Vita Half-Byte Loader

What is it?

Vita Half-Byte Loader is a homebrew loader HBL for the Playstation Vita, running through the PSP emulator on the Playstation Vita.
For the latest news about Vita Half Byte Loader, check the VHBL Category on this blog.

Half-Byte Loader (HBL/VHBL) is an open source Homebrew Loader for the Sony PSP and the PS Vita. It allows to play fan-made games on any PSP and PS Vita. HBL allows to run emulators for the Game Boy, Nintendo 64, Sega Megadrive, NES, Super NES… and many other applications. See here for a list of emulators

This page is specific to the Vita version of Half Byte Loader, VHBL.


  • VHBL does not technically allow you to play any pirated PSP or Vita games.
  • Although VHBL is free and open source, depending on your firmware some exploits rely on vulnerabilities in specific PSP games that you need to buy from the PSN. VHBL comes with no guarantee, especially I cannot guarantee it will work on your Vita, so remember that when you buy a PSP game on your vita, you pay for that PSP game, and not for anything else. I do not do refunds for the money you gave to Sony 🙂
  • It is super easy for Sony to patch the vulnerabilities used by this tool, given the amount of control they have on the PS Vita. VHBL runs fine and is extensively tested, but for all I know it is possible for Sony to patch the game’s vulnerability without a firmware update. So, once again, before buying the game and downloading VHBL, you need to understand that you pay for the game, and VHBL is a bonus that might or might not work.


For PS Vita Firmware 3.60, please follow this tutorial: Installing VHBL via HENkaku on PS vita 3.60

On lower PS Vita firmwares, the Version of VHBL you need to download depends on the PSP Game you own. Click on the game you own to get redirected to the appropriate download page (the download page of each game also contains installation and usage instructions). Currently, VHBL is available for the following PSP games/ Vita firmwares:

Sony’s strategy so far has been to remove these games from their store, and put them back once the Vita firmware is patched. Most likely, if you didn’t buy the vulnerable game(s) in time, you will not be able to run VHBL. But we are regularly bringing more exploits to VHBL, so stay tuned on this page for further updates.

If you’re looking for historical information on the original hbl for psp, check the hbl page

820 Responses

  1. Hardmix0 says:

    like to know what will be the NEXT game exploit?

  2. Mkombat94 says:

    Hi Wololo every time i want to hack the ps vita i am to late for the game announcement how do i find out the released title’s on psn and how do i sign up, i really want doom & duke nukem on the vita.


  3. Way2much01 says:

    Wololo, I’ve got the vhbl installed and running my problem I think my problem is that on my pc I”m only showing 1 game save? When I should at least have 3? Is there any way to show hidden files or something?

  4. apparition says:

    Mr. Wololo, how do I know which game to buy in order to use your exploit?

  5. dragonkid6 says:

    So many people looking for the fast track instead of doing any legwork beyond finding this site and then asking the simplest of questions…*sigh*

  6. araitisato says:


  7. vitalovesnintendo says:


  8. Victor says:

    Can someone give me a video or explain to me how to install homebrews everytime i open it up it says ‘ERROR! couldn’t find any homebrews PSP/VHBL/’ but i can’t even find that folder//

  9. GEoffrey says:

    I don’t get it 🙁

    I managed to install VHBL very easily

    I undrstood the INSTALL.ZIP

    But all the homebrews I tried never install

    It always says 5 or 6 files left and a very annoying sound comes 🙁

  10. omgzero says:

    HI Wololo…I have installed the VHBL and some emulators.But I find they are just in ms0:/PSP/VHBL.The problem is how could I DELETE them when I don’t need them.
    We can only delete the things in PSP/SAVEDATA on VITA.Am I right?

    • wololo says:

      Right. Try to use PSPlorer or PSPFiler to delete the ones you don’t need

      • italkgame says:

        Question: if I use 123 menu doesn’t that also allow me to delete homebrew (or other installed software) from the psvita, or does it just delete the files from my memory card.

  11. Biohazard90 says:

    The arcade parts EU error, please can you repost

  12. KidSJ3 says:

    So is there homebrew for 2.60? I’m confused and im also new to this page..

    • italkgame says:

      Yes thereis homebrew available that works with the 2.60 exploits. If I am not mistaken that is the whole point of vHBL.

  13. rakjak says:

    waht about 2.61

  14. mikel says:

    hello guys.. if i manage to install exploit for 2.12 in my ps vita can i play psp games? thanks

  15. killaG90 says:

    im on a 2.61fw (since i wanted onine) and i wanted to know if there is any working exploits i can get. thanks

  16. Idetrorce says:

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  17. svek says:

    i got vita on 1.8, what are my choices to get this exploit?

  18. Dolanna says:

    I keep 2.12 fw, I want to know about games “Arcade Darts” , “Arcade Air Hockey” , they whether run on VHBL 2.12 system? (maybe games already patch and fix)

    1. Using PS3 to buy and download “Arcade Darts” or “Arcade Air Hockey”.
    2. Install “Arcade Darts” , “Arcade Air Hockey” from PS3 to PSV.
    3. run VHBL 2.12.

    could anyone give me solutions? thanks.

  19. jon says:

    so i got this ps vita vr 1.69.
    and followed the instruction to update to 1.80..
    my only problem now is that when i connect my vita system to the pc, and booted up content manager, the vita system asks me to connect my psn account to my vita, which I don’t want to.. is there a way for me to use content manager without linking my psn account?

    obviously i don’t have a psn account to begin with..

  20. Hamada says:

    how about Urbanix ?

    i cant run emulator with CFW

  21. Dany says:

    I need help. I don’t know what to do!
    I bought a ps vita 1 year ago, used it like 10 times, opened an account on PSN (on that time) but never used it. Today I turned on my ps vita and tried to connect to PSN and…
    “Access to the PlayStation®Network by this account has been banned or temporarily suspended”.
    As far as I read on google about this problem I understand that I can throw away my ps vita because from now on it’s useless 🙁
    My question is: In this situation, is there anyway I can put an exploit on my ps vita so I can play games on it? I have vr 2.61?
    I appreciate any help!!!

    • wololo says:

      You should contact Sony’s customer service, this is obviously a mistake and they should fix it.

      • Dany says:

        Thanks for your reply Wololo.
        Already done that. They said they have detected suspicious activity in my account and I will not be able to access my account again or create another account! They said they are sorry but there is nothing they can do and they can’t offer me further information about this problem. I don’t know what is wrong with this company anyway because I read on google and I am certainly not the only one with this problem.
        In the hope that I didn’t lost 250 GBP on my ps vita I will ask again:
        In this situation, is there anyway I can put an exploit on my ps vita so I can play games on it? I have vr 2.61

  22. youness says:

    there is no VHBL for last firmware 3.00 of ps vita 🙁 ?

  23. Life says:

    Heya Wololo. I wanna ask you something. Can you make a VHBL for 3.00 before new patch if possible? Thank’s for info.

  24. andrej says:

    yess i have 3.0 too and i dont know if i have to wqait till 3.0 will get out or i can install 2.61??pls, i am new to this

  25. Eddie says:

    Hey wololo! Will the next VHBL also work on the PCH-2000? I don’t care how long it takes as long as I get to try it one day xD

  26. Frozzel says:

    no why did i update 🙁

  27. Fisch says:

    Is there a VHBL that works for FW 3.00 King of Pool (EU)? Or can i use the one for “Jikkyu Powerful Pro Yakyu 2012 Ketteiban (up to firmware 2.61)” ?

    thx for reply

  28. braybray says:

    How do I put this in king of pools

  29. Wilson says:

    make a explot for god of war chains cus i have the make plsss do it soo that i can hack my vita plss man i really want a hacked vita but im allways to late 🙁 plss wooloo

  30. bido says:

    does it work for fw 3.01

  31. Claudio says:

    Many of us just can’t buy the Fifa 11 or 12 exploit because was too expensive…I just hope that VHBL for 3.01 releases soon…I’m not interested in playing Psp games…just want to run emulators and homebrew with this VHBL…so PLEASE…release it soon…the Zett told that in the December-January period it will be released…but its February… 🙁

  32. Bruno says:

    Cant u guys make a more reliable hack for the public?

    I mean tn-v whatever depends on the random chance that i might have the game, at the right time, which to me dosent really help,

    i mean all the work you guys do is incredible.

    • Claudio says:

      The only way… every day check wololo… isn’t easy but its sure way…!!! I noticed by this way of Fifa 11/12 TN-V explot game…just I haven’t the money to buy it…(only by $3 ) bad luck damn it… 🙁

  33. jaffopunx80 says:

    hi wololo i have a vita cfw with fifa 11 but can’t find th vhbl for it. i must only wait for it or there is one already??and i have another answer: when i start fifa 11 and going into the 6.60 psp i use 6.60pspfiller to install iso like god eat2 but when i tryed to install any other game the filler don’t see any change in the memory like i don’t copy the iso into the mem stick but with god eat…all going well like the tutorial tell can u explain me why???sry for my english tooand bye jaffopunx80

  34. mc lester says:

    plsss make an exploit on reality fighters or leggo batman 2 or little big planet. i really want to play psp games on my vita. T.T ;((

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