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Glypha Native Port

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Glypha Native Port

Post by Juicefruit » Thu Sep 13, 2018 11:47 am

I would really like to play Glypha (a macOS game) on my vita, and would like to discuss the feasibility of doing a port of this game.
I am an amateur programmer, who codes in C++ and in Python. I only worked out to do one homebrew following the vita programming tutorial posted on this forum. Nonetheless, I would like to port Glypha III or Glypha IV on PSVITA. For more information on this Joust-like game, you can consult : Glypha - Then and Now.
There are some projects on Github that are ports to windows, linux, and/or to mac OS X . ... glypha-iii
There is even an iOS app :
The source code seems to be here :

I know this game is probably playable on a Vita via the homebrew Basilisk II, but i haven't achieved to do so yet.
So could you lend me a hand to port a game like this ?
This might fit better in the Programming Section, I had a doubt.

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