TN Hen

On this page you will find information on Total_Noob’s Hen for OFW 6.20. Download links are available below. You can also check the TN Hen FAQ, and all our articles about the Hen, in the TN Hen category.

The latest version is 6.20TN-E


TN Hen E. This archive contains all you need to run the Hen. (or alternate link here)


– unzip the Hen archive (download above) at the root of your memory stick
– Go to the “Game” section in your PSP menu, and Run the Hen
– That’s it!

Older releases

  • TN Hen D + Fix (This is TN Hen D plus a last minute fix provided by Total_Noob!). This archive contains all you need to run the Hen. (or alternate link here)
  • TN Hen C. This archive contains all you need to run the Hen. (or alternate link here)
  • TN Hen B.This archive contains all you need to run the Hen (Patapon savegame, HBL, and TN Hen) except the patapon 2 Demo. (or alternate link here)
  • TN Hen A (includes UO PSP3000 Patch by VFlame). (or alternate link here)
  • TN Hen A (original release from pspgen)
  • More information

    Help forums on

    750 Responses

    1. user


      Can you put a video example?


    2. Nick

      Wow. This is just amazing.

    3. robert

      can sum1 please help me i dont know what i did wrong but i did everthing as told in the read me Hen TN-b Worked but the only thing is the iso loader dosent show the game directory and wont let me pick the destination to where games are i am using pspGo 2.60 can anyone help please thank you in advance love and respect..

      • toBsucht

        try the game categorie 1.2.b or upper ver. make a iso floder in the root of ms and put ur files iso/cso in and an other iso floder in ef0:/PSP/GAME/ISO and the files from the root-iso-floder are useabel in the xmb/game

    4. PantherWarrior

      if anyone knows can ya´ please tell me where do i put the “13-27.bmp” (slim background colors) file so i can enable the slim colors on TN-B HEN.

    5. elmer

      plss! help i click my patapon 2 and i continue the crafter save and i load my iso loader then my psp turn off

    6. Wicked Paladin 509

      AWESOME, i used to have cfw but i install ofw 5.50 which sucked, so i started to use hbl, then i heard of tn hen, so i upgraded then i used that, from there i installed 5.50 gen d full, cool!

    7. Fausto

      hey my psp its turn it off wen i run the hen 6.20 in demo patapon i push the (R) triger and its tun off i dont know what i most do… please help… thanks… XD

    8. Beken

      Essa galinha é simplesmente senssacional, uma maravilha!Mas como posso jogar psx atravez dela?

    9. Jorge


    10. Mafia

      Yipeeeeeeee…………… 4 me……….by the way thanx………n if u pls tell hw to play you tube ………by using go tube……….ill be very thankful……..

    11. psp 3004

      could you make tn hen c with that hen 6.20 picture on psp?because it looks …

    12. psp 3004

      total_noob i need your skype or email i whant to give you my tn hem c costumised eboot i put in a picture in that shows up in the xmb

    13. Felipe

      I have a question, how “online support” works? I’ll be able to play online without sign on psn?

    14. Aradan

      And things just get easier and easier, you can almost see that big vein in Sonys head about to explode.

      Thank you TN, thank you Wololo, thank you everyone who continues to work hard long hours to help the PSP community in Homebrew.

      For those that want to put a ICON to the TN-C(HEN) to show up in XMB, use PBP Unpacker,
      -open the EBOOT.PBP file for TN-C
      -Extract all the files to your desktop (or where ever)
      -Create a NEW EBOOT.PBP with PBPUnpacker
      -add the previous extracted files to the relevent sections
      -add an Icon (a PNG file, such as the one that comes with Wololo’s Savegame data for Patapon2 – if he allows this 😉 respect to Wololo) to ICON0.PNG
      -click SAVE, this should now create a new EBOOT.PBP file, copy and overwrite the TN-C EBOOT.PBP file on your PSP

      There you go, it seems to work for me but I havent fully tested everything works as it should, if not for you then I appologise.

      Respect to all the people involved in making the tools i’ve mentioned here.
      You make our lives and PSPs sing 😉

    15. Dail0r

      The game could not be started.(80020148) what to do ???????

    16. mineme

      Thanks for your update, dear Wololo.
      It’s really useful and you did a great work! I think there must be so many people should thanks to you. I’m a student now and when I earned my pocket in the futrue I will be pleased to pay to your working on these selfless thing. I think it’s just a material appriciation and a man should have its based Gratitude.

      Anyone who wants make his/her PSP perfectly can use the ISO TOOL to make a icon to run game like the PSP2000.:-)~~

    17. CyberM

      is this like a signed HEN that after each PSP reboot must be executed again to use homebrews?

    18. JoLLibEE

      hello everyone i got a prob. the iso loader always saying the game was corrupt.. what should i do?

    19. Abhinav Tuli

      anyone please help !!!!!! i downgraded by PSP from 6.31 to 6.20 but TN-C is not working , it just stays in the black screen for a while then turns off . Please help me out of this

    20. Abhinav Tuli

      anyone please help ! i downgraded by PSP from 6.31 to 6.20 but TN-C is not working , it just stays in the black screen for a while then turns off . Please help me out of this

    21. Zipp

      how to instal 6.20 ofw :\psp\game\update ? but i can´t do it! please help me.

    22. kasutbiru

      hello there, i’m using psp3006 v6.20 and just downgraded from v6.31 using Davee’s 6.35/6.31 downgrader (thanks man). i tried TN Hen B with the Patapon 2 Demo but when i reach the “continue” section it couldn’t load the file, it says “Load failed. The data is corrupted.” Please help, anyone..

      p/s i see that the x (back) and O (enter) on my patapon is slightly different from the one i saw in youtube which is “x (enter) and O (back). could that be the problem? please help. anyway thanks very much..

      • kasutbiru

        still.. when using TN Hen C on my psp3006 v6.20 is still a failure. it couldn’t load, it shutdown a few second i hit the O button or it went to a screen note saying “the game could not be? started. (80020148)”. please anyone, am i the only one experiencing this status? thanks for sharing.

        • equis

          You need to give more information. HEN TN-C is signed, so there is no need to run a Demo (Sukkiri, Patapon, etc). When you run TN HEN directly from XMB -> Games, you are allowed then to run homebrews. Can you run TN HEN? From this point, what are you trying to do?

          • kasutbiru

            psp3006 on 03g module 6.20 just downgraded from 6.31 and trying to go to 5.03. i tried patapon 2 demo but couldn’t load the save file data, it says “Load failed. The data is corrupted.” so i went on trying TN Hen C because its signed and can directly run from XMB but when i try to open TN Hen C it went black and next pops up a screen telling: “the game could not be? started. (80020148)”. i just don’t know what to do next, i went blank. lol.. please help, any ideas? thanks man.

            • equis

              I heard about some people (very few) experiencing this problem after a downgrade. I guess it could be due to some incompatibilities in the FW file when doing the downgrade. All I can recommend is using a compatible FW to run home brew, in your case, go up to 6.35 FW. I know you want to downgrade to 5.03 (pointless in my opinion) but if you are unable to do it, there is not so much to do.

    23. music_is_love

      …The dreaded question.

      Will this brick my PSP TA-088v3? I’m nervous. Has anyone tried it?

    24. lalia


    25. Abhinav Tuli

      @Total_Noob when are u going to release TN-D i am waiting for it from ages

    26. Acid

      It seems the PSP Go is going to be replaced soon by the new Play Station NGP “which by the way is awsome!” it is said that the new NGP will carry PS3 graphics and much more new gadgets. rumors say it will be released by end of 2011.

    27. TN

      this is great… ungratefull bastards….

      • A BAD ONE

        same here! TN u are like the GOD of PSGC And More..
        As for the rest of u suckers in here dont even think it – NEIGHTER GOOGLE noir WIKI have info about The how or what the PSGC is!…
        so Back the F#ck of…

        • equis

          I seriously doubt you actually know what the PSGC is: your way of talking about it is totally vague, and that’s the kind of person don’t know what it is. In fact, the only person in the whole world that knows what PSGC is, is ME. In reality, you even spelled incorrectly (lacks one letter, guess which one? I will not tell you).

    28. forge

      im really grateful

    29. Nicstyle

      whon come TN-D ? :)

    30. waqas

      Total_Noob can u plz tell me hw to run old psp games like metal gear acid and x-men legends:the rise of apocalypse on TN-HenC.i have tried using M33 driver with prometheus iso loader.also i have tried open idea iso loader.but neither of them were able to play above mentioned games.
      AND thanks for making such a nice software.

    31. Kaoru

      My HEN is 6.20 TN-C
      Iso Loader-Open Idea Iso loader.

    32. luccAS

      sorry im need one emulator online

    33. Vovetto96

      With it i can run Files ISO??
      for example ; killzone liberation ……??

    34. Vovetto96

      Can i hack my psp 6.20 3004 to play at files iso with it TNHEN 6.20??
      Please i need help !!

      • equis

        You can hack your PSP with TN HEN C. However, it doesn’t run isos by itself, you need a differente piece of software, an ISO Loader. There are some already: Prometeus ISO Loader, Open Idea ISO Loader, aLoader, ISO Loader beta. You can search for them…

      • dude300

        use iso tool to make a xmb icon, then you can run the iso,

    35. Total_Noob

      TN-D HEN is coming. Please be patient. :(

    36. Chinese

      Total_Noob,i’m a Chinese.I’ll be patient for TN-D. You’re a good guy.

    37. Chinese

      Total_Noob,you guys are a painstaking man,you need relax,do not attention to the bad guy.just like some Chinese.Because all the things you did is based on you interest,not incumbency.

    38. Encoof

      Thanks for all TN
      I’m,like another 648461469489563 users still waitin’ for your HEN,thanks!

    39. dude300

      i see that TN-D has been released but it is yet to be posted on this website, am i just being impatient, or is it getting translated into English, beings that the download i saw the vsh menu was in French.

    40. Sean

      hen-d is out now

    41. luccAS

      po cara se nao fala minha ligua mas se descubrir legal

    42. Taha feroz

      Hi total_noob i have a question i have psp 3004 and downgraded from 6.35 to 6.20, on 6.35 with prometheus iso loader i was able to play tekken 6 but on 6.20 with the same prometheus iso loader i can’t.
      plz help T_N………..THANKS

    43. clockdryve

      Soooo, we not going to put the 6.20HEN-D up so we all hokey-dokey…and up current?? :):)

    44. clockdryve

      wow….long time-no posts.

    45. juan321

      plrease put some news about the 6.20 tn-(hen) i can’t wait fore a new release ^^

    46. Kboy35

      ***?!?!!? Why do we need a NGP who cares just add friends and trophies to the psp for an update?!?!

    47. adam

      hi need a big help here if i run the update of 6.20 it will say the game could not be started and my psp is 5.70 plssssss help need a big help here tnxxxxxxxxxx if can help me god bless u to

    48. NakedFaerie

      I just found TN620-E on another site. Is that a real release as its not here yet?

    49. Orelldo

      Hey, this messed up my psp :( when i turn on any TN-Hen now, it actually lags my psp so it takes like 2 seconds to go from one tab thingy to the next. i’ve tried all the other ones, even the ones i used to use do it now. anyone know whats wrong?

    50. ltsonic

      please help someone when i run it it goes back to the xmb and when i check system setting its still at 6.37 i have psp go. and when i select a homebrew its still saying cannot be started, it could be corrupted please send me a message at if you have a solution.
      please dont say “use HBL”.

    51. Turok185

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      ??????: SA-MP 0.3c
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    52. A

      Hey TN , ya suelta el hen hombre , que estamos esperando ?