Vita Custom Firmware for dummies

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You just got yourself a new Playstation Vita, and are looking for a Custom Firmware solution? Then bookmark this page, as it will be kept up to date with the latest, greatest, and simplest solutions available.

Vita “Native” Hacks

The best known Vita hack for the PS Vita was initially released in June 2015 and is called “Rejuvenate”. It works up to firmware 3.51. Details on how to install and run Native Vita homebrews and emulators can be found on our Rejuvenate page.

Vita hacks, in the PSP emulator (ePSP hacks)

Additionally, solutions exist inside the PSP emulator of the Vita, which give you various levels of homebrew/backup access. Additional hacks exist from within the PS1 emulator, which lets people play PS1 isos (with perfect sound compatibility, unlike other PS1 hacks within the PSP emulator)

If you are lucky enough to own the right game and be on the right firmware (currently 3.51 or less), then Total_Noob’s “CEF TN” or Pro Team’s “ARK” are for you. You can download CEF here, and ARK here. CEF and ARK are basically Custom Firmwares for PSP running in the PSP emulator on the Vita. They offer optimal homebrew compatibility, as well as iso support.

If you can’t run any of those (either because you don’t have the right game, or because you have a more recent firmware), an alternative to Custom firmwares is VHBL, assuming you are lucky enough to grab the exploited games when they get announced. VHBL is only a partial solution, as it only allows you to play a subset of PSP homebrews on the Vita.

One drawback is that all these solutions require you to purchase an “exploitable” game on the PSN when it gets announced. We regularly announce names of new exploitable games on this blog, so stay tuned if you didn’t get the games in time. In 2012 alone, 8 such game exploits were released. In 2014, more than 50 were announced. In 2015, several vita exploit games were announced for firmware 3.36.

319 Responses

  1. anderson says:

    si ma gia pollapse e stato tolto quindi non si puo fare piu il bhl quindi come si puo fare grazie per la risposta

  2. anderson says:

    collaose 3 XD

  3. mirko8054 says:

    anderson, non è detto che nn si puo fare, sullo store della ps vita, dai sul menu dei giochi della PSP non PS Vita e trovi motorstorm artic edge a 8 euro mi pare, cmq sto escogitando un trucco per averli gratis, addami un skype: m_i_r_k_o_s

  4. anderson says:

    azz grande magari se ci la fai fami sapere ho grande forza della natura ave a te

  5. anderson says:

    mio skepy e anderson6240 ma sono italiano non so quanto ti posso aiutare ma ho un amico che puo tradurmi se la cosa non ti da fastidio

  6. Michael says:

    Hey i was thinking and you should make cydia or something like that for the playstaion vita.And installous with a different name.Start hacking the vita like a ipod…I think this is a very good idea and would like a reply if possible.All playstaion vita tittles would be so easy to download and install with no problems…not having to worry about pluging into computer when you can just use wifi.

    • Volrath68 says:

      Would be nice but in order to do any of that we need to figure out how to gain root access for the vita itself so until someone finds an expoilt to grant super permissions thats a no go

    • garrei says:

      what… an… idiot. a vita is not an iPod. dont expect a hack with full iso game compatibility any time soon bro.

    • oreo says:

      Okay think a little, Sony knows what they have been doing wrong with the psp (minus the expolits) They made it pretty damn well coded….. Either hack your PS3 and play free games or wait for CFW or VHBL. Other wise your sc***.

  7. anderson says:

    aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh voglio la modifica che azzz :'(

  8. anderson says:

    ma come si fa a trovare i giocchi ai qualli se possano metere hbl mi dite come fare cosi li cerco anchio grazie mille in anticipo

  9. anderson says:

    come si trovano i expoilt mi dici come si fa cosi li cerco anchio per favore grzie
    ps: nn cancellare sto messaglio ok grazie cmq sono un vostro piu accanito seguitore

  10. anderson says:

    How can I search exloit in ps vita,
    I want make something too
    give me please some link…

  11. anderson says:

    thx for your help..
    I’m looking all game european, for some crash exploit, but for now nothing, btw I need link for some apps like psplink in ps vita cuz that old for psp its not working

  12. mrSoczi says:

    Any news on some new Vita hacks? It has been a while and it has been really quiet. Frankly I’m starting to run out of hope for this Sony brick…

  13. wes says:

    People either need to be patient or learn how to exploit and program instead of complaining about not have a full hack yet, IMO if all you want a hack for is to pirate games then you should’ve have it if you want homebrew or even emulation just go get a PSP I bought on of Craigslist for 50

  14. killersmod says:

    hey i wondering if attempts are being made at vfw for ps vita or is it all at half byte loader right now,not saying half byte loader is bad just yea a full on hacked vita would be nice 😀

  15. jake galea says:

    hey wololo, has there been any progress on vita cfw?

    or 1.69 HBL or is everyone waiting for 1.80?

  16. Josue says:

    Is going to allow to run iso games

  17. tony says:

    Is it going to allow iso games???

    • Inali says:

      Nope. Pirate scum.

      • GirlyGirl says:

        Pirate scum? don’t be so f***ing prejudice!
        its not pirating if said person bought the game ages ago and decided to turned it into an iso so they can emulate on another device :S
        they’ve spent their money on it and want to make use out of on another system, at least they’d be getting their frigging moneys worth out of it. instead of moaning like a little b**ch.

  18. ¡no xploit on demo games?

  19. Anthony says:

    Everyone really needs to support the developers and just buy retail games. There are plenty of deals that popup making some $10-20. We have a Vita specifically because of the developers, they need money to make great games. I really truly hope a full CFW NEVER exists; playing homebrew and stuff is fine but to any worthless “non-contributing to the world” pirates need to have some morals. Give Vita the support it needs!

  20. DarkZenRitual says:

    The PSV has online gameplay with trophies and that’s its biggest strength in my opinion against idiots that wanna play Nintendo Sega 64, go do it on a PSP but then again, i’ve never had a PS3 and so many games are new to me for all you “port whiners”. :)

  21. STINGPOISON says:

    How do you install CFE TN in VITA?

  22. NakedFaerie says:

    This is what I’ve been talking about. This is what the public want.
    If you want to run homebrew than you can. If you want to run backups then you can. It’s up to the individual to do what he/she wants to do with it NOT the devs which is the way it should be.
    IF it can be used for piracy then thats a perk the enduser gets. WHY are the devs so against it? IF they dont want to play backups then DON’T. Just don’t stop others from doing it as its THEIR choice.

  23. NakedFaerie says:

    BTW, AWESOME job Total_Noob. Always loved your work. 😀

  24. KingOfPower says:


  25. narutosamac says:


  26. SuperVita2TheRescue says:

    MH3(jpn)ecfw6.60 Tn-A +Ps Vita = limitless possibilities. I just need an off day to install.I have a *** way of reading the instructions and it always takes me the whole day. Necesito PSN POR Fa FOR!B-)

  27. NakedFaerie says:

    The new TN-B works great but it still locks up when you press and hold START to try and return to the TN-MENU in some games under some situations. 1 time I was loading the level, another game I was doing nothing in the main menu.
    Sometimes if its doing nothing it works and does return.

  28. hello wololo looks just a little thing that I mean most people have the psp game easter island jewel keppers then came a cfw as it is today 09/10/12 CFW 6.60 TN-B which is the alpha of the mad … I suggest you do this as a suggestion only 1 beam that most people keppers Download the jewel easter islan wait a day or two after publicaas a CFW 6.60 TN-C which is the jewel keppers game easter island. SAVEDATA

  29. hello wololo looks just a little thing that I mean most people have the psp game easter island jewel keppers then came a cfw as it is today 09/10/12 CFW 6.60 TN-B which is the alpha of the mad … I suggest you do this as a suggestion only 1 beam that most people keppers Download the jewel easter islan wait a day or two after you post a CFW 6.60 TN-C which is the jewel keppers game easter island. SAVEDATA

  30. powerking230 says:

    hi wololo, i have urbanix on my ps3, but i can’t find any way to copy it to my ps vita, i think this is my only possible way to get urbanix, so it would be awesome if you know any way, thanks

    • blahh blahh 123 says:

      re-download urbanix to your ps3 but leave it in bubble form i re-peat leave it in bubble form do not install it on your ps3 and transfer it to your vita it is posible i do it all the time reply if this proccess does not work

  31. Seta24 says:

    I dint get Urbanix before sony remove it from psn :(

  32. Kay says:

    Fingers crossed. I very unfortunately bought my vita a few hours after the last one was pulled from the uk store. Guess i’ll hang on to my psp for a while longer.

  33. darkauron says:

    I need another xploit for psvita pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

  34. blah blah 123 says:

    i found a very interesting demo that you could probably use for the half byte loader its called escape plan it has a save and load feature in the demo i think you can work off that

  35. vwownsu says:

    Since no release is seen I am off to rooting my tablets hahaha. Flashing kernels is kinda fun unless you get a pixelated screen then you know you have a problem haha. It does make a difference when you have super permissions on a device. More than porting iOS to the Vita my guess is that an Android port would be much more efficient. Exploits are loved nonetheless

  36. Rashidsonic says:

    Hey wololo. Isn’t it possible to atleast form a crash using a PNG or TIFF image.? Please reply.

  37. FruityPebbles says:

    I am 1 of the millions that didn’t get mad blocker / urbanix, what can I do to make sure I don’t miss the next 1

  38. FruityPebbles says:

    can i do anything with MHFU?

  39. Ethereal King says:

    Total_Noob, you are a saint and a scholar…and an amazing person.

  40. tglforwololo says:

    Thanks for sharing….

  41. haha507075 says:

    Good job !
    Thank you very much !

  42. yellowfly says:

    Is really a good job, hope to continue to improve.

  43. fanwei0 says:

    Good job !
    Thank you very much!!!

  44. Newbie12 says:

    Hi, I’m an extremely newbie for PS vita. I just want know 4 things. Please be nice I am a newbie. I am thinking to buy a vita depending on if I can get free games. I live in a really poor background. I’ve worked 2 months just to get enough money for a vita. And now that i got the Money i want to know these stuff. Please be nice. I was endless entertainment from my PS vita. I want to be able to play any games out there without the need to change consoles. Because I don’t have any other consoles. This will be my first. Thank you. <3
    1. Will there be CFW like PSP one.
    2. Which website is a good update resource for me. I mean where can I keep track on what going on.
    3. Is there a way to play PSP games on PS vita right now?
    4. Is there a website where I can download PSP games + vita games?

    • oreo says:

      Well first off this site is great for tracking what’s going on at the fourms (
      Second there is a eCFW which is more or less the same.
      Third, If you are able to catch a release of eCFW then yeah you can play homebrews and emulators (older console games including psp) and this site has most of the emulators and homebrews.

  45. Jason says:

    I have downloaded urbanix. How do I get it onto my vita so that i can run the hack?

  46. stfb1055 says:

    would there anyone willing to make cwcheat or tempar or any cheat programs to cheat ps vita games? i am looking forward for one soon or later.. :)

  47. stfb1055 says:

    ah i see wololo… well i hope u hackers can do your best to make it dreams comes true! :)

  48. mo12 says:

    Hey im new to this, ive got a ps vita version 2.0 after updating it.
    I would appreciate if someone could reply and let me know how to put custom firmware on the ps vita so that I can play iso/cso files?

  49. stfb1055 says:

    @mo12 there no ps vita cfw yet… so gotta be patient… i cant wait for it to come out and hopefully make cheat application for it too 😛

  50. I’m looking out for it…
    Hope it comes soon! 😉

  51. Chase says:

    I hope it comes out soon so i can use cheat codes on gravity rush’s rules of war dlc special mission cuz its super hard to beat

  52. David says:

    I’m a complete noob with this stuff. I don’t get ANY of the terminology, I just want to know what needs to be released, if it hasn’t already, that I can hack or jailbreak my Vita with to let me pirate some Vita games and just drag and drop them into my system so I can play them. Please help people that know 500x as much about this as I do.

    • rep says:

      i dont think anyone would want to help you as you state you want to pirate ps vita games. not many people support pirating of anything. plus, it doesnt take a rocket scientist to understand enough to know what or how to “hack or jailbreak” a ps vita. if you would take the time it took you to understand “pirating” and read a few things on this site you would understand “500x” more about “hacking or jailbreaking” a ps vita. good luck

    • psvita-freak says:

      Jailbreaking will be hard… For as far I know…

    • says:

      You sir, are stupid

  53. Zix says:

    Well I can see the psvita comming along nicely, hyacks are being new ofw’s are being hacked all the time. I cant wait to get my hands on a vita, I hope we have as good a scene with the vita as we did with the psp.

  54. mariusrhpsd says:

    “BIG NEWS: Frostegater says he has a working kernel mode exploit for the PS Vita 2.00 OFW PSPemu and that a port of the TN eCFW is possible! ”

  55. Tsuki says:

    O_O Cant Wait.

  56. suicidal_banana says:


    Knowing this really isnt the place to ask this, any chance we can get ‘CFE TN’ for Wipeout 2048?

    Because sony did a giveaway of that game (in collaboration with vodaphone and possibly other operators) in a few countrys, so at least half the Vita owners have that game.

    Just a thought, not beeing ungratefull for what we got so far or anything.

    • psvita-freak says:

      It’s an vita game, so probably there won’t be an save game hack for it… I think it will be an normal update with some hacked files into it… so you can just update it to CFW… Just like the psp did…

  57. SkitzStatus says:

    i haven’t been into the psp cfw scene for years now,but looking to add it to my vita as there’s some games i cant find anywhere.if i have a vita that’s current version is 1.6 i believe so will i be able to use this “cfe” or have the games you need been patched already and it doesnt matter what version you have,you need a early version of the game?

    • rep says:

      if you dont already have the titles for exploits, you must wait. you need to get the exploited games as they are anounced and now with 2.0 i tihnk you should read a little about it

  58. tony says:

    Hey wololo i want the cfw but i have the 2.00 and didnt have the hack.What should i do?Would it be other hack for 2.00?

    Please Respond.

  59. psvita-freak says:

    Probably the guaranty will be invalid in just a few weeks…
    Hackers will then hack the Vita easy… If it’s broken you don’t have to return it… You won’t get an replacement…

    Just hope the Vita will get an FULL CFW…
    So we can also play downloaded Vita games…

  60. psvita-freak says:

    Probably the guaranty will be invalid in just a few weeks…
    Hackers will then hack the Vita easy… If it’s broken you don’t have to return it… You won’t get an replacement…

  61. Kepler says:

    Just an offtopic question, since i’ve been out of the CFW scene for a while. What happened to

  62. mboy7 says:

    there is one for 1.81 but through ubanix ”minis” game its called 6.660 cfe something

  63. killa says:

    Hi all I was wondering if the psv firmware 1.51 (which i have), is there a “native” CFW for this firmware. I was browsing the net and found this, is it real, and can this site even be trusted?: [scam link removed]

    also is there a risk in bricking my psv doing either this cfw i was just asking about and the non-native “Total_Noob’s “CFE TN””. Also the top of this blog says 1.81 or lower, does that include 1.51 and can someone please send me a link for both the so called jailbreaked 1.51 cfw if it works, and the CFE TN

    • wololo says:

      All sites that claim to have a “miracle” solution and ask you to answer a survey are fakes. If there was a real hack, sites like us would talk about it within 24h

      • killa says:

        oh, i just thought that maybe it’s old and that everybody would be way passed that firmware, and when people buy them now that they would start out higher, but since i bought mine on ebay from a certain store that it was probably sitting on it’s shelf for a while.

        • killa says:

          what option is best for me then since i have a 1.51 firmware, can you send me a link of the cfw (i guess psp emulator) that would be the best option for me

  64. killa says:

    oops when i said send me a link for them i mean send me link for them (for the jailbreak one if it is real, send me a trusted download source link), and also please send me link to some instructions on how to do this, maybe a video or something

  65. To All Hackers please try making an Android or ios Emulator
    for the PsVita..

  66. All these cfw for the vita are use less if we continue to
    use psp games from the psn store, Try making the same CFW
    LIKE ON THE PSP so we can run PSP ISO/ CSO.tHE SAME WAY..

  67. killa says:

    what option is best for me then since i have a 1.51 firmware, can you send me a link of the ecfw (i guess psp emulator). or is there none, and no way of updating to 1.81 or something since 2.01 is already out, thus being the only option, to wait after updating to 2.01 for it to be released. Or is it best to keep it as is because the lesser firmware has less patches and can be hacked easier (but will homebrew devs bother with this firmware at all since it’s old)

  68. Stewart says:

    hi i got a ps vita with ofw 2.01 i was wondering what download i can use for homebrew and emulators for gba nes etc.
    if you can send some links and instructions thanks

    • Singh says:

      hey i just got me a ps vita. it came it came with 1.6 and I did use the CM as to update and then I got 2.01. So I was wondering if there are any ways to get CFW on it so that I can put PSP ISO?

  69. Insoft says:

    Very interesting stuff, look forward in seeing it get release soon so I can port Choice onto it.
    I held back on the latest release when I seen the 1.6.x and 1.8 exploits but the games were taken off the sony store so been waiting for another exploit.

  70. Jeremy Stiles says:

    Can’t wait to play all of my old psp games!! I broke my psp go’s screen last year and really miss some of those rpg’s!

  71. Adil says:

    Guys plz help I have a ps vita on firmware 1.80 or less. Is there any way I can make ps vita ISO games work on it.

  72. GoRla says:

    Is there any way to play PS vita games like Fifa 13 or other PS vita games on PS vita for free like dragging and dropping the ISOs etc? Can someone tell me?

  73. Brett says:

    Hi guys i am a long time Vita owner and my system is still on ofw 1.67, my question is, is there a way for me to put any cfw on my system at the moment? Also is there a way i can stay up to date with all vita developments coming from this site? Thanks in advance all =)

  74. janchower says:

    I just bought a vita on ebay with the uno hack… It definitely works… My question is can I transfer the units account over to my name without losing this? What if I want to upgrade to a larger memory card? Please help as I’m afraid to touch anything right now!!!

  75. fish face says:

    hey i just had my urbanix exploit save working fine and i put monster hunter on my memorycard and now i get that c1 error when i try to load up the exploit save :( i hope i didnt ruin it! any ideas

  76. omar latham says:

    where the heck is DAX when ya need him…smh

  77. Ian Post says:

    I have a Vita updated to the latest firmware and I really want to get MGS Portable Ops running on it as it’s impossible to do so legitly. So I thought an ISO loader could do the trick. Is this not possible right now? Should I wait for a new exploit to be released or something?

  78. jon says:

    I suppose if you stick with an older firmware for the CFW you lose the ability to use the PS Store then right?

    • scorpafied says:

      yes that is correct. but really what new things are actually out that are worth getting. ive been waiting for ages for a new game to come out.

      in fact ive been waiting since november for ratchet and clank q force. it was suppose to be released roughly a month ago. and ive seen and heard no word about whats happening with it.

      stupid ps4. is that why there ignoring everything else? or is it because they dont care about anything thats not going to max out there profits?

  79. scorpafied says:

    t be honest id be happy with just getting to download fat princess fistful of cake. sure a proper exploit that gets access to vitas full power would allow for some wicked stuff to come out in regards to things like n64 emulators…

    but for now i’ll pin my hopes on things that will probably never happen. better to aim to high then to get your hopes up for something that will just keep letting you down all the time.

  80. mamush says:

    Hi peeps, I jst got myslf a psv n I cnt afford 2b purchasin a game card. How can I play a dwnloadable psv games on ma console. Onlike d psp D̶̲̥̅̊α† all we need do î§ jst dwnload a game n transfer using ma laptop. Pls sombdy hlp.

  81. sajid says:

    u plz make a exploit for a demo game ape quest for ps vita plz plz plz plz plz plz……..

  82. Sernul says:

    I’m not even buying a vita till there is CFW out.

  83. colts101 says:

    an easy way to get back to the 1.80 or less is to restore the vita and not update it just saying

  84. Tchalz says:

    Plz guys m nu in2 diz..My PSV z currently 0n tha 1.81 versi0n..Can s0me0ne really break d0wn diz terms 4me n hw t0 make diz handheld-wich z nw a relic-interesting.Thnx in anticipati0n

  85. Surge says:

    I honestly hope that the vita receives its cfw a few good years after it’s release. I would appreciate getting a half decent library of games before developers ditch it like they did the psp. They won’t waste time to lose money on an infested pirate ship of a console… Posted from my psVita, A tablet in it’s own right.

  86. Inicuo says:

    What about a CEFW for 2.05? I wish i can play my old psp games, like yu-gi-oh lol, blessings! *_*

  87. Psn Wraith10219 says:

    im on V2.06 on Ps Vita and i NEED help on getting hacks for Call of Duty Declassified and a Custom Firmware please help

  88. fuyao says:

    I get a feeling that something big is gonna happen this year, someone other then Total Noob or the Pro team will find an exploit in the PS Vita, which will be like when TN found the exploit that opened up PSP’s possibility to have signed homebrews.

    Also, an Nintendo DS or iPod Touch emulator on Vita.

    Just a feeling, might not happen, but don’t give up hope.

    • wololo says:

      TN had nothing to do with the possibility to sign homebrews.

      • fuyao says:

        you know what I mean, he revolutionized the PSP homebrew scene three years ago,I can’t remember exactly who did the signed homebrews.

        I’m saying someone else might be working on a VCFW right now as of this message being typed.

        • wololo says:

          I know what you mean, but I disagree with your statement that TN revolutionized anything. TN is a great PSP hacker, and probably one of the handful who still care about the community today. And for this he deserves LOTS of credit because many other hackers just gave up on the community. However, the work he’s done, besides finding Kernel exploits (which is a difficult task, but is nothing groundbreaking), has been reusing existing work, such as Dark Alex’s M33 FW.

          You want to look for “revolutionary” stuff in the PSP scene? Look at Dark Alex’s initial explanations on how a custom Firmware would work, look at the first homebrew loader by Noobz, Look at the Pandora battery, look at the FailOverflow/mathieulh/kgsws work on signing homebrews, look at Virtuous Flame’s work in defeating DRMs for games, look at JJS’s work on perfect syscall estimation in user mode for VHBL, or, finally, look at Coldbird’s prometheus online project, which rewrote huge parts of the network drivers to allow things that simply were not possible before.

          There were lots of great hackers in the PSP scene, and Total Noob is one of them. But when you use the word “revolutionize”, you should probably look elsewhere. Let’s give credit only where credit is due.

          That being said, yes, I see what you mean, hopefully other people are hard at work looking into the Vita right now.

  89. skipsy says:

    ok im conpleate noob on vita although have hack psp ( pandra ) also wii and 360 to give u idea of background what i d like to know is i just revived my vita and firmware is 1.6 where should i go from here all i want is to be able to run homebrew on but if i dont update the firmware then will i still be able to play cod or resistance online im a bit confused with it all any help appreciated

  90. Kuroyuki says:

    If, i don’t have uno games and my firmware is 2.10. how to hack my ps vita then?

  91. Andrew says:

    It mentions “If you are lucky enough to have the ‘right’ game” what is exactly is the right game, is there a list of games? can I buy that psyical game is a store or craigslist? or do I need to download it from the psn store?

  92. Alexi says:

    Someone ought to do something about Sam Jordam. Who’s to say he will not pull any shenigans?

  93. scott says:

    Can someone pls tell how to unlock my 3g on my ps vita so that I can be able to use any sim card on it?

  94. Rew says:

    Would this UNO exploit + psp emulator work on my 1.67 vita? I heard UNO works for 2.02 and below. Also, how important is it to ‘activate’ my vita? Will the UNO exploit still work if I don’t activate it?

  95. Nathan Drake says:

    So, with PS Vita, OS 2.01, but no PS3 and no UNO installed on the PS Vita, what can be done? Seems like someone could do something with hacking the USB port’s firmware controller (flash it like in the PSP CFW), and jailbreak the damn thing. I want to root the PS Vita like was done with the PSP. I own a number of PS Vita games, and could just play them until I grow too old to move, and probably not get too bored doing it. Still, I’ve a large collection of PSP games in ISO that I’d like to play on my PS Vita. That’s where I’m at on this right now. Maybe there are others out there who want this as well. Dark Alex et al to the rescue…I hope and soon!

    • rew says:

      im at the same stop you are. but i think UNO came packaged with one of these downloads. i cant remember if it was TN or PRO. but at least one can with UNO. you might just need to install that. also uno uses FW 2.02, im just not sure if its 2.02 “and below”.

  96. Curious says:

    Eagerly awaiting vitaCFW.

    • Misty says:

      you and me both. Its been too quiet these past couple months, i feel a wave of new hacks beyond the horizon.Would someone enough be so bold to bring us a VitaCFW.No Kernels no bs just a downright drag and paste download for 2.12.

  97. LordChicken says:

    question : does the vita have enough power to emulate gamecube/ps2 ?
    i know that you need like 5 times more cpu than the console that you want to emulate, but i was just wondering….

    • Sai says:

      “i know that you need like 5 times more cpu than the console that you want to emulate, but i was just wondering….” Clearly have no understanding of emulation… what makes you think you need 5 times the power… I will post Rosetta as an example which ran PowerPC Bins on X86 hardware… Whilst it wasn’t 100% transparent, it was not dependent on having a CPU 5x more powerful…

      • Chris says:

        He was clearly just asking whether it was possible.

        How did you manage to take every detail of what he was saying as literate?

        In short to the OP, it’s not possible currently and likely won’t ever be.

        • James says:

          Just for educational purposes “literate” is able to read, “literal” means at face value without using context. It is possible that autocorrect was your demise there. Either way I agree with you, OP was not asking the question that Sai answered.

      • Ceras says:

        You’re a ***.

    • Matt says:

      Well I’m not the biggest emulator guy, but if it could run remote play games fine, I think it could run Gamecube games. Might no though, because emulation is a whole other thing.

    • theman says:

      No LordChicken, the vita cannot emulate gc/ps2 games, its about the hardware and seeing if it can, like it has a psp emulator emulate the psp games, but it cant do ps2 or any of that, but you can use a computer to emulate gamecube/ps2

      • Submissus says:

        Actually, it’s not about that – there’s a wide array of Emulators for Android, and Android, as we all know, uses ARM CPUs. So does the Vita. The hardware supports emulation, someone just has to code the application – and that is the tricky part.

    • Anon says:

      Has anyone installed Total Noob on the PS Vita TV? If yes, is it possible to use the Dualshock controllers with a Vita TV running Total Noob?

      Also, once Total Noob is installed, will I still be able to play my Vita games as well?

  98. Pnut says:

    Lick My Nut LordChick, then you will see TRU POWA!

  99. Clear_Condom says:


  100. Zech says:

    can someone educate me if the CFW at [link removed by mods] is real or fraud?

  101. DeeZaster says:

    Hey all, could you please give me some information as I’ve asked in a couple forums and nobody there seems to give a $ ][-][ ][ ‘][‘ any more.

    So my issue is I had v1.61 firmware and waited month or two for any info or replies on if I could get the CFW for PSP side on the vita with this ofw. I then played Persona 4 GOLDEN and it forced me to update to 1.8 to play it. So this is now where I am, v1.8.

    Is there any way atm if I can get the cfw to play my old isos from my psp on this v1.8 firmware or any v1.8+ ofw? I don’t know if any games beside UNO which is now obsolete from the playstation store, so is there a physical game I could still buy from walmart or ebgames, ebay etc… to get the CFW installed onto the ViTA? Is there a way without these games too?

    If someone could please give me their advice on the best method to go with (including just updating to 2.12 and waiting for the new game to be announced), then I would be truly grateful and I could most likely help you in return to show my thanks.

    Thanks all,
    DeeZasterous FartZ

  102. poof says:

    i just wanna know shuold i buy a ps vita or not, i mean is there is a way to get pirate games like psp? or its impossible??????

    • Submissus says:

      You should buy a Vita either way.
      If you like the machine, support PlayStation by acquiring your games in a legal manner. That way the Vita stays alive.

    • James says:

      If you just want to pirate, why don’t you buy a nice android device and pirate android games?

    • ANDROID says:

      Heres my valued advice, DO NOT BUY A VITA, it will never be hacked like a psp
      and games are very expensive, I had a vita on its release and sold after 6 months at a huge loss, and bought an android tab which i still have and enjoy playing APKS are free to download even paid ones on the net, vita games
      such as the walking dead also available with same quality graphics, so thats it
      save your money for a android tab with a bigger screen or go for the project shield by nvidia..Choice is yours my friend…

  103. Dalaxsis says:

    Hey I thought you should know, or maybe if you don’t already know. But I was almost able to get inside the PS VITA by it’s serial port(SSP) as this is apart and what controls the vita’s various integrated circuits, and EEPROM etc.
    If your wondering how I was able to discover this out, well lets just say it was by complete luck. I found that you can communicate with the devices various innerds by using a universal bluetooth adapter, have the ps vita connected directly via usb, and finally enabling it’s serial port ssp
    in the vitas bluetooth services. If you need more info email me at

  104. rick says:

    i need someon`s help i have 2.1.2 psp vita updat but dont works with emulators and jailbreaking things here is my skype :rick281194

  105. NotBuyingSony says:

    Need video play on Total_Noob’s “CEF TN”, but at least music playing works. Video is #1 priority, #2 is music. My 2 cents only.

  106. N00B says:

    Im a noob, can I use the USB mode in the PSP XMB of TN CEF? So I can easily put stuff in the PSP to play (Like my backed up games and emulators?)

    • I’m not sure, I used to run the 1.81 Urbanix TN-A exploit and then I updated, so I didn’t get a chance to run TN-V and its PSP XMB emulator, but I think you’ll still have to prepare those ZIP files, I’m not sure.

  107. WTFWONG says:

    I have 1.80 PSV version.
    What should i do now?
    Is it impossible to buy the exploitable games from PSN without upgrading?

  108. Matthew Concepcion says:

    how to run the exploit of urbanix i cant even get any psp games yet on my vita

  109. JEFRY says:

    Can someone make an easy toturial how to play psp iso/cso on ps vita clearly, there’s to many but i don’t know with is the better.

  110. nigth rider says:

    hey guys i wonted to say i find a new way to hack your ps vita you know that we still have accece to are ps vita mamory card just get a psp adapter so it can convert to a psp memory card there for you can accece your vita data on to a pc whit a mamory card reder so you can open your vita data like that and yea so now only what you can do is make a homebrew 2.61 hack again to play iso cso ect and hope to see pro b to come out agqin for vita plz send me a email whit info devilskeess@hotmail

  111. simon says:

    where i can get urbanix exploit, i followed the procedure how to put vhbl but it doesnt work.

  112. simon says:

    i have psvita ver. 2.61 i want to play some psp games, what should i do?

  113. Josh says:

    I am a noob at this custom firmware stuff. all i want to know is how to emulate psone game for free kinda like ePSXe for pc. i found nothing on the internet so far but forums where people argue off track and against each other. cmon guys help-a-fella mod his vita. heck, how about a step by step so i cant *** this up. secondly, wheres the ps2 emulator? Tekken series is all im worried about. help me ISO tekkens 3-5. pwease?????!!!!!!

    • wololo says:

      There’s no ps2 emulator for the vita yet. For your PS1 games, the latest and greatest hack to do that was available on firmwares 2.02 and below, and it wouldn’t let you play PS1 games with sound, which made the experience quite limited. But the best way to ensure you’ll have it when it’s released is to follow this site daily, in particular news about TN-V and Ninja releases. Exploits on the vita are rare and easily patched, you typically have a window of a few days to get the exploit in time. Check:

  114. Goemon12 says:

    Hi I just wanted to ask a question regarding my PSP vita profile as I have firmware 3.00 on my main PSP now what im wondering is if I was to purchase a new PSP vita but use the same profile i am currently using on my psp wit firmare 3.00 would it automatically update my new psp vita to 3.00 if I wanted to download my already purchased games, I would be really grateful if someone could answer this thank you

  115. Goemon12 says:

    As i really wish to play my original PSP backups on my vita I have open-CMA active but on the off chance I can use my original account from my other PSP Vita I don’t know if you would recommend updating too 2.61 to use with field runners which seems readily available at the store or another alternative as I don’t want too waste 120 pounds on another Vita just to mess up the process thanks again

  116. trrsmgl says:

    Question….im still on 2.12 running tnv2 I thibk I cant remeber but anyways can I still play newer games without being required to update I havent tried yet due to fear of losing cfw

  117. Lawlcrackas says:

    Okay help me understand.. so when a CFW becomes available he will announce a game to buy so we can do the exploit and then sony will patch it soon. That means we cant hack the vita now is that the only way we can hack it? I see some guides here but arent they already patched? even if you have 2.12 or 1.8?

  118. Thanh Duong says:

    when you have a hack for ps vita 3.00 ??? please help me !!!

  119. says:

    So im new too all this but once i buy the game and im on fw 301, will i still be able to play psp games? is there instructions on how too do it?

  120. Rick says:

    can you help me??
    i wanna know..
    so..CFW like TN-V1,2,3,and 4..can play PSP ISO game??

    Thanks 😀

  121. bob says:

    I’m not sure I understand all of this right so I’ll just ask what I need to know.

    Can you still use the CEF or ARK to play pirated PSP ISOs?
    And can using the PSP emulator running CEF or ARK still play ad hoc with regular PSPs?

    A friend of mine has a PSP1000 and a Vita and I can’t find any hacks or homebrews that will let his 1000 play ad hoc on games that disable it (although I hear they exist) so I’m considering having him use his Vita if it’s possible.

  122. pisson says:

    So fresh to play SNES on Large screen of PsVita with TNV6 !! Thank you very much Total Noob !!
    But is there someone to tell me how to return to home menu like on the PSP ?
    Thank you very much and Merry Christmas !!

    • Rah says:

      Hold down the PS button until the Vita toggle thingy screen pops up. Press the ‘x’ and you should see the standard PSP ‘Do you want to quit the game’ screen under it.

  123. zenkie says:

    im just a newbie guys..just want to ask how to know if the game is exploit and do i need to buy that game to be able to use CFW? thanks

  124. dreizwanzig says:


    Is there any disadvantage if I install the CFW? I mean like if I make an RGH on my xbox, I can not play online and can not go to the live to download contents?
    Is there any disadvantage on PS vita also?
    Because my plan is to have PSN+ subscription and play with PSN+ games and play PSP games with the emulator. Is that possible?

    • inicuo says:

      Since Sony doesnt lunch a new OFW (Official firmware)there are no disadvantages, but once they lunch it, you will have to update in order to keep enjoying PSN

  125. bruno says:

    can some one make newbie tutorial for 2.12verssion to run emulators and rooms

  126. pkg pavita says:

    hello someone like me can install a desir. psvita PKG without a ps3? bone by pc. Esque have several games. PKG and install but I do not know how. SOMEONE HELP ME?

    hola alguien me puede desir como instalo un .PKG en una psvita sin tener ps3 ? osea mediante pc. Esque tengo varios juegos .PKG y los quiero instalar pero no se como. ALGUIEN ME AYUDA?

  127. Shinji says:

    Are games that are pulled out but then brought back still exploitable?

    • neo48 says:

      They are exploitable as long as you are on the firmware for which they were announced. However if you update to the latest firmware, then you’re out of luck and you’ll have to wait for the next exploit.

      • tiger says:

        im kinda confused about something the latest ps vita ofw is 3.01 and the newest exploit can use 3.01 and under so why does it sound bad for people who have the newest ofw?

  128. jaffopunx80 says:

    hi wololo i’m waiting for the next eploitable game coming out but with a ps3 can i wait for the next firmware upgrade and then download the old kingOP or Megamix with the ps3 and pass it to the vita?am i right??or i misunderstand and isn’t possible?thx for your great work u’r the best!!!!

  129. sssss says:

    Do I have to create a U.S. PSN account in preparation for the next exploit? I live in Canada, and I didn’t realize that the Canadian PSN store is fundamentally different from the U.S. PSN store until after I created my ‘main’ PSN account (the one I have linked to my sole memory card).

    Anyway, I only have one memory card so if I want the next exploitable game, whenever it becomes available, I’ll have to create a U.S. PSN account in order to access the game, which will most likely NOT be available in the Canadian PSN store, or I wouldn’t count on it, at least. A good deal of Vita/PSP titles are exclusive to the U.S. store because of various legal issues (for example, NIS America and Black Rock Shooter).

    I may need to make use of my PS3–download the exploitable game on the PS3 and then transfer it to my Vita from there. But if I use this method, I’ll have to format my memory card, because I’m guessing that in order to put the game on my Vita, I’ll need to be logged into the same PSN account on both the PS3 and the Vita in order to use Content Manager…

    Or just format the PSV and redo everything (around the U.S. account) so that I never need to use my Canadian account again. Or just buy another memory card to use as a designated ‘U.S.’ card. I really don’t want to have to do that, though. Then again, I really could use a nice 32-64 GB card.

  130. eddie says:

    Is it possible to use a downloaded psp iso converted to a pkg for cfw ps3 and then transfer it to the vita?

  131. tiger says:

    i just got a ps vita so ill be back here to look for the latest game exploit so please list something new if it comes up

  132. matt says:

    i dont understand you have to buy a exploitable game for install CFW????

    like how does this work???? i just want to install the CFW on My vita (running 3.01 OFW) install the PSP emulator and download and install the PSP Back-ups.

    can someone lend me tips of advice or clarification??? i dont realy understand the this article isnt that through for a CFW NOOB. if anyone want to help feel free to email at

  133. motherfuck says:

    how to download unity web player on ps vita or download gta 4 and minecraft plz tel me i realt wont to know

  134. Axello says:

    I would like to know if the PSN download is mandatory or if I can just by the game (disk version of the game) in a shop if the hard version exists.

  135. Raih4x0r says:

    Can I use TN-V to play psp games that I downloaded from PSN or does it have to be an ISO/CSO?

  136. nick says:

    android phone or tablet run snes gba sega ps1 ps2 and using wireless controller like the wiimotes and wiitroller works very well had over 3000 games on my *** phone.still have none on vita ive gotten as far as the homebrews saved on my mem stick but cant get hbl to work dont understand the exploit thing why not hack it the right way and make a crack so the vita just believes your starting a system addon like a calender or clock is it that hard.damn i remember playing ps2 on windows 95

  137. Carlzon says:

    I just bought new PS Vita last week and i want to play games by ISO. Can anyone help me to the First step in doing stuff? I mean the first step in order to play iso on my New PS Vita? Please….

  138. Bar Lilos says:

    If I am on the lastest firmware in PS Vita (3.12) but I’ll buy an exploited game for 3.01 (I read in this site they’re back in the PSN) can I install psp emulator? (I read the tutorial and i thought that and i understood that the savedata file don’t relate to the firmware).

    Thank You For Helping And Explaining.

  139. Anon says:

    Has anyone installed Total Noob on the PS Vita TV? If yes, is it possible to use the Dualshock controllers with a Vita TV running Total Noob?

    Also, once Total Noob is installed, will I still be able to play my Vita games as well?

  140. david says:

    so all paid apss free for vita is fake and dengirous and malware items

    thanks wololo ******** :) you tell me good news now iwill wait to gamevalley
    to realese psvita games copied from there

  141. ekeeje says:

    is the cfw vhbl is dosent work or no

  142. hamad says:

    i’ve bought a new PS Vita , the OFW is 1.51 atm

    i’ve also bought the 101Megamix game and its on the PS3 ready to be copied

    the problem is i don’t know how to turn of the update, when i get connected to the PS3 i am being asked to update

    same with the PC , i did try the CMA 3.0 from and still the same

    what should i do next so i be able to copy the game on the PS Vita without being asked to update? so i be able to use it go get the CFW

    and thanks in advance

  143. Reid says:

    Hi guys, I recently heard you could flash custom Roms with Android, and I wanted to know, can you flash custom Roms on the vita?

  144. ivoweb says:

    u dont via ps3 if it asks for update
    u dont via ps3 that is
    u can do it on the vita itself with fooling the vita its the latest firmware
    via ps3proxyservergui u can hotlink edit the update.xml file and reflect ur firmware as latest
    then u can go into ur downloadlist or even store again
    and get the psp game and exploit u always wanted
    for the savegame to transfer u do need a opencma tho (one that correlates to your firmware)

    • mj3 says:

      “u can do it on the vita itself with fooling the vita its the latest firmware
      via ps3proxyservergui u can hotlink edit the update.xml file and reflect ur firmware as latest”

      Any chance you could write a guide on how to do this?

      • lollypop says:

        google ps3 proxy server gui howto
        ive read it myself on this forum long ago
        thers newer solutions by now that do it all for u
        but there flagged as trojans tho

        doing is is simple
        install .net that correlates to ps3 proxy server gui
        install ps3 proxy server gui
        run ps3 proxy server on ur local ip in psp and ps3 mode
        connect the vita to use the proxy
        try to go to the update cycle where it checks wheter ur on latest firmware
        dont update
        but go back to ps3 proxy server gui and the update-psp2.xml should list
        now download this file in ur browser
        then edit it to refect ur firmware (only certain bits need to be altered)
        thats the tricky part

        next go back to ps3 proxy server gui and go to the replace tab
        fill in the updatexml url and replace by the local file u edit’ed
        now in theory u should be able to acces psn on lower firmware
        but there are allso reports that it only works till the two latest firmware before

        while i had not have that issue yet there is guides that show u exactly what bits to alter so it works on every firmware for psn plus lower firm

  145. timal says:

    Bonjour j’ai une ps vita avec la derniere mise a jour possible j’aimerais pouvoir jouer a pokemon tu peut m’aider ?

  146. Timal says:

    Je ne trouve plus le jeux exploitable sur le psn EU et JP ( Mystylist, Space Invaders Extreme…). Esqu’il y en à un nouveau que je peut trouver actuellement ? ou il y a t’il une autre façons merci …

  147. Timal says:

    D’accord merci wololo dans combien de temps vous penser qu’il seras annoncer et en “vente” ?

    • wololo says:

      Je n’ai pas d’info pour le moment. Quand j’en saurai plus, ça sera annoncé sur le blog suffisamment longtemps en avance

  148. Souledge says:

    Sorry to bother you guys, but for some reason pressing the touchscreen doesn’t bring up the Psp-homescreen. It used to do it, but I think after the latest TN-V update, it can only quit my games by shutting down ecfw and rebooting my exploitgame :-S. I tried pressing start+select, but that doesn’t bring it up either. Does anyone know what the problem here might be?

  149. Lunzren says:

    How come there’s still no cfw? its been like two years.

    • wololo says:

      Not sure, what have *you* done so far to make it happen?

      • FlamingSnot says:

        Not a damn thing :*(

      • Cloud says:

        Jesus, the PSP hacking community is one of the most opinionated and most easily butthurt communities I’ve ever witnessed. I’m usually a lurker on sites like these, but ***, what compels you to make such a *** comment? All the guy was asking why there hasn’t been any damn custom firmware on the PS Vita, that’s all. It’s not like he called your mother dirty or something, Jesus Christ, man.

    • BlumCoLe says:

      *pwnd* …best answer ever!

      Thanks you :)

    • Cap.Obvious says:

      They probably haven’t found a good way to make profit out of it. It’s all about them $

      • Reesa says:

        Not really, making cfw is tough business. I’ve been around cfw psp for 5 years plus and it took some time to even get it to work properly for all devices and some improved versions of the psp are unhackable. It is tougher now because of updates and specific exploits. It’s really hard to bypass the system where it can patch itself automatically and must always be connected to the internet to gain the vitas full benefits. And im talking about cfw not only in terms of downloading emulators and playing psp games, but being able to run ps vita isos and all paid apps for free. Thats difficult because most these things run in the server side… Sony really has done a good job of keeping their securities up and it would be awhile to completely hack the vita. Some genius hackers are in the process of trying to make an official cfw for vita, but only time will tell and its def not gonna be soon

    • Yea says:

      PS3 Took 4-5 years from my understanding. And the vitas security is way more complex than the PS3 so just be patient. In the mean time why dont you use the vita for what it was meant to be for, Playing Games..

  150. timal says:

    Je voulais s’avoir c’est toi qui lance le jeux sur le PSN ?

  151. timal says:

    Si c’est possible j’aimerais également s’avoir si tu avais un lien de chat instantanée style Skype Facebook…. Pour que je puisse te poser quelque questions qui me trote ^^

  152. FlamingSnot says:

    So yeah I have been out of the loop for a while and don’t know anything useful about “hacking” other than copy and pasting things onto memory sticks…. But just to be clear the VITA hacks so far just make it think it is a PSP, but does it still run faster than a PSP so if a DS emulator ran on PSP it would run faster on VITA? I understand I have done nothing to contribute and I am by no means complaining I just want to ask a question where it may or may not be answered. :)

    Thanks Wololo for the cool blog! this is where i always go to check up on PSP and VITA news! Keep it up please 😀

    • Souledge says:

      Honstely, I’ve tried Snes emu on Vita and on Psp. For some reason, on psp they work smoothly, but on vita, I get a lot of framerate issues, graphical issues on some of the games. But that’s just my experience.

    • Vita VHBL will emulate the psp’s hardware when its running a psp item. Meaning its still limited to the psp’s specs.

      I am usure how the CFW works, however from internet videos the DS emu still runs slow/unplayable on CFW.

  153. Vesio89 says:

    I’m having problem on my 3.01 PsVita. It’s about i week that it doesn’t recognize usb connection and i’m unable to use OCMA, but it charges no problem. So, stupidly, to pass some isos and plugins i plugged the memory in my other PSV that’s on OFW 3.10 and of course when i put it back in the 3.01 it doesn’t recognize it anymore and want me to update to use it or format. I’ve no problem to format it, cause i have king of pool backuped on my pc, but what could be the problem that my pc doesn’t recognize it? It doesn’t play sound when i plugin the usb cable. I also factory resetted and database reconstructed it but still got the probl. And with the new update i cannot use proxies anymore to log back into the PSN. Should i search for someone that sell an unupdated 3.10 psvita??? ‘Cause i don’t think i can change only the usb module on psv mobo (i think it’s one block, right?)

  154. Bigbones87 says:

    So, if I read this correct then I am pretty much sc*** on getting “Cfw” on my vita. I just bought it today, and it is on 3.01 firmware, but all the exploitable games have been yanked from psn, and I wouldn’t be able to download a psn game anyway, seeing as I would have to update first…correct?

  155. Crayvor says:

    Bonjour Mr. Wololo, j’ai une (ou plusieurs questions) au sujet du VHBL:
    Est-ce qu’il permet de seulement lire des homebrews (émulateurs entre autres) ou aussi de jouer à des jeux PSP?
    Et autre questions: est-ce que les jeux contenant la faille sont tous gratuits? Car ça m’embêterais de payer encore les jeux que j’ai déjà achetés sur PSP (et ils sont nombreux :( )
    Merci par avance, j’espère que vous n’êtes pas trop mauvais en français. :/

    • wololo says:

      – VHBL lance seulement des homebrews, pas d’isos PSP
      – Les jeux exploitables sont quasimment toujours payants, il n’y a pas de jeux gratuits sur le PSN.

  156. animegame says:

    bonjour mr Wololo; est-ce qu’il existe des jeux originaux vita ‘exploitable’ en version disque, ou on doit necessairement passer par le PSN ? merci

  157. SyafiqKilljoy96 says:

    hi all..i just recently found out about this website and i think this is great..i have a ps vita add me {Syafiqkilljoy96}..i have a few question that i hope to be answer…..1st does the eCFW stable and can it play all psp games? i once have a psp but now the joy stick its broken..i got a lot of psp game in my pc and i dont want to re-buy it just to play on vita T_T…2nd doest it work on 3.18? and last can someone direct me to list of exploited game?

    sorry for my bad english…second language

  158. avj says:

    is there an firmware for ps vita 3.18

  159. Erik says:

    I dont know…But what i do know you got to own the game and you need an save file, that is custom firmware.
    Or i think thats is how it works am i right?

  160. miqdame says:

    Hai. My psvita updated to v3.18. So is it really possible for me to have psp emulator on my psvita??

  161. sylhomme says:

    J’ai une psvita en 3.18 et je désire uniquement jouer à des isos psp comment faire ou quoi attendre exactement ?? un exploit pour du vhbl ne me servirait à rien si j’ai bien compris ? merci des vos réponces à tous !!

  162. Josh says:

    Hi I have a question, I bought a used ps vita and I didn’t notice this particular issue with it because everything else seemed fine but the battery icon on the screen is missing and because of this I can’t update my ps vita because it says that it’s low on battery even though i’ve charged it for a long time up to 9 hours and still the same pop-up about the low battery. When I connect it, the ps logo glows orange indicating that it’s charging and it holds a charge because I can play older games normally and like I said the battery icon on screen is just missing any advice?? thanks in advance!

  163. 4theLULZ says:

    When will the Patapon1 exploit savedata be released if not already. If it has been released could someone link me the URL

  164. James says:

    Does the CFW for VITA works only on PS VITA 1000? or its supported also on PS VITA 2000 on slim model as long as the OFW is 3.15 ? Can you confirm this guys.

  165. TeeJay says:

    I’m dumb and this did not help, I don’t understand what they’re talking about, so I need an exploited game to download emulators?

    • lollypop says:

      if ur’ dumb i would give a dumber answer.
      to download emulator u dont need an exploit
      to run emulator u do need an exploit however

      thers mutch differences in exploits so be sure to pick an exploit
      that can do what u like to do with it.
      vhbl umode can run homebrew (eboots u develop or somebody developed)
      tnv kmode can run all (psx iso eboot tiff?) (same with ark)
      psxexploits are the newest and supposidly promise psx games with sound

  166. Dcastga says:

    Help My ps Vita downloaded the new software over night. it has not installed but it is asking for authorization to do so – when i try plugin into the computer . what do i do ? who do i by pass so i can place some psp games on drive

  167. lollypop says:

    download vitaftp in tnv browser install via i dunno
    i was thinking of it myself
    happened to me to

  168. non says:

    do i need to buy the exploit game on the ps store before hacking my vita?? if not.. can i install the exploit game with my pc??

  169. ipostnak3d says:

    i am stuck! i thought the airplane off/on mode to transfer purchased psn games via wifi was still working…

    i bought an exploited game to get the hack TNV10 installed but cant get the game in the vita first.

    what are the other ways possible please? i have been away for a while from the scene and i am a bit lost.

    my vita firmware is on 3.0

    thank you!

  170. andreksll says:

    i had my vita stored away for quite a while now (it has 2.61 FW) am i able to install the CFW on that version??

  171. Ramiro says:

    If i download today patapon1 can i trigger the xploit? (im on 3.15)

  172. KaTreek says:

    I just bought a new boarderlands ps vita. It’s running 3.15 but i can’t use opencma/qcma without me registerning my psn with the vita. activating my vita makes me upgrade my fw. is there any known workaround to this? I really want to keep it on 3.15.

  173. VITAFTP says:

    would TNV 11 be released soon?

    would be awesome

  174. nebu_187 says:

    My boss recently asked me what the heck is WULULU! or wolololo at the end he was screaming WOLOLOLOLO he was actually quite pist and actually think its really funny (now) :)

  175. craziestpersonever!! says:

    hey, thanks formaking a site as great and easy to use as this. it makes it easier especially for those who want to find a way to help.
    speaking of which, i am a self taught compter programmer, and was hoping i could help in some way. anyone reccommend where to start or who to talk to to get involved? thanks in advance

  176. AJ says:

    Just got a used ps vita running 2.05…
    Can anyone walk me through this? I’m having problems with connecting my vita to the pc..

  177. Eric says:

    Any news on 3.30 yet?

  178. steve-o says:

    it is sad we still dont have an actual custom firmware…
    its crazy bcz sony doesnt support it as much and its more of a niche device… its not like hacking the new iphone firmware which takes alot of effort mind you…

    i just hope we can do something soon already, its getting annoying that we dont have fully hacked vita’s… cant someone start a kickstarter thing and finally hack it in full? wheres the *** lizard squad… hack the vita you ***…

  179. cberthe067 says:

    Hello wololo,

    I just got a PS Vita today, it’s running FW 3.15, so i should be able to install CFW … but the problem is i do not own a game in the list. I also own a PS3, is it possible to download the game in the PS3 then transfert it to PS Vita with Open CMA and install it on 3.15 ? Is there a detail tutorial to do it ?

    Thank you for your work.

  180. I mistakenly updated my ps vita firmware to 3.35, is there any way i can get custom firmware??

  181. Tez says:

    Is there seriously still no cfw for the vita? its been like 3 years now since it came out and still nothing? I know I don’t contribute in anyway because I have a life, but for those who don’t have a life, lift your game pls.

  182. L says:

    So was wondering other than playing psones snes gba etc… can we play psp and psvita games or just psp games without any purchasing whatsoever
    (no i do not own a vita but may plan to buy it, or its going towards the new 3ds xl [Hopefully with fire emblem 2015])

  183. SawariNekoX3 says:

    uhm just wondering couldnt we make like an emulator using the psm sdk to play psp and ps1 games? but then again we wouldnt have a way of transferring the games into our memory cards = =

  184. Vaupotic says:

    Hi, now, I’ve been trying to read up on the custom bubbles and the eCFW TN-V and the eCFW ARK 2 (that was released not long ago) but I can’t seem to find a good tutorial on what these actually are. It says the they emulate the psp, does that man that with these solutions can Olympic run psp games or can I install ps vita games as well? Sorry if it’s a stupid question, I’m new to the hacking scene on gaming consoles, so I don’t really know much.

  185. So I take it if a person has Firmware 3.36 they cannot run or install the emulators? Im confused.

  186. wilson says:

    please i have psvita 3.36.and i want to put psp game in it.solution please…

  187. asasa says:

    is there a way i can do it without having to buy a game in the psn store???

  188. DarthEaron says:

    Is their anyway i can help with the process? i have a new psvita on the latest firmware. i have a solid linux and networking background. could my knowlage set help with anything? if not, what can i learn? I want to be a part of the PSvita hacking comunity!!!

  189. Ewe Augusto says:

    bonjour Wololo.comment hacker sa ps comprend rien parce que ton site est en Anglais.bonne journée

  190. Jay says:

    Hello, i just got a psvita it is on firmware 3.36, want to play psp backups, what should i do ?

  191. Eric says:

    Pool Hall Pro is gone from the PSN, any word on another way to hack the VIta on 3.50

  192. Warlok says:

    Hi there,
    I have a PSVita running on 3.50,
    I was wondering if i could play games for free. I don’t want to waste money on buyinng games.
    Please help.. What are the options i have.
    Playing PSP Games in my PSVita is not a problem, But i don’t know how to do it.
    Please help !

    • Name says:

      From what I read no. I was gonna buy one but decided to buy a psp instead. PSVita Games are expensive. Plus memory cards are very expensive too. Ill just stick with my psp and emulators.Hacked PSP all day. plus psp vita goes up to 64gb and the PSP firmware has a limit of 2TB(which no one has been able to test) but I see up to 256gb used on the PSP.

    • 8pcd says:

      No one here likes pirates

    • Dgmr says:

      Anyone trying to pirate vita content is just sad, if you don’t want to waste money on buying games why did you buy a vita? If gaming is to pricey for you find another hobby, Just stick to freemium *** on mobiles. In fact it’s because of idiots not wanting to pay for any games that freemium is so common now and is even creeping on to our consoles. Don’t get me wrong I’m excited about what yifan lu is doing with psm and if it’s a piracy proof way of playing homebrew I’m all for it, but if there is even the slightest chance rejuvenate will lead to vita piracy then I hope it fails or yifan lu quits psm+ development, I don’t want vita to end up like psp, if it does we will lose what little support the vita still has. Ps vita games are no more expensive than any other system ? I agree the memorycards are a tad pricey my 2x 64gb vita memorycards cost me £65 and £63.

  193. lue says:

    guys just got a ps vita running 3.51 and idea how to downgrade to lower firmware

  194. kaheem14 says:

    Hey everyone i have a psvita running on 3.50 and im interested in putting cfw on it. ive done some research on this site but i was wondering if it would be possible to do this with a ps4, i do not own a ps3

  195. sora0015 says:

    hey wololo i have a new pstv 3.20 and i bought patapon 2, i cant get the psvitablocker to work cus i dont understand the instruccions right, i really need help, i just want to play some psp games please help me out

  196. Sarij says:

    I just got done playing some Ocarina of Time on my vita with great fps. 1.80 ofw using the monster hunter exploit to load VHBL. Also works great when playing old pokemon games with the gba emulator! :)

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