Vita Custom Firmware for dummies

You just got yourself a new Playstation Vita, and are looking for a Custom Firmware solution? Then bookmark this page, as it will be kept up to date with the latest, greatest, and simplest solutions available.

Although there is currently no “native” CFW solution for the Vita, solutions exist inside the PSP emulator of the Vita, which give you various levels of homebrew/backup access. Additional hacks exist from within the PS1 emulator, which lets people play PS1 isos (with perfect sound compatibility, unlike other PS1 hacks within the PSP emulator)

If you are lucky enough to own the right game and be on the right firmware (currently 3.36 or less), then Total_Noob’s “CEF TN” or Pro Team’s “ARK” are for you. You can download CEF here, and ARK here. CEF and ARK are basically Custom Firmwares for PSP running in the PSP emulator on the Vita. They offer optimal homebrew compatibility, as well as iso support.

If you can’t run any of those (either because you don’t have the right game, or because you have a more recent firmware), an alternative to Custom firmwares is VHBL, assuming you are lucky enough to grab the exploited games when they get announced. VHBL is only a partial solution, as it only allows you to play a subset of PSP homebrews on the Vita.

One drawback is that all these solutions require you to purchase an “exploitable” game on the PSN when it gets announced. We regularly announce names of new exploitable games on this blog, so stay tuned if you didn’t get the games in time. In 2012 alone, 8 such game exploits were released. In 2014, more than 50 were announced. In 2015, several vita exploit games were announced for firmware 3.36.

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  1. Lunzren says:

    How come there’s still no cfw? its been like two years.

    • wololo says:

      Not sure, what have *you* done so far to make it happen?

      • FlamingSnot says:

        Not a damn thing :*(

      • Cloud says:

        Jesus, the PSP hacking community is one of the most opinionated and most easily butthurt communities I’ve ever witnessed. I’m usually a lurker on sites like these, but ***, what compels you to make such a *** comment? All the guy was asking why there hasn’t been any damn custom firmware on the PS Vita, that’s all. It’s not like he called your mother dirty or something, Jesus Christ, man.

    • BlumCoLe says:

      *pwnd* …best answer ever!

      Thanks you :)

    • Cap.Obvious says:

      They probably haven’t found a good way to make profit out of it. It’s all about them $

      • Reesa says:

        Not really, making cfw is tough business. I’ve been around cfw psp for 5 years plus and it took some time to even get it to work properly for all devices and some improved versions of the psp are unhackable. It is tougher now because of updates and specific exploits. It’s really hard to bypass the system where it can patch itself automatically and must always be connected to the internet to gain the vitas full benefits. And im talking about cfw not only in terms of downloading emulators and playing psp games, but being able to run ps vita isos and all paid apps for free. Thats difficult because most these things run in the server side… Sony really has done a good job of keeping their securities up and it would be awhile to completely hack the vita. Some genius hackers are in the process of trying to make an official cfw for vita, but only time will tell and its def not gonna be soon

    • Yea says:

      PS3 Took 4-5 years from my understanding. And the vitas security is way more complex than the PS3 so just be patient. In the mean time why dont you use the vita for what it was meant to be for, Playing Games..

  2. timal says:

    Je voulais s’avoir c’est toi qui lance le jeux sur le PSN ?

  3. timal says:

    Si c’est possible j’aimerais également s’avoir si tu avais un lien de chat instantanée style Skype Facebook…. Pour que je puisse te poser quelque questions qui me trote ^^

  4. FlamingSnot says:

    So yeah I have been out of the loop for a while and don’t know anything useful about “hacking” other than copy and pasting things onto memory sticks…. But just to be clear the VITA hacks so far just make it think it is a PSP, but does it still run faster than a PSP so if a DS emulator ran on PSP it would run faster on VITA? I understand I have done nothing to contribute and I am by no means complaining I just want to ask a question where it may or may not be answered. :)

    Thanks Wololo for the cool blog! this is where i always go to check up on PSP and VITA news! Keep it up please :D

    • Souledge says:

      Honstely, I’ve tried Snes emu on Vita and on Psp. For some reason, on psp they work smoothly, but on vita, I get a lot of framerate issues, graphical issues on some of the games. But that’s just my experience.

    • Vita VHBL will emulate the psp’s hardware when its running a psp item. Meaning its still limited to the psp’s specs.

      I am usure how the CFW works, however from internet videos the DS emu still runs slow/unplayable on CFW.

  5. Vesio89 says:

    I’m having problem on my 3.01 PsVita. It’s about i week that it doesn’t recognize usb connection and i’m unable to use OCMA, but it charges no problem. So, stupidly, to pass some isos and plugins i plugged the memory in my other PSV that’s on OFW 3.10 and of course when i put it back in the 3.01 it doesn’t recognize it anymore and want me to update to use it or format. I’ve no problem to format it, cause i have king of pool backuped on my pc, but what could be the problem that my pc doesn’t recognize it? It doesn’t play sound when i plugin the usb cable. I also factory resetted and database reconstructed it but still got the probl. And with the new update i cannot use proxies anymore to log back into the PSN. Should i search for someone that sell an unupdated 3.10 psvita??? ‘Cause i don’t think i can change only the usb module on psv mobo (i think it’s one block, right?)

  6. Bigbones87 says:

    So, if I read this correct then I am pretty much sc*** on getting “Cfw” on my vita. I just bought it today, and it is on 3.01 firmware, but all the exploitable games have been yanked from psn, and I wouldn’t be able to download a psn game anyway, seeing as I would have to update first…correct?

  7. Crayvor says:

    Bonjour Mr. Wololo, j’ai une (ou plusieurs questions) au sujet du VHBL:
    Est-ce qu’il permet de seulement lire des homebrews (émulateurs entre autres) ou aussi de jouer à des jeux PSP?
    Et autre questions: est-ce que les jeux contenant la faille sont tous gratuits? Car ça m’embêterais de payer encore les jeux que j’ai déjà achetés sur PSP (et ils sont nombreux :( )
    Merci par avance, j’espère que vous n’êtes pas trop mauvais en français. :/

    • wololo says:

      - VHBL lance seulement des homebrews, pas d’isos PSP
      – Les jeux exploitables sont quasimment toujours payants, il n’y a pas de jeux gratuits sur le PSN.

  8. animegame says:

    bonjour mr Wololo; est-ce qu’il existe des jeux originaux vita ‘exploitable’ en version disque, ou on doit necessairement passer par le PSN ? merci

  9. SyafiqKilljoy96 says:

    hi all..i just recently found out about this website and i think this is great..i have a ps vita add me {Syafiqkilljoy96}..i have a few question that i hope to be answer…..1st does the eCFW stable and can it play all psp games? i once have a psp but now the joy stick its broken..i got a lot of psp game in my pc and i dont want to re-buy it just to play on vita T_T…2nd doest it work on 3.18? and last can someone direct me to list of exploited game?

    sorry for my bad english…second language

  10. avj says:

    is there an firmware for ps vita 3.18

  11. Erik says:

    I dont know…But what i do know you got to own the game and you need an save file, that is custom firmware.
    Or i think thats is how it works am i right?

  12. miqdame says:

    Hai. My psvita updated to v3.18. So is it really possible for me to have psp emulator on my psvita??

  13. sylhomme says:

    J’ai une psvita en 3.18 et je désire uniquement jouer à des isos psp comment faire ou quoi attendre exactement ?? un exploit pour du vhbl ne me servirait à rien si j’ai bien compris ? merci des vos réponces à tous !!

  14. Josh says:

    Hi I have a question, I bought a used ps vita and I didn’t notice this particular issue with it because everything else seemed fine but the battery icon on the screen is missing and because of this I can’t update my ps vita because it says that it’s low on battery even though i’ve charged it for a long time up to 9 hours and still the same pop-up about the low battery. When I connect it, the ps logo glows orange indicating that it’s charging and it holds a charge because I can play older games normally and like I said the battery icon on screen is just missing any advice?? thanks in advance!

  15. 4theLULZ says:

    When will the Patapon1 exploit savedata be released if not already. If it has been released could someone link me the URL

  16. James says:

    Does the CFW for VITA works only on PS VITA 1000? or its supported also on PS VITA 2000 on slim model as long as the OFW is 3.15 ? Can you confirm this guys.

  17. TeeJay says:

    I’m dumb and this did not help, I don’t understand what they’re talking about, so I need an exploited game to download emulators?

    • lollypop says:

      if ur’ dumb i would give a dumber answer.
      to download emulator u dont need an exploit
      to run emulator u do need an exploit however

      thers mutch differences in exploits so be sure to pick an exploit
      that can do what u like to do with it.
      vhbl umode can run homebrew (eboots u develop or somebody developed)
      tnv kmode can run all (psx iso eboot tiff?) (same with ark)
      psxexploits are the newest and supposidly promise psx games with sound

  18. Dcastga says:

    Help My ps Vita downloaded the new software over night. it has not installed but it is asking for authorization to do so – when i try plugin into the computer . what do i do ? who do i by pass so i can place some psp games on drive

  19. lollypop says:

    download vitaftp in tnv browser install via i dunno
    i was thinking of it myself
    happened to me to

  20. non says:

    do i need to buy the exploit game on the ps store before hacking my vita?? if not.. can i install the exploit game with my pc??

  21. ipostnak3d says:

    i am stuck! i thought the airplane off/on mode to transfer purchased psn games via wifi was still working…

    i bought an exploited game to get the hack TNV10 installed but cant get the game in the vita first.

    what are the other ways possible please? i have been away for a while from the scene and i am a bit lost.

    my vita firmware is on 3.0

    thank you!

  22. andreksll says:

    i had my vita stored away for quite a while now (it has 2.61 FW) am i able to install the CFW on that version??

  23. Ramiro says:

    If i download today patapon1 can i trigger the xploit? (im on 3.15)

  24. KaTreek says:

    I just bought a new boarderlands ps vita. It’s running 3.15 but i can’t use opencma/qcma without me registerning my psn with the vita. activating my vita makes me upgrade my fw. is there any known workaround to this? I really want to keep it on 3.15.

  25. VITAFTP says:

    would TNV 11 be released soon?

    would be awesome

  26. nebu_187 says:

    My boss recently asked me what the heck is WULULU! or wolololo at the end he was screaming WOLOLOLOLO he was actually quite pist and actually think its really funny (now) :)

  27. craziestpersonever!! says:

    hey, thanks formaking a site as great and easy to use as this. it makes it easier especially for those who want to find a way to help.
    speaking of which, i am a self taught compter programmer, and was hoping i could help in some way. anyone reccommend where to start or who to talk to to get involved? thanks in advance

  28. AJ says:

    Just got a used ps vita running 2.05…
    Can anyone walk me through this? I’m having problems with connecting my vita to the pc..

  29. Eric says:

    Any news on 3.30 yet?

  30. steve-o says:

    it is sad we still dont have an actual custom firmware…
    its crazy bcz sony doesnt support it as much and its more of a niche device… its not like hacking the new iphone firmware which takes alot of effort mind you…

    i just hope we can do something soon already, its getting annoying that we dont have fully hacked vita’s… cant someone start a kickstarter thing and finally hack it in full? wheres the *** lizard squad… hack the vita you ***…

  31. cberthe067 says:

    Hello wololo,

    I just got a PS Vita today, it’s running FW 3.15, so i should be able to install CFW … but the problem is i do not own a game in the list. I also own a PS3, is it possible to download the game in the PS3 then transfert it to PS Vita with Open CMA and install it on 3.15 ? Is there a detail tutorial to do it ?

    Thank you for your work.

  32. I mistakenly updated my ps vita firmware to 3.35, is there any way i can get custom firmware??

  33. Tez says:

    Is there seriously still no cfw for the vita? its been like 3 years now since it came out and still nothing? I know I don’t contribute in anyway because I have a life, but for those who don’t have a life, lift your game pls.

  34. L says:

    So was wondering other than playing psones snes gba etc… can we play psp and psvita games or just psp games without any purchasing whatsoever
    (no i do not own a vita but may plan to buy it, or its going towards the new 3ds xl [Hopefully with fire emblem 2015])

  35. SawariNekoX3 says:

    uhm just wondering couldnt we make like an emulator using the psm sdk to play psp and ps1 games? but then again we wouldnt have a way of transferring the games into our memory cards = =

  36. Vaupotic says:

    Hi, now, I’ve been trying to read up on the custom bubbles and the eCFW TN-V and the eCFW ARK 2 (that was released not long ago) but I can’t seem to find a good tutorial on what these actually are. It says the they emulate the psp, does that man that with these solutions can Olympic run psp games or can I install ps vita games as well? Sorry if it’s a stupid question, I’m new to the hacking scene on gaming consoles, so I don’t really know much.

  37. So I take it if a person has Firmware 3.36 they cannot run or install the emulators? Im confused.

  38. wilson says:

    please i have psvita 3.36.and i want to put psp game in it.solution please…

  39. Sarij says:

    I just got done playing some Ocarina of Time on my vita with great fps. 1.80 ofw using the monster hunter exploit to load VHBL. Also works great when playing old pokemon games with the gba emulator! :)

  40. wololo says:

    There’s no ps2 emulator for the vita yet. For your PS1 games, the latest and greatest hack to do that was available on firmwares 2.02 and below, and it wouldn’t let you play PS1 games with sound, which made the experience quite limited. But the best way to ensure you’ll have it when it’s released is to follow this site daily, in particular news about TN-V and Ninja releases. Exploits on the vita are rare and easily patched, you typically have a window of a few days to get the exploit in time. Check:

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