Vita Half-Byte Loader

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What is it?

Vita Half-Byte Loader is a homebrew loader HBL for the Playstation Vita, running through the PSP emulator on the Playstation Vita.
For the latest news about Vita Half Byte Loader, check the VHBL Category on this blog.

Half-Byte Loader (HBL/VHBL) is an open source Homebrew Loader for the Sony PSP and the PS Vita. It allows to play fan-made games on any PSP and PS Vita. HBL allows to run emulators for the Game Boy, Nintendo 64, Sega Megadrive, NES, Super NES… and many other applications. See here for a list of emulators

This page is specific to the Vita version of Half Byte Loader, VHBL.


  • VHBL does not technically allow you to play any pirated PSP or Vita games.
  • Although VHBL is free and open source, depending on your firmware some exploits rely on vulnerabilities in specific PSP games that you need to buy from the PSN. VHBL comes with no guarantee, especially I cannot guarantee it will work on your Vita, so remember that when you buy a PSP game on your vita, you pay for that PSP game, and not for anything else. I do not do refunds for the money you gave to Sony 🙂
  • It is super easy for Sony to patch the vulnerabilities used by this tool, given the amount of control they have on the PS Vita. VHBL runs fine and is extensively tested, but for all I know it is possible for Sony to patch the game’s vulnerability without a firmware update. So, once again, before buying the game and downloading VHBL, you need to understand that you pay for the game, and VHBL is a bonus that might or might not work.


For PS Vita Firmware 3.60, please follow this tutorial: Installing VHBL via HENkaku on PS vita 3.60

On lower PS Vita firmwares, the Version of VHBL you need to download depends on the PSP Game you own. Click on the game you own to get redirected to the appropriate download page (the download page of each game also contains installation and usage instructions). Currently, VHBL is available for the following PSP games/ Vita firmwares:

Sony’s strategy so far has been to remove these games from their store, and put them back once the Vita firmware is patched. Most likely, if you didn’t buy the vulnerable game(s) in time, you will not be able to run VHBL. But we are regularly bringing more exploits to VHBL, so stay tuned on this page for further updates.

If you’re looking for historical information on the original hbl for psp, check the hbl page

819 Responses

  1. asdf;lkj says:

    Jeez. I cant believe sony is making it so dang tough just so I can download my manga and put them in folders by manga issue. I really dont even mind the whole “no iso, cso” working. I just wanna put some freaking folders in my photo folder. And get bookr on my vita. I likes my translated light novels. Seriously, the vita has really been a step back in my “portable entertainment” experience.

  2. jobzombi says:

    I have a question. Is the vita OS based on android or HP webOS? When I tried to go to, it showed it being redirected to the HP version of it, as it does when you are on a smartphone, you can later choose to go to desktop version. My inquiry is because at my job, the internet is run through a proxy. I know both are Linux based, but both my android phone and my vita work fine if I try to access the internet on them at my job. But if I try to run any app on them, it does not work. Stuff like Skype does not connect on either of them. My job requires me to put the URI for proxy access, which at least the vita lets me program that from the settings are for the specif access point, and then log in when I try to use the internet. What I’m guessing is that the apps try to access the internet but because they never ask for user/pass info they are not allowed access. I’ve been working on my android to get this fixed, so if anyone has any info on someone who already has done that, please help me out, at least I don’t have to keep on trying, or if you can let me know what OS is being run by the vita. I’m sure since both are linux based, if I get root access I can try to work on it as well.

  3. ... says:

    Should be able to try the VITA restore

  4. You dont need a pirated copy of SC3 for which to load your vhbl… need an exploit to load it without breaking the rules. Only when you truly know what your looking for can you begin your path to finding it.

  5. Jeez. I cant believe sony is making it so dang tough just so I can download my manga and put them in folders by manga issue. I really dont even mind the whole “no iso, cso” working. I just wanna put some freaking folders in my photo folder. And get bookr on my vita. I likes my translated light novels. Seriously, the vita has really been a step back in my “portable entertainment” experience.

  6. Any news on another title support for vhbl? I’ve just found out about this project after a brief search. How can I be in the know as soon as another title is released? Thanks, keep up the good work

  7. JoshIsBest says:

    Hey Is That true That Ps Vita Will Be Jailbreaked In July??

  8. Disaster says:

    If we can use C++ to make games?

  9. jerry says:

    ive been using your expoits since i can remember we need a free exploit like patapon on psp 😀 i work 13 hours a day and i went and bought this vita hoping i could hack it :/// now i have to wait o well keep doing you wololo we as a community apreciate all of you hacker and your hard work peace 😀

  10. Alex says:

    hello wololo

    I would get the game super collapse 3
    To boot unsigned software if you need more information
    Write to me at my email:

  11. Cole says:

    any chance we can get a VHBL for the game LBP – PSP version that just came out?

  12. PLINIO PHOXXAS says:

    so.. if i have not the game, i must not dowload vhbl, because it will only function IF I HAVE THE *** GAMES listed above… right…. oh man.. i came just to download and have fun…. damn it….. that is why i sent a brand new email to wololo informing that i found important info, on that games

    with an american account o boought some free demos, and they open in the brazilian account ( man, nothing opens there, even demos, cuz we dont have demos in brazil, just 2 or 3)

    but the demos that are as big as the game, that ones did not open… as resistance: burning skies… but sumioni
    : demon arts, montezuma ( free game) and touch my katamary opened… soo there mught be aclue in using others properties^^

    i hate sony!

  13. Sin says:

    this isnt the place to *** n moan ^^

  14. PLINIO PHOXXAS says:

    sorry my last commet was not so wel expleined
    1º resistance: bruning skies demos 3,1 giga/GO dont funciontion in any OTHER account if not that one whe bought it
    2º the OTHER demos, and the game free that IS not supposed to exist in brAZIL PSN IS OK TO OPEN… SO IF SOMEONE CAN SUM 1+1 HE WILL UNCOVER WHAT MAKES THA BLOCKED DOFFERENT FROM THE unblocked stuff

    i would love to plunder into any games,playing for free and making sony pay the price they stole from me when lieing to all of us brazilians….

    the pirates will only cease in brazil when they look at us with the same eyes they look of america or japan….

    mena whilr

    *** sony , nintendo and microsoft until the end

    YES like piracy

  15. Sin says:

    i think the developers and hackers are a ways away from “unlocking” the system, if you read what the site offers for vita right now you will see its just taking control of the system to play emulators and other things, but NOT for unlocking demos n games off the PS Network, sooooo ya, you should have a read.

  16. tom says:

    this might be silly question but does everybodys tennis work on firmware 1.67. because i am on firmware 1.67 and super collapse 3 is not on the ps store in the uk 🙁

  17. Henry says:

    is there currently anyway to get VHBL through the PS Suite Open Beta tools?

    that would be sick
    free VHBL via Dev tools

  18. kkhdz says:

    is there like an way to create a mailing list (if any) that notifies of of a new game added with out the need to publish it so sony does not know about it until more than 1 business day?

    Like the account must be tested blahblahblah like when you join osx86 project for iatkos and other ios ports to PC’s.

    im really interested in doing this, and i am quite good programing so if im provided with tools i could help with this

  19. BigCockSurprise says:

    hey guys, I was wondering how can i get my hands on vhbl for 1.67 if super collapse 3 has been removed from the store? also keep up the good work!

  20. plinker says:

    I need sms for my vita… need it to keep using a prepaid sim.

  21. mirko8054 says:

    pls, release the vhbl for 1.69, is there any downgrade tool from 1.69 to 1.61?

  22. mirko8054 says:

    oh, dear wololo team, i have an idea, so, with opencma, we have the file: psp2-updatelist.xml, we can edit it and config the link that the ps vita read to download the update firmware by using: update from PC, so, wololo team can build an hacked firmware on ps vita, upload it in a link, change the link with the firmware hacked with the original firmware editing the xml file, it’s a good idea??

  23. Titan says:

    Hey guys. I feel like a total noob asking this, but where is the download for the VHBL zip/rar file that I have to use to actually put VHBL on the Vita itself.

  24. jason says:

    how are things go wing with VHBL 🙂

  25. Imran says:

    Kingdom hearts birth by sleep isnt on PSN, I know it says it does not technically allow you to play pirated psp games but is it possible at all?

  26. QueenMiwa says:

    good news for me, i did’nt have any of the games stated

  27. jason says:

    that’s way am glad i still have my psp go

  28. kaushikdb says:

    If there’s a PSP emulator for VITA(which helps loading HBL on Vita) then why can’t one play PSP ISO’s on vita using a ISO loader?

    • wololo says:

      It’s technically possible if we get a psp kernel exploit, see

    • MAXIMOELITE3 says:

      Because currently there is no legal way for sony to get rid of vhbl because vhbl is legal until somebody starts putting psp iso loaders on vhbl. Which will give them the legal back-up to call vhbl illegal. No other company would do it, especially Nintendo. If Nintendo actually cared about the money they’re losing by letting gba & N64 emulators out there it would be gone in a second except for those who already have it. heck the wii has a homwbrew & Nintendo ain’t doin *** about it

      • Exitus says:

        Wrong. Nintendo has tried to stop hackers from modding the 3DS and Wii more than once but guess what, there are a lot of hackers and many of them are incredibly talented (heck, Nintendo even designed the 3DS to be unhackable. We all know how that played out). This wouldn’t be so much of a problem were it not for those greedy little bastards pirating the *** out of these consoles.

        As much as I respect hackers such as Wololo for propagating their work, most people just use their methods for piracy. And that disgusts me.

  29. Vectorfish says:

    Sorry to ask but I’m not sure that I understand it. I got EU version of psv and it has 1.06 firmware. Without system update I can’t get access to PSN (so no way to buy required games; still it seems I won’t find any of them in store because they were taken away long ago). Is there any way to install vhbl to my console or I should update it and wait for next exploit release and get the required game as soon as possible?

    • wololo says:

      Do not update if you don’t need to.
      In other words, if VHBL is what you’re after, wait until you have some kind of confirmation that updating will give you that.

      Other than this detail on “when” you should update, yeah, your only chance for now is to wait for the next exploit to be announced.

  30. gabo says:

    so are you looking for more vita’s exploits? or there are exploits founded? if there are exploits why there’s not a vhbl running right now at my vita’s 1.69 OFW? if there’s no, why don’t you make a videotutorial about how to shearch exploits on vita so then we all can help you? Thanks

  31. Max says:

    Can VHBL work on Dissida 012 if i tried it?

  32. LUIS says:


  33. UnderPrivlidged says:

    With homebrew loading, you say it is only PSP homebrews, yes? Any knowledge on Vita specific homebrew? Or plans on bringing Wagic?
    Speaking of, thanks for WTH! So many hours spent enjoying that on PSP, android, and PC. Keep up the good work.
    As for the Vita, any personal thoughts its unique features and their use in a HB or CFW add-in?

  34. dreambug says:

    heh.. i got my 3000 sold away just to grab one of these VITAmins, and now my homebrewed brain can not stay satisfied with one or two PSNs dns.. 🙁

  35. edgar says:

    Is there a way to get a exploit into urbanix?

    -and how can you regonise a exploit, will you get black screen? or what?

  36. James Way says:

    Question about the vita. If you look at the back side of the vita, it is also upright, right about the small screw between the headphone and usb ports, there is a small rectangular thing. What is this?

    • wololo says:

      Wild guess here: the mic maybe?

      • James Way says:

        I thought that too, but it is not an opening. I know the vita has a built in Mic somewhere on the bottom of it, but looking at other electronic devices, the mic is usually a pin sized hole for pickup. I was always hopeful that the vita would come with IR, but it would be stupid to have the ir facing the user when he wants to control devices in front of him. Still may be the mic, but I was curious. I checked tons of sites where they point out all the ports and buttons and this and that, but none point out what that is.

        • James Way says:

          Not the mic. It has a membrane over it. I blocked it and recorded myself blocking it and not blocking it and there was no difference to the recorded audio. I am so frigging curious. I might take the vita apart just to find out.

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