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Simple PS3Updates

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Simple PS3Updates

Post by Quake » Sat Oct 13, 2018 1:24 pm

SubZero DeZigns brings you: Simple PS3Updates - v1.6 Build #8

This is just a simple update checker. Type in the Game ID and click Fetch.

  • Add/Remove Game ID/s
  • Cover Options - Set multiple Cover urls - Right Click DL/Check Cover
  • Customize your own sounds
  • Explore Directory - Open Directory
  • Game Notes
  • Multiple Downloads - Using Winsock. No Inet controls!
  • Opacity
  • Options Galore
  • Personal Game List - Keep track of what you have.
  • Region Icons - ID List
  • Saved Links
  • Save Game List As - Search form
  • Skinning - Sweet Skins Available
  • Thumbnail Pic viewer
  • 0 Byte txt files are put in place to remind one self they have this file or have downloaded it before.

PKG Icon = Available Update
PKG Icon: Red Plus = Bad PKG file - File present
PKG Icon: Green Plus = Good PKG file - File present
Green Plus = Marked as previous DL - Missing PKG file - Maybe USER saved to Backup DVD? User Choice

And a few more for good measure.

Download Link: Trading-Post

Updated PS3 Game ID Database to 8938 entries.
ps3update_248.gif (150.75 KiB) Viewed 16139 times
screen_02_280.gif (36.9 KiB) Viewed 16139 times

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