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[RELEASE] SHM - Sony Homebrew Manager for Psvita / PS3 / PS4

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[RELEASE] SHM - Sony Homebrew Manager for Psvita / PS3 / PS4

Post by MRGhidini » Sat Sep 15, 2018 8:27 pm

It is a manager of homebrews for Psvita / PS3 / PS4 that can read tsv files on your computer or via hospetado link on some server, listing the homebrews, doing the control of download.

Someone asked me to include the vitadb database in the Psvita option, I can do this when I have more time

The how to use and technical information, configuration and how to compile the source here in readme

And the compiled version is here

If anyone has any problems or ideas to implement let me know here

thank you all

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