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Help with CWCheat

Plugins for PSPs running on 6.XX
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Help with CWCheat

Post by jojarth » Fri May 15, 2020 8:12 pm

Good afternoon, and thank you ahead of time for your assistance. I'm having issues with CWCheat that I didn't have before.

PSP Model: 3001
Firmware: 6.60 PRO-C2
CWCheat Version: 0.2.3

Background: I had an 8 GB memory stick duo with the above configuration and everything worked perfectly, both PSP and POPSLoaded PS1 games loaded cheats just fine. I upgraded to a 64 GB memory card using a Memory Stick Pro DUO Micro SD Card converter, and put a lot more games on (I have 58 GB of games now). All of the games load just fine, but CWCheat now is having issues.

The Issue: CWCheat loads just fine in all PSP and PS1 games. However, many of my games simply show the ID at the top, and do not parse the game name, and don't load the cheats. I know the cheats work, as the cheat database was copied from my old 8 GB card, and it worked when it was on there. Some games it works fine on, and other games (which used to work fine on my old card) it doesn't.

What I've Done: The first thing I did was put my old card back in. All of the games worked fine, and CWCheat loaded cheats for all the games just fine. Then I copied the Database from the 8 GB card to the 64 GB card again, just to be safe. I even copied the CSO and EBOOT files from the old card back to the new card to be safe as well. However, some games don't seem to load the cheats (and some load them just fine)

I verified that the disc ID was in the cheat database, but again, it worked when I put it on the 8 GB card.

What I think is the problem (but it isn't confirmed): Is it possible that I have too many games on my PSP, and CWCheat can't function with that? I'm not sure. I have not tried to reduce the number of games on the 64 GB card yet, as it takes a long time to transfer them to-and-from the card.

Is it possible that the size of the card is an issue, or the number of games on the card?

Other notes: At one point, I had categorieslite installed, but thinking that might have been the problem, I removed it.

Thank you again.

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