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What is Wagic on OUYA?

Wagic is a single player game based on a popular trading card Game. In Wagic, you fight against the computer with your army of minions. As you win battles, you earn credits that let you build a more powerful army, and fight bigger opponents. Wagic supports more than 10’000 cards, and with a simple text-based card engine, more cards can easily be added by anyone. A video might explain better what Wagic looks like (Windows version in the video below):

Wagic is available on Android, but was not working “out of the box” on the OUYA, until now!

Thanks to the work of ouyaforum member ezraanderson, Wagic now works correctly on the OUYA! On this page I’ll explain step by step how to install Wagic on your OUYA.

1. Files to Download

  1. Get the apk file from Ezra Anderson here (or mirror here). You should be able to download that file with the OUYA’s browser (which can be run by going to the MAKE > SOFTWARE section of your OUYA).
  2. The apk alone is not enough to run the game, you also need the Wagic core file, which you can download here. (again, using the browser). If that link doesn’t work, try the Wagic github page
  3. (optional). You might want to grab a picture pack for the game. Beware, those can be heavy (several GB). Again, such files can be downloaded with the OUYA Browser

2. Install

  • I recommend that you download and install the free file manager FilePwn from the OUYA store (browse by genre, and select the “app” category). This will let you install apk files, as well as move/rename files, which will be useful for us.
  • in FilePwn, navigate to the /storage/sdcard0/Download folder. You should see the wagic-core file, the wagic apk file, and potentially the zp file containing your images.


  • Clicking on the apk file with the OUYA action button should let you install the Wagic apk.
  • Installing the apk is not enough, you also need to move the file to /storage/sdcard0/Wagic/. FilePwn should let you do that easily
  • Optionally:
    • rename your pictures zip file to something convenient (anything works as long as it’s a .zip, but the default googledrive name is not user friendly. I named mine “”)
    • move your pictures zip file to /storage/sdcard0/Wagic/. FilePwn should let you do that easily

You have now installed the wagic apk, and your /storage/scdard0/Wagic folder should contain both and your pictures zip file

3. First run

  • It is recommended to “patch psp references” the first time you launch the game. This will patch the wagic core file to replace some specific PSP graphics into OUYA specific ones.


  • The next times you’ll run Wagic, you can select “Ignore” to run the game normally


  • To activate card images, be sure to go to the “options” section of the game, and in the “Game” table, make sure “Disable Card images” is set to No (yes, this feels backwards for an option name). You might need to restart the game after doing this change.


4. How to play

I won’t dive into details on how to play Wagic here. It is based on a complex game, and has a slightly complex interface on its own. I however ask you that you give the game a good chance. Everyone who’s gone past the cranky interface/controls/GUI just loves this game. It is one of the most complete card games out there, beating many commercial applications too. If you need help to understand the rules or the interface, please ask our community on the Wagic forums.



5. Bugs and known issues

  • The interface of the game is not always intuitive. Please give it a chance. Once you get used to it, it’s one of the best games you’ve ever played
  • There are “tutorial” messages that appear regularly in the game, especially in the first few games. The game has a bad tendency to stop working correctly after those get displayed. If that happens to you, get back to the main menu, and start a new game. The tutorial messages are shown only once, so after a couple games you won’t have the issue.
  • Sound is not working accurately on the Android version, and this bug happens on the OUYA too. cards coming in play are supposed to make some sounds, but that rarely works on this port

6. Take the Wagic experience further

  • Wagic was designed to be extremely extensible. You can add themes, cards, pictures, even create your own rules! Check the Wagic forums for details on how you can mod the game.
  • Looking for Wagic on other platforms? Check the official Wagic download page.

My sincere thanks go Ezra Anderson for fixing the major issues that were preventing Wagic from running on the OUYA. It is awesome to be able to play our game on one of the coolest consoles out there!


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  1. riddle43 says:

    any hopes of this being able to run on the GameStick ive been trying with no luck

  1. November 17, 2014

    […] I explain in details how to download and install the game on a page I created specifically for this port. I tried to name it simply so that people on the OUYA browser can access it directly: […]

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