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Getting olde homebrews to work on 6.35 PRO?

Most of the homebrews discussed in this forum can be downloaded here
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Getting olde homebrews to work on 6.35 PRO?

Post by Nigan » Fri Sep 06, 2019 12:12 pm

Hello everyone,,
This looks like the right place to put this, so here goes. I've tried to use Homebrews like Age of Empires PSP ... s-psp.html or windows vista Psp ... a-psp.html (not a portal) and when I open the zip, it's got two different folders. I throw them both in the game folder on the psp and try them out. but one is classified as broken data, and the other only loads the gameboot before giving me a "game could not be started" error with a lot of numbers. This has happened on quite a few homebrews for me, but is there any way to use them?

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