblesYESTeck4
Motorstorm Arctic EdgeEU,JP,AS1.61 and beloweCFW/BubblesYESTeck4 & yosh
Super Collapse 3EU,US1.67 and beloweCFW/BubblesYESTheCobra
Monster Hunter Freedom UniteEU,US1.80 and beloweCFW/BubblesYESNeur0n
Monster Hunter Freedom 2EU ONLY1.80 and beloweCFW/BubblesYESNeur0n
Monster Hunter Portable 2ndGJP ONLY1.80 and beloweCFW/BubblesYESNeur0n
Monster Hunter Portable 3rdJP ONLY1.80 and beloweCFW/BubblesYESNeur0n
UrbanixEU,US,JP1.81 and beloweCFW/BubblesYESxerpi
Mad Blocker AlphaEU,US1.81 and beloweCFW/BubblesYESfrostegater
Gravity Crash PortableEU,US,JP,AS1.81 and beloweCFW/BubblesYESTeck4
UNOEU,US,JP2.02 and beloweCFW/BubblesYESfrostegater & Zer01ne
Apache OverkillEU,US2.06 and beloweCFW/BubblesYESMajor Tom
Legend of RobotEU,US2.12 and beloweCFW/BubblesYESqwikrazor87
Arcade DartsEU,US2.60 and beloweCFW/BubblesYESfrostegater & acid_snake
Arcade Pool & SnookerEU,US2.60 and beloweCFW/BubblesYESfrostegater,qwikrazor87 & acid_snake
Arcade Airhockey & BowlingEU,US2.60 and beloweCFW/BubblesYESqwikrazor87 & acid_snake
World of PoolEU,US2.60 and beloweCFW/BubblesYESacid_snake
Pipe MadnessEU,US2.61 and beloweCFW/BubblesYESfrostegater
FieldrunnersEU,US2.61 and beloweCFW/BubblesYESfrostegater
Half Minute HeroEU,US,JP2.61 and beloweCFW/BubblesYESfrostgater & yosh (wth)
UrbanixEU,US,JP2.61 and beloweCFW/BubblesYESqwikrazor87
Easter IslandEU,US2.61 and beloweCFW/BubblesYESqwikrazor87
Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyu 2012 KetteibanJP ONLY2.61 and beloweCFW/BubblesNO173210
King of PoolEU,US,JP,AS3.01 and beloweCFW/BubblesYESqwikrazor87 & acid_snake
Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Battle Arena 2JP ONLY3.01 and beloweCFW/BubblesYES173210
101-in-1 MegamixEU,US,AS3.01 and beloweCFW/BubblesYESqwikrazor87 & xerpi
Vilgax AttacksEU,US,AS3.01 and beloweCFW/BubblesYESqwikrazor87 & Kankertje
FIFA 2011US,JP3.01 and beloweCFW/BubblesYESMatthew_Wi & qwikrazor87
FIFA 2012US,JP3.01 and beloweCFW/BubblesYESMatthew_Wi & qwikrazor87
Innocent SinsEU,AU,US,JP3.01 and beloweCFW/BubblesYESMatthew_Wi
Arcade Pool & SnookerEU,US3.01 and beloweCFW/BubblesYESqwikrazor87 & acid_snake
Arcade Airhockey & Bowling
World of Pool
Dead Man's Chest
Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyu 2012 Ketteiban
Skate Park City
Space Invaders Extreme
Z.H.P. - Zettai Hero Project
Gladiator Begins
Patapon 1
Patapon 2
Patapon 2 Demo
Aracade Darts
Armored Core 3 Portable
Armored Core Silent Line Portable
Protector of Earth
Dark Hero Days
Fight Night Round 3
Field Commander
Go! Sudoku
Ghost of Sparta
Kingdom of Paradise
International Athletics
Mawaskes Puzzle
Ultimate Ninja Impact
The Game
Sid Meier's Pirates
Tekken 2
FIFA 2011
FIFA 2012
Sports Superbike 2/XS Moto
Project Diva Extend
Arcade Darts
Hot Brain
World of Pool
On the Loose
Pool Hall Pro
Kiwami Demo

Disclaimer: All of the following info above in the “PSP Exploit Game” table is provided by @The_Zett on his site I do not own any of the info above. The table I have used is from the PS Vita>Firmware wiki page. I am simply taking the information and putting it on the wiki. If you have any problems/concerns feel free to contact me @SleetuiChan

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