Vita Half-Byte Loader

What is it?

Vita Half-Byte Loader is a homebrew loader HBL for the Playstation Vita, running through the PSP emulator on the Playstation Vita.
For the latest news about Vita Half Byte Loader, check the VHBL Category on this blog.

Half-Byte Loader (HBL) is an open source Homebrew Loader for the Sony PSP and the PS Vita. It allows to play fan-made games on any PSP and PS Vita. HBL allows to run emulators for the Game Boy, Nintendo 64, Sega Megadrive, NES, Super NES… and many other applications.


  • VHBL does not technically allow you to play any pirated PSP or Vita games.
  • Although VHBL is free and open source, the current version relies on vulnerabilities in specific PSP games that you need to buy from the PSN. VHBL comes with no guarantee, especially I cannot guarantee it will work on your Vita, so remember that you pay for a PSP game, and not for anything else. I do not do refunds for the money you gave to Sony :)
  • It is super easy for Sony to patch the vulnerabilities used by this tool, given the amount of control they have on the PS Vita. VHBL runs fine and is extensively tested, but for all I know it is possible for Sony to patch the game’s vulnerability without a firmware update. So, once again, before buying the game and downloading VHBL, you need to understand that you pay for the game, and VHBL is a bonus that might or might not work.


The Version of VHBL you need to download depends on the PSP Game you own. Click on the game you own to get redirected to the appropriate download page (the download page of each game also contains installation and usage instructions). Currently, VHBL is available for the following PSP games:

Sony’s strategy so far has been to remove these games from their store, and put them back once the Vita firmware is patched. Most likely, if you didn’t buy the vulnerable game(s) in time, you will not be able to run VHBL. But we are regularly bringing more exploits to VHBL, so stay tuned on this page for further updates.

777 Responses

  1. rafael707 says:

    nice, hope to be one of the first to get HBL on my vita :(

  2. Jet Chen says:

    Is it a specific psp game we have to buy to use it or any psp game?

  3. schmammal says:

    One question; is the game good… cuz if it is a total crapfest that would suxxor.

  4. santos says:

    lol@ “any psp game” wololo: any chance I can get a pre – release. maybe test for bugs etc. Im on the forum username senas8. joined this forum over a year ago.

  5. Eva says:


  6. DreaMaster says:


  7. ChenPan says:

    I’m a chiese.You are very great!(我是中国人,你很棒!加油!)

  8. SIyan says:

    Hope this “game” is not so bad

  9. schmammal says:

    so yeah, does this game suck!? i don’t wanna have to by barby’s pony party…

  10. catking says:


  11. holic of stockings says:


  12. 送葬者死神 says:


  13. chinese boy says:

    wait for the awesome day!!keep going!!dude

  14. bug大神 says:


  15. 陈锦鸿 says:


  16. Jimmy says:

    Ya, personally. I cant imagine what will happen after u people crack the Vita, maybe others just jump into it n crash the game thing. But thanks for paying effort for it anyways~~ Hope u can success on the program, both for the hacker like u n the poor guy who can not pay their game like me~

  17. hfc1971 says:


  18. The world of the game player are in support of you, not for other, may buy 1~2 games, but the game economy ability to reach and buy game player is still very much. Although genuine support, but also hope that more effort to master, and hope that more can not afford to buy genuine game player can play the game desire.


  19. A 200-300 game coin, for the ordinary family, it is a luxury, but a love of the game of the heart, is the enthusiasm of each game player. The game business to sell the price, they are already very high profit, is not willing to put the game cheap, let more people to play good games. If the game is up to 50 ~ 80 yuan, believe that people will go and buy it.


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  21. meteorGX says:

    Hello, wololo.
    Somebody is always entangled in the ISO loading, please you to tough tone to illustrate the feasibility of ISO loading, otherwise some people always entangled in the ISO loading of what, thank you

  22. Start·Sky says:


  23. BloodyDaisy says:

    keep on going!

  24. Jill says:

    少年V587 这下可以用vita看电子书了。。。

  25. zsp2002 says:


  26. the boss says:

    your are vevy good,i support to you —the chinese

  27. lanxin says:

    i am going to buy that ps vita when it release in North America, i hope that i can play the ISO game of the psp and the ps vita game, we all support at you forever, just show your work, i believe that you can do it

  28. dane says:


  29. 亲爱的 wololo!我有个非常好的建议。对于发布VHBL。你提到会以另外一种方式发布给真正需要的人研究。你可以在博客里发布有真正需要的朋友,可以在你的博客里留言,然后你把vhbl发给这些需要的朋友的邮箱里。正常发邮件应该是没有影响的。希望各国大神来支持!
    Dear wololo! I have a very good suggestion. For the VHBL release. You mentioned will be another way to release to the real needs of the people on the. You can publish in the blog is really a friend in need, you can in your blog in the message, and then you put the vhbl issued to those in need of friends mailbox. Normal mail should be no effect. Hope that all great spirit to support!


    친애 하는 wololo!나 도 그 데요. 좋 은 제안 했 다. VHBL. 너 언급 에 대해 발표 할 또 다른 방식 으로 배 포한 것 을 정말 필요 한 연구 할 수 있 는 사람 이다. 너 블 로그 에 발표 가 정말 필요 한 친구 를 할 수 있 는 당 신의 블 로그 글 을 한 뒤 이 들 을 VHBL 당신 에게 필요 한 친구 의 e – 메일 보관 해 야 한 다. 정상 에게 e 메일 을 보 내 는 지장 이 없 는 되도록 대신 뒷받침 하 겠 다

    Chers wololo! — j’ai d’excellentes recommandations. Même si la publication de VHBL. Votre un autre moyen pour ceux qui en ont authentiquement besoin au blog. Vous pouvez, il existe une demande réelle publié, dans des blogs, puis vous à ces besoins VHBL amis. La boîte de courriers électroniques, ne devraient être normale. Ecclésiastique au grand séminaire espère que les états

  30. wat says:

    Although I don`t know more about your work,I support you.Everyone who can`t buy the PS Vita are looking forward to your groundbreaking work!

  31. lee says:

    Thx~ I wish i can run n64 emu at a full speed on psvita in future.

    I donot wanna to see “psv cracked”.because i donot wanna to see classic console die ~

  32. sky says:

    Come on, we support you, whether the result is good or not

  33. fiy says:

    居然这么多的中国人额 =w=、、

  34. 咸蛋超人 says:


    BTW, you are welcome to visit China, Chinese major gaming sites are always pay attention to you, I hope you continue to work hard, also hope to have more master and each shows special prowess. We hope that more support, ordinary people can also play a good game.

  35. syafiq tatsuya says:

    well it seem SO stupid that sony making umd passport for psvita that have to pay twice even though you have the umd….. right?

  36. zhuangyan says:


  37. syafiq tatsuya says:

    well whatever rafael and keep up the good work coldbird, wololo and anyone that making hbl for psvita 😀

  38. 每日天都要来顶你

  39. wololo!wololo!wololo!The world is calling :wololo!

  40. wangzii says:


  41. syafiq tatsuya says:

    well keep up for a good job wololo ,coldbird and the people that try making hbl on vita

  42. Samuel says:

    Good news not planning to upgrade my vita when it comes thanks for the hard work

  43. ZJQ says:

    We’re all rooting of you. but i can’t speak much english…

  44. 朱月 says:


  45. king says:

    Hi Wololo
    Every day is a good day ,keep going my friend.

  46. Nike says:


  47. OOICQ says:

    Come on, we support you, whether the result is good or not

  48. duanduan says:

    FROM CHINA.AND intreest it

  49. a28275683 says:


  50. Stephen Bell says:

    Is there any hoops that can be jumped to get on a mailing list???
    My birthday is in 6 days, and I am (hopefully) getting one. Both my phat PSP, and 2 PSP 2000’s are dead. I miss my portable everything. I loved having Snes9xTYL, pspsradio, and wagic (thanks for that btw) everywhere I went.

    If only.

  51. cheat of king says:

    I’m japanese.

    Can I use HBL on vita version1.60 ?
    My vita version is 1.51 now.

    • wololo says:

      I haven’t tested yet because I’m abroad for a few days, but Teck4 confirmed that his exploit is still here in 1.60, so I think HBL will run fine too :)

  52. 什么时候发布,这个一旦发布,索尼就把那款游戏下架,或者打了补丁,那该怎么办?

  53. syafiq tatsuya says:

    yeah how to put the game on vita since the handled cant use same usb as psp :/

  54. Luigi says:

    Whooaa nice job finding that exploit on vita wololo, i hope it work with my vita, it will be awsm to play emulators, and also book reader will be awsm 2, grettings !

  55. dragon-zhou says:

    I am very like your HBL,I hope can get the chance of testing it on my PSV,thanks for your all hard work,and hope your life will become from better to best,thank you.
    I hope would receive your HBL gift to my Email,thanks again.

  56. dragon-zhou says:

    HA,HA,HA,HA…Please,Please,Please,Forever support your HBL and your work,I wish you keeping best health and create bigger succes and save plenty of dollars,Last I pray the chance to test HBL in the first time(2012-2-22),thanks again.

  57. Phail says:

    When you say wait for the US/EU release, do you mean the 22nd ish? or… sometime today/tomorrow with the FEB’s? Love your work!

  58. 时间越来越近了,非常的期待VHBL,但是发布确实是一个很大的问题,一旦发布也就说明了会在网络上传播开,这是避免不了的,也会导致索尼进行下一步策略。

    Time is more and more close, very excited to VHBL, but the issue is really a big problem, once published, explains the network would be spread, it is inevitable, can also lead to Sony for next strategy.

  59. wachu says:

    Oh pls God let the exploit be in any kind of game but not this crappy golf game…

  60. American Owner of Vita says:

    Wow I checked the Hong Kong Prices, the Vita is 530 (US) dollars for the Value pack -_-.

    They are getting ripped off bigtime.

  61. B4Sk8 says:

    wololo can i buy this game With 43$

  62. Maximus says:

    Wololo i love u dawg.

    I just sold my 3DS yesterday and will now buy a Vita today because of your work. Thanks again!

  63. dragon-zhou says:

    Thank you,my dear wololo,thanks for your all hard works,I believe everyone who likes you will support you,I love you.

  64. Bam says:

    I’m sure you saw this already but they pushed out firmware 1.61 today (at least to me, maybe i’m getting it late?) — the new “features” were the map app and that the camera can now record video — same as 1.60.

  65. Bam says:

    dah……that’s what I get for not checking the main blog – i had this page bookmarked. :)

  66. obsession says:

    wololo, your work is awesome look forward to whats to come

  67. 2012-2-22 今天美版发售了吧

  68. onikawaii says:

    咸蛋超人 but the city’s sleeping…
    please be patient !

  69. cheat of king says:

    Upbate ver.1.61 came.
    I don’t update.
    I think that is danger.
    What do you think about it ?

  70. Silver says:

    Hey there! When will you put VHBL online uh? Its been 1 week since I had my vita and now it’s the launching day! Please put it fast so I can have some fun with this =D

  71. Panos says:

    Please release that now !! !!



  74. Ted Mosby says:

    I would recomment to release your Eploit on the first of March, because not all of us could buy a Vita on 22. Feb.

  75. Hey como estas walolo release your wapon from to do ghetto men looool XD you mex me happy glory for péplum peuple

  76. senas8 says:

    Wohoo.. In another 6 hrs please when I get home.

  77. Giovanni says:

    Guys….if you need to release the vhbl…do that the afternoon (if you have hurry)…or wait for other days now ….. one day plus, one day less, makes no difference…but always in the afternoon…in this way we have all the possibility to take this “game” (someone are at school…other at work….->then some hours like lunch would be great)…
    However Great work.

  78. Ted Mosby says:

    As i already said, wait till the 1st of March. 😉

  79. zod says:

    隊商宿間抜けのためにあなたは lol に無駄です ? XD


  81. spineless people know when will the project hbl no specific date but hoping one day you have to thank you for your new works and has you team the actuelment working on the project

  82. The Axion says:

    Everyone begging Wololo to release it on YOUR terms.. He has been more then gracious enough to keep it under wraps so far. Quit begging if I were him I would delete it and tell you ungrateful kids to make your own exploit.

  83. senas8 says:

    VHBL is not coming.. just yet.. theres a plan on how all of this will take place. . Doesn’t anyone read.

  84. yaolynn711 says:

    Hi wololo~ the American version is selling~ when you release the VHBL? come on~~~~~~~~~\(^o^)/~

  85. obsession says:

    thats the answer i’d like to know haha … where this info is being released 😛

  86. boom!!!! says:

    give it time guys…he will let us know ..just be happy hes nice enough to release any info at all

  87. Stalkerio says:

    Hello wololo. I am writing to you from Russia, and I want to download the attachment that has bought 10 of my friends. I read a lot about the need to crack the psp, with the aid of save, but I could not do it on ps vita. As far as I understand your vulnerability is based on the save file, and it works. I write after save, and load it ps vita just shuts down. Do you think something is not doing tech? Sorry that google takes a wry)

  88. MeHian says:

    Hello, I’m Chinese, I support you to break PSV, gas! PSV crack on you!

  89. 刚大木 says:


  90. guts says:

    la mise a jour 1.61 et tjr compatible

  91. guts says:

    he and 10:43 on February 23 and no new be nice not wololo the miracle exists or not has this question

  92. guts says:

    looooll c die ou koi ya vraimet rien pas de nouvel relaese please

  93. guts says:

    I think the person wanting to really crack the ps o vita am aware of the loophole exposed by prior wololo and have o buy this console on February 22 and after is not a matter of no net budget

    • wololo says:

      I said I would wait for the EU/US release of the vita to release HBL, I didn’t say I would release exactly on the 22nd. Don’t worry too much though, this thing is happening, part of the release plan is that I can’t say much more than that.

      • Shinzki says:

        Well it is understandable about not releasing now, cuz the console barely out yet, and hardly any games is released on this system. We should wait till more games releases.

      • Andrew Wright says:

        try and hold off until the 02/03/12 or even the 09/03/12 cos I don’t have any cash to buy the game for the exploit until then :( I might not even have enough on the 02/03/12 if its an expensive game so if you could hold off until the 9th it would be much appreciated

  94. Ted Mosby says:

    I hope you’ll wait till 1st of March 😉 then my Ps Vita arrives :) it’s no hurry to release it and ignore these Haters, when they have no patience, they should hack the PSP-Mode by themself. Thanks for your great Work and researches :3

  95. Phail says:

    Lets just wait long enough for them to put out a patch that actually does break the exploit! Yay!

  96. guts says:

    wololo thank you for your response I patiently wait XD

  97. xysscn says:

    wololo,will VHBL work well on OFW 1.61?

  98. guts says:

    yes it is possible I tjs not think sony can find the fault that the tan games in question no net c unveil a temp issue now

  99. kourosh7 says:

    Does this still work on 1.61??
    thanks in advance

  100. daryl317 says:

    I think its better if you set a date for the Release so that people doesn’t keep hammering this site for updates everyday. If your goal is to increase the number of people who can use the exploit then giving out a date will definitely boost that number. You already said it can be patch hours within release so it doesn’t make sense to hide the Release date.

    • Wonder Bread Head says:

      No Daryl317,
      That’s a STUPID idea.

      He is not setting a release date for OBVIOUS reasons.
      Reasons too obvious to even express. Also, he has been doing this alot longer than you.

      So, I think Wololo knows what he is doing.
      Thanks for the unsolicited advice though.

  101. j says:

    Wololo, while I love your work I don’t you should release till you find a way to make the exploit stable enough so when sony does find out how it work and fix it that you can still use it a other way. Since you said that sony has a number of way to fix it. Doesn’t it seem that the vita homebrew scene will die in a few hours when you release the way to do it? I just don’t want to say goodbye to the ability to play my snes and other old console plus some great home brew games go down the drain.

    • wololo says:

      This is a valid concern, however I think the way the scene works is by constantly moving forward and releasing new stuff. This hack is extremely simple in its nature, because it’s using stuff we’ve been using for years in the PSP scene. I know that Sony will strengthen some of their security after this hack, but I’m hoping it won’t block us completely, and other (better) hacks will come later on. In other words, your concern is definitely legitimate, but I think people who miss the opportunity for this hack will have many other opportunities in the months to come.
      If we are to waste a hack for our first attempt, better be the one that only gives us access to the PSP emulator, don’t you think?

  102. 要发布了吧,期待啊 希望有惊喜

  103. guts says:


  104. guts says:

    I avou be looking forward to the idea of ​​playing games or zelda metroide mythical as the Super NES or encour goul Castlevania vampire and ghost kiss jen and pass

  105. guts says:

    Dsl for my pitiful English

  106. guts says:

    se sera le 1 mars alor looooollll

  107. dragon-zhou says:

    Ha-ha, I will maintain the enough patience continue to wait for my great dear wololo issued that moment, anticipated.

  108. DZH says:

    wololo,thanks for you work,i am a psv fans.i like you work and i wish you can succeed in VHBL.

  109. K.E.B. says:

    when will you release the vita half bite loader i wait for it

  110. lolipop says:

    Does not the only XD I CROI not be it for this week maybe even its crazy i never made ​​good sense to time the meter Aaaaahhhhhhh

  111. dragon-zhou says:

    MY dear wololo,I Continues to wait for that waited for silently you issued that moment excited time arrival, anticipation.

  112. hook2008 says:

    Our Chinese players are waiting for news release VHBL.

  113. lolipop says:

    I do not understand too much even if i walk there and not o tora locazion point of the meter has daily thereafter c noise is always a delir What makes for some photos need to stop messing san

  114. Chump says:

    I’d love to see how much extra wololo is bringing on ad money hyping the *** out of this release.

  115. dragon-zhou says:

    Dear Mr. wololo, you do not need to pay attention to these malicious the appraisal and the message, I as will always support your all work and diligently, will thank your selfless contribution.

  116. Antonia says:

    And he is no allowed to make some money off adverting?

    who is the one taking their time to share and make this things work for you all. Is obvious he is unable to charge for it or would he ever i feel but give him some break and patience and if he gets some little money back for all his hard work then that is good news and encourages future efforts


  117. Kad says:

    Nevermind. . .

  118. jake says:

    ok i got the ps vita and it haze 1.61 on it can still run hbl as like plaing saga games on psp go :-)

    • Phail says:

      People like this shouldn’t be allowed to breed.

      • xVerm says:

        why, because english isn’t their first language? you do realize that not everyone who owns a vita and is waiting for the VHBL lives in NA or UK, right? such an ironic username, you fail hard at common sense.

        • phail says:

          Because the question has been answered, multiple times.
          You mad bro?

          Also, sadly, I don’t believe hes ESL, just a moronic byproduct of Gen Y. No one spent the time to learn english to any degree would spell it “haze” or word a statement “as like”

          • Zack C says:

            ..that’s a ridiculous reason as to why “people like that shouldn’t breed”.. by the way, it’s “no one/nobody who has spent the time to learn English..” not “no one spent the time..”. If you’re going to leave ignorant comments like that, at least make sure *your* English is flawless..

    • wololo says:

      Yes, hbl works on 1.61

      • Asmith906 says:

        Hey wololo I actually have bought a lot of games for my psp and vita on the psn. So would it be better to just stick with usong my psp 1000 for homebrew.

  119. Zilu says:

    Can i use HBL in my PSVita right now? or i have to wait for the VHBL? Sorry, I’m a noob 😀

  120. Игорь says:

    Когда выйдет vhbl для ps vita ????

  121. Zanzibar says:

    Игорь Мудак =)

  122. StillWaiting says:

    “…it will happen in a few days…”

    You said this over 2 weeks ago, on February 16th.

    What is the deal man?

  123. Игорь says:

    Zanzibar мудаёбское хуйло. Сука троль бесхребетный.

  124. Zanzibar says:

    Ятвая мама рот ебал =)

  125. Игорь says:

    Хмммм точно, я помню ту шлюху которую бомбил во все щели. И она упомянула что мой сын мудозвонская поебень под ником Zanzibar :-)

  126. Luke says:

    Calm Down! He will release it when he is ready! You act like this is owed to you or something. Im pretty sure you only want this for pirating purposes anyways. So you should just get lost. This is a privilege not a right! Remember that before you run your mouth about release dates. I bet your a Iphone jailbreaker too huh…Another bunch of impaitent peeps…ughhh

  127. cspaden says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the american exploit was for say Patapon 2 since there was the save game exploit for it those years ago and it seems to been left unnoticed that it’s popular in other countries alike, even if it’s popularity has gone down. It’s also a fun title in my opinion too.

  128. momomomo says:


  129. Kosuke says:

    i would say he was waitng for more ppl to get the vita for thoese who has to wait to get it

  130. Игорь says:

    Zanzibar Мудак :-)

  131. hook2008 says:

    wololo you say,I am waiting for the US/EU release of the PS Vita, and the VHBL release will happen in the days following that, assuming Sony doesn’t patch the vulnerability, but are a week later, you have not yet released, you be careful that Sony will find loopholes reason will fix vulnerabilities? or you have been released to the minority and not made ??public?

  132. Игорь says:

    Ахахахххах Zanzibar мой сын, надож было так спалиться!
    Весь в папочку, такой же мудак =)

  133. Faton says:

    Can some1 please send me a copy of vhbl , i would like to check this on my polish pch1004,thanks!

  134. madphx says:

    I’m in the US and Vita is linked to this region. I want to know if I will need another memory card to link the Vita to another region or if I choose to use only one memory card will it have to formatted each time I switch over and use VHBL?

    Also I plan on using the 4GB card to install this “special” game and I want to know if it will fit because I see some Vita games are almost 4GB.

  135. Faton says:

    i do live in Poland, and my psv is EU model, but my account is register on US store, becouse after recalculating the same games are just cheaper, so do i have to make another europe account to be able to run vhbl?

  136. seasixfour says:

    Just bought the game, during purchase a notice came up saying the store is undergoing maintenance (oh noes!) but it still let me purchase and download the game.

  137. ly says:

    have waited it for a long time,prefer some games on psp,but,how about the game on psvita?

  138. hook2008 says:

    Sony moves really fast, and the vulnerability game MotorStorm shelves.

  139. Bill says:

    There is no motorstorm arctic edge in the uk store already

  140. Stepik says:

    Wololo, don’t release it until i receive my vita it’ll be on 15 march. Thanks!

  141. raydempto says:

    Just so you know, in the NL (EU) Playstation store, Motorstorm Arctic Edge has a section you can select, but the game is no longer on the store.

    Next time announce it at the same time as you release it, and screw the people who are too slow to buy the game from the store. Sony is trying hard to stop people from doing this sort of thing.


  142. Faton says:

    so where is the real deal?

  143. snail says:

    Email me yoshs exploit files and game name and ill give you 50usd.

  144. dntEat.SmokeMore says:

    No! ill give u my homegrown

  145. Anon says:

    Is it possible to delete the installed homebrew? If so, how?

  146. Alex says:

    It worked fine for me, game bought on the Spanish store yesterday, played doom aswell :)
    nice work.
    I hope some1 will do an app to access the filesystem soon, this copy method is not nice :)
    Is network dissabled under psp emu ?

    Thanks for all wololo

  147. warfaren says:


    Works just like i hoped for on my European PS Vita 3G running firmware 1.61

    THANK YOU! 😀

  148. neko says:

    Works perfectly. I am using HK version here.
    Thank you very much for your good work! 😀

  149. SmoothEgg says:

    Hope the next version will include a delete-option XD

  150. kil says:

    I can’t seem to transfer the save data file (it showed me corrupted file). Anyone have similar issues?

  151. Nightfire says:

    I’ve done everything, but I cannot load WTH, have you tested it. Because maybe I’ve done something wrong.
    Thanks for that great job

    • warfaren says:

      are you using the unsigned version for half-byte loader? That one works for me :)
      The regular one (which i believe is signed to work on any psp, even on ofw, and not psvita ofcourse) wouldnt work for me either

  152. 860432 says:

    Version: JP Version
    GAME: Motorstorm RAGING ICE
    SAVEDATA: UCJS101040000

    it showed me corrupted file
    can’t seem to transfer the save data file

  153. kaak says:

    Version: EU Version
    GAME: Motorstorm ARTIC EDGE
    SAVEDATA: UCES012500000

    it showed me corrupted file
    can’t seem to transfer the save data file

    HELP!!!1 PLEASE!!!

  154. Jack says:

    blah anybody let me borrow their Motorstorm Arctic Edge backup files and account info lol after i transfer you can change your password

  155. Jack says:

    I will pay whoever later on if they let me do that later whenever I get paid

  156. warfaren says:

    I just wanted to tell you all that PSP Filer 5.7 works perfectly on VHBL, probably good to know if you fill your memory card with homebrew that doesn’t work and can’t delete them.

  157. Xe says:

    THANKS wololo 😀 works like a charm

  158. kofek says:

    so sony stole a game from me which i bought..longlive piracy

  159. while says:

    Good job wololo, it’s work with my vita \o/

    I’ve noticed some slowdown and crash but assuming that is normal.

    bye and thx

  160. warfaren says:

    Hey Wololo, how about uploading an with all the homebrew you were demoing in the youtube video? I have tried to get several of those running myself but it’s hard to find the exact versions that run (I’ve noticed a lot of times now, one version run but another version of the same homebrew does not)

    Ofcourse excluding all the copyrighted stuff like the mario64 rom etc.

    • warfaren says:

      Uhm, I just realised that there’s a list of 15 essential homebrew linked here, I guess I shouldn’t be asking for that then. Sorry!

  161. Shinzki says:

    I got a question hbl can it run psp iso files on it or it just run emulator srry about my inexperianced hacking of psvita

  162. MJ says:

    Anyone send me a message my psn is PokeMario to gameshare with me for motorstorm arctic edge, I have downloaded 119 things from psn including add-ons, demos, full games ect.

  163. JuNyA8971 says:

    Just to let you know this doesn’t seem to work on my JP Vita it just takes me to the next game menu screen each time. Oh well. I am guessing this doesn’t work on every Vita.

    • wololo says:

      It should work on every vita. Youy are the first one to report such an issue. I’ve seen people having trouble because of a “corrupt file” problem in JP, but no such thing as the HBL not working once it’s installed. I would suggest you to try and install it again, and if that still doesn’t work, well it’s another good excuse for us to have that beer we’ve been talking about for too long 😉

  164. xxx says:

    Can you back the game up yes or no?

  165. xxx says:

    can’t get it now RATS

  166. xxx says:

    & thank you anyway Wololo <3

  167. jcboy says:

    please tell me if I am doing something wrong but i just went through the trouble of making a jp psn account and no mater how i type it in the search i cant find the game on the psn store. PLEASE point out some dumb mistake some noob like me might have made. If they took it down at least I get the gravity daze demo as a backup prize :(

    • wololo says:

      The game was taken down from all stores a bit more than 24h ago

      • jcboy says:

        Is there any other way to get the game? umd passport perhaps? if not can you say when you will reveal the 2nd game that is capable of doing this exploit? Thanks for your help.

  168. AKTwilight says:

    Thank you wololo for your work!
    Can you tell me how can i add books to book reader?

    Thank you!

    PS The game was removed from Russian store and from my download list. But i have downloaded it earlier :-)

    • warfaren says:

      you can add books any time when installing homebrew. Just include them in the file. Then browse to the directory with bookr, where you put them.
      Or use pspfiler 5.7 to move the books to whereever you want them after you “installed” them onto your vita.

      Good luck!

  169. rumos says:

    Hello Wololo,

    thank you very very much for your VHBL and work :)
    That was the reason why I bought a VITA (my first handheld ever)!
    And it’s a lot of fun!

  170. takashianipow says:

    I have a question for me to be sure that there will be everything going well with the vhbl: Is there a chance to brick the PSvita on this way? Or does it simply dont start if somethings wrong? (im asking only to be sure that i dont mess up my psvita^^)

    Nice greetings and thx for the work on this project :)

    • warfaren says:

      no, you cant brick your vita with this, since it is all running inside the psp emulator of the vita. Think of it as a sandbox environment where the vita is the outer world and cannot be affected by anything you do inside this sandbox. Worst thing that can happen is that the console will freeze and youll have to reboot it by holding down the power button for like 10-20 seconds. Next time you start it you get to the recovery menu, just press restart ps vita and it will work again.

      I guess you run a risk of accidently deleting your motorstorm game from inside then vhbl, if you dont pay attention to what you’re doing and delete stuff. You should backup motorstorm with open cma on your computer so you can put it back in worst case scenario.

  171. takashianipow says:

    thank you for this explanation :) now im sure i wont get anything destroyed at my PSV :)

  172. chienlou says:

    I copied VHBL using OpenCMA, it asked me if i want to overide my existing motorstorm save. I clic overide te copy is made but I start motorstorm i can only see my existing savegame. Should i remove it?

  173. hook2008 says:

    wololo Hello: I have not downloaded this game Motorstorm Arctic Edge, and I want to try to find other games alternative?I downloaded a LocoRoco experience the game, try copy file VHBL remove param.sfo to the archive of this game, it can show VHBL icon, but I loaded prompt Loading failure data has been corrupted, you can find an alternative to play? You can tell the players to allow players to find the game you can replace?

  174. Vicked says:

    somethings wrong with counterstrike psp it want to install than just crash an thats it.. do everything in u’re tutorial..

  175. BMC says:

    Motorstorm Arctic Egde is no longer on the PSN store! On US or AUS! Can anyone else find it? Am I Looking in the wrong place? Searched in PSP Games and couldn’t find it? Has anyone else found this happen?

    • wololo says:

      Sony removed it from the store 5 days ago. The game is not available anymore, please check the rest of my blog for details.

  176. jake says:

    it wil be good wen vhbl runs on its on not with a game as i still think that the filing on the pspv is dame sily

  177. cemork says:

    Cannot wait till it is a bit easier for the vita!
    Also gutted i didnt manage to get the artic edge game in time!

    Keep up the good work wololo! i’ve been following for years!

  178. abdi says:

    why i dont get Motorstorm game on psp vita desktop i copied the file right but i dont get the game on desktop

  179. TeejayMacKK84 says:

    i think u should use a game that already use by every psvita owner like motorstorm rc

    • wololo says:

      We don’t choose the games, the vulnerabilities are put there by game developers, not by us. Also, we don’t have the knowledge or tools to exploit vita games yet.

  180. true,so which vulnerable psp game gonna be next to port vhbl on it?

    keep up your great work wololo cheers!

  181. abdi says:

    why i dont get motorstorm on ps vita desktop pls anw wololo

  182. Jacques says:

    Why did you don’t take the ps vita game save data to get into vite kernel exploit?

  183. as master said above they don’t have the knowledge or tools to exploit vita games yet.

  184. cris says:

    wololo if you read this, i was wondering if you would be able to run signed ofw psp games from vhbl; seeing that they are eboots

  185. sh1t_s1pp3r says:

    how many ways does wololo have to say u cant run psp or vita games with this exploit b4 ppl stop asking

  186. delta191 says:

    This is fantastic Wololo!!

    Just tried it out with Castaway 0.06 the ATARI ST emulator and it works!!

    I also had your first VHBL running with Arcticstorm but Castaway never worked :(

    So it appears this version maybe more compatible :)

    going trying out PSPUAE, it wouldn’t work with first VHBL.

    Fingers crossed for that extra conpatibility.

    Jolly good work VHBL team.

  187. dragon-zhou says:

    What a terrible thing, I happened to buy the Everybody’s Tennis game from the HK store,And with two account to buy a second time, and now it’s really can not run the VHBL, ask your pain make corresponding this version of the file it, thanks a lot.

  188. ROB says:

    Would it be possible to bring an update out for VHBL on motorstorm to make it a little more stable?

  189. james says:

    Hi, thank you so much for packaging doom for us already, I am a bit of a simpleton when it comes to all of this and have been unable to reproduce this for any emulators of any kind. is it possible someone can package up some homebrew for us and put them up available to download? as the only thing ive been able to get running is doom (as you did it for me! haha)

    Also another potentially silly question, how on earth do i save in the doom game?

    • james says:

      I have answered my own question RE: doom if you push triangle and select it brings up the in game menu! For those of you who were also wondering!

  190. :o says:

    DarK Alex (DAX) were are youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu :*(

  191. aliman says:

    Hi guys,
    I don’t get why so many people hate the homebrew scene because homebrew doesn’t and mustn’t mean pirate stuff.
    You have to think of the PSP at it’s days without pirate stuff:
    We were able to watch Youtube, watch videos with unsupported codecs, play oldschool stuff like NES, have hobby coders code theirr own game for a handheld without having to be a coders from Sony to get famous.
    So, if we get access to the Vita (at least in user mode, that should be enough) for such stuff, we would be able to do more than the things which are able through the PSP emulator exploit, for example watch videos at 1080p (because the Vita is with it’s stats capable of this [quad-core@1,4GHz and better graphic chip than ipodtouch4g]), have more oldschool stuff like PSX emulator with savestates, N64 running at fullspeed with Conker’s bad fur day ;D, or even PS2 emulator running at half speed, running Homebrewgames made specially for the Vita (maybe with HD graphics).
    I think nobody is against something like this. I for my part don’t want the Vita to be cracked with pirate stuff in it’s first year on earth, but having a better video player than the built-in one or carrying two beloved oldschool consoles(or even more) without having to carry everything in a big bag would be very awesome.

    I hope you all get what I want to say 😀

    And thanks to the team who made the first homebrews able to be run on the Vita.


  192. aliman says:

    no it isn’t, you ***.
    i, for my part, own oldschool games and like to play them on the go.

    some people just don’t want the vita to have homebrew >:(

  193. RabbitsJohn says:

    Hi, is it possible to get either Motorstorm Arctic Edge or Everybody’s Tennis now?

    Is there any option for someone who didn’t get the games at the time?

    I just want my emulators running…

  194. RabbitsJohn says:

    Can they be bought in the shop and used? I’m in Europe.

    • wololo says:

      Sorry, no. Please stay tuned on our forums. Forum members got the news in advance for both exploits and were able to buy the games up to 1 week before Sony removed them from the store, we might do the same thing for upcoming exploits

      • RabbitsJohn says:

        Thanks for the quick reply – is there one in the pipeline. The VIta is really missing the homebrew and PS1 titles…

  195. Yukita says:

    Hey Wololo
    wouldn’t it be possible to get an exploit in a demo??

  196. james says:

    Sorry guys i know i have posted this already but is there anywhere i can get the pre packaged homebrew as has been done with doom but for any other emulators? I have so far been unsuccesful in packaging the homebrew, even through the software that supposedly does it for you!

  197. jake says:

    if it was not for all the secorety that sony has got in the psvita it would be moch betry to do this i most of mit the way thay have done it is bokers needing ctm to move fils to the psv and so on remids me of the I pade lolyou can’t drag and drop like on the psp and psp go on lees some finds a way arond<<<

  198. jake says:

    sorry for the bade speling

  199. someone says:

    I only know it’s a newbie idea to rely on game by psn store. Just give up.

  200. waldo says:

    could u give a try on vice city stories i mean a lot of people have this game

  201. 2bizy says:

    hey, could u come to my house and mow my grass? it’s getting pretty high…

  202. meemee says:

    if i download motor storm or everybody’s tennis using torrents, will the exploit work? or do i need to jailbreak the ps vita?

  203. ZeDo says:

    I have a question please VHBL run on (Everybody’s Tennis (EU)) (Motorstorm Raging Ice EU) {{{{ for card games }}}} not for psn download from
    and Thank’s

  204. ZeDo says:

    games Card for EUROP

  205. Hello_Indigo says:

    Thankyou!!! Finally a US version. been waiting so long for this.

  206. Jakub says:

    I dont understand why are you hacking vita,do you have money for that? We want new tituls and no new firmware to patch some hbl think–.

  207. Multiboy2k says:

    Well, Im GREATLY looking forward to the hack.
    I actually refunded my Vita. To me, it is virtually useless without Bookr(which I use daily), and the TONS of PSP games that I could NOT download in my OWN PSN Download List because I did not own a PS3. I felt totally cheated. My older psp has more functionality at this point.

    I will buy another Vita the very SECOND the hack is released and confirmed US PSN game is verified working.

    With that in mind,
    Wololo, PLEASE dont forget about me on the ninja list?

  208. xopher says:

    I would not release the name of the next VHBL compatible game until Friday. Sony is apparently incapable of taking games down until the next business day. This would give the largest amount of time for people to get the game.

  209. is that game free says:

    is free game ?

  210. is that game free says:

    well if is not usa and not free game i dont need thes hack

  211. happy free iso cso lover says:

    i theng some one day hack ps vita wod love free games onet us on my psp

  212. Peleep says:

    Does anyone know if VICE for PSP works on VHBL … to run Commodore 64 roms? I love the old Galaga, Galaxian, Defender, Bruce Lee era…..!

    Or is this a silly question? Feel free to delete this question if it is inappropriate. thanks!

  213. Bruce Tyler says:

    Hello, I’m sorry for such a newb question but it seems this site shows how to set up vhbl, plus there are videos on youtube, but what about actually setting up different emulators or games once vhbl is working? I am new to this stuff and I am not worried about getting vhbl functioning but I won’t know how to proceed from there. I am mainly wanted to get emulators on my vita I am ok with paying for vita games since I want trophies. Is there a link to a tutorial on how to set up snes and other emulators once you have vhbl working on the vita?

  214. Max Meechegan says:

    Maybe u can flash the vhbl in to the vita using the recovery menu?!?!

  215. Mastershake01 says:

    thank you wololo

  216. noah says:

    im looking for the same thing as bruce tyler how to setup the snes emulator i even tryed it on the ps vita hombrew prepare thing n when i clicked to install it it just says 1 file remaning n just keeps making the installing sound i let it sit for like 20 min n it was still doing it is there a link any where to setup snes emultaor n roms please and thank you

  217. Sparkey480 says:

    Hey Wololo, how would one go about deleting games from the games folder on the VHBL?
    Because there are a few that I decided I don’t like… And I would like to remove them.

    Respond quick!

    -Beloved VHBL user

    • Sparkey480 says:

      Scratch that, I think I got it.

      Isn’t it just saving the VHBL savedata on to the computer and deleting it from there?

    • Go to settings > Application Data Management > Add on data (PSP) > Now you must count from last homebrew installed to bottem of the list says corrupt data on all files. BTW

  218. BG says:

    Any news on another title support for vhbl? I’ve just found out about this project after a brief search. How can I be in the know as soon as another title is released? Thanks, keep up the good work!

  219. konayzawoo says:

    Hi Friends
    Everybody tennis wouldn’t work on my vita, Why i don’t know.
    I already patch open CMA. run.dat patch already.
    already copy the homebrew file to the vita directory and
    transfer from pc to vita already and i already seen the game in my vita at others psp data category.
    But i cannot see the game icon and cannot install homebrew.
    Please help me. My vita is (1.67 singapore version).
    Thanks and regards

  220. Papote says:

    Hi, I accidentally erase via Content Manager Assistant Super Collapse 3. I have look everywhere in the PC: Recicle Bin, Temp Files. And could not find the erase game that I deleted via the CMA.

    If anyone knows where the deleted files are kept in the computer. Please let me know in order to have available again the VHBL.

    If not, how long would it take to reveal the next PSP game.


  221. Ahmad says:

    hi everyone i have just upgrade my ps and at the moment i though about opning wololo.Net and i figure out that the hacker has just upload the newest hack so i looked up on the psn on my ps and i found out that it is not there (i have version 1.67) its the newset version yet so what should i do

    • SMOKE says:

      There is nothing that you can do. Sony removed it from their stores about 2 weeks ago. Sorry :(
      Just listen up for the next exploit game and maybe you can grab the next one

  222. noah says:

    I accidently deleted supper collapse 3 *** I have to wait for the next exploit this really sucks on my part keep up the awesome Wrk guys

  223. Bizzyb says:

    Dammit I missed this AGAIN! I’m 30 and don’t have the time I used to to spend my time checking for exploits on a toy like I did in the early psp days. I still remember kxploit. But I will try and get the next one keep up the good work!

  224. Mac says:

    Hi everyone and Wololo. If you have demos like Hustle Kings, Little Deviants and other games that have same sizes as the paid ones. Maybe some hacker can just change one or more files to make it complete? I’m not good at hacking so i’ll just be patient.

  225. asdfADRiAN says:

    I would like to help out with homebrew applications but its been a while since Ive visted the scene. Where exactly can I pick up on tutorials?

    I could care less about pirating, it would just be beneficial for hands on experience for my major.

    Best Regards,

  226. hook2008 says:

    Has been the use of PSS made ​​a FC simulator, but the speed is only 15, for unknown reasons.
    Use of VitaConnector.exe upload to PSVita be able to run.

  227. Jakob says:

    Well we all know there is a problem downloading the Super Collapse 3 and wondered if someone could help me out getting it :/ if not well i’m totally understanding on why “who would trust a random guy of the internet. but if you could help me out message me on

  228. Shaq says:

    Ugh… Playstation is a pain. Please though send me the super collapse game 3 or help me or help me to get the vhbl. Please help me thought and I will return the favor in the future
    Message me at

  229. Skud says:

    You dont need a pirated copy of SC3 for which to load your vhbl… need an exploit to load it without breaking the rules. Only when you truly know what your looking for can you begin your path to finding it.

  230. asdf;lkj says:

    Jeez. I cant believe sony is making it so dang tough just so I can download my manga and put them in folders by manga issue. I really dont even mind the whole “no iso, cso” working. I just wanna put some freaking folders in my photo folder. And get bookr on my vita. I likes my translated light novels. Seriously, the vita has really been a step back in my “portable entertainment” experience.

  231. jobzombi says:

    I have a question. Is the vita OS based on android or HP webOS? When I tried to go to, it showed it being redirected to the HP version of it, as it does when you are on a smartphone, you can later choose to go to desktop version. My inquiry is because at my job, the internet is run through a proxy. I know both are Linux based, but both my android phone and my vita work fine if I try to access the internet on them at my job. But if I try to run any app on them, it does not work. Stuff like Skype does not connect on either of them. My job requires me to put the URI for proxy access, which at least the vita lets me program that from the settings are for the specif access point, and then log in when I try to use the internet. What I’m guessing is that the apps try to access the internet but because they never ask for user/pass info they are not allowed access. I’ve been working on my android to get this fixed, so if anyone has any info on someone who already has done that, please help me out, at least I don’t have to keep on trying, or if you can let me know what OS is being run by the vita. I’m sure since both are linux based, if I get root access I can try to work on it as well.

  232. ... says:

    Should be able to try the VITA restore

  233. You dont need a pirated copy of SC3 for which to load your vhbl… need an exploit to load it without breaking the rules. Only when you truly know what your looking for can you begin your path to finding it.

  234. Jeez. I cant believe sony is making it so dang tough just so I can download my manga and put them in folders by manga issue. I really dont even mind the whole “no iso, cso” working. I just wanna put some freaking folders in my photo folder. And get bookr on my vita. I likes my translated light novels. Seriously, the vita has really been a step back in my “portable entertainment” experience.

  235. Any news on another title support for vhbl? I’ve just found out about this project after a brief search. How can I be in the know as soon as another title is released? Thanks, keep up the good work

  236. JoshIsBest says:

    Hey Is That true That Ps Vita Will Be Jailbreaked In July??

  237. Disaster says:

    If we can use C++ to make games?

  238. jerry says:

    ive been using your expoits since i can remember we need a free exploit like patapon on psp 😀 i work 13 hours a day and i went and bought this vita hoping i could hack it :/// now i have to wait o well keep doing you wololo we as a community apreciate all of you hacker and your hard work peace 😀

  239. Alex says:

    hello wololo

    I would get the game super collapse 3
    To boot unsigned software if you need more information
    Write to me at my email:

  240. Cole says:

    any chance we can get a VHBL for the game LBP – PSP version that just came out?

  241. Sin says:

    i think the developers and hackers are a ways away from “unlocking” the system, if you read what the site offers for vita right now you will see its just taking control of the system to play emulators and other things, but NOT for unlocking demos n games off the PS Network, sooooo ya, you should have a read.

  242. tom says:

    this might be silly question but does everybodys tennis work on firmware 1.67. because i am on firmware 1.67 and super collapse 3 is not on the ps store in the uk :(

  243. Henry says:

    is there currently anyway to get VHBL through the PS Suite Open Beta tools?

    that would be sick
    free VHBL via Dev tools

  244. kkhdz says:

    is there like an way to create a mailing list (if any) that notifies of of a new game added with out the need to publish it so sony does not know about it until more than 1 business day?

    Like the account must be tested blahblahblah like when you join osx86 project for iatkos and other ios ports to PC’s.

    im really interested in doing this, and i am quite good programing so if im provided with tools i could help with this

  245. BigCockSurprise says:

    hey guys, I was wondering how can i get my hands on vhbl for 1.67 if super collapse 3 has been removed from the store? also keep up the good work!

  246. plinker says:

    I need sms for my vita… need it to keep using a prepaid sim.

  247. mirko8054 says:

    pls, release the vhbl for 1.69, is there any downgrade tool from 1.69 to 1.61?

  248. mirko8054 says:

    oh, dear wololo team, i have an idea, so, with opencma, we have the file: psp2-updatelist.xml, we can edit it and config the link that the ps vita read to download the update firmware by using: update from PC, so, wololo team can build an hacked firmware on ps vita, upload it in a link, change the link with the firmware hacked with the original firmware editing the xml file, it’s a good idea??

  249. Titan says:

    Hey guys. I feel like a total noob asking this, but where is the download for the VHBL zip/rar file that I have to use to actually put VHBL on the Vita itself.

  250. jason says:

    how are things go wing with VHBL :-)

  251. Imran says:

    Kingdom hearts birth by sleep isnt on PSN, I know it says it does not technically allow you to play pirated psp games but is it possible at all?

  252. QueenMiwa says:

    good news for me, i did’nt have any of the games stated

  253. jason says:

    that’s way am glad i still have my psp go

  254. kaushikdb says:

    If there’s a PSP emulator for VITA(which helps loading HBL on Vita) then why can’t one play PSP ISO’s on vita using a ISO loader?

  255. Vectorfish says:

    Sorry to ask but I’m not sure that I understand it. I got EU version of psv and it has 1.06 firmware. Without system update I can’t get access to PSN (so no way to buy required games; still it seems I won’t find any of them in store because they were taken away long ago). Is there any way to install vhbl to my console or I should update it and wait for next exploit release and get the required game as soon as possible?

    • wololo says:

      Do not update if you don’t need to.
      In other words, if VHBL is what you’re after, wait until you have some kind of confirmation that updating will give you that.

      Other than this detail on “when” you should update, yeah, your only chance for now is to wait for the next exploit to be announced.

  256. gabo says:

    so are you looking for more vita’s exploits? or there are exploits founded? if there are exploits why there’s not a vhbl running right now at my vita’s 1.69 OFW? if there’s no, why don’t you make a videotutorial about how to shearch exploits on vita so then we all can help you? Thanks

  257. Max says:

    Can VHBL work on Dissida 012 if i tried it?

  258. LUIS says:


  259. UnderPrivlidged says:

    With homebrew loading, you say it is only PSP homebrews, yes? Any knowledge on Vita specific homebrew? Or plans on bringing Wagic?
    Speaking of, thanks for WTH! So many hours spent enjoying that on PSP, android, and PC. Keep up the good work.
    As for the Vita, any personal thoughts its unique features and their use in a HB or CFW add-in?

  260. dreambug says:

    heh.. i got my 3000 sold away just to grab one of these VITAmins, and now my homebrewed brain can not stay satisfied with one or two PSNs dns.. :(

  261. edgar says:

    Is there a way to get a exploit into urbanix?

    -and how can you regonise a exploit, will you get black screen? or what?

  262. James Way says:

    Question about the vita. If you look at the back side of the vita, it is also upright, right about the small screw between the headphone and usb ports, there is a small rectangular thing. What is this?

    • wololo says:

      Wild guess here: the mic maybe?

      • James Way says:

        I thought that too, but it is not an opening. I know the vita has a built in Mic somewhere on the bottom of it, but looking at other electronic devices, the mic is usually a pin sized hole for pickup. I was always hopeful that the vita would come with IR, but it would be stupid to have the ir facing the user when he wants to control devices in front of him. Still may be the mic, but I was curious. I checked tons of sites where they point out all the ports and buttons and this and that, but none point out what that is.

        • James Way says:

          Not the mic. It has a membrane over it. I blocked it and recorded myself blocking it and not blocking it and there was no difference to the recorded audio. I am so frigging curious. I might take the vita apart just to find out.

  263. hardgamer says:

    can u give us any possible date when the 1.69 vhbl firmware coming out

  264. Sonyrebel22 says:

    People were saying that it was coming out today (8/7) but it’s not out so its still unknown

  265. Deva says:

    Hi Wololo,

    I don’t own any of those games you mentioned above. so, can I still use it on my PSV?

    Thank you :)

  266. Th0rtheg0d says:

    I can’t wait for PSV 1.80 to come out so this can be updated =] How long after the release do you think it will take to update VHBL?

  267. oartalk says:

    i am, interested in playing, Super Mario 64, on the psvita, with the screen-view, 4 by 3, or square like, as it, is, on the regular console. is the psvita, a good choice?

  268. jason says:

    i no this seem strange thing to ask but eny 1 no wot the socket on the top of the vita next to the game port is for

  269. Georg says:

    what should i do if i have the update version 1.69 on the psvita and how should i crack it????

  270. Th0rtheg0d says:

    Any word on the release date to 1.80?

  271. Tobuscus says:

    i dont get it so you need one of those psp games to run vhbl >.>

  272. Reinechau says:

    So basically we can’t use vhbl if we do not have one of those games?

  273. Alex says:

    Hey, can anyone tell me please is there going to be full jailbreak for ps vita 1.69?
    Please write on my e-mail. THX 😀

  274. Th0rtheg0d says:

    So I heard that the PSVita Version of little big planet will be running 1.80 so that means it has to be out before September 25.

  275. kaas332 says:

    i read somewhere that 1.8 will be coming on the 28th of august on a few different sources

  276. Empirix says:

    Is there a way to backdate everybody’s tennis?

  277. Empirix says:

    Not Tennis Sorry, The PSVita Firmware. I own everybody’s tennis but my firmware is 1.6. I cannot buy super collapse because I live in Britain. Help!

  278. hardgamer says:

    wololo your testing my patience man im waiting, I’ve been waiting for 2 months man.

    • cormin says:

      let the man do his work.. he’s doing this for you completely free.. its mostly sony he’s waiting on, he releases at the right times so its best for most people

  279. rzrvk says:

    I just wanna play LEGACY OF KAIN: SOUL REAVER on my vita.. :(

  280. Th0rtheg0d says:

    Guys thats not going to make anything go faster. want an update make sony come out with 1.80. lol

  281. Jason says:

    Nice 1.80 is out but you still can’t ues ps1 games lol seems thay for got to add the ps1part lol

  282. jason says:

    NM i see it’s to morrow that they come out

  283. Randy is pseudo says:

    still waiting on wololo for the ok

  284. trey says:

    1.8 is out. What is the name of the game?

  285. oreo says:

    No new game?

  286. rzrvk says:

    1.8 update……. what next?

  287. Wow… I managed to buy 2 vita’s back when everybody tennis was available for a time frame of 8 hours(UK Version – I live in California) I didn’t know how many requests are now out there! Darn.. Thanks again Wololo and all the devs out there for your hard work!

  288. Jason says:

    I hope you find a beter way to run vhbl

  289. mirko8054 says:

    Hi wololo, when 1.80 VHBL can be released?
    If you don’t want answear me pls give me the name of the game to do the VHBL..

  290. gabo says:

    c’mon wololo yo have been anounced the vhbl science the 1.69 release thats kinda 5 months so please dom make us all being waiting so much :l pleaseeee pleaaaseee i know yo cant give us a name for the game but you could always say us if it’s free or not

  291. Rgangsta says:

    Leave wololo alone. I dont see you guys making a version of vhbl. Let him work a his own pace.

    • NinjaKakashi says:

      Yes wololo is awesome and has probably put a lot of the work into this but honestly if I had the time to learn how(I know probably years I’ve never even properly looked into hacking)to make VHBL I would and I think many others possibly would but definitely let him work at his own pace…

  292. NinjaKakashi says:

    haha he has already made it but maybe members of this website already have it but what if a employee of sony got himself to be a member wouldn’t all of us suffer? How do we join i better check XD

  293. AkaTensi says:

    When VHBL will release for 1.8?
    I’m really want it!

  294. Darkanubis74 says:

    It would be prudent for anyone wanting information to join /talk. and remember to thank the devs when you get what you want

  295. Jordan says:

    At least someone is paying attention to the vita!

  296. Joe says:

    kids nowaday really has no patience and let the man do his thing lol

  297. Greg says:

    thx for the game W it works nice though the psp jailbreak even with 1.8 update. u rock!

  298. jason says:

    ??? sow wot happening with vhbl

  299. jdubs says:

    Wol is waiting to release VHBL until his public release of the exploited game. Should be soon.

  300. Jason says:

    Cat wat he dos some grat work

  301. random says:

    Great, I know which game it is but I don’t know how to install the VHBL xD.

    PS: Don’t ask me, won’t spread it.

  302. quetz says:

    i’m actually confused about what to do… i love monster hunter freedom unite, but i played for very long time into my psp.. at this point of vhbl nothing serious for my ps vita it’s made yet, and, i really don’t see how this vhbl could be found so interesting if not for developers trying to make the match goal. that’s why i think i’ll pass this time. since vhbl can’t run psp games, i think i’m going to pass. and like me other thous of guys. my best wishes is to see soon announced a psvloader into psv kernel, or a good made psp iso launcher into vhbl. that would be amazing value for the ps vita scene, and users like me would’t wait a sec more to hack their vita 😉

    • Empirix says:

      So pirating eh? This is why sony want to take VHBL Down, because they want to stop it before pirating with it happens. There may not be another VHBL If people think like this.

      • quetz says:

        you’re right! but what can i do? this is my opinion, and like me lot people want to see this coming.. and even without piracy, believe me, sony would like to shut VHBL down anyway. i trust that might be coming out some other interesting homebrew, such as cool emulators, not only psp isoloader. but that is number 1 😉 and even if wololo wont work on it, surely someone else is doing that right now, and someway and somewhen will be out you know..

        • Empirix says:

          Maybe so, but still, the main reason Sony wants VHBL gone for good is chance of piracy. If there is no piracy on the platform in the near future, then they won’t care about taking it down. There is no excuse for Pirating (Except older games) and there never will be.

  303. Fabian says:

    when comes the vhbl for monster hunter united??!!!?!

    • wololo says:

      Seriously dude, stop, you’re getting on my nerves

      • nCadeRegal says:

        Tell me about it wololo, he leaked the game 2 days before your front page post. I tried to get the attention of the mods but by the time i did you had already released it publicly. I was just browsing the forums and came across it. Unlike him i respect you and all that you do for the scene. I bow to you my friend, you and your site are awesome. Keep up the good work. I cant wait to see what the future holds for us!

  304. Empirix says:

    Game: Monster Hunter Freedom Unite
    Files download: Soon
    To get prepared though, install open CMA So you can Open CMA With no internet, helping your chances of it working.

  305. SMOKE says:

    I’ve had the game a couple days now, got bored, tried playing it, failed, waiting for files to play SNES games lol

  306. Maxxy says:

    Seriously though, what’s the reason the files aren’t released yet? The game was publicly announced, and the exploit has been tested before, so why not just make VHBL available for download already?

    • wesg632 says:

      If you are so impatient learning programming yourself and make a vbhl for yourself until then be respectful of other peoples hard work and stop complaining

  307. Mr. Awsome says:

    If you want to play emulators badly, order a Caanoo or something from eBay. WAY better than annoying the big W and delaying the inevitable vhbl files release.

  308. johnathan george says:

    sorry if this was answered before or not, but if i dont have cma installed on my pc yet (sorry jus never needed to use it.) can i still install it now and use open cma? thanks much ^_^

  309. johnathan george says:

    sorry about that i didnt read. it says in the notepad file to uninstall cma on my computer anyway and run the setup. sorry about that lol

  310. johnathan george says:

    can someone help me?? im still getting the e801 error message when trying to run open cma. i uninstalled cma a few times and reran the setup files from the rar file. i reran setupdll and everything a few times. still no dice. anything i can do? was i supposed to restart my computer when i uninstall cma? (wow sorry for that newb question but i wanted to know cuz it didnt say to in the notepad file.) thanks

  311. Mark says:

    Monster Hunter unit is down !!!!

  312. N says:

    Thank you for all the nice work. Have already donated to the Red Cross several times and what I donate is far more valuable to them than just money.

  313. azio says:

    hey wololo i need to know how to put the games on deadalus64?? plzz help me

  314. quetz says:

    Thank you Wololo for the new VHBL, i now tested with snes9x and some rom, works great!! Really amazing 😉 Waiting for some new cool homebrews now 😉

  315. Puraanima says:

    hi,got a little trouble,can someone say me how to put books in my psv to read them with bookr,i’m newbie,so waiting for your help)

    • SSJ-Vita says:

      Yeah to put books on your bookr they have to be in .pdf first and if you have to get a converter to make it .pdf, you then take the .pdf book and put it in the bookr file where the EBOOT is located, from there you archive it as INSTALL.ZIP under ‘store’ option, place that into your psp savedate folder on your copmputer and vhbl should download the homebrew within the ps vitas vhbl ->save data<- option on the handheld.

  316. Austin says:

    Hey wololo im having problems installing homebrews, was wondering if u could post a video or tell me how im really lost.

  317. Adin says:

    Where can you download the source for Monster Hunter FReedom Unite VHBL?

  318. ilocos boy says:

    Sir, wololo please tell us step by step on how to use and add games using the VHBL thank you once again hope to see your reply soon

  319. dude says:

    Has sony patched the game or can we still buy it from the US store?

  320. lattymadha says:

    Finally Successful. try using PS Vita Homebrew Preparer v0.2 by SiLENTGame. thank you SiLENTGame.
    @wololo how to delete files once it is installed? coz i had a couple of files which were installed during unsuccessful attempts :)
    thank u.

  321. lattymadha says:

    how to delete roms/homebrew from vhbl?

  322. Cyan says:

    What happens when a new firmware is released and a new exploit is found that requires a new game? Will we still be able to use our monster hunter game and the newest vhbl or will we continuously need to keep buying psp games that have exploits in them? Is vhbl updated to include the past game exploits but for the current firmware as long as you downloaded the game before it was patched?

  323. Ps vita 1.81 update
    Is out tonight does it block mhfu vhbl

  324. G says:

    With firmware 1.80
    OpenCMA and PSVita are connected.
    After CMA starting of PSVita
    It is return with the PS button.
    The game or PSN of sign-in is started.
    It can sign in and PSN and a PSN connection game are made.

  325. Cartavious williams says:

    Make vhbl for psp midnight club la remix

  326. David says:

    Hi, any chance to make VHBL for GTA Chinatown Wars or GTA LCS/VCS?

  327. Czx says:

    wololo I need your help! my vita version is 1.80 and I have the MonsterHunterP3 ,but i use your VHBL for MHP3.I find it can’t work in my vita,i don’t know why,what can i do that VHBL can work in my vita?
    PS:my SEN is HongKong ,and the MHP3 version is Japinese

    wait for your help soon,thank you!

  328. Jason says:

    Has the hbl ever be on the ps3 at all

  329. jake galea says:

    Ps vita 1.81 update
    Is out tonight does it block mhfu vhbl

  330. wes says:

    i wonder why Sony have not patched all the possible exploits.
    Short answer, sales You buy the game,,,they patch the game.
    You buy the game,,they patch the game…………………..

  331. gjanko2 says:

    Is there a way to delete installed VHBL games?

  332. Ben says:

    can you make it work with Killzone liberation cuz i bought it and it suck so make my money worth wil please

  333. luis says:

    look wololo is working vhbl but have you stop for a second and say. we doesn’t he try to find a way to get cfw on the vita. with this exploit all your doing is wasting money on a game the you probably you don’t even like and this exploit are just going to keep coming and sony and game developer are going to get money no matter waht because you have to buy it to play emulator and old game for the exploit tha comes out. stop and think. cfw is better ill buy a game for an exploit to get cfw on my vita not to hear the sony patch the eploit with update and i have to buy a new game to get emulator or other things on the vita. think don’t be stupid. cfw best vhbl suck.

  334. EmoteNooBskills says:

    does this work on mba?

  335. Playstation says:

    Well im out of luck… I dont have any of these games (i didnt really know much about the psp games since i dont have one), and im not sure if 1.81 is out anyways :'( im too late,
    and I really wanted Lamecraft

  336. Playstation says:

    Sorry if I sound stupid im new to homebrew, vhbl, and ps vita news from this website :/

  337. zz8boy8zz says:

    so good

  338. Maris van der velden says:

    I cant download because i guess theres a comercial for the link but can someone tell me how to do download it? Ps sorry not english

  339. I am able to port a version of gzdoom to this. But only if it was on the current firmware

  340. Not stressiN says:

    What up wololo.
    Just wondering if there is anything else I can use to run the SNES emulator on other than VHBL. Got the UNO exploit and I’m dying to play my roms, but haven’t seen a UNO version of VHBL. Either way I’m sure it will be around soon.


  341. jake says:

    Somebody pleeeeeeeze post a link to a download of an unpatched PSP version of UNO



  342. cheneyboy says:

    sup wololo i was wondering what exactaly is VHBL and is it already download on my ps vita system or do i have to download it from my pc and if so how do i download it?

  343. atrumincendia says:

    I missed the opportunity to download the Uno game before it was removed… I was just wondering if there is any news on any other game that could have the exploit to install arc or TN-C?


    hey wololo does the monster hunter version still work on update 2.5?

  345. jorge says:

    hey wololo i got a legit version of super collapse 3 and i got all of the files from your website and after i load the game on my psvita it says load failed the data is corrupted

  346. Under says:

    A bit crazy, but got an idea you might be able to run with. I used to do some programming back in Linux, so I know most of my knowledge there is irrelevant, but followed Dark-Alex for years when I had my PSP.
    Well, getting a signed homebrew would allow you to play it on psp without CFW, correct? Maybe it is possible to reverse engineer some coding for the exploitable psp games, and have them at ready access for hacking purposes?
    As well, no current method to downgrade, but maybe it is possible to trick the vita while offline, into believing an old patch is a new one? Trade some registries around, rename a few things, recode the outline of the update, etc.
    Now, I know both are possible long-shots, but wasn’t sure if those ideas had come up. I just bought my Vita, and it was at 2.05, so I am gonna sitting around a while for TN to get the PSP 6.60 to me, lol! But, just figured I’d mention my thoughts. Oh, and always, thanks for Wagic. Was the reason I hacked my PSP to begin with. :)

  347. Je-Al says:

    wololo i dont have anything unibrix /uno mad block or something to run the iso’s or hmbrews what should i do…the unibrix is not free and i dont have credit card $1.99 to buy..what should i do bro plsss help i’ve been dying to figure it out but still not working…?i know your the only one can help us…tnx

  348. Akasniper69 says:

    Wololo or anyone that can help me out. Im on 2.02 and i missed the uno exploit. Is there a way i can get CEF or ARK installed by using another method or will i have to update to 2.05 and wait for the next exploit. Thanks

  349. vita_m33_DA says:

    I’ll be first to say it, if you got a ps3 and buy stuff off of it today Sony sent me 10 bucks for free and it’s legit guys!!! so if you guys get a mail (it might work for the vita idk) you guys should get them ^_^ lol

  350. mohdsajid says:

    hi u tell me plz make ps vita vhbl for a demo game for ps vita plz and email me

  351. BarretPL says:

    best would be free game, best regards 😉

  352. hardgamer says:

    ive udated my psvita to the most recent firmware but can i still download monster hunter and hombrew my psvita

    • LennyVita says:


      You wont be able to add homebrew to your vita because if your firmware is 2.06. the monster hunter will only work for firmware up to 1.80. if your vita has higher firmware you must wait for a new exploit game and VHBL. its a waiting game now for people on 2.06.

      Monster hunter was probably patched by sony, so not sure if it will still work even if you were on 1.80 firmware. Someone correct me if im wrong.


  353. SofaKing™ says:

    i can afford a pc, and a PS3, and a PSVITA, and the internet, but can someone please give me a $3 game for free?
    Thanx for all this work you all have done! works like a charm, after the initial C-100something error,but my previously installed WTH and FTP is not working, yet. i wonder if i will have to delete then re-install these homebrews?

  354. Shi Haonan says:

    Hello , I am Chinese game player , from a Chinese game player to crack the idea ( for him ) , ” when you look at this post I write what I want to tell you what I did not break the master but I found a very interesting things I want to
    I found this on WOlolo hacker said but you know people like us can’t contact him no contact in fact this is a forum users found after his tell I found the secret . The following is his words
    Last night the struggle to 3 points undefined I say in detail . The extracted psvimg files can not only know .Psvimg is just a Sony package . I put the internal file is extracted . In addition PSP module of the system is FW6.60.. I can tell the file with ISO in all PSP games within the game.psvimg document is a as like as two peas is UMD_DATA.BIN is a PSP_GAME. ( if you use ISO to package can be run in PSP ) but I did not write permission for it . Otherwise, the font is finished the game into oh.
    PSV the crack in the primary stage . Now just PSP vulnerabilities based on future . If conditions allow cassette within the file can be extracted
    ( another one is found RAMDISK is writable )
    In fact, I passed his description of the game.psvimg file is the ISO is not a method of embedded for example
    For example, you have a private information to be hidden, please input and saved as a text file , hypothesis ( MHP3.ISO ) . The Internet to find IMG format picture is the best psvimg . The image file as an example , a file named PSV.img . If they are put in a disk root directory, then run the following commands in Windows MS-dos mode :
    A: , Copy PSV.img/b MHP3.ISO/a psvimg
    The /b parameter specifies copy , merge files in binary format ; the /a parameter specifies , in ASCII format file merge replication . Here we should pay attention to the order of documents, binary file should be placed on the plus sign , text format files in the following .
    After executing the command , generates a new psvimg file .
    For example :
    Hide important documents using ISO img image
    For example, a PSV.IMG image file
    And then you have a more important ( do not want to let others see the file ) folder called MHP3 here is to teach you how to crack the visa and then packaged restore files PSV
    The so-called visa is your link to content manager visit the following a channeling number is your PSV visa all PSV games visa
    All PSV files downloaded the game regardless of the APP folder PGAME folder PS Vita files in the PSAVEDATA folder PSGAME folder PSM folder SYSTEM folder also have those figures of these digital documents
    If you want to run PSP games and PSV games you download the game must modify the game in the visa only number of these games to be alone
    And your machine in the folder digital is the same as your PS Vita can run the game can even see the game … On the computer if the crack PSV.. CFW must certainly unify game visa number is the same as 1050ecH709F25f1F this is a number
    That is to say the PSP ISO game file visa
    All united as one number can see
    So PSV can break the running game
    Below is the unified authentication type ISO game number visa reduction into psvimg files
    Methods are as follows :
    1 compressed MHP3 file – > MHP3.ISO
    2 into the command line, execute the following command : the computer is running WIN7 CMD XP .
    Copy /b PSV.img MHP3.ISO psvimg
    Thus, MHP3.ISO is hidden in the psv.img image file . Psvimg can also be the same as before
    Is this the end … “

    • VodSpex says:

      Hey so some how you have found a way to allow PSP images to be turned into a file that can be played on a vita system without a legitimate license.

  355. s4f3m0d3 says:

    There is a way to use this trick with original card of “Metal Gear HD”???

  356. Hideo says:


    Can I play PS1 backups & PSP isos using the Apache exploit?


  357. chikomandy says:

    i have the latest version 2.06 and i ve tried all that was instructed to no avail, i just bought ps vita console and i still misses my psp games so my question is how will i play psp cos i ve used uno exploits and apache overkill please kindly assist me.

  358. gingerbread says:

    they removed apache overkill already too late :(

  359. gingerbread says:

    when will there be a cfw hack for the vita. deffently need a mod chip for it already so we can have access to the nand

  360. gingerbread says:

    and d0oes anyone know where to buy a r4 for the vita

  361. elyas says:

    make a new one for patapon 2

  362. sonofgods says:

    Why dont you Make it for a free game like, Frobisher says!,Cliff diving fireworks lemmings, or talbe soccer?

  363. supleed2 says:

    Hi, I was trying to get Motorstorm Arctic Edge but the store made me update. Can you please make an exploit for FW 2.10

  364. Mili says:

    Whennnnnn ???!!!

  365. adam says:

    i just got my ps vita with latest firmware 2.10
    so,which homebrew should i get to play psp game on my vita ?
    please help..thanks in advance :)

  366. ManiFest says:

    would it be possable to make a exploit for “Little Big Planet PSP” of a game that many people already have???

  367. Billy says:

    Can someone send me a email when they anounce the game you need is my email

  368. eesnahkhiir says:

    plz help me

  369. eesnahkhiir says:

    i cant run a exploit on my uno

  370. janclo says:

    can anyone direct me on where to start? i’m trying to get emulators on my vita but don’t know where to start!

    You may use these HTML tags and attributes:

  371. Jared says:

    I dont own apache overkill, but i have firmware 2.01 so i could run vhbl if i could get apache. unfortunately I need apache which would require updating my software…. help?

  372. theo says:

    Can anyone send me FULL the GPSP file for PSVITA in my email right here (

  373. trivo says:

    can somebody verify this ? :)

    first update to the latest firmware where u can download the game u want
    then download the savegame and maybe already or later transfer it via cma or opencma …
    what works best for u?

    update to 1.81 firmware
    first i installed ps3 proxy server gui
    then i setup the proxy settings in the psvita, set the ip address to that of my PC, and port to 8080
    i downloaded the 1.81 firmware from this link
    i started the normal update process (via wifi) on the vita to get the logs/links on the proxy gui
    in the gui i went to the replace files tab and put “” in the left box and then linked the 1.81 PSP2UPDAT.PUP to the right box
    then started the system update via wifi again, still said update was 2.00 but instead of 110 MBs it was 102 MBs, wala let the system update and now im on 1.81 firmware.
    note this is not to be confused with downgrading from 2.00 to 1.81 but thats what im trying anyway

    so then copy savegame data with xplo to xploitable firmware and game u have allready got from first update via via
    and happy exploiting :)


  374. ivo says:

    hmm its harder then then replacing updatelist and ver set … sid has to fit

  375. BIODUN says:


  376. mark says:

    hello isen ther a explore or vhbl for the game nfs most wanted ore asphalt injection plz help

  377. Feith says:

    This may sound stupid, but it’s a question that’s gnna bug me until I ask it…

    Do signed homebrews work? or is it just exploits? If Signed homebrews work, why not make VHBL a signed homebrew?

    Also… I’ve noticed that the game “Atelier Totori Plus” isn’t showing up in the PSN store. Is it showing up for anyone else who isn’t using a PS3 to check?

  378. Bruno says:


  379. zouaoui says:

    my update is 2.12 plz help me

  380. Evandro Aguiar says:

    Someone… Please help me. I have the version 2.12.

  381. Evandro Aguiar says:

    Someone… Please help me. I have the version 2.12.

    You guys can send on my email ? PLEAAAAAASE !

  382. n64 says:

    Ps vita 2.06 n64 daedalus psp CFplusvR13 VHBL 1.62 jeoway wMenu

  383. n64 says:

    Ps vita 2.06 n64 daedalus psp CFplusvR13 VHBL 1.62 jeoway wMenu.

  384. shay says:

    so i got a 1.80 ps vita, can i still use the exploit? also monster hunter is 20$, can i use other game for maybe higher FW to get the exploit? thanks

  385. joe says:

    apache overkill is back on the market so it would be great if you updated the loader to the newest firmware

  386. ken says:

    so u r basicly telling me,according to todays blogs 2.12 cfw will work on my vita? ijust wanna b sure b4 I download the link for vhblplz let me know asap?

  387. Sakke says:

    I just bought new 3G version of Vita, fw 1.6

    I did update to 2.12 because i could not to connect to store to redeem my free game codes… Is all hope lost now cause i updated? There seems to be very confusing information about firmwares.

    • wizardinblack says:

      If you are on 2.12 then PERFECT! you can use VHBL and take advantage of some extra ram 😉 Only problem is, you will have no access to any PSN features, (unless you have a PS3 and open CMA, then you can download games to your PS3 and transfer them to your Vita) So basically, you CAN get VHBL, and i would not recommend updating… I wish i didnt lol.

  388. Why says:

    Where is download link

  389. Raymond says:

    im on 2.12 but can you give me the link to patch my own game so i can play homebrew games. i really miss seeing that psp screen

    • Slender says:

      They tell people to buy a PSN card and make them wait forever for no apparent reason..

      • wololo says:

        There are good reasons for that, one of them being that we now have to spread the ninja release to about 40’000 people, when it used to be 5’000 last year.
        Another reason is that I was on holiday last week, which delayed several things.
        Don’t worry, it’s coming

  390. Slender says:

    Ofcouse they don’t care because they all have unreleased version of VHBL..

  391. Christian says:

    Wololo…is it possible that I pay you to get the exploit early.

  392. Dr. Metropolis I agree. Christian don’t ask for those type of things and pay for it. You’re crazy

  393. HERBERT says:

    Im still waiting on this. Im on the edge of giving up on this exploit, im on 2.12 i believe and waiting for you ppl to release the hack for homebrew looking forward to playing snes, n64, gba and couple of HB apps im looking forward to using..dont forget the donate button! PEOPLE PLEASE NO PIRATING!

  394. Oscar says:

    An unexpected problem came up for me… I was trying to set the openCMA on my mac, installing the components in to the CMA folder but then when I was suposed to open as an adminitrator the file: RUN.BAT its just didn’t work since I don’t have the option to open it as an administrator. Furthermore, the new items that should be added to the CMA folder by opening the RUN.BAT file from the OPENCMA didn’t came up.

    What can I do? Is there any other version of opencma for a mac? or any other method to transfer the files into the psvita without being detected by sony?

  395. Freezing says:

    I got the latest exploitable game for the first time and wonder if there is a tutorial for how to use install VBHL

  396. Peter1983 says:

    Im in australia and my directory of the saved game is split up into 3 direcories, which directory do i put the vhbl files into? Please anyone help :/

    • wololo says:

      What are the 3 folders you see?
      Also, when you don’t get any answers here, please ask on the forums, there are much more people there who can/will help you

  397. Peter1983 says:

    could someone please tell me if im in australia is that a different version to the american game? Where do i put vhbl my directory is split up into 3 parts? Please someone help?

  398. Peter1983 says:

    omggg please someone tell me am i wasting my time im in australia does vhbl work for my version please someone answer please!!!!

  399. Peter1983 says:

    Oh wololo im sorry i didnt even see ur reply ive been looking in forums for help but i get lost in there im a scrub i know… the 3 folders i see are game.. license.. and sce_sys..

    Ive tried so many didfferent things using the american version + the eu version nothing works
    i feel dumb and stupid with all these people being able to figure it out quik smart im pretty sure ill be able to do everyhting if i could just get vhbl to work :(

    • wololo says:

      Hold on, where do you see these folders? Based on what you describe to me, you are already running VHBL on your console, and you are inside the VHBL menu, looking at the contents of your memory stick. Is my understanding wrong? Is your question really about how to run vhbl, or how to install homebrews once you are in VHBL? Can you upload a screenshot of these 3 folders you are seeing?

  400. peter says:

    this question is def about vhbl, they are my folders on my pc before i even start with the files u have provided. So basically in documents under ps vita there are 6 folders: app , pgame, psavedata, psgame psm and system.. in pgame is the 3 folders im talking about under a directory 3678eda8a34a0769. i def dont have vhbl on my game yet ive tried it so many times!!

  401. peter says:

    Am i completely on the wrong track about were to put vhbl?

  402. Peter says:

    Has anyone in Australia got it working?

  403. Salim says:

    They already took can gamocracy in US, is there any other way for 2.12??

  404. Hardmix0 says:

    like to know what will be the NEXT game exploit?

  405. Mkombat94 says:

    Hi Wololo every time i want to hack the ps vita i am to late for the game announcement how do i find out the released title’s on psn and how do i sign up, i really want doom & duke nukem on the vita.


  406. Way2much01 says:

    Wololo, I’ve got the vhbl installed and running my problem I think my problem is that on my pc I”m only showing 1 game save? When I should at least have 3? Is there any way to show hidden files or something?

  407. apparition says:

    Mr. Wololo, how do I know which game to buy in order to use your exploit?

  408. dragonkid6 says:

    So many people looking for the fast track instead of doing any legwork beyond finding this site and then asking the simplest of questions…*sigh*

  409. araitisato says:


  410. vitalovesnintendo says:


  411. Victor says:

    Can someone give me a video or explain to me how to install homebrews everytime i open it up it says ‘ERROR! couldn’t find any homebrews PSP/VHBL/’ but i can’t even find that folder//

  412. GEoffrey says:

    I don’t get it :(

    I managed to install VHBL very easily

    I undrstood the INSTALL.ZIP

    But all the homebrews I tried never install

    It always says 5 or 6 files left and a very annoying sound comes :(

  413. omgzero says:

    HI Wololo…I have installed the VHBL and some emulators.But I find they are just in ms0:/PSP/VHBL.The problem is how could I DELETE them when I don’t need them.
    We can only delete the things in PSP/SAVEDATA on VITA.Am I right?

    • wololo says:

      Right. Try to use PSPlorer or PSPFiler to delete the ones you don’t need

      • italkgame says:

        Question: if I use 123 menu doesn’t that also allow me to delete homebrew (or other installed software) from the psvita, or does it just delete the files from my memory card.

  414. Biohazard90 says:

    The arcade parts EU error, please can you repost

  415. KidSJ3 says:

    So is there homebrew for 2.60? I’m confused and im also new to this page..

    • italkgame says:

      Yes thereis homebrew available that works with the 2.60 exploits. If I am not mistaken that is the whole point of vHBL.

  416. rakjak says:

    waht about 2.61

  417. mikel says:

    hello guys.. if i manage to install exploit for 2.12 in my ps vita can i play psp games? thanks

  418. killaG90 says:

    im on a 2.61fw (since i wanted onine) and i wanted to know if there is any working exploits i can get. thanks

  419. Idetrorce says:

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  420. svek says:

    i got vita on 1.8, what are my choices to get this exploit?

  421. Dolanna says:

    I keep 2.12 fw, I want to know about games “Arcade Darts” , “Arcade Air Hockey” , they whether run on VHBL 2.12 system? (maybe games already patch and fix)

    1. Using PS3 to buy and download “Arcade Darts” or “Arcade Air Hockey”.
    2. Install “Arcade Darts” , “Arcade Air Hockey” from PS3 to PSV.
    3. run VHBL 2.12.

    could anyone give me solutions? thanks.

  422. jon says:

    so i got this ps vita vr 1.69.
    and followed the instruction to update to 1.80..
    my only problem now is that when i connect my vita system to the pc, and booted up content manager, the vita system asks me to connect my psn account to my vita, which I don’t want to.. is there a way for me to use content manager without linking my psn account?

    obviously i don’t have a psn account to begin with..

  423. Hamada says:

    how about Urbanix ?

    i cant run emulator with CFW

  424. Dany says:

    I need help. I don’t know what to do!
    I bought a ps vita 1 year ago, used it like 10 times, opened an account on PSN (on that time) but never used it. Today I turned on my ps vita and tried to connect to PSN and…
    “Access to the PlayStation®Network by this account has been banned or temporarily suspended”.
    As far as I read on google about this problem I understand that I can throw away my ps vita because from now on it’s useless :(
    My question is: In this situation, is there anyway I can put an exploit on my ps vita so I can play games on it? I have vr 2.61?
    I appreciate any help!!!

    • wololo says:

      You should contact Sony’s customer service, this is obviously a mistake and they should fix it.

      • Dany says:

        Thanks for your reply Wololo.
        Already done that. They said they have detected suspicious activity in my account and I will not be able to access my account again or create another account! They said they are sorry but there is nothing they can do and they can’t offer me further information about this problem. I don’t know what is wrong with this company anyway because I read on google and I am certainly not the only one with this problem.
        In the hope that I didn’t lost 250 GBP on my ps vita I will ask again:
        In this situation, is there anyway I can put an exploit on my ps vita so I can play games on it? I have vr 2.61

  425. youness says:

    there is no VHBL for last firmware 3.00 of ps vita :( ?

  426. Life says:

    Heya Wololo. I wanna ask you something. Can you make a VHBL for 3.00 before new patch if possible? Thank’s for info.

  427. andrej says:

    yess i have 3.0 too and i dont know if i have to wqait till 3.0 will get out or i can install 2.61??pls, i am new to this

  428. Eddie says:

    Hey wololo! Will the next VHBL also work on the PCH-2000? I don’t care how long it takes as long as I get to try it one day xD

  429. Frozzel says:

    no why did i update :(

  430. Fisch says:

    Is there a VHBL that works for FW 3.00 King of Pool (EU)? Or can i use the one for “Jikkyu Powerful Pro Yakyu 2012 Ketteiban (up to firmware 2.61)” ?

    thx for reply

  431. braybray says:

    How do I put this in king of pools

  432. Wilson says:

    make a explot for god of war chains cus i have the make plsss do it soo that i can hack my vita plss man i really want a hacked vita but im allways to late :( plss wooloo

  433. bido says:

    does it work for fw 3.01

  434. Claudio says:

    Many of us just can’t buy the Fifa 11 or 12 exploit because was too expensive…I just hope that VHBL for 3.01 releases soon…I’m not interested in playing Psp games…just want to run emulators and homebrew with this VHBL…so PLEASE…release it soon…the Zett told that in the December-January period it will be released…but its February… :(

  435. Bruno says:

    Cant u guys make a more reliable hack for the public?

    I mean tn-v whatever depends on the random chance that i might have the game, at the right time, which to me dosent really help,

    i mean all the work you guys do is incredible.

    • Claudio says:

      The only way… every day check wololo… isn’t easy but its sure way…!!! I noticed by this way of Fifa 11/12 TN-V explot game…just I haven’t the money to buy it…(only by $3 ) bad luck damn it… :(

  436. jaffopunx80 says:

    hi wololo i have a vita cfw with fifa 11 but can’t find th vhbl for it. i must only wait for it or there is one already??and i have another answer: when i start fifa 11 and going into the 6.60 psp i use 6.60pspfiller to install iso like god eat2 but when i tryed to install any other game the filler don’t see any change in the memory like i don’t copy the iso into the mem stick but with god eat…all going well like the tutorial tell can u explain me why???sry for my english tooand bye jaffopunx80

  437. mc lester says:

    plsss make an exploit on reality fighters or leggo batman 2 or little big planet. i really want to play psp games on my vita. T.T ;((

  438. andrei says:

    hi you can create a FAKE NP to sign psp games without hack ps vita and pass them to the vita without THROUGH exployts or other games? It is better to create an application to sign psp games and pass them to the PS Vita .. I can try?

  439. AssasinSpike says:


  440. another one says:

    at this point the dev kit has been free for awhile I have searched and searched but I can not find any compiled game or source code to put on the vita by means of the dev kit to launch and exploits like vhbl or otherwise am I looking for something that has not been done yet or is it there but I am not doing the right search

  441. Snorlax says:

    I got the egg on this page.

  442. hi wolol im michael i just got this problem if you dont mind post in youtube how to install my stylist fwm3.15 pls i beg you and pls reply going to cry all day i was in here like 10 hours to put it and i broke my ps vita slim that i bought last last month and bought a new one last week in korea pls tell me how pls reply

  443. stanqEr213 says:

    wolololo , cn u make one for tekken 6 :) pleeease

  444. hunter says:

    how do i get vhbl on my system

  445. sugarshock says:

    waiting for the Space Invaders savegame -.-‘

  446. Alfredo Fruscella says:

    how do I suppose to get it if I don’t notice at the right time. Is there any way to someone share space invaders and patch to use on any vita?

  447. Miami Heater says:

    Any VHBL emulator for 3.15 yet??? Please update. Got a new PS Vita but men… I want to play my PSP games on my PS Vita.

  448. yi qiao liu says:

    congratulations for your recent progress on the vita hacking,and here’s a question:did you try to use the hacked PS3 to get the PSV root?Hope it is a little help.

  449. sk8terboy1009 says:

    There is no vhbl software for the newest up date on vita can plez make new software for 3.30

  450. david says:

    when will come the vhl and some exploit for 3.30?

  451. Naoko Minamoto says:

    Wish the next vulnerable game is a cheap one (╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻

  452. Sett@ says:

    really looking forward to 3.35

  453. Bob says:

    Can I use Prometheus ISO Loader is VHBL to run my PSP backups on my Vita?

  454. MrWinteck says:

    are you going to post a guide for the patapon2 exploit for fw 3.36 soon?

  455. ishen says:

    Arent there any apps free in ps store????????

  456. blue says:

    Is there uno vhbl for PS vita 3.36 if not. How can I make vhbl for uno

  457. theleshmutt says:

    Very new here but have been gaming for around 26 years lol was a very big handheld fan and just recently repurchased a psp 1000 and a vita… Keen to start running some exploits!!! Can’t wait for a new one to be released, so different from the old psp days of hacking but if it’s one thing I remember is that u have to be patient :) I just ran the ninjahax on the 3DS but… Homebrew for the 3DS has a long way to go :) very excited to have found this site :))))

  458. Victor says:

    3.50 please exploit in need!

  459. Neuro says:

    How to install vhbl on ps vita 3.35

  460. neuro says:

    does vhbl run on 3.50

  461. neuro says:

    i am looking for pool hall pro in psn store but i didn’t find it

  462. neuro says:

    i am looking for pool hall pro in psn store but i didn’t find it

    do we need exploit game????????????

  463. X says:

    Which games are suitable for use with vhbl now?

  464. X says:

    There vhbl for firmware 3.51???
    somebody please help me!!!

  465. renald says:

    thank u , i wait for try this!!

  466. Murfy116 says:

    Does it work on higher firmwares like 2.52?

  467. Murfy116 says:

    Does it work on higher firmwares like 3.52?

  468. wololo says:

    Yup. Another billion visits and I can take an early retirement in about 400 years. Seriously though, when the release happens hopefully it will become clear to you why it happened this way.

  469. KabbourBoy says:

    Well Said wololo, keep working and no marcy for the viruses

  470. neuro says:

    does it need an exploit game

  471. neuro says:

    Does it need an exploit game or savedata

  472. X says:

    thank you for answer me. as well clear?

  473. Jacky-D says:

    Morals and justification aside, running commercial roms in emulators IS STILL PIRACY. Piracy is determined by law, not “i owned them as a kid on a cart, it broke, and so now i should be allowed to own the rom” justification.
    Don’t get me wrong, I play them too, but it still is piracy.

    You chose pac-man as an example. People are in fact still selling the original pac-man rom in many forms. The exact same compiled source code. Namco owns the rom and Midway releases it in the USA in many formats. These may be a joystick you plug into your TV with it embedded on a chip, or some MIDWAY CLASSICS console or PC release. Many of these types of releases use the same source code. This goes for many games.

    Even if a game isn’t “obtainable” any more, it is still classified as piracy to have the rom. Even if you owned the cart, or even if you still DO own the cart, it is piracy to own the rom unless you dumped that rom yourself from your own cart (and even then, it’s a legal gray area in many cases).

    Emulators are awesome, but don’t inform the masses that it is legal when it most definitely is not.

  474. Aaron says:

    No it isn’t. If you own a physical copy of the game, then it is perfectly legal to own a backup copy of any sort. Get your facts straight and maybe next time you won’t be ignored as a dolt. Is it really that hard to do a little research to prevent yourself from sounding dumb?

  475. Sin says:

    people are rude, impatient, and refuse to read ALL the given information. its sad @fabian hasnt walked into traffic for failing to read street lights

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  54. March 31, 2012

    […] FirmwareHalf-Byte LoaderVita HBLWagic/Talk ForumsHomebrewsContactSubscribe to feedjQuery(document).ready(function(){var […]

  55. April 2, 2012

    […] FirmwareHalf-Byte LoaderVita HBLWagic/Talk ForumsHomebrewsContactSubscribe to feedjQuery(document).ready(function(){var […]

  56. April 3, 2012

    […] FirmwareHalf-Byte LoaderVita HBLWagic/Talk ForumsHomebrewsContactSubscribe to feedjQuery(document).ready(function(){var […]

  57. April 7, 2012

    […] people have asked me to test some homebrews on VHBL. Although I cannot test every single version of every single homebrew, I tested a few things. For […]

  58. April 8, 2012

    […] FirmwareHalf-Byte LoaderVita HBLWagic/Talk ForumsHomebrewsContactSubscribe to feedjQuery(document).ready(function(){var […]

  59. April 9, 2012

    […] been busy recently, trying to help many people porting their PSP Game exploits to VHBL. As I worked on this for the past weeks, it has become a bit clear to me that Motorstorm Arctic […]

  60. April 14, 2012

    […] FirmwareHalf-Byte LoaderVita HBLWagic/Talk ForumsHomebrewsContactSubscribe to feedjQuery(document).ready(function(){var […]

  61. April 15, 2012

    […] FirmwareHalf-Byte LoaderVita HBLWagic/Talk ForumsHomebrewsContactSubscribe to feedjQuery(document).ready(function(){var […]

  62. April 15, 2012

    […] di Wololo dove troverete la versione aggiornata del VHBL per EveryBody’s Tennis—LINK e […]

  63. April 17, 2012

    […] FirmwareHalf-Byte LoaderVita HBLWagic/Talk ForumsHomebrewsContactSubscribe to feedjQuery(document).ready(function(){var […]

  64. April 17, 2012

    […] get LameCraft working on the Vita, you’ll first have to download the Vita Half Byte Loader (VHBL) which is an open source Homebrew Loader for the PSP and Vita. It allows the playing of […]

  65. April 17, 2012

    […] Hey everyone, quickly showcasing the work in progress for VHBL‘s port to thecobra’s exploit. To be honest, thecobra’s really done most of the work here, and […]

  66. April 18, 2012

    […] and wth(a.k.a. Yosh) to run unsigned code (homebrews) on the PS Vita, which led to the release of VHBL, a piracy-free homebrew loader for Sony’s new handheld. Sony quickly removed the games from their […]

  67. April 20, 2012

    […] hackers that are already running programs like the Vita Halfbyte Loader through the exploit don’t have to update to the new, patched firmware, they won’t be […]

  68. April 20, 2012

    […] hackers that are already running programs like the Vita Halfbyte Loader through the exploit don’t have to update to the new, patched firmware, they won’t be […]

  69. April 20, 2012

    […] hackers that are already running programs like the Vita Halfbyte Loader through the exploit don’t have to update to the new, patched firmware, they won’t be […]

  70. April 21, 2012

    […] hackers that are already running programs like the Vita Halfbyte Loader through the exploit don’t have to update to the new, patched firmware, they won’t be […]

  71. April 21, 2012

    […] hackers that are already running programs like the Vita Halfbyte Loader through the exploit don’t have to update to the new, patched firmware, they won’t be […]

  72. April 21, 2012

    […] hackers that are already running programs like the Vita Halfbyte Loader through the exploit don’t have to update to the new, patched firmware, they won’t be […]

  73. April 21, 2012

    […] hackers that are already running programs like the Vita Halfbyte Loader through the exploit don’t have to update to the new, patched firmware, they won’t be […]

  74. April 24, 2012

    […] 上記のURLからダウンロードできます。   •Super Collapse 3 (up to firmware 1.67)   •Motorstorm Arctic Edge (Motorstorm Raging Ice) (up to firmware 1.61)   •Everybody’s Tennis (Minna No Tennis) (up to firmware 1.61) 上記のようなところをクリックしてください。 Amazon(アマゾン)なら 送料無料ですぐに出荷されます!    着払いもできて安心!! […]

  75. April 24, 2012

    […] Den Download des VHBL für Super Collapse 3 auf der PS Vita 1.67 gibt es hier. […]

  76. April 24, 2012

    […] unauthorised program is the Vita Half-Byte Loader by Wololo. It’s an open source homebrew loader that enables fan-made games and applications […]

  77. April 25, 2012

    […] will not be able to run VHBL. But we are regularly bringing more exploits to VHBL, so stay tuned on this page for further […]

  78. May 11, 2012

    […] FirmwareHalf-Byte LoaderVita HBLWagic/Talk ForumsHomebrewsContactSubscribe to feedjQuery(document).ready(function(){var […]

  79. May 13, 2012

    […] FirmwareHalf-Byte LoaderVita HBLWagic/Talk ForumsHomebrewsContactSubscribe to feedjQuery(document).ready(function(){var […]

  80. May 13, 2012

    […] known, here’s what I can tell you: The only publicly available hack for now on the Vita is VHBL, which runs in User mode, inside the emulator sandbox. Davee has access to a kernel exploit that […]

  81. May 20, 2012

    […] FirmwareHalf-Byte LoaderVita HBLWagic/Talk ForumsHomebrewsContactSubscribe to feedjQuery(document).ready(function(){var […]

  82. May 26, 2012

    […] FirmwareHalf-Byte LoaderVita HBLWagic/Talk ForumsHomebrewsContactVHBL Contest: 167$ to win!Subscribe to […]

  83. June 1, 2012

    […] need one of the exploitable games (we’ll release new ones soon enough) in order to run HBL.Download VHBL here3. Open CMAStill need to introduce this? Open CMA is Virtuous Flame’s tool that allows you to […]

  84. June 13, 2012

    […] Custom FirmwareVita CFW?Half-Byte LoaderVHBLWagic/Talk ForumsDownloadsContactVHBL Contest: 167$ to win!Subscribe to […]

  85. August 30, 2012

    […] on Aug 30, 2012 in Action | 0 comments So, how cool is that? Less than 48 hours after we thought VHBL was locked out for good, we’re back on our […]

  86. September 12, 2012

    […] on the VHBL page, as […]

  87. September 17, 2012

    […] o VHBL. Waldeir MarquesTwitter / Outros Posts No ramo do entretenimento eletrônico à 6 anos, não […]

  88. September 19, 2012

    […] the latest PS Vita firmware update is a “security release” which will prevent you from runningVHBL through Monster Hunter. It still remains to be confirmed if all games of the series have been […]

  89. October 8, 2012

    […] Get VHBL for your user exploit (for example, VHBL for Monster hunter if you have Monster Hunter and are running on 1.80). The purpose of this step is not to get VHBL, but to get the exploited savegame for your game. VHBL is actually not used at all in this process. […]

  90. November 20, 2012

    […] Kernel exploit in the psp emu, which would mean we are back to user mode exploits (understand: VHBL) for a little while, but the status of the Kernel exploit still needs to be confirmed […]

  91. December 13, 2012

    […] that is what’s “hacked” right now. How much control do you have of the Vita when you use vHBL? Almost none. On the PSP itself, games are “sandboxed” (meaning some other process tells it […]

  92. March 28, 2013

    […] for Vita 2.06 on the Apache Overkill exploit can be downloaded from the VHBL page, as usual. The page also contains explanations on how to run the exploit and install homebrews. […]

  93. February 15, 2014

    […] VHBL […]