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PSP Emulators

This is a wiki page related to PSP Emulators running on other devices (PC, Android, etc…). For emulators of various systems running on a PSP, check the Emulators for PSP page.


  • Operating Systems: iOs, Android, Windows, Linux
  • Latest version: 1.0.1 (2015/02/26)
  • Website:



1.0.1 (2015/02/26)

  • Bugfixes like the save state scroll issue, cosmetic issues like overscroll
  • Some cheat code bugfixes
  • Adler32 and Mersenne Twister modules added (fixes some obscure games)
  • Fix for Jak & Daxter slowdown
  • Graphics hack for Phantasy Star Portable 2 for Direct3D9
  • Fix compatibility with some PowerVR devices broken since v0.9.5-959-g4998044


  • Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, MacOSX
  • Website:



r3732 (2015/03/14)

  • sceUsbCamSetupVideo: return error code when no camera is available.

r3728-3731 (2015/03/12)

  • Cleanup now unused “Load MemStick…” text
  • sceAudiocodecInit: avoid java exception in case of error
  • Module loading: take partition and memory location from options structure if any given in syscall.

r3726 (2015/03/11)

  • JpcspTrace: added the ability to trace the total and max free memory before/after a syscall. See README.txt

r3724-3725 (2015/03/10)

  • Small improvement in the compilation of the “mul.s” instruction supporting the FPU rounding mode.
  • Implement the support for the FPU rounding mode and flush-to-zero: currently only for the “mul.s” instruction.
  • Setting the rounding mode and flush-to-zero are not supported in Java.

r3722 (2015/03/09)

  • sceMpeg: use a safer image height for videos without valid PSMF header.

r3718-3721 (2015/03/08)

  • Fixed sceUtilitySavedata mode=DELETE(7)
  • Savedata: make sure that all the files are properly closed (PARAM.SFO was not closed properly while writing)
  • Improved ProOnline network chat: correctly list players even when they have the same nickname.
  • Better fix for NullPointerException in sceAtracSetLoopNum
  • Avoid NullPointerException in sceAtracSetLoopNum
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