TN Hen

On this page you will find information on Total_Noob’s Hen for OFW 6.20. Download links are available below. You can also check the TN Hen FAQ, and all our articles about the Hen, in the TN Hen category.

The latest version is 6.20TN-E


TN Hen E. This archive contains all you need to run the Hen. (or alternate link here)


– unzip the Hen archive (download above) at the root of your memory stick
– Go to the “Game” section in your PSP menu, and Run the Hen
– That’s it!

Older releases

  • TN Hen D + Fix (This is TN Hen D plus a last minute fix provided by Total_Noob!). This archive contains all you need to run the Hen. (or alternate link here)
  • TN Hen C. This archive contains all you need to run the Hen. (or alternate link here)
  • TN Hen B.This archive contains all you need to run the Hen (Patapon savegame, HBL, and TN Hen) except the patapon 2 Demo. (or alternate link here)
  • TN Hen A (includes UO PSP3000 Patch by VFlame). (or alternate link here)
  • TN Hen A (original release from pspgen)
  • More information

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    750 Responses

    1. adminserver says:

      No content of it?

    2. ???? says:

      all deleted?

    3. smile says:


    4. TN says:

      i need to6.20TN

    5. Breeze says:

      ?????????6.20???? ?????? ??????

    6. Alex says:

      hope him don’t disappoint us~Hen for 6.20………..sigh………….

    7. name says:

      where is download link?
      i can´t find it anywhere.

    8. zhitaku~ says:


      hey?the guy in third floor.chinese is not geilivable for them,english is better.(sentence written in chinese way)

    9. zwlah says:

      give me 6.20TN!

    10. yao says:

      the good faith is the most important to one man, even if this is only for hobby. I’m looking forward to the Christmas Day.

    11. ??? says:

      If Christmas still don’t release a 6.20 TN, you can really fail in promise


    12. 4234 says:


    13. 4234 says:


    14. mineme says:

      We all need 6.20HEN I think though my PSPGO is 5.70. But I have the 6.20 updatepack. So, please how can we run the ISOs on PSPGO?

    15. ?? says:

      Hope you can continue your 6.20 work instead of make 6.35 spend long time??????,???…

    16. vies says:

      Keep you words

    17. Lester says:

      hope he kips his promise

    18. Tired says:

      Well, just wait for another “Xmas”.

    19. jeff says:

      wololo is die!

    20. mineme says:

      Please, we just put our hope in you.

    21. wofe says:

      ok, 6.2TN keep work

    22. wofe says:

      i can’t wait .please

    23. Han says:


    24. bluegoon says:

      Help us Total Noob, you’re our only hope…

    25. ?? says:

      ?????-?- ??????

    26. ?? says:

      Hopehopehopeyou can keep your work!and give us a download link in Xmas.

    27. tonendjoy says:

      TN Great God, is made or not made, or delay, to a message the pictures!

    28. a fat boy says:

      oh,guy! I can’t wait! Please be quickly! Thanks!!

    29. baidu says:

      ??????COME ON!?????

    30. ?????? says:

      ????? ???????


    31. tonendjoy says:

      TN to speak out ah! The word around the world waiting for you

    32. NZ_bird says:

      no matter how late it release, quality is very important & dont make the auther angery, if he not give the HEN, Sony will be very happy.

    33. tonendjoy says:

      had a go, that there is a great pear

      Fast break it … …

    34. liu says:

      When will it come to us!!!!!

    35. ??? says:


    36. Jay says:

      Release 6.20TN .Many people wait for it .Please !!!!

    37. ??? says:

      Support you. Hope I don’t let us down before Christmas, looking forward to give everyone a good news. Everyone’s bottom.

    38. Freedom says:


    39. ccxv says:

      When cracked release, English is so bad that can read cannot write
      Sorry, I am using a translation, machine

    40. ?? says:

      Count down for HEN6.20 ???????

    41. ?? says:

      ??????????, ??????!

    42. just wait says:

      I just wait for your good news about 6.20TN! Come on!!!

    43. sandy jt says:

      i need you 6.35

    44. china says:

      come,come! i cannot wait

    45. livins says:

      give me 6.20TN!
      give me 6.20TN!
      give me 6.20TN!
      give me 6.20TN!
      give me 6.20TN!
      give me 6.20TN!
      give me 6.20TN!
      give me 6.20TN!
      give me 6.20TN!

    46. ?? says:


    47. Lester says:

      still waiting ^_^ hope it come soon……..

    48. Sandy says:

      dear god!please help us to release the psp3000 6.20! i wanna play the monster hunter,so thank u a million!we are always by ur side!i an a chinese psp player

    49. ?? says:

      Just wanna play gundam vs gundam and assault strike…

    50. ??? says:

      ??????????????6.20HEN ????????????????????????????????????????

    51. ccxv says:

      Never lose the trust that people, had left himself without that they can emit, and promised to release to have a done a terrific job I'm sorry, I used the translator

    52. yea says:

      lastt 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 days…… THANKS TN_NOOB anD ALL THE HACKERS

      psp3000 6.20-

    53. nightcraver says:

      i am seriously beginning to doubt all the fuss over this so called hen. first of all, there is no evidence that it will once and for all put an end to all hbl compatibility issues. second of all, one wonders why of all the hackers involved, directly or indirectly with hbl, only one, ie. only this TN guy is able to make a hen. this is actually quite a put off for me, cause the only lone wolf who was ever able to achieve real break throughs was dark alex, and he was bought off (i.e. he was that good that sony felt the need to personally pay him off of all the hackers off). where i come from , delays and put-offs are a sure sign of failure. whenever a government delays release of election results, ppl go balistic, why do you think that is? because delays are a sure sign of trouble, in any field, be it politics ,computers , science, medicine even gaming and arts.

      so in conclusion, i say this to you TN , wherever you are , whoever you are, i know you have failed to do whatever it is you claimed to have done, and now you are trying to buy time with empty promises. don’t get me wrong, i am not saying you haven’t brought about a major improvement in hbl on some level (e.g. your hack may help to avoid the annoying patapon song stage of hbl loading), i’m sayin your hen is probably not actually a hen in that everything will be just the same as it is now (i.e what works now, will obviously work with your hen, but things that don’t work now will never work even with your hen, defeating the purpose of a hen). when an app crashes, even while runnin your socalled hen, it will still be back to the annoying patapon song and 35 second wait at mininimum. i am just criticisin you for creating unfounded hope and basking in the spotlight which comes with it.

      in the end, your claim that you are delaying release to enable support for other firmwares is bogus, because there is no harm in just releasing things as you make them, in just the same way as hbl is released. along the way to r109, there were many duds , i can tell you for sure, but imagine what would have happened , if wolo and crew had waited until r109 to release?? besides, who can guarantee that your so called hen will even be bug free and work on all psp models.????

      • guywithnoname says:

        You have like no clue how difficult and time consuming stuff like making a HEN is do you? Wololo has said himself that he isnt advanced enough to do something like a HEN, check the hacking tutorials page. Aside from that, TN hasnt changed the 6.20 release date, its still before Christmas. 6.35 however, we dont know, but he only promised 6.20 in the first place. You say where your from this kinda thing(delays and such)means failure, well maybe thats so, maybe your making *** up, either way, its not like that everywhere. He never did say it would work on every firmware, and there are videos showing the HEN running on a pspGO and another(not sure what model)but I’d assume that if it runs on pspGO, itl run on older models. Finally, it should clear up atleast most hbl issues, because hbl is a user mode exploit that can load code for homebrews. Some of which dont work because they need kernal access. Since a HEN patches something in ram, rather than running and then running other things in ram, it should be alot more stable as all the sony software is running your machine, just patched to not check for signed code. Also, I do believe that hbl is unloaded from the machine when TN-HEN is loaded.

      • Rodin says:

        1. Have you seen the YouTube videos?
        2. Do you know that m0skit0 and Wololo (You probably don’t know who those people are. Your comment proves that you’re a n00b) have confirmed the existence of this HEN?
        3. After passing such a silly comment, are you going to do the honorable thing and avoid downloading and using the HEN when it is finally released?
        4. Are you aware that due to the unavailability of homebrews compatible with FW 5.xx and 6.xx Total N00b has to keep making adjustments to his HEN so fix these compatibility issues? Have you not read his updates?

      • blahblah says:

        you know jack so shut up. the effort and time put in to this HEN if far more than you anticipated. i advise you stop saying sh*t when you know sh*t. TN is a genius, he found an exploit and made a HEN, i dont see many of those these days, noone else does, the dude is a genius, dont say hes a fake and that hes lying. Hes a teen from what i heard, but pretty smart if you ask me. if its not released by christmas eve then you can call him a fake and a liar, ill understand why, but i dont understand why you call him one now.

    54. @nightcraver

      just wait a few hours and then your questions will be answered.

      HEN is about to be released!

    55. @nightcraver

      you must believe me
      my project is real and i have uploaded several youtube videos proving that

    56. zeroko says:

      the one above is the real tn, isn’t it?
      release 6.2HEN, for we can’t wait any more.
      i am excited at the thought of tomorrow.

    57. cryophil says:

      Right now I’m using the HBL and Patapon2 savefile to get homebrews on my psp3001/6.20. From this site (comments about dridri’s openloader/eboot builder), I understood the HBL can’t acess some level of root or to lower level routines.

      So my questions are:

      1. Will TN’s HEN replace the HBL, does it need patapon2 demo to load?

      2. Does HEN give deeper file access because it is a CFW or closer to one?


      • Rodin says:

        1. Here’s how it will work, cryophil. The Homebrew Enabler(HEN) will go into your GAME folder, like any other homebrew. The first time you run it, it won’t run from the XMB directly. So you will load the Patapon demo as usual and run the HEN. It’ll take you back to the XMB, and from then on, you won’t need HBL anymore. You can just load the Homebrew from the XMB like a CFW. You won’t need HBL any more from then onwards. Total Noob has even added a VSH menu to make it seem more like a CFW.

        2. Plug-in support has just been added (Check Total Noob’s blog) so the HEN is pretty much just like a CFW now. Total Noob has even added a VSH menu to make it seem more like a CFW. Hopefully this HEN will pave the way to a true CFW.

        • cryophil says:

          Thanks, Rodin, for the detailed explanation.

          I take it that it essentially emulates CFW and a reset (not suspend) will require loading HEN from HBL again.

          I’m giving a psp to 10yr child for xmas, so this should be fun for him.

          • Rodin says:

            It’s always a pleasure to help. But to clarify one thing, you’ll only need to load the HEN from the Patapon demo once, the 1st time you use it. From then on, the HEN replaces HBL and the Patapon Demo. You can then load homebrew directly from the XMB.(The PSP Home page, so to speak.)

    58. Hank says:

      Release it! i can’t wait

    59. chinese name ??? says:

      ??? ?20??? ??? ??? ??

    60. wzgy says:

      I think you should call yourself cracker, not hacker because hacker means justice!

    61. CityBoy says:

      Do you have preview of the 6.35 HEN or not?

    62. Victor says:

      TN-HEN going to have a way to run ISOs straight from memory stick?

    63. ramiro1398 says:

      yeah im getting a 3000 for christmas one ? for wololo and tn:how will the HEN work cuz in the video it dont go to the hbl menu and can you tell u tell us the instructions for it?

    64. Ty says:

      Release the krakHEN!!!!

    65. Tom says:

      Eagles beat the Giants!!

    66. Frank says:

      Is it December 20th in Germany yet?

    67. mark@philippines says:


      Gud am… Any news for the release of 6.20 TN HEN today? hmmmm.. It might as well tomorrow, on the next day or 24th of 11:59 PM… hehehe,. so excited with this one… 😛

    68. snow says:

      take your time.

    69. DjNeo says:

      I can’t wait!!!! I wanna try it. Good job TotalNoob

    70. ?? says:

      @wololo,,, ?????

    71. Hollander says:

      We’ll find out if it is the real TN… he said wait a few hours so, we’ll see… (I’m just sayin’ this due to all the TN posers that have posted here…)

    72. chinese name ??? says:

      ?????? wololo ??????? ?? ??

    73. shade1232011 says:

      just a few more hrs (if he’s real) wololo is this tn real????

    74. Assault says:

      is the TN Hen gonna be available at the PSP GO(6.35)?? and is it gonna run iso files on it??

    75. Hank says:

      I wanna play GT and Metal Gear Solid

    76. Alex says:

      It is December 20, but no reply TN, I hope that TN will soon release 6.20-TN. Thank you

    77. King says:

      a best wish from china ????

    78. Assault says:

      is the TN Hen gonna be available at the PSP GO(6.35)?? and is it gonna run iso files on it?

    79. King says:

      ????TN????just wait a few hours and then your questions will be answered.
      HEN is about to be released

    80. ?? says:

      My psp3000 because mistaken delete system files now can’t start early indications, not knowing what to do, please help

    81. chinese name ??? says:

      ?? ???? ?? ??????? ??????? ??

    82. lobo says:

      what’s the time now,hurry up~~

    83. chinese name ??? says:

      having lunch ?? ??? ?????

    84. zqy says:

      Hopefully, hen hurry out. Don’t know about Christmas can extend out?

    85. zqy says:

      Thank you very much, Total_Noob ‘s, for PSP3000 do contribution.

      There are 5 days for Christmas, I really hope that you can see the sunshine appear, hoping to see the latest news.

    86. wzgy says:

      What can I do for you?
      I’m a Chinese univercity student.
      I major in math.

    87. China------Feng says:

      I am Chinese, are waiting for god released 6.2 HEN

    88. zqy says:

      also Chinese, I also everyday attention HEN released, just can’t wait. My PSP3000 us $620 has bought 1 years, can only use HBL R – 109 play some simulator. Really want to know what kind of HEN.
      ?????????????HEN???????????????PSP3000 6.20 ????1??????HBL R-109???????????HEN??????

    89. mk3t says:

      I have been waiting for Hen 6.20 since TN gave the Xmas promise.
      Thank God, Thank wololo, Thank TN!
      I will always support you!
      PS: I really like wololo’s Wagic, though it is sometimes quite slow in my psp 3000……

    90. lobo says:

      hey,what’s the time now?

    91. SYCaw says:

      wow~maybe Chinese people are the majority here

    92. MouSe says:

      It’s finally released ! I’m wait for a long time! Thanks TN,Thanks everyone hardly to do for PSP 6.20TN !` Will you released TN-HEN6.20 in December 20?? I turst you know what to do for us!! thank you again by the end!!

    93. Alannel says:

      i am chinese.I just want to thanks TN and wololo?

    94. chinese name ??? says:

      ????????? ?20? ??21?? ??? ????? ??ing

    95. chinese says:

      I’m come from china.
      And i just want to thanks TN and wololo ?

    96. Tn says:

      i can’t wait!!

    97. Milk_LoLo says:

      Dear God,Do You will be in today released 6.20HEN?I am come from china.
      We are now the time here is 8 o ‘clock in the evening,We firmly believe that with you today will give us an answer ,We can’t wait.Because we really have to wait too long,Hope you can grant our!!!Thank you.!

    98. god says:

      I can’t wait …… come on,I’m going crazy

    99. Tololo says:

      release the tn hen.. its 20 now? 21 23 24 for what? if u fix it to 24?

    100. chen says:


    101. TN says:

      ??? ????? ???? ??? ?? ????

    102. ??? says:


    103. Junique22 says:

      im from puerto rico and i am excited for the release

    104. hey when would 6.31 and 6.35 tn hen will comeout

    105. I have exited PSP cracking work? but I am so looking forward to TN. Maybe I can do some Subsequent work for some Chinese.

    106. King says:

      ??????? ???????????

    107. assault says:

      guys does the tn hen works on a pspgo 6.35 firmware? and does it run iso/cso games or any other apps???????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    108. Tom says:

      i hope TN releases a hen for 6.31

    109. assault says:

      guys does the tn hen works on a pspgo 6.35 firmware? and does it run iso/cso games or any other apps?????????????????????????????????????????

    110. King says:


    111. assault says:

      oh i forgot when will be the release of th hen 6.35 on pspgo??

    112. Kiss says:

      ????? ???? ????

    113. Vasanth says:

      @Wololo – Now that we are nearing the HEN release, the number of page hits should have shot across the roof, can you please share whats the percent of increase compared to last week or earlier, just curios 😀 😀

    114. ??? says:

      ???????~~???????????? ????~~

    115. ??? says:

      ????~~ ?????????~~ ????????~~

    116. ???? says:


    117. Symbian?? says:


    118. Mastar Cheef says:

      *Drools* Homebrew in kernel mode! *Drools*

      I want to say a big thanks to total_n00b and wololo for they have forever changed the psp hacking community in a very good way.

      I thank wololo for his HBL which I have been using since the first beta that ran the simplest games ever, but at the same time proved something.

      And I thank Total_n00b for his hard work and dedication to the PSP hacking Community.

      I will download the TN-A the instant I see it on this page.

    119. Tony_Lance says:

      I hope to get the HEN at once.I feel very happy to wait for it.

    120. ??? says:

      ? ?????????24????? ?????????? ???? ???? ????? ????? ??? ???????

    121. Linkster says:

      Bora la TN!!! Lança logo o HEN! Portugal está contigo! parabens pelo optimo trabalho que tens feito!!!

      C’mon TN!!! Release the HEN! The Portugal psp community loves you!!! Congratz for the great job you’ve done!

    122. Makaveli says:

      I’ve visited this site at least a hundred times today waiting to see when the HEN will be released 😀 I hope it’s released today anyways anybody know if it’ll be compatible with CWcheat?

    123. ???? says:

      ??????????The christmas is coming ,merry christmas! TN!

    124. ailuomansi says:

      good guys, i am surprised, well done, you succeed, we are very look forward to TN hen.
      thank you very much,Wololo and TN.

    125. Redfire says:

      People seem to be getting this wrong. Though Wololo has helped immensely, the credit for the creation of the totally awesome Half-Byte Loader goes to m0skit0.

    126. ????? says:


    127. bboy says:


    128. yellow says:

      i was thinking that he wont release it on the 20th but he wont release it on the 24th either i can bet its on the 22th right in the middle of the release date.

    129. Asian-lty says:

      even if TN release the hen we still have to wait for a new cfw to play iso….

    130. psp says:

      I can’t wait longer!!

      thanks wololom,m0skit0 and the other crew!

    131. Platini says:

      Everybody is forgeting about the so called HOMEBREW DOWNGRADER—–is that going to be released to??????will it be the same day as the HEN????

    132. Platini says:

      I Think the HEn will be ready to download one day before Christmas (23rd)……..

    133. Total_Noob says:

      People sorry, but, i Lost my HEN on the PSP and i forget of take backup of my project… :(

      I restart my project from beggining today, please be patient!


      • bob says:

        dont believe this guy. hes not total noob because his name is not clickable.

      • Patto says:

        This total noob do not believe it is false
        Español: No le crean este total noob es falso

      • luck325 says:

        i have been waitingfor a long time,pleas tell me how long it will take?

      • Mastar Cheef says:

        You can also tell its fake because the o’s on noob are not zeros like in his real name.

      • guywithnoname says:

        You and all the other fake tn’s just need to shut up. Its so old and annoying. Also, any real hacker would know that files that are deleted are only removed from the mft(master file table)and can easily be recovered with the right tools.

      • ???? says:

        come on . everybody . fake TN can’t scare us . we just need to wait . because we have waited so long . i think tn will give us the answer in the futures . maybe just one hour ? yes . come on , tn.

      • koSiukaS says:

        How long will it take to make the hen again?

      • YourFather says:

        To return to our topic of the day, the 6.20-A TN (HEN), he should know that just Total_Noob So send us a new version that has debugged. This delay will have played its role and avoided a second release upgrade in less than 24 hours. We will test this new version all day and if everything still works well, it will be online tonight at midnight or twelve hours earlier than planned in order to please everyone.

        (By PSPGEN.COM)

    134. dominic josef shea says:

      total_noob how long will this take?????? because im really waitung for this and also when will 6.31 hen be released?

    135. dominic says:

      total_noob how long will this take?????? because im really waitng for this and also when will 6.31 hen be released?

    136. dominic says:

      sorry for the multiple comments i had spelling errors on first one

    137. King says:


    138. ???? says:

      just wait for a few minus

    139. Mingag says:



    140. yellow says:

      @fake total_noob good one lol.

    141. andrew says:

      lol fake poser, dont believe that fake guy

      this is total noob’s real official blog

    142. Mingag says:


    143. Mingag says:

      Oh, and just to calm you all down, the Wololo and TN here are both fake, so stop crying.

    144. areilly111 says:

      heyy tn can you plz give us the hen

    145. Hollander says:

      Thats just like last night… “just wait a few hours, and you will have answers” or somthing along those lines… It’s been quite a FEW Hours… lol…

    146. Kagero says:


    147. tomendjoy30 says:


    148. ramiro says:

      stupid people how is he going to be fake 1st there is a lot of evidence team gen is envolved so as wololo and his thing says total noob and a website and if you click on it will take to his blog and DONT BELIVE ON THESE PEOPLE WHO ACT BEING HIM CUZ THEY DONT GOT THE ENOUGH SKILLS

    149. ramiro says:

      just wait i bet those fakers are waiting just like us to get their +ta88v2 and 3000 ,psp go hacked

    150. Linkster says:

      Thats so impossible!!! How do we know your the real total noob? He must of had a hard work doing that HEN! he must have buckups!!! right? I hope so :\

    151. Linkster says:

      Thats so impossible!!! How do we know your the real total noob? He must of had a hard work doing that HEN! he must have backups!!! right? I hope so :\

    152. Linkster says:

      Thats so imposible!!! How do we know that you are the real total noob?
      He had so much work doing this HEN! He must have backups!!! Right?

      I hope so! :(

    153. kevin says:

      wololo`s home page had update new information aboout tn hen which said the hen had given to the Gen yesterday and wll be releas soon.wololo????????hen????gen????hen????????????????

    154. Asian-lty says:

      thank god!! gen is working on a new cfw, the new cfw will be release soon

    155. zero says:

      I can’t wait longer!!

    156. no cheat says:

      just wait.this tn is not the real one.WHAT we need to do is wait.maybe the 6:20 tn will be releas soon.

    157. Big Booty Bitches says:

      @Total_Noob Fake and ***!

    158. andrew says:

      Total noob already released TN-HEN yesterday. It’s now just subjected to last minute bug testing at pspgen

      It would come out anytime now :DDD

    159. big_egg says:

      come come come come come come come come come come come come come come come come come come come come come come come come come come come come come come come come come come come come

    160. Sparkz says:

      anyone in living Australia and waiting for this?

    161. Sony Corporation says:

      Good job!Good guys!??????????????????????????????????????

    162. cheat happens says:

      TN HEN is the best christmas present!
      F*ck yea fake TN

    163. ???? says:

      ?????????????come on

    164. TGBUS says:

      ????????????~?????~I am a chinese.And i also have a strong deser to get it.and i believe the 620 gen will come soon.

    165. King says:


    166. Jim says:

      I will wait,but please be quick…

    167. poker says:


    168. psppsp says:

      Does Sony knows about this project??

    169. Zdzich981 says:

      Total Noob did you make Hen for 6.31 or up fw (6.35) :} ??

    170. skwela says:

      lol you all trolled!!! LMAO

    171. kevin says:
      gen had updated .The Hen will release at December 24 12:30

    172. 24 decembre says:

      its coming at 24 decembre

      Date et heure de mise en ligne ?

      La mise en ligne du 6.20 TN-A (HEN) est prévue pour le 24 décembre 2010 à 12h30 (heure française) sur PSPGEN. Nous avons ainsi pensé vous offrir un beau cadeau de Noël un petit peu avant l’heure.

    173. lostjas says:

      says its gonna be out on the 24 on pspgen.
      might be a bad translation.
      i used on

      “The posting of TN-A 20.6 (HEN) is scheduled for December 24, 2010 at 12:30 (French time) on psp.We thought you and offer a nice Christmas present a little early.” ~pspgen

    174. Total_Noob says:

      ok if your in america you will recieve it early so otherwise WAIT!!!!

    175. NC×JP says:

      I just want to know what’s the name ?620tn~hen-a?or620tn-hen-gen-a? GEN work hard ,i believe.maybe on money,not the hen?

    176. kun says:

      6.20?p??????????????Total Noob????

    177. Max says:

      and the time here in alaska?anyone knows?

    178. total noob says:

      hello! The download will release in 1hr.Thankyou for you patient.

    179. John says:

      im in auuustralia, i think i have to wait ten hours longer. maybe i’ll ride my kangaroo into town and just buy a ps3.

    180. caleb says:

      hi just a question with this hen we can create a pandora battery on a psp 3000, with ultrapandora installer

    181. BuaaTalent says:

      Once 6.20HEN released, I will make ISO loader. It it very intresting for me!

    182. Hank says:

      I waited for it 3 months i cant wait anymore

    183. wanou1900 says:

      gift or waiting

    184. evil_iori says:

      is it chrismast already

    185. IAmOsiris says:

      guys, listen up… stop being so impatient, your really acting like little kids wanting your christmas gift early, cause thats exactly what 6.20 TN-A (HEN) is, because its being released on Christmas Eve (As confirmed by… i love the french :-) ) and its gonna be released at 12:30, french time on PSPGen (which is my case would either be 6:30pm on the 23 or 6:30 am on the 24… its most likely the latter.)

      Now guys, i know your gonna still spam Wololo’s site like he has the power to change TN’s decision about the time but know this… since it wont come with a iso loader, how about someone who knows about homebrewing tries to begin working on one, oh and as for people with OFW 6.35… most likely, the first quarter of 2011 is all yours.

    186. Flavio says:

      why this name Wololo? sorry for my bad english

    187. Flavio says:

      I think it’s a very funny name im my country

    188. What time is Eastern Time U.S.A.?

    189. Hank says:

      Wololo, today is 23rd. Could you please release it? Please! Santa can’t hack systems.

    190. Hank says:

      Wololo, you are my only hope.

    191. Hank says:

      Wololo i check your website every two hours, when can you release it?

    192. Asian-lty says:

      the 6.20 hen tn-a might release early(according to TGBus), be patient……

    193. andy lau says:

      it will be release at 12:30 am ,or pm?thank u

    194. Evilpatty731 says:

      Thanks wololo thanks tn keep up the great work 😀

    195. blahblah says:

      umm, its going to be release either by midnight or 12 hours earlier to please everyone and it is a new debugged version sent to pspgen by TN,

      read here for more info

    196. Bin says:

      ?????????Thank you!

    197. Mesa Pen says:

      Thank you very much to Total Noob who create this firmware for me. I like it so much because my PSP is 3001 with 6.20 firmware. Does this firmware support to play ISO or CSO. If it can not I am die because many new ISO and CSO game was out every day how can I do with my psp. I am so stupid to update to 6.20. When you create other firmware to support ISO or CSO game.

    198. ?????? says:



      Hi guys,
      Is here the only place to hack psp in such a world? few comments and a lot of chinese comments in it.It’s like other country is not rich as our great china!
      The luxury like psp you can not afford,so you only have few people have psp.
      Look at our china! Every body have psp,our GDP is second in this world.our house in beijing is so expensive that Bill Gates may be Can not you envy it?
      (all the words above was irony)

      my english is so poor,write this information for you,man.

      LiGang’s Father

    199. ??????? says:

      ?????????3000~ ?????????? ????chinese???????~~

    200. ???? says:

      thanks a lot , t n , we know you paid lots of time to do for 6.20. now , enjoy your holidays ?thanks !

    201. ??????? says:

      ????? ?????? ??????? ??????~~

    202. ??????? says:

      ????????????~~ ???????~~

    203. ??????? says:

      ??????? ?????????
      Bien qu’il ait été écrit en anglais, mais ressemble à tout le peuple chinois
      Even though people write English but seemingly are all Chinese

    204. ??????? says:

      There is a small points need to declare that, Chinese people are all is not to play code-breaking unsolvable game ~

    205. ??????? says:

      ????TN??????????????????TN????????????????psp?????????’TN’?~ ???????????????????????????????~
      Thank you very much in the spare time doing can TN these things, but to tell the truth TN speed is still slow, China tens PSP does not have a players’ TN ‘it ~
      It isn’t, we just lazy just, laziness, wait for, China needs to create ~
      Remercie vivement TN en dehors des heures de classe ces peut faire quelque chose, mais à la vérité TN le rythme des activités ou la PSP lentement dizaines night-clubbers “ne?” un TN ~ que nous n’avons pas paresseux, hélas, hélas, la Chine a besoin de créer à attendre

    206. ??????? says:

      Thank you very much in the spare time doing can TN these things, but to tell the truth TN speed is still slow, China tens PSP does not have a players’ TN ‘it ~
      It isn’t, we just lazy just, laziness, wait for, China needs to create ~
      Remercie vivement TN en dehors des heures de classe ces peut faire quelque chose, mais à la vérité TN le rythme des activités ou la PSP lentement dizaines night-clubbers “ne?” un TN ~ que nous n’avons pas paresseux, hélas, hélas, la Chine a besoin de créer à attendre

    207. hotfc says:


    208. hotd says:


    209. Symbian?? says:


    210. garrei says:

      nearly there! eughh… i havent slept all night and its 5am now… better be worth it.

    211. goodspeed says:

      it’s 2010/12/24 6:24 now,but no download link yet.

    212. Hank says:

      Merry christmas, wololo!

    213. ?? rice says:

      hihihi?is any beautiful girls here? ????you are able to phone my number 13635604709~~~~

    214. Blue King says:

      6.20 TN HEN has been released check PSPGEN.COM Now!!

    215. blahblah says:

      its released

    216. DjNeo says:

      the HEN is out!!! check
      BTW I’m having problems making it run, it crash my PSP ofw6.20 hblr109

    217. Chinen says:

      PSP 3000 ofw 6.2 hbl r109, TN Hen its not working here..

    218. PairADice says:

      For those having trouble installing the HEN, do the following:

      If it crashes on you, create a folder within the hbl folder and name it: GAME

      Once you’ve done that, drag the HEN into the GAME folder and launch Patapon and execute the exploit. Once the HBL menu is done loading, it will take you back to the XMB and it should work.

    219. Tomchen says:

      Expectations from China?

    220. Tomchen says:

      Expectations from China?

    221. samX says:

      i heard tn was working also on a downgrade app so that the ones with the higher ofw of 6.20 can downgrade to 6.20?

    222. sevy_philippines says:

      @wololo,. total noob,. anyone who can give me a solution

      it loads on my psp 3001 hbl 109,.,.
      the system version change to 6.20 tn-A (Hen)
      my mac address change to 00:00:00:00:00:

      but when i tried to start any homebrew,.,.
      it just crash and shut down,.,.

      what is the problem,.??
      does this hen(tn-A) work on psp 300x,.??

      • greenzone_560 says:

        dude mine does the exact same thing!

        ive tried putting it as a direct load from the hbl but it crashed…
        so i was like, ok ill try it in the psp\game folder…..but it still crashes!
        i have a psp 3001 6.20 ofw

    223. Big Booty Bitches says:

      I nearly sh#t my pants when i found out CwCheat works

    224. DMand420 says:

      Thanks Total_N00b and Wololo and everyone else that helped in the development of hbl and TN HEN

    225. plinvot says:

      hola yo tambien tengo una psp 3001 y solo una ves arancon los homebrew despues se apago y no agara el hen

    226. Roy says:

      Merry Christmas?

      From China?

      BTW,your Hen can’t work well on PSP 3006 which version is from HK.

    227. xdark says:

      hey could you tell TN to make a fix for the hen please???

    228. HAN says:

      HEN is working on Tekken 6 is not available.

    229. Daniel says:

      When i open the hen on hbl the psp just turns off, hope you can find out if is there any solution! =) and thanks totalNoob for the hen!

    230. akdaj says:

      Access PSN thru 6.20 TN-A (HEN)
      1.)Go to VSH Menu
      2.)Highlight Fake Region
      3.)Select Debug Type I
      4.)Select Restart VSH
      5.)Have fun on PSN and Happy Holidays

      • JeeVeS says:

        Awesome — especially for the PSP Go users (not me: PSP-1003). At least now I can play some demos that I haven’t seen for the past year: LBP levels!!!!!!!!

        Don’t get me wrong though, home-brew FTW!

    231. ??? says:

      Thank you very much TN!!
      This is 1:39 pm in Korea now!^^

    232. Kisos says:

      Very good , working well in my psp 3010 6.20 (dã ^^) the memory leak mensage has apear in the screen , but the hen worked ok ,now lets wait for the ISO loader plugins ^^

    233. Wet250 says:

      When will they come out with a hen for 6.31?????It sucks that i updated i couldve used 6.20 hen dammmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    234. juhen says:

      Hey mate, the TN HEN doesn’t work on my psp 3002.

      I just upgraded it from the original factory 5.70 to 6.20, and I strictly followed your steps, but it still crashes every time I try to load HEN.

    235. blahblah says:

      its already been released for liek 6 hours

    236. Dom says:

      I waited 1.5 years for this.. It’s a shame, it loads alright, I can see on my system setting that the TN hen is loaded. but when I start to load a home brew game my psp 3001 version 6.20 freeze and restart.
      I hope to see an update soon. :) . thanks anyway total_noobs. and thanks wololo I can still use hbl while I am still waiting for something.

    237. jeff says:

      pleze wololo make 6.35 plzzzzzz i beg of you!!!! plzzz!!!!! !!! hbl

    238. Orelldo says:

      yo, it loads up fine and when the HBL is loading it says WARNING: MEMORY LEAK and then it works and puts me back on my psp’s home and when i press select the little menu pops up fine. but i cant load my UMD. even with the Game skip turned off. and then it just crashes, same goes with the Homebrew. just crashes :/

    239. DarkShadow says:

      just go to hbl/hbl_config.txt and write: override_sceloMkdir=-1 and it will work perfectly

    240. Loveya says:

      thanks for putting stuff together, but sadly i tried Picodrive and SNES homebrew on PSP 3004 6.20, both crashed :( :( :(

    241. john says:

      Hey bro.. My psp 3001 is having trouble working the Hen.. It’s like when it start to load the Hen it just freezes and crashes.. But i see theres a new eboot.pbp so ima try that one

    242. fireball says:

      i have psp2004 v5.50 it dose not open after i hbl info appear it come black with my psp turn on . dose i have to upgrade to 6.20 to work ????

    243. Punker69 says:


      Why the original hen works on me?

      i have psp 3000. when i load the HEN it say Memory Leak then
      back to xmb (works Perfectly)

      How to uSE plugins? please Help

    244. fireball says:

      please i tried tha orginal one on psp2004 v5.50 it says incompatible firmwear :'( please help does i have to update to 6.20

    245. nick says:

      working g8 on my psp 3003 ……..waiting for iso plugin 😀

    246. blahblah says:

      okay, so i got it to load a hellcats cfw recovery flasher to start with the HEN but then it crashes after displaying, “loading…..” is there something im missing? or is it that the homebrew isnt compatible? or should i use another version of it?

    247. itoddx86 says:

      I own Every modle of PSP they all works so thats great i found 1000-3000 hen can be booted from psp/game/hen/eboot but the psp go’s can only boot hen from HBL/Game/eboot So nice to see that dark alex name was mentioned in the read me Dark Alex Is The king Of the psp scene

    248. Tony says:

      It works!!!!!!!!
      Wololo, Total Noob and everybody that helped realizing this: THANX ALOT!!!! And all a very HAPPY XMAS!

    249. idernice says:


    250. LittleGuy66 says:

      He yguys please help me! How can i enable flash 0 browsing???

    251. evil_iori says:

      thought it would be on 6.30…
      tsk…tsk…. tough luck for me…

    252. D0WNGRAD3 says:

      Hi i’m dissapointed that this doesn’t work for 6.35 sukkiri surely this can be ported to 6.35 at some point?

    253. onemal says:

      First, want to say thank you for you hard work man.
      Maybe you know what is Total_Noob work now. What is he doing? Not only me waiting 6.31 TN-A, or maybe 6.35 + HBL downgrader to 6.20 TN-A.
      What need to waiting now users with 6.31 or 6.35 OFW? And big question when is this plans come true.

    254. sumit says:

      thxx it works try old file thks totalnoob and wololo

    255. noob says:

      i download the hen TN with Patch by VFlame , extract the file in PSP/GAME/HEN , run the demo exploit. choose the hen from HBL and it just show black screen nothing happens, also set from hbl config from 0 to 1 anyone can advise what did i missed?

    256. Jorge says:

      it loads on my psp 3001 hbl 109,.,.
      the system version change to 6.20 tn-A (Hen)
      my mac address change to 00:00:00:00:00:

      but when i tried to start any homebrew,.,.
      it just crash and shut down,.,.


    257. Jorge says:


    258. Foxxer says:

      Same problem.. even with Vflame patch. VSH menu runs, but homebrews not!

    259. Noone says:

      It worked now! Thanks, Wololo! Man, you guys are the best!

    260. noob says:

      @Noone how did it worked?? please tell me!

      • Noone says:

        I downloaded the TN Hen A (includes UO PSP3000 Patch by VFlame). Then I replaced the hbl folder (all of it) and h.bin file in my psp memory root and replaced the patapon’s savedata for the new one – all available on the new file wololo just posted. Then I just did as wololo explained!
        Now I’m looking forward to an ISO Loader or, at least, a PSX emulator that works on PSP 3010.

    261. fireball says:

      it works i run 2 homebrew netfront and links , but it crash more than it run 😛

    262. :D says:

      Well, this is me testing out my PSP 3004 with ofw 6.20.

      I start the TN HEN. Press “select” and everything works out fine witht he VSH menu.

      I then head over to the homebrews and it works like a charm.

      GJ Total noob and thanks wololo for the work you’ve put into the HBL.

      Merry Christmas to all.

    263. (|EcLiPsE|) says:

      Its working, but firts try wasn’t working brceause was returing to HBL :)

    264. mineme says:

      Thanks for your present dear wololo.
      But there are still some problems such as ISO support.
      Can this TEN can run ISO documents? Or just waiting?

    265. olon says:

      when they are going to do o finish the 6.31 TN HEN?

    266. shooter4hire says:

      ok guys use the new files above. the new save game (UO PSP3000 Patch by VFlame). wasen’t working for me b4 but i download the files above and it worked. i got PSP 3001. just try the new download on here and see if it works.

    267. mineme says:

      I am thinking about weather to by a PSP2000.
      Because the ISO support is really important.

    268. PIMP says:

      Thank yooooooooooooooooooooouuuuuuuu :)

    269. KOLDMusic says:

      Thank you very much…))

    270. ReaperX says:

      any idea when the version for 6.35 will be released?

    271. toBsucht says:

      I was so close 2 get grey hair now tn(patched) run in the xmb. Keep it rocking particel player run again. btw punker69 has done a nice savegame 2 load 2 different exploids Patapon2/Sukkiri if i start Patapon and load the Sukkiri savegame tn´s-hen run as well as the Patapon2 savegame :)

    272. Brain says:

      Doesn’t work on my 6.31 PSP Go. I waited for nothing.

    273. jlo138 says:

      I have PSP Go with 6.20 and it works just great for me. Here’s a ‘all-in-one’ link if Wololo lets me post it here.
      Megaupload Link

      It is 173MB. It contains NES, SNES, N64, GENESIS/SEGA CD, GB/COLOR, GBA, MAME (sucks) and CAPCOM Emulators all with roms included. It also contains the PATAPON 2 DEMO (custom hbl icon-(not made by me)), SAVE DATA, and HBL Files.

      THANKS to Wololo, Moskito, Total Noob, Dark Alex of course and any others I forgot to mention. We most certainly appreciate all your hard work that you guys have done for us and for free.

    274. Oh Yeah says:

      any compatible homebrews? I downloaded some SNES emu but it just crashed

    275. More Th@n a t0tal_NoOb says:

      Does the TN 6.20 A works? I don’t want it to Ruin my psp 3k.

    276. kirby1997 says:

      What would happen if you attempted using this on the golf exploit on ofw 6.35 psp 3000, would it brick your psp?

    277. Nisimali says:

      Thanks bro..! We´re gonna test it, and if there is any problem, we´re gonna be in touch. Ciao.

    278. Mauricio says:

      My PSP GO just got delivered today… this is great!!! 😀

    279. bandank says:

      @TN HEN thanks so much

      The HEN work Great but still have problm playing UMD, Game Demo stuck on psp game boot n suddenly psp shut off

    280. RCDMK says:

      I have a 3001 with 6.20 and all the files from here.
      Just followed all the steps and it works until a try to get into some homebrew, hen it crashes and shutdown my psp.
      Any ideas?

      • astrongel says:

        make sure that you are using the normal menu and not the one that looks like the xmb in HBL. I had the same problem so then I downloaded the hbl r109 again and it work that time….hope it helps

    281. GreatSage says:

      yeaa,working on 1st attempt psp 3004 ofw 6.20..
      thanks wololo and TN..

    282. Tom says:

      I hope it’s getting ported to 6.31

    283. Toyota! says:

      When you start HEn, to have to pull out a flash card
      To reboot vsh, then to insert a flash card, to load applications, each time to make these actions with a flash card and VSH when it is necessary to restart appendices?

      ???? 3008

    284. fat7i says:

      it is not working on my psp 3000 6.2 what i should do pls tell me

    285. hola says:

      wololo not working the tn hen

    286. brdzoman says:

      i don’t know was it worth waiting this long so we can play same homebrews like we could before?

    287. astrongel says:

      How do you add plugins??

    288. Demshoes says:

      I really hope that us 6.31 people finally get recognized and a port is made

    289. J-Spill says:

      Man this seems so beast but its such a teaser! I have a psp 3000 with OFW 6.31, I’ve heard mixed things, are you porting this to 6.3x?

    290. phenomHUN says:

      Please somebody put a mirror link from the Official TN-A HEN Update

      This is the original link:

      Thanks the help!
      Merry Christmas guys!

    291. Sid Byron says:

      jajaja when i load the hen with my 2gb, works fine, but if i load the hen with my 8GB it crash!!! i tried format my 8GB memory but it was happen the same jajajaja someone knows what is the reason…????

    292. Shion15 says:

      thks Total_Noob and Wololo.

    293. Andrew says:

      Confirming Sid Bryon’s situation: My psp 3001 failed to load TN-HEN unless I used my smaller (1GB) memory stick, as opposed to my 8GB one.

      Problem solved, in this sense, at least

    294. Im a developer thats been hidden for a while and if your having trouble with a 3000 or maybe others click on my name first of all and sign up for an account and so this isnt deleted or flagged here is the method
      1. open patapon and load hen, which will reset your psp.
      2. check HEN is enabled by pressing select and you should see the vsh menu.
      3. remove your mem card.
      4. press select u see the vsh menu and choose restart vsh menu
      5. after psp ram restarts, insert your mem card then go to ur homebrew and click on it and everything should load and it doesent crash and so far works perfectly !!
      6. follow steps 3 & 4 evertime u start a new homebrew.

    295. Daniel says:

      the packcage worked for me! try it!

    296. gobliin says:

      thanks to TN and VFlame! Merry Xmas!

    297. dillon says:

      nothing but crashes on psp 2001

    298. quitowiu says:

      i love you!!! hahahaha ich liebe dich!!! du hast mich so froh gemacht!!!

    299. greenzone_560 says:

      hey if any of you have any psp 3xxx users have any problems with the 6.20 hen then here is the patch!!!!

    300. astrongel says:

      just figure out something on the hen….this helps you so that you don’t have t go in patapon when you shut your psp off.

      here are the steps:
      1. load the hen a homebrew(i’ll choose one that never fails) the home button and then select “pause game”(i bealive that this only works on the psp go)
      4. after it takes you back to the xmb, it’s time to test it out!
      5.shut your psp “go” off “completely.”
      6.turn it back on the paused game
      8.after it loads, do the samething that we did on step 3
      9.when it takes you back to the xmb, press”select” nd if the menu of the tn appears, than you did it right.

    301. uwhie says:

      Please help! i have 2 psp go, one with 6.1x fw, and one with 5.7x fw, when i try to load tn hen on both devices, it always says “incompatible firmware”, i waited so long for the Tn Hen, so please help me find a way on how to run it on my psps, thank u everyone! special thanks to total_noob and wololo and other developers out there! hope i’ll get an answer! thanks!

    302. Reloaded says:

      NOT working for me.

      I do the steps, and I go to the System Information area, and it says I have 6.20 TN-A HEN. But when I load a game (even Patapon 2), it crashes.

    303. JKnasty says:

      yeah! It shoulod be ported to 6.31 and as for the golf exploits i think its really clean on the start up of HBL, There is no need to press any buttons or go through the game menu you just start the game then hbl starts,it’s so easy! I know the compatibility is not quite there but cant that be worked on?
      Honestly hot shots is a cheap game. i don’t see how anyone can complain when it lets you run homebrews! :) I’m Running a PSP-3001 with 6.31
      hotshots golf greatest hits and HBL 109 wmenu 0.3
      i have nesterj ,
      uo snes ruka,
      deadalus R13 (works best for me VS. R14 and deadalusX it doesn’t crash), emumaster,
      picodrive 1.51,
      i have 3 diff gpsp i run kai 33 and 34 and gpsp-J (one will run a rom the other Doesn’t. so i have a mix),
      Zombie Crisis (DUKE NUKEM 3D),
      Guitar Star,
      Zombie Desert,
      and also a few others
      It would just be rad if you could hint to total_noob that alot of us are also using 6.31 and i dont want to risk going to 6.35 or + cause we already have something sweet if i would have known of HBL or Noob when i was on 6.20 i would have waited also. so please and thank you sooooooooo
      much you guys rock everyone’s socks off!!! :)

    304. p—Player says:

      Thank you all and merry Christmas?????????

    305. greenzone_560 says:

      @wololo…can you post the list of compatible plugins plz? thnx in advance

    306. Markyboy says:

      Anyone know if 6.35 in progress?

      And Merry Christmas everyone!

    307. DjNeo says:

      Check this out… if you still have any problem… it was made by me:

    308. yanfengjay says:

      thank you all guys for the nice job.Merry Christmas

    309. gokusi says:

      Thank you sow much, its a very good program this im waiting about 1 year..
      arigato gozaimas

    310. PRC men says:

      merry christmas

    311. Reloaded says:

      NOT working for me.

      I belive I put the HEN in the right folder and all that. I get to the HBL, and I load the HEN. I’m taken back to the XMB (Cross-Menu Bar, or PSP Home). I go to the System Information area, and it says I have 6.20 TN-A HEN. But when I load a game (even Patapon 2), it displays the PSP logo, but doesn’t fade or anything. Then it shuts off.

      I have HBL 109 and a PSP 2001. My START and SELECT buttons are not working for some reason.

    312. kalinep says:

      the plugin psnloverbeta1.2 works on my psp slim 2001 with 6.20 HEN

    313. bazzman_7 says:


    314. samX says:

      im waiting for the 6.30 or 6.35 hoping by that time an iso loader is already made 😀

    315. tabootang says:

      Can you update some news about 620Hen’iso? For example, who work on it? how about the progress of its?

    316. tabootang says:

      & Merry Christmas!

    317. kioshi says:

      yay the hen runs under hbl r107 =D

    318. moonbite says:

      i guess that means there wont be a 6.31TN? no one mentioned it in a while….
      i can wait if theyr gonna make a 6.31 tn but i really dnt wanna update to 6.35 ,the homebrew has worst support

    319. fireball says:

      guys if you want to run any homebrew without psp crash then do this :
      1) get the memory stick out
      2) press select then restart vsh
      3) put the memory stick
      4) enjoy
      you have to do this every time u want to run homebrew 😀

    320. jlo138 says:

      I have PSP Go with 6.20 and it works just great for me. Here’s a ‘all-in-one’ link for you guys/gals.
      Megaupload Link

      It is 172MB. It contains NES, SNES, N64, GENESIS/SEGA CD, GB/COLOR, GBA, MAME (sucks) and CAPCOM Emulators all with ROMS INCLUDED. It also contains the PATAPON 2 DEMO (with custom hbl icon-(not made by me)), HEN SAVE DATA, and HBL Files.

      THANKS to Wololo, Moskito, Total Noob, Dark Alex of course and any others I forgot to mention. We most certainly appreciate all your hard work that you guys have done for us and for free.

      I have tested all the emus except Mame (which sucks) and they all run fine with the exception of N64. Still buggy as it has always been. Exit the emulators properly and it will take you back to PSP Menu so you can then select another homebrew.

      I read that Go users can use the ‘Pause’ function and you then will always be in “HEN” mode even after restarting. I haven’t tested that yet.

      Anyone know of plugins yet and or how to use them for this?

    321. Sony Corporation says:

      Thanks to the people all who worked on this project.
      &Merry Xmas!!

    322. assault says:

      does anyone know whats the email of TN???

    323. Maddeath says:

      Thx to all for grate work!

      BUT, i think we have some shity problem with PSP 3008

      if you want to run any homebrew without psp crash then do this :
      1) get the memory stick out
      2) press select then restart vsh
      3) put the memory stick
      4) enjoy
      you have to do this every time u want to run homebrew

      Any chance what bug will be fixed in future?

      Sorry for my English))


    324. elite says:

      I have psp 3004 with 6.20. Tn hen and the chinese patch don’t work for me. Can any1 help me?

    325. evil_iori says:

      i hope a hen for 6.30 and 6.31 comes out sooner

    326. Crazy says:

      i cant copy EBOOT.PBP to my ms … it show an error: “Error 8x007045D: The request could not be performed because of an I\O device error”
      can someone show me how to fix…
      sorry for my English…

    327. Khairi says:

      One question, should I just switch it off or just make it sleep mode?
      can psp brick with this hen? I want to know some feedback~

    328. garrei says:

      is 6.35 hen gonna be released soon or what? is it gonna use sukkiri?

    329. 5.70? says:

      Doesn’t work on my 3004 with OFW 5.70. Do I have to update to 6.20 first?

    330. WeNkEe says:

      Check this 6.20 TN(Hen) ISO LOADER> > Reply if it works!!!

    331. Ezfxx says:

      Its work perfect!! tested in a PSP 3001 6.20, not at the first time but it work great, it loads the HMBs and the Isos too with the prometeus iso loader, this is a great, really really great christmas gift, you are the men, mi respect to all the team…

    332. Marisa says:

      Really?!I want to know whether I can refresh my PSP3007 6.20 this time.I have waited for it for over 1 year.Please give a simple answer,OK?Thanks

    333. Jake Ladley says:

      the iso loader is released!!!!!

      i tested it myself and it works!
      what a crimbo!

    334. Good says:

      Amazing ! I’m very much grateful for tn-hen , bless you all for the effort you guys put in ! 😀

    335. Acid says:

      ISO support for Tn-hen is finally here Prometheus ISO loader from works like a charm just put the loader in psp-game and create a folder in the root of the mem card and name it ISO and thats where you put the iso images. Tested with assassin’s creed blood lines. Enjoy everyone and have a merry christmas and a happy new year!!!!

    336. Someone from Poland says:

      I do not want to be pushy, but if TN is already working on 6.35 Hen / Downgrader 6.36-6.20?
      Because I have a soft 6.35, and I envy my friends who have already HEN…

      PS. sorry for mistakes, but I translate it from Polish using Google Translate.

    337. ?? says:


    338. dfs says:

      just figure out something on the hen….this helps you so that you don’t have t go in patapon when you shut your psp off.
      here are the steps:
      1. load the hen a homebrew(i’ll choose one that never fails) the home button and then select “pause game”(i bealive that this only works on the psp go)
      4. after it takes you back to the xmb, it’s time to test it out!
      5.shut your psp “go” off “completely.”
      6.turn it back on the paused game
      8.after it loads, do the samething that we did on step 3
      9.when it takes you back to the xmb, press”select” nd if the menu of the tn appears, than you did it right.

    339. horac says:

      Hi I have one problem…after install HEN everithing run’s well but now when I try PSP sleep the green light starts blicking and after that turn off…I think the problem is in HEN…where are data of HEN ?in flash? because if I restore PSP and format card and copy new data of hen the previous changes are save…like region, cpu speed…thx for help

    340. me0wme says:

      i have news about iso loader ,a iso loader i just downloaded one day after the release of hen,and its working on my pspgo the version of the loader is only 0.1,, can i post it here wololo???

    341. uwhie says:

      guys! help! i need to update my psp go to 6.20, i have a 6.10 now and i can’t tn hen a to work, can’t install it with my psp’s firmware, please give me a download link of 6.20 firmware for psp go n1000, thanks in advance!

    342. Twc88 says:

      sorry to ask dumb question wololo……is total noob going to create tnhen for the firmware 6.30?or is he doing the downgrader for firmware 6.35?

    343. ISah says:

      I got a PSP 3010 and it worked… now I try to run the ISO loader… and it just would reinitiate…. u have any clues on that?

    344. angry says:

      I was ON 6.20 forever.

      ….and then I saw this:

      I upgraded to 6.31 like a ***.

      Jokes on me now.

    345. Cobalt Coup says:

      Wow… such BULLCRAP!

      The HEN “installs” fine, and I return to the XMB. But NO GAMES work at all. NOT EVEN ORIGINAL GAMES! And no replies YET from the creator about this…

      My START SELECT buttons also don’t work for some reason.

    346. swarif says:

      I can hen my PSP with the Vflame patch,but it crashed when I ran homebrews,who can help me.~~~~~~(my PSP is psp-3006,made in china)

    347. Alex says:

      Yes,finally i can play psp iso game~~~

    348. Pacrat says:

      Can we delete the Patapon Demo after we got the HEN or do we still need it everytime to load the HEN? I turned off my PSP and the Hen menu didn’t come on. I know I am a Noob.

    349. h-carlos says:

      the iso loader is already done and ready to dounload…playing dantes inferno right now on psp 2000 with the hen and the iso loader( iso loader by liquidzigong) download from

      =D happy ney year guys enjoy ur game backups…isos XD

    350. querbin says:

      guys i need sister just gave me a psp3000 6.20 and i really dnt know wat to do to play iso and a totally newbie and this is my first time to have a psp..could you please give me instruction to what to do first or sites that have tutorial..i already do a research but i couldnt understand..please help..i just want to enjoy my psp…thanks in advance..

    351. Patrik says:


    352. Patrik says:


    353. kain says:

      i have on Quiston.
      Come the hen also for 6.31?
      sorry for bad english

    354. bandank says:

      Thanks Total Noob, Thanks Liquizidhong, Thanks wololo Hen N iso Loader Working now, waiting for patch HEN which never require ejecting memory card n resetting vsh each time for using homebrew

    355. wenkee says:

      HELLO! MERRY CHRISTMAS. ISO LOADER HAVE BEEN RELEASED. Go to to download it. And for the tutorial.

    356. Jorge says:


      The way around is…..instead of take out your memory stick and reset the VSH on the HEN for PSP 3001 whit 6.20 OFW every time you want to choose a emulator or the ISO loader tool…

      1_All you need is to have a UMD inside of your PSP

      Every time you need to play any emulator or watever…run the UMD and go back to the XMB or main screen of the PSP and select your favorite emulator.

      That is you don’t have to take out no more your memory stick and reseting every time the VSH..well at least till some body work on the fix to all this.

      • Dmitriy says:

        Actualy it not help for me.. Then Im trying to launch UMD it turns of my psp like as I running home brew.. Dont know what to do-(

    357. Patrik says:

      jorge i have psp fat 1004 …

      • Jorge says:

        I just found that if you have 1MG Memory stick the HEN Works fine on PSP 3001 whit 6.20 OFW but if you used a 2G or more the HEN Stop working as normal then you have to reset and take out your memory stick and all of that.

        to…Patrik …Tray to take out your memory stick an reset the VHS like the other’s do…and make sure you have the HEN that is Pach…or fix…and a 1G Memory stick.

    358. nightcraver says:

      you see i don’t want to say I told you so but I was right in the end. he did fail and the hen performance for psp 3k users is actually worse than hbl r109. i am actually still using r109. frankly, i was wrong. the patapon song/30s+ wait wasn’t really that annoying. this hen is much more annoying.

      i wasn’t calling TN a liar. i was just sayin that he shouldn’t make promises he cant keep, or allow his project to create unfounded hope. really i’m one of his fans like everybody else blahblahblah . sorry forgive me counldn’t resist dat last joke esp since you used a lot of inapropriate lingo in your reply

      i think i can rest my case. in fact its even worse than i thought. some things actually work better with r109. and for 3k owners(i’m one of em) its not stable at all. also things that didn’t work before such as prx files the same is true now, even for owners of the models that have apparently receive well the so called hen . so in other words i was right about the delays. after all the real TN also replied to my post (i think so, could be wrong)

      i’ll have you know that i did download the hen just to see that i was right in my suspicions. you should also know that i’m still using r109 thank you very much

      all this having been said i want to congratulate and thank team wololo and TN and everyone involved in this project, which is far from over. i wasn’t being harsh on TN . i respect the man. he’s certainly a genius. I was just saying that he shouldn’t have created unfounded hope. its as i said before. the delays and promises were unnecessary , because he couldn’t guarantee the compatibility of the HEN. in the end he will still have to release and revise just like with hbl, that is if he is still interested but i am very happy for the model owners for whom it works well

      i just want to say in advance that those who choose to reply, plz keep the swear words to a minimum:)

    359. evil_iori says:

      i hope TN makes a hen for 6.31 or 6.35,i am stuck in playing demos on my 6.30..what a big looser i am
      all i want is to play a game…

    360. evil_iori says:

      still hoping a release for 6.3xx

    361. erick says:

      i have the problem of it freezing and shuting of when i press R.
      i have done what the instructions say i extract the files to my MP_root
      then pasted the save data to the save_data folder then run patapon but do i nid a HEN folder in my psp/game/ ?

      • wan87 says:

        put the hen on your ms root/hbl/game/hen……. easy to boost up the tn a (hen) if u dun’t have the game folder in hbl than make one…… good luck…

      • ReaperX says:

        Not MP_ROOT. Extract the files to your drive letter. Like my drive which is F:. Just click extract and highlight your drive and click OK or EXTRACT.

      • antonio says:

        email me i will give u an easy installer and some homebrew games

      • clockdryve says:

        You put the (unzipped) HEN folder on ROOT of memory location…just same area as the h.bin and hbl folder/file (also unzipped). You will also need to make an ISO folder on the ROOT (put your ISO’s in it). Are you using the newer updated version of the patapon exploit (updated 11/14/2010)? The only thing you need in the GAME Folder is the DEMO of Patapon2 (inside it’s unzipped folder), besides your emulators and roms and Official PSN Games. What kind of PSP do you have?

      • greenzone_560 says:

        you need to specify what kind of ofw(6.2x-6.3x) and nwat kind of psp u have…i had the same problem with it, so i took everything out and formatted the memory stick..then i downloaded the latest savedata and hbl r109 and it worked like a charm!!! first try to get the hbl to work then u can ask about HEn.

      • naivaz says:

        If you at least know how to run the HBL patch then you are close…
        1. run HBL…
        2. Then run the HEN through HBL like any other home brew…
        note: When run successfully, it will take you to the XMB… normal psp screen. Press select. you will now get the vhs menu

        take out your memory stick the select “restart vhs” from vhs menu
        while the psp appears the to be restarted…put the mem stisck back in.
        now you can run any home brew from your xmb.

        Total_Noob & all the othe other who work on this are HERO’s in the PSP world. Cant waitfor the first update… Thaks guys, & I wish you all a happy new year.
        Important… restart vhs before loading any or each home brew.

        “prometeous iso works” just restart the vhs befor loading each iso.

      • toBsucht says:

        i got the same problem with 1 of 2 ms Photofast cr-5200 4gb-sdhc class 4 working. Sandisk ProDuo 512mb freeze if i run any hb. I use patched hen.
        Ms trick doesn´t work :( PsP3004 hbl109.

    362. erick says:

      im using psp slim 3001 v6.20
      my problem is it freezes when i R
      i have done what the instructions say and it still wont run need help T_T

    363. rafael says:

      When going out to TN for OFW 6:35 HEN?

    364. Felps1978 says:

      It works!!!!!!!!!!!!

    365. xcv says:

      does TN Hen work on PsP GO

    366. Hi !!!!! My name is david and just the TN quierodecir HEN A is the best thing for these machines, and I hope that everyone who comes out a 6.35 system for this version!


    367. demonhunter says:

      I hope you will find ways to save those in dispair of having 6.35 firmwares :) other than that, I am using your HEN and it definitely rocks. compare to the first version of chikHen, this one is easier to initiate and no need for luck to work… i just read your instructions and got 100% success… thank you so much,,, you are the man. two thumbs up…

    368. Jorge says:


      1—–If you use a Sony Memory Stick produo 1G or more G’S..You have to Reset the VHS and take out your memory from the psp.

      2—-if you use any other brand like LEXAR (The one i have 1G) The HEN Works fine..i don’t have to reset or take out anything.

      I hope this is fix….
      just keep this in mind if you want to buy a 32G Sony memory stick.

      • Asciito says:

        First at all , I just want to thanks for the patapon exloit but 6.20 TN-A (HEN) does not work for me. I can see and change settings with the select button in VHS Menu, but when try to run gpSP or CPS2PSP or Guitar Star, the PSP crash and I have to load the HEN again. I’ll try the procedure from Jorge:
        First reset the VHS Menu then I take out my memmory stick pro duo 2GB, but anything that try tu run go crash.

        I must to say that I’ve have 6.20 OFW, but It has not the comic’s reader button (+). Any help please, I just want to try TN-A HEN.

      • Videl says:

        This is not true. There are some Sony Mark 2 MS that works with problem and there are some not Sony MS that need to do the trick to work properly.

    369. Storm2010 says:

      Ok wololo noone seriously has considered Sedna? Do you even think its compatible with TN-A or wat? Or can it be modified to become compatible?

    370. Waiting2Exhale says:

      Another vote for 6.31 downgrader and/or HEN.

      It’s hard to describe the feeling having to stand outside and watch the party going on inside. Even if TN or somebody could just give us a hint that something is coming.

      My BIGGEST fear however, is that sony will patch up ALL of the demos and holes for people who are already on 6.3xx and we are left with nothing.
      Many people are just purchasing their systems and their fw is already upgraded to 6.3x

      Particularly, PSP GO owners will be hurt the most. Like right now, PSP GO owners are the MOST happy by TN’s 6.20! It represents total FREEDOM.

      Please free the rest of us prisoners who are chained to 6.3x as well!

      Is the clock ticking for us?

    371. juan321 says:

      @wololo and total_noob
      thanks for the TN-A(HEN) its really great
      but when TN’s going to put news about the TN-B(HEN) that will be awesome if he can fix the problem with the memory in the psp 300x and 2010
      please put some news ^^

    372. Shugarl says:

      Does this work on PSP 3001 5.20 or do i have to update? if a have to update can any one kind enough to post a link and Thank You in advance!

    373. Pete says:

      Ummm, this may be a stupid question, but do I need a memory stick to do this? I bought a PSPgo just now, and I was under the impression I could use the internal memory to do this stuff, but for some reason, I can’t even run the official 6.20 firmware update (which is required for HEN) when I copy it to PSP/Game folder, it just shows up as corrupted data…help?

      • Pete says:

        Ahh, forget this. I browsed around for a bit, and apparently internal memory generally works better for this than a memory stick, so, I should be good. Still, no idea why my PSPgo can’t run the official 6.20 firmware update from PSP/Game…guess I’ll try loading up halfbyteloader and running the update as homebrew.

        • Pete says:

          Well, I can run HBL just fine, but I still just CANNOT run the damn 6.20 firmware update 😀

          Any ideas as to why?

          • clockdryve says:

            What is the firmware version on your PSP Go? What does it say when you try to update? You do know that the PSP Go uses a DIFFERENT update than a normal PSP right? Waiting for your responce.

            • clockdryve says:

              Here is a link to version 6.20 PSP Go update. Will need to be unzipped I’m sure. Remember to have your PSP fully charged (or near to it) or plugged in to complete the update. Let us know if you are successful.

            • clockdryve says:

              Ooops, here’s the link This is PSP Go Firmware 6.20 (official) update.

            • Pete says:

              No luck, when I unzip it (or unrar, to be more specific) and copy the folder inside to PSP/Game, it shows up as “corrupt data” in XMB. The funny thing is, even my already modded PSP-2004 shows it as corrupt data…

              I’m running on firmware 5.70 (one of the very earliest PSPgo models I’m sure), and it’s the PAL version.

              Thanks for the help, though, I appreciate all of it, and it’s nice to see people are both active and friendly in here :)

            • Pete says:

              I got it now…I completely forgot I had to rename the the folder to “UPDATE” for the PSP to recognize it! 😀

              Anyway, thank you for your help!

    374. evil_iori says:

      @ TN well you kept your promise for the realease of HEN on xmas day
      but please do also keep your promise to us 6.3xx user that we can also expirience what you have given to those on 6.20 user

      we too need to be free

      thaks alot…

    375. intermax says:

      All works fine. Gyis.
      My PSP opened it full abilities. Thanks a lot!!!!

    376. Pete says:

      Question: Can we expect this development to lead into a recovery menu / bios eventually, or is something else required?

    377. iguX says:

      can some one help me…cause the patapon exploit works i pres the R button then i pres in the HBL the hen folder but the vsh menu went i pres select it dosent do anithing and it freezes….and the iso loader wen i pres the x it runs perfectly but then it shuts down..can some help me pliz….and another question thous the iso loader works in 5.50 gen-D3

      • clockdryve says:

        You dont need an ISO loader in 5.50 Gen-D3 Just put your ISO’s in the ISO folder on your ROOT of memory stick. If you don’t have a ISO folder there….just make one. The ROOT of memory stick is where the picture,psp,video,….folders are located.

    378. jotex says:

      Hi wololo this works very fine but the uo gppsp kai 3.4 crashes whit tv video in a blue square and black screen.

      But anyways thank for all!!!!!!!

    379. yellow says:

      hey everyone i try the openidea isoloader nad i canverted it from iso cso to eboot and i place it in the game folder and it appear i launch the game everything was working properly except for the exit button it freezes and crash i am going to wait unttil it improve i will stick to promethius isoloader until something better come out.

    380. mark@philippines says:


      Did you try the “Open Idea ISO Loader” created by Dridri? Is it more compatible rather than the one ISO Loader released by Liquidzigong? I found some information in the site “” and I don’t have any idea if it’s more effective loader. Thanks. 😛

    381. Leskoog says:

      So i have a PSP 3001 slim silver, 6.20 and the installer works perfectly, i got the VSH menu thingy (when u press select) its working. But the issue im having is that when i launch any homebrew it turns the PSP off and goes back to 6.20, any suggestions?

    382. Gamer50519 says:

      U dont paste the rest of the files in the mp_root u put them in the root of the mem stick

    383. Gamer50519 says:

      Woops i responded to guy at top of the page

    384. RoxFox64 says:

      Yo, Wololo.
      If you’ve got your hands on the source to TN Hen, can you share it with select people?
      If not, can you make a new version of PSP Link that is implemented similar to Hen?
      Honestly, I’m not certain how TN Hen works, or what it fully does, but I am sure that it would be good start to being able to actively view the memory, and from there obtaining Access to PSX Eboots in the next build of Hen.

    385. PSPGO says:

      Is it also working for PSP Go with native 6.2 ?
      I got error msg after entered Patapon 2 Demo “System data not found. Unable to proceed with auto-save feature”
      All files have been placed successfully following by instruction.

      • Pete says:

        That’s not a problem, though. Let the game create the system data for you if you want to get rid of that error message, it has nothing to do with the actual HBL save file. Once you’re in the main menu, just load the HBL save file and follow the instructions :)

        • toBsucht says:

          I think he use the patched patapon2 so download this demo(unpatched) here.
          @pete could u run iso´s if u use intern memory if not or if other hb didn´t load u need tn-a @ extern ms :).

    386. junior says:

      this my psp no update to version 6.20 this error “SGT9000001″ data is corrupted to update my psp is model 3001 help me please Total Noob.

    387. Total says:

      Will this work on my psp 3000?

    388. Dinner says:

      When I run TN Hen, after the 4th step, the game resets back to the PSP menu. How can I prevent that from happening? When I downloaded Hen, there was no folder called “Hen”, where can I get the Hen folder? I’m running a 3000 PSP with 6.1 firmware.

      • Rodin says:

        That’s SUPPOSED to happen. When it reverts to the XMB, press select. If a menu pops up, you’ve got the HEn working.

      • toBsucht says:

        Omg!!! 1st, u have to update 2 ofw6.20!!! Then try if hbl 109 is working. Try tn-a6.20(ms0:psp/game/tn-a!!! If it crash use the patched ver. – put patched tn-hen file (eboot) in the ms0:hbl/menu floder delete the old eboot.

    389. Sonykiller says:


    390. Sonykiller says:

      Got it Fixed, too much dust @PSPGO Just select continue without system file or make one then load savedata then it’ll work

    391. mavman42 says:

      i have a psp 1001 with ofw 6.20, everytime i try to load the hen, it crashes. i have the hen in the psp/GAME folder….i already tried putting it in the HBL/GAME folder but still no luck…SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP!!!!!

      • toBsucht says:

        try the pachted ver. and put hen.eboot to hbl/menu delete old eboot file.
        Or try an other ms if got problems with sandisk 512mb magicgate.

    392. cdeck says:

      Just successfully updated my new PSP Go v5.7 to 6.2 and installed the HEN and Prometheus ISO loader with no issues. Yay! My only issue is i had already downloaded/purchased a game and now i am getting a copy right protection error when i try to play it. How do i get around this or is there something i am doing wrong ??

    393. RCDMK says:

      Hi everyone.
      I just posted my success in loading homebrews without the removing MS trick.
      A guy named Bkinderr at psphacks posted his progress, I tested it and it works.

      I have a 3001 with the Virtuous Flame patch and a 8GB Sony MS Pro Duo, without any plugins but the Prometheus ISO Loader.

      Its simple and help to extend the life of your MS slot if you have the same problem as me with the crash when loading homebrews:
      – Load the HEN with the normal process (patapoon 2, etc);
      – When it cames back to XMB, do not remove your MS, just restart the VSH (press SELECT, then select the option on the VSH menu);
      – The PSP will shutdown and restart, pay attention to the MS light (red light to the left of the analog stick for me);
      – When it flashes for the first time, press the power switch Up to put in sleep mode (stand by);
      – Turn it on again to exit sleep mode and repreat the process when the XMB apears and the MS light flashes again just to be sure (I don’t know exactly what is the right time so try both – if someones have success with only one of these, post back plz);
      – Turn it on again and it should work;

      I’m just repassing this trick found by Bkinderr at psphacks with my personal experience.

    394. nightcraver says:

      hey guys i think i know what the problem was

      the seekctrlbufferpositive overide must be set to 1. i set mine to 0 as that’s supposed to be faster or something. i tried setting it back to one and my psp stopped crashing.
      i’m using the original tn hen a ( not the vflame patch) i’v found the patch is actually worse for 3001 than unpatched
      thanks wololo and tn, fanjita , moskito davee

      let me know if this works for anyone else

      also i think RCDMks method works for me too

      • RCDMK says:

        Was it crashing before you set it to zero? Or have you set it before TN Hen A?

        And BTW, i tested my method again and you just need to put the PSP in sleep mode (stand by) when you select restart vsh and the MS light flases for the first time. I’m using this method every time I start a new game, cause exiting a game (if the game doesn’t have an exit option) seams to screw things up and the workaround stop working.

        I think its something with reading or writing the configurations of the HEN to the MS. If TN or somebody can take a look at it, we will be more greatfull.

    395. Stepashko says:

      Hi. Is something new about 6.20 TN-B?

    396. Kaelodia says:

      Guys, I read the 6.20 HEN and was so amazed.. thumbs up to the creator of this hack, but I have PSPgo OFW6.31, how can I use the exploit?If I can’t can you help us(the ones that upgraded their FW). Please help us 😀

    397. Mr. Thomas says:

      Total_Noob I personally appreciate what you have done by releasing this hen. I gotta admit I was a little impatient but the hbl was holding me down until this hen came out. You gave me a reason to blow the dust off my psp and start using it again. Thanks. Big shout out to Liquidzigong too. 6.20 Hen + Prometheus Iso Loader + KHBBS + CWCHEAT= Awesomeness

    398. Blue says:

      I don’t know if anyone else has discovered this but I thought it was kinda neat and maybe it could prove useful or informative to other people. (I have no idea how, but I still hope)

      I got TN HEN 6.20 running on my PSPGo, and used Liquidzigong’s ISO loader to play a game, and fell asleep while playing (it was late). The PSPGo continued to run until it got low on battery power, then it automatically created a paused game data before shutting down.

      Naturally, when I powered the PSPGo back on, it was back to the OFW. Out of curiosity I tried to resume the paused game data, and it worked! Furthermore, when I exited the game, the PSPGo was back to using TN HEN 6.20, and the CXMB that I had also loaded.

    399. lindo says:

      cfw 5.70 can i run hen?

    400. Rodin says:

      IF only you knew how noobish you sounded………..

    401. ChorizoConWebo says:

      Why don’t people just be happy they have the HEN, BUT NO THEY WANT THE 6.20(TN) HEN-B. Well wait, now us 6.35 user’s should get the taste of the glory. We want OUR VERSION OF THE HEN!!!!!

    402. Allen says:

      Hi, everybody. I got a 3006 slim silver, and try all file, updates in steps. But it’s still goin’ freeze after I press the ‘R’. Is it any problem or crash of it? Can anybody solve my problem please!!!

    403. evil_iori says:

      all they care about are in 6.20?
      poor 6.3xx user like me just have to read all your success
      good luck guys and have fun
      we are just here in the corners shadow

    404. 123Hack says:


      TN,Please Keep Your Promise To Release TN-Hen-? For OFW 6.31 Users Or Just Post The Release Date!

      Happy Enjoying For OFW 6.20 TN-Hen Users!

      Please Kindly Keep Your Promise To Release It!

    405. NatalGamer says:

      I can upgrade my psp 3000 for 6.20?? it goes run iso directly of the MS?? any game??

    406. PSPHomebrewfan says:

      when comes the HEN on firmware 6.35?

    407. ChorizoConWebo says:

      Total_Noob never said he said it was to be for 6.35 NOT 6.31. It would be better for 6.35 since it would help ALL OFW’s.

    408. ChorizoConWebo says:

      Total_Noob never said he was making a 6.31 HEN, he said he was going to release port it to 6.35 NOT 6.31 since 6.35 came out by surprise. It would be better for 6.35 since it would help ALL OFW’s.

    409. Platini says:

      Hi everyone…great news is coming soon (tomorrow). TN-HEN- B will be downlodable,and with the option to downgrade. Read it in

    410. Listentome says:

      Um? Wololo? Thanks to you and other devs for all you guys did.
      Also, Can you put the download link now? You have an article but the download link there doesn’t work.

    411. Listentome says:

      Thanks! :) LOL, The file became bigger

    412. Listentome says:

      Can somebody help give instructions to install this???? I can’t find the TN-Hen B File

    413. Listentome says:

      LOL Instructions.
      1. Download the TN-Hen B ( Up there)
      2. Put/replace the HBL file into the ms0:
      3. Put/ Replace the h.bin file
      4. Put the save data in the save data folder. (Replace if you don’t want to use h bl if you still want to use hbl do not replace!!!)
      5. Load Patapon 2
      6. Load the save data
      7. Wait

      Ta da!!!

      • DMand420 says:

        Step 1 Download
        Step 2 Connect usb
        Step 3 Extract to root and replace all files it asks
        This is assuming you don’t use the hbl wMenu
        Eazy Peazy Lemon Squeezy

    414. lucky says:

      Can u give any comment about CFW created by Team Mars?

      • brickman says:

        I wouldn’t try any new things like that until Wololo writes about it on his blog. 😉

      • DMand420 says:

        My opinion, Just stick with TN-B Hen cause we know it works. MOST LIKELY Mars 6.20 CFW stands for Mars 6.20 Custom FAKE-ware. But that’s just my opinion, could even be sony trying to get people to update their OFW to 6.35 DON’T RISK IT or do and tell us what happend.

    415. sophie says:

      I have installed TN-A already, so should I need to uninstalled TN-A before installing TN-B ? If I do need uninstalled TN-A first, how to?Thanks in advance.

      • GreatSage says:

        it doesn’t matter which TN-A or B..B was released due to problems in certain people whose cannot install TN-A..i used A version and worked perfectly,so no need to worried about B version.

    416. hola says:

      Wololo I want to say to you that you are a brilliant type and of big I want to be like like your I am 14 years old

    417. Thank you very much, wololo. Now my homebrews work.
      You are great! 😀

    418. tyagi says:


    419. Richie says:

      Thanks a lot to wololo for hbl and TN for thr HEN i realy love you guys thanks a lot!!!!!

    420. aceofspace says:

      Darn, I can’t even get on pspslimhacks from all the 6.35 users TRYIN to see if it works on theirs

    421. Lukmega says:

      Don’t downgrade your PSP, Sony wants this, we can’t lose the battle, we need insist i 6.20 and 6.35.We need prove”we are bettle then Sony” and we know the GEN-C(full) isn’t the good choice, we are almost to see the revolution of 6.xx and they are downgrading PSPs.

      • NsAnE says:

        That’s some really deep stuff there man.
        I agree with you 100%
        Haters gunna hate, so don’t let them get you down.

    422. DMand420 says:

      Thanks Total_N00b for the update and Wololo for keeping us informed on the best english site for the psp. I have to say I almost sold my psp until I stumbled upon the hbl and now that Total_N00bs HEN is out, you guys saved my psp. If I had money to send you guys I would but for now, THANKS

    423. rohin says:

      i installed just like you said above but when i press r trigger, it loads then b4 going to xmb crashes i have 6.20 3001 series PLEASE HELP!!!!

      • DMand420 says:

        Try another download link TN Hen B or the mirror and reinstall TN Hen B our nice friends have put together a nice rtu (Ready To Use) package for us make sure you unzip it into the root folder of your psp when it asks if you want to Copy and Replace, and or Merge hit YES for all items. That’s it Good Luck

    424. PS1Lover says:

      Happy New Year Everyone I hope you like the hen cause i have to wait, my firmware is 6.35 oh well

    425. Shubham says:

      I have PSP3004 with 6.20.. I tried putting but the save just doesn’t load… It says corrupt save game… Please help..

    426. NEHAshu says:

      happy new year to all….
      waiting for new year for a new hen :)

    427. Beken says:

      Como posso rodar psx na psp 6.20?

    428. Downgraded says:

      the downgrade worked I went from 3003 (4G) 6.20 to 5.3 gen c (full)

    429. Cheesetheif says:

      Downgrading works on my PSP 3000 3G.

    430. arwin says:

      hi’. pls. help me how yo update my pspgo for version 5.70 to 6.20?

    431. dylan says:

      thx wololo for your startingall of this with your hbl and thanks Total_Noob for your hen and downgrader without there i would have never gotten CFW 5.00 m33

    432. Rodneypressley says:

      Wololo. what is tn working on for tn hen is he porting his hen to everybodys sukurri or porting it to hbl id really like to know his plans thanks

    433. AMALRAJH says:



      EMAIL ME
      Edit/Delete Message

    434. arshad says:

      is it work for 6.31!?

    435. arshad says:

      IZ DIS WORK 4 PSP 3000 IN OFW 6.31

    436. TgS says:

      Is the downgrade option works on a psp 3k 4g?

      TNX TO TN and Wololo!

      also for repliesXD

    437. yellow says:

      hey all you 6.3xusers you will be happy to hear this read up:Dave wants to Total_Noob sometimes comes into play:
      Therefore, he will release his Downgrader maybe tomorrow!
      He has it on a PSP go tested and is probably on other devices functions.he also wrote on his Twitter account that he was almost finished.

    438. RCDMK says:

      Thanx to all the contriuted to the scene and in special to the HBL team and Total_noob for his efforts in bring life to all of our PSPs.

      Thnx guys, you’r the best.

    439. Cata says:

      i have a PSP-3004 with OFW 5.70 will it work?

    440. yellow says:

      you tube video showing remote joy working on 6.20tn hen im not intrested in it though just showing you who are intrested

    441. John_Scott says:

      Thanks Total Noob loving the HEN, really hope that you will be able to get Aquaria to load in later versions of the HEN.

    442. reaperx says:

      when is the version for 6.35 coming out?!

    443. Jorge says:

      We need a UMD Dumper that works whit this TN HEN..any Body?

      • NsAnE says:

        This supposedly works, it’s from, so i trust it. BUT, I’ve tried it and so far it’s really not doing anything. You can try and see if anything happens cus I haven’t been able to get it to work. Hope this is what you meant! Cheers!

        • NsAnE says:

          Nevermind, I got it to work! Yessir, If you want a UMD Dumper for 6.2 that works for TN HEN (A), then you can go ahead an use the site below.

        • Jorge says:

          Thanks NsAnE……but this Plugins still don’t work ……….

          We need something like UMD Dumper that is activate like a application direct fron the XBM…Till then I’m using the Prometheus Iso Loader by Liquidzigong….that i think it is better than the open idea iso loader from Dridri .

          • NsAnE says:

            I dont understand what you’re saying. you can activate it form the XMB. If you want a UMD Dumper, which creates backup isos for your UMDs, then just follow these steps:

            -Create 2 folders in the root of your memory, 1 called ISO (you probably have this one if you’re already using ISOs) and another called seplugins
            -In the seplugins folder, put the umd_dumper.prx (which you download from the link above) and create a new text file called vsh.txt
            -open the vsh.txt file and add this line in:
            ms0:/seplugins/umd_dump.prx 1
            -Then, insert a UMD and press the home button to start “dumping” your UMD (The orange LED should flicker like crazy for a few minutes)
            -Once the memory stick LED stops, go to prometheus iso loader and run your iso!

            This worked for me perfectly. Please reply if you have questions or other suggestions, I may have missed a step.

    444. carlos says:

      any help with fusa sd for TN-B???

    445. Jerome says:

      Thanks to TN-B, I finally downgraded my PSP-3006 from 6.20 TN-B to 5.03! Thank you TotalNoob and Wololo and ALL the teams out there! We salute you! LOL

    446. tabootang says:

      Do you remember “??????” ?He said he had been working on 635HEN ,And have seen a breakthrough

    447. tabootang says:

      Do you remember “??????” ?He said he had been working on 635HEN ,And have seen a breakthrough

    448. tabootang says:

      wololo ,Time to tell you the truth

    449. Mhaureen says:

      hey, gudevening guys i have a problem well i have my psp go version 6.20 and im tryng the HEN and it wont work. I follow all the instructions and it still doesnt work. I have my patapon, the save game data and ofcourse the hen. Im trying the hen both 6.20 tN-A and 6.20 TN-B. on the 6.20 tN-A, it says incomplete firmware and then on the 6.20 TN-B it says incompatible firmware. What should I do??

      • clint says:

        well i have a psp go too.i recently purchased it last month in 2010 dec…i had luckily got it with firmware my psp dealer had the older stock of the psp go in his lucky i upgraded my firmware to 6.20 since the HEN was pretty good..and i heard a lot of good things abt it.i had to download the firmware 6.20 that is compatible with PSP go only…so i installed it…everything went well…infact dont have any problems in running all the iso games with the prometheus ISO loader. everything works flawlessly!!!

      • aaaaa says:


      • Ishini says:

        Try to install TN-C. You can run this hen without Patapon demo, right from 6.20 OFW menu.

    450. tabootang says:

      635HEN(beta) already released by ??????

    451. blizako says:

      @ tabootang
      the hen is not by total_noob, but it still works…
      its not in the beta stage but in the alpha stage..
      plus its still glitchy and not stable…

    452. anony nooby says:

      Sorry a newb question here. Do I need to load the demo everytime i want to use the iso loader? When I don’t it tells me the iso loader is corrupted. thanks!

      • NsAnE says:

        If you have TN HEN then you have to run the demo once and then you can do whatever you want with Homebrews or the ISO loader. Just remember not to shutdown your PSP after you run the demo, or you’ll have to run the demo again. To check if your PSP has the HEN running, press the ‘select’ button and the HEN menu should pop up. If not, run the demo. If it still doesn’t work, you might want to check if all your files are in the right place.

    453. vampire says:

      i have installed correctly but when i run cso games in ISO folder it can`t detect it… please give me an answer…

      • jose says:

        the iso folder must not be in the root of ur memory stick. it should be in the removable disk drive thing where all of the psp folders are like mproot and psp and stuff not inside the place that says game or psp or anywhere else.

    454. vampire says:


    455. Cata says:

      i have a PSP-3004 with OFW 5.70 and i need to update it to just 6.20 for this to work, and i can’t find one. Please help me! +is this a CFW? Permanent of Partial?

    456. mohster says:

      can i u use dis on psp ofw 6.30?

    457. slayer says:

      wow what a genius man totalnoob is…..
      jzt a question wht games are compatible in 6.20 hen?

    458. mark@philippines says:


      I successfully downgraded my PSP 3001 6.20 TN-B HEN to 5.03 GEN-C but still I want to follow all the changes and modification of the famous 6.20 TN HEN because without this I do not have a change to downgrade my PSP again. However, if this HEN becomes more stable or maybe runs like a more complete CFW I’ll rapidly update my firmware.


      gud am, Did you know that Open Idea Team will make a CFW for 6.20 TN HEN? For more info this is the link:


    459. mark@philippines says:


      I successfully downgraded my PSP 3001 6.20 TN-B HEN to 5.03 GEN-C but still I want to follow all the changes and modification of the famous 6.20 TN HEN because without this I do not have a chance to downgrade my PSP again. However, if this HEN becomes more stable or maybe runs like a more complete CFW I’ll rapidly update my firmware.


      gud am, Did you know that Open Idea Team will make a CFW for 6.20 TN HEN? For more info this is the link:

    460. rj says:

      this is working, I was able to play eyepet with no problems

    461. coolius says:

      psp 3003, 6.20 firmware, anybody tested it???
      any tutorial video links , greatly appreciated

    462. cris says:

      I have i question, regarding TN_HEN B, I’m using TN_HEN A pack from

      hbl folder contain more files than the hbl folder on TN_HEN B.

      Is the TN_HEN B dependent on hbl of TN_HEN A?

      PS: As I was doing is comment, I just realize that it should be independent HEN but still I want to verify.. hehe


      Your the Best…

    463. mineme says:

      Very Thanks to you, Dear Wololo.
      Anyone who wanna play ISO can use the Prometheus ISO Loader and I did it~~

    464. dylan says:

      Prometheus iso loader crashes on some games like phantasy star portable 2, when choosing the new character and don’t work on earlier games at all.. hope this gets fixed soon so it is stable..

      Anyway thanks to tn team and prometheus team for their hard work.

      • clockdryve says:

        Prometheus Iso Loader works on my “Platypus” and “Wipeout Pure” and those are about as old as you can get :)

        • clockdryve says:

          Hmmm, well I guess Playtpus came out in November of 2006 so it isn’t very old….but Wipeout Pure is older than dirt!! Hahahaha. I can’t get Hot Shots Tennis Get A Grip to work on my PSP Go’s (one on 6.20 the other on 6.31). It causes my PSP to reboot and lose the HEN or HBL, then need to run the exploit again. I know it is a good copy because I made it from my PSP Phat and it plays on my 5.00 M33 / Prometheus 4.

    465. sasha says:

      Im not paying hombrews Im playing iso and cso

    466. ATA says:

      Help me. My PSP will have the Menu, but won’t run a single homebrew.

    467. DestinysEnd says:

      so I have been trying to get this to work for hours, I have tried over and over and have still no success, i get it to the part where i press R and it pulls up the either incompatable firmware or memory leak depending on what version of hen i use, can someone email me the files they have on their working psp go with ofw 6.20 to michael32209 at or tell me what im doing wrong…

      • equis says:

        I have only seen the “memory leak” warning. Never “incompatible firmware”. I guess this only appears whenever an error was made in copying your files.
        Copy all the stuff in proper locations, from the beginning. A folder called hbl should exist at the root of your memory stick. There should be too a file called h.bin.
        Download the demo Minna no Sukkiri or Patapon2 depending on your FW version and copy it to the folder /PSP/GAME
        Also, the savedata folder should be copied to the folder /PSP/SAVEDATA
        And finally, the HEN is copied into /hbl/menu folder. However there is complete packages, there shouldn’t be a problem if you extract all the content using the original route in the archive.

    468. user says:


      Can you put a video example?


    469. Nick says:

      Wow. This is just amazing.

    470. robert says:

      can sum1 please help me i dont know what i did wrong but i did everthing as told in the read me Hen TN-b Worked but the only thing is the iso loader dosent show the game directory and wont let me pick the destination to where games are i am using pspGo 2.60 can anyone help please thank you in advance love and respect..

      • toBsucht says:

        try the game categorie 1.2.b or upper ver. make a iso floder in the root of ms and put ur files iso/cso in and an other iso floder in ef0:/PSP/GAME/ISO and the files from the root-iso-floder are useabel in the xmb/game

    471. PantherWarrior says:

      if anyone knows can ya´ please tell me where do i put the “13-27.bmp” (slim background colors) file so i can enable the slim colors on TN-B HEN.

    472. elmer says:

      plss! help i click my patapon 2 and i continue the crafter save and i load my iso loader then my psp turn off

    473. Wicked Paladin 509 says:

      AWESOME, i used to have cfw but i install ofw 5.50 which sucked, so i started to use hbl, then i heard of tn hen, so i upgraded then i used that, from there i installed 5.50 gen d full, cool!

    474. Fausto says:

      hey my psp its turn it off wen i run the hen 6.20 in demo patapon i push the (R) triger and its tun off i dont know what i most do… please help… thanks… XD

    475. Beken says:

      Essa galinha é simplesmente senssacional, uma maravilha!Mas como posso jogar psx atravez dela?

    476. Jorge says:


    477. Mafia says:

      Yipeeeeeeee…………… 4 me……….by the way thanx………n if u pls tell hw to play you tube ………by using go tube……….ill be very thankful……..

    478. psp 3004 says:

      could you make tn hen c with that hen 6.20 picture on psp?because it looks …

    479. psp 3004 says:

      total_noob i need your skype or email i whant to give you my tn hem c costumised eboot i put in a picture in that shows up in the xmb

    480. Felipe says:

      I have a question, how “online support” works? I’ll be able to play online without sign on psn?

    481. Aradan says:

      And things just get easier and easier, you can almost see that big vein in Sonys head about to explode.

      Thank you TN, thank you Wololo, thank you everyone who continues to work hard long hours to help the PSP community in Homebrew.

      For those that want to put a ICON to the TN-C(HEN) to show up in XMB, use PBP Unpacker,
      -open the EBOOT.PBP file for TN-C
      -Extract all the files to your desktop (or where ever)
      -Create a NEW EBOOT.PBP with PBPUnpacker
      -add the previous extracted files to the relevent sections
      -add an Icon (a PNG file, such as the one that comes with Wololo’s Savegame data for Patapon2 – if he allows this 😉 respect to Wololo) to ICON0.PNG
      -click SAVE, this should now create a new EBOOT.PBP file, copy and overwrite the TN-C EBOOT.PBP file on your PSP

      There you go, it seems to work for me but I havent fully tested everything works as it should, if not for you then I appologise.

      Respect to all the people involved in making the tools i’ve mentioned here.
      You make our lives and PSPs sing 😉

    482. Dail0r says:

      The game could not be started.(80020148) what to do ???????

    483. mineme says:

      Thanks for your update, dear Wololo.
      It’s really useful and you did a great work! I think there must be so many people should thanks to you. I’m a student now and when I earned my pocket in the futrue I will be pleased to pay to your working on these selfless thing. I think it’s just a material appriciation and a man should have its based Gratitude.

      Anyone who wants make his/her PSP perfectly can use the ISO TOOL to make a icon to run game like the PSP2000.:-)~~

    484. CyberM says:

      is this like a signed HEN that after each PSP reboot must be executed again to use homebrews?

    485. JoLLibEE says:

      hello everyone i got a prob. the iso loader always saying the game was corrupt.. what should i do?

    486. Abhinav Tuli says:

      anyone please help !!!!!! i downgraded by PSP from 6.31 to 6.20 but TN-C is not working , it just stays in the black screen for a while then turns off . Please help me out of this

    487. Abhinav Tuli says:

      anyone please help ! i downgraded by PSP from 6.31 to 6.20 but TN-C is not working , it just stays in the black screen for a while then turns off . Please help me out of this

    488. Zipp says:

      how to instal 6.20 ofw :\psp\game\update ? but i can´t do it! please help me.

    489. kasutbiru says:

      hello there, i’m using psp3006 v6.20 and just downgraded from v6.31 using Davee’s 6.35/6.31 downgrader (thanks man). i tried TN Hen B with the Patapon 2 Demo but when i reach the “continue” section it couldn’t load the file, it says “Load failed. The data is corrupted.” Please help, anyone..

      p/s i see that the x (back) and O (enter) on my patapon is slightly different from the one i saw in youtube which is “x (enter) and O (back). could that be the problem? please help. anyway thanks very much..

      • kasutbiru says:

        still.. when using TN Hen C on my psp3006 v6.20 is still a failure. it couldn’t load, it shutdown a few second i hit the O button or it went to a screen note saying “the game could not be? started. (80020148)”. please anyone, am i the only one experiencing this status? thanks for sharing.

        • equis says:

          You need to give more information. HEN TN-C is signed, so there is no need to run a Demo (Sukkiri, Patapon, etc). When you run TN HEN directly from XMB -> Games, you are allowed then to run homebrews. Can you run TN HEN? From this point, what are you trying to do?

          • kasutbiru says:

            psp3006 on 03g module 6.20 just downgraded from 6.31 and trying to go to 5.03. i tried patapon 2 demo but couldn’t load the save file data, it says “Load failed. The data is corrupted.” so i went on trying TN Hen C because its signed and can directly run from XMB but when i try to open TN Hen C it went black and next pops up a screen telling: “the game could not be? started. (80020148)”. i just don’t know what to do next, i went blank. lol.. please help, any ideas? thanks man.

            • equis says:

              I heard about some people (very few) experiencing this problem after a downgrade. I guess it could be due to some incompatibilities in the FW file when doing the downgrade. All I can recommend is using a compatible FW to run home brew, in your case, go up to 6.35 FW. I know you want to downgrade to 5.03 (pointless in my opinion) but if you are unable to do it, there is not so much to do.

    490. music_is_love says:

      …The dreaded question.

      Will this brick my PSP TA-088v3? I’m nervous. Has anyone tried it?

    491. lalia says:


    492. Abhinav Tuli says:

      @Total_Noob when are u going to release TN-D i am waiting for it from ages

    493. Acid says:

      It seems the PSP Go is going to be replaced soon by the new Play Station NGP “which by the way is awsome!” it is said that the new NGP will carry PS3 graphics and much more new gadgets. rumors say it will be released by end of 2011.

    494. TN says:

      this is great… ungratefull bastards….

      • A BAD ONE says:

        same here! TN u are like the GOD of PSGC And More..
        As for the rest of u suckers in here dont even think it – NEIGHTER GOOGLE noir WIKI have info about The how or what the PSGC is!…
        so Back the F#ck of…

        • equis says:

          I seriously doubt you actually know what the PSGC is: your way of talking about it is totally vague, and that’s the kind of person don’t know what it is. In fact, the only person in the whole world that knows what PSGC is, is ME. In reality, you even spelled incorrectly (lacks one letter, guess which one? I will not tell you).

    495. forge says:

      im really grateful

    496. Nicstyle says:

      whon come TN-D ? :)

    497. waqas says:

      Total_Noob can u plz tell me hw to run old psp games like metal gear acid and x-men legends:the rise of apocalypse on TN-HenC.i have tried using M33 driver with prometheus iso loader.also i have tried open idea iso loader.but neither of them were able to play above mentioned games.
      AND thanks for making such a nice software.

    498. Kaoru says:

      My HEN is 6.20 TN-C
      Iso Loader-Open Idea Iso loader.

    499. luccAS says:

      sorry im need one emulator online

    500. Vovetto96 says:

      With it i can run Files ISO??
      for example ; killzone liberation ……??

    501. Vovetto96 says:

      Can i hack my psp 6.20 3004 to play at files iso with it TNHEN 6.20??
      Please i need help !!

      • equis says:

        You can hack your PSP with TN HEN C. However, it doesn’t run isos by itself, you need a differente piece of software, an ISO Loader. There are some already: Prometeus ISO Loader, Open Idea ISO Loader, aLoader, ISO Loader beta. You can search for them…

      • dude300 says:

        use iso tool to make a xmb icon, then you can run the iso,

    502. Total_Noob says:

      TN-D HEN is coming. Please be patient. :(

    503. Chinese says:

      Total_Noob,i’m a Chinese.I’ll be patient for TN-D. You’re a good guy.

    504. Chinese says:

      Total_Noob,you guys are a painstaking man,you need relax,do not attention to the bad guy.just like some Chinese.Because all the things you did is based on you interest,not incumbency.

    505. Encoof says:

      Thanks for all TN
      I’m,like another 648461469489563 users still waitin’ for your HEN,thanks!

    506. dude300 says:

      i see that TN-D has been released but it is yet to be posted on this website, am i just being impatient, or is it getting translated into English, beings that the download i saw the vsh menu was in French.

    507. Sean says:

      hen-d is out now

    508. luccAS says:

      po cara se nao fala minha ligua mas se descubrir legal

    509. Taha feroz says:

      Hi total_noob i have a question i have psp 3004 and downgraded from 6.35 to 6.20, on 6.35 with prometheus iso loader i was able to play tekken 6 but on 6.20 with the same prometheus iso loader i can’t.
      plz help T_N………..THANKS

    510. clockdryve says:

      Soooo, we not going to put the 6.20HEN-D up so we all hokey-dokey…and up current?? :) :)

    511. clockdryve says:

      wow….long time-no posts.

    512. juan321 says:

      plrease put some news about the 6.20 tn-(hen) i can’t wait fore a new release ^^

    513. Kboy35 says:

      ***?!?!!? Why do we need a NGP who cares just add friends and trophies to the psp for an update?!?!

    514. adam says:

      hi need a big help here if i run the update of 6.20 it will say the game could not be started and my psp is 5.70 plssssss help need a big help here tnxxxxxxxxxx if can help me god bless u to

    515. NakedFaerie says:

      I just found TN620-E on another site. Is that a real release as its not here yet?

    516. Orelldo says:

      Hey, this messed up my psp :( when i turn on any TN-Hen now, it actually lags my psp so it takes like 2 seconds to go from one tab thingy to the next. i’ve tried all the other ones, even the ones i used to use do it now. anyone know whats wrong?

    517. ltsonic says:

      please help someone when i run it it goes back to the xmb and when i check system setting its still at 6.37 i have psp go. and when i select a homebrew its still saying cannot be started, it could be corrupted please send me a message at if you have a solution.
      please dont say “use HBL”.

    518. Turok185 says:

      ????????: •• [RPG]Premium•Game[RUS/UA] ••
      ??????: SA-MP 0.3c
      IP ???????:
      ???? ???????:


      – RP ?????? ? ????????? ????? GodFather, ?? ??????? ????????????? 20 ???????/????/?????.
      – ????? 20 ????????, 300 ????? ? ?????? ? ???? ?????? ??????? ????? ????????.
      – ??????????, ????????, ????????? ? ?????????? ?????????????!
      – ???????? ??????? ??????? ?????????? ? ????? ????????????
      – ? ?????? ??????????? ???? ??????????? ???? ? ??????????????? ????????
      – ????? ?? 10-15 ????? ?? ?????? ???????/?????/?????
      – ???? ?????, ??????? ?????? ?????? ?????? ?/? ?? ????? ?????
      – ? ?????? ????? ??????? ?????? (?????? ????)
      – ?? ??????? ???????? ???? ???????, ???? ???????????
      – ???? ???????? ????, ???????
      – ??????? ? ???????? ???????? ??? ????????
      – ????? 17 ??????????? ?????, ???? ?? ??????? ??????????
      – ? 24/7 ??????? ????? ??????? ? ????
      – ????? */upgrade
      – ??????? ?????? ????????
      – ??????????? ???????? VIP-??????? ??? ???? Gold-???????
      – ?? ??????? ???? ??? ????????? ? ??????? ???????????? ? ?????? ?????? ???? ?????
      – ?????? ???? ?????????? ?? ? ??????? ?? ????????? ???????? ??? ??????????.
      – ??????? ?????????? ?????, ???????? ??? ?? ??? ?? ???????? ????
      – ? ?????? ??????? 12’? ??????, ????? ?????? ?? ?????
      – ??????? ??? ((/kpk)), ??? ?? ??????? ?????? ??? ????????? ???????? ?????, ??? ?????? ????????
      – ? ??? ? ???????? ???? ??????????
      – ?? ??????? ??????????? ??????? ???-?? ?????????? ????????? ????????? ?? ???????? ?????????? ?????
      – ??????????? ??????? ????? ????? ??? ????????? ? GTA SA
      – ??????????? ????????? ?? ????????? ????, ???????
      – ???????? ????????? ?????, ???????? ??????????
      – ???? ????????? ???? ????? ??????? ???? ???
      – ????? ???? ??????? ????????? ???? ????? ???????? ?????????, ?????????, ??????
      ? ????? ??????…

      ????????? ?????? ????? ?????? ?? ?? ?????? ??????? ?????????? ????? ???? ??????? ??? ??????????
      ?? ?????? ????? ??????????? ? ?????? ??????? ???????????? , ?????? ????? ? ??? ? ?????? ????????????
      ????? ???? ??????????? ????? ?????? ????????? ? ????? ? ????? , ??????? ????? ?????????? ? ??????
      ????? ????? ??????? ? ???????? ??? ????????? ???????????? ??????? ? ??????????? . ????? ????????? ?? ????? ?????????? ????? ??? ???!

      ???????? ? ???! ????? ???? ??? ?????? IP –
      ©[RPG]Premium|Game[RUS/UA] IP

    519. A says:

      Hey TN , ya suelta el hen hombre , que estamos esperando ?

    520. A says:

      a now what/?

    521. A says:

      Hey TN , ya suelta el hen hombre , que estamos esperando

    522. LucifeL says:

      hey can someone help me… mine is 3006 running 6.20. i juss upgraded from tn hen C to TN HEN-E… now in my xmb simply refuses to go. IN hen-c all u had to was region change and rearrange your xmd and make it disappear,but now region change is simply not working. SO basically after “setting” my “photo reads extras”,” music reads photo”,”video reads music”,”Game reads video”Net reads game”PSN reads Net” Finally the actual “PSN” which is a dud… how do i remove the “extras” go away… which is ruining everything… another thing i noticed was region change simpl does nuthing for me…

    523. equis says:


      The megaupload link does not work anymore. Link removed probably due to Sony.

    524. PsPFrEaK says:

      Tn Hen Is a Great Homebrew Enabler ! It Is Quite Good But The ISO compatibility IS Not Good !
      (Backup Games)

      But The Pro Hen For 6.20 Has Goo ISo Compatibility !

    525. DOOM says:

      Total_Noob.will it even complete a modified firmware on the PSP .. answer beg))

    526. DOOM says:

      will it even complete a modified firmware on the PSP .. answer beg))

    527. :) says:

      i think you are the best wololo. there has been no other website that explains hacking as well as you do. furthermore my psp fat wouldnt update and i tried to find an update on the internet. i looked everywhere and finally i found it here :)

    528. Pali says:

      Anybody help meeeee!!!!!!Why my psp cannot play games as normal as usual anymore? Suddenly yesterday after letting my friends playing with it, I found out now I cannot play games anymore. It has become super slow!!!!Very slow in playing iso/cso games. I’ve tried to remove all other games and just leaving one game in my 16Gb memory sticks(because I thought it might be due to so many games I put inside that cause it to be very slow, about 11 games) but it never worked. I still cannot play games!!!Anybody help me please!!For your information, now I’m having system software version 6.20 TN-E, and my psp is version 3000.

    529. Ivo says:

      Link Broken!!!! WHAT AM I GONNA DO NOW?????

    530. James says:

      why is that TEKKEN 6 doesnt work on my PSP GO 6.20 TN-E??

    531. James says:

      which TN version for FW 6.20 works for TekKen 6 for PSP go?

    532. pspcboy says:

      Thanx it worked and i downgraded my psp to 5.03…………….


      :) :) :) :) :)

    533. Nigaito says:

      When I start my Hen, it works fine for 2 minutes then it starts to act strange, all actions and loadings are turned to a very slow pace and the VSQ Menu starts to Flash and strange lines are appearing there. Please I need help.