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About Redump Preservation Project - Asking for help for new dumping tool

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About Redump Preservation Project - Asking for help for new dumping tool

Post by diego-rbb-93 » Sun Apr 15, 2018 10:37 am

Hi everyone! Thanks so much for your work, first is first. My name is Diego and im a dumper from the Redump Preservation Project.

We are actually starting to promote new dumpers to add more entries to out website and start pushing the PS3 Bluray complete collection.

As you can see here, out method to make sure that we take all the data from the BD is a bit complex for casual users as OtherOS is needed: ... ping_Guide

My question is, do you think theres a way to implement or write any kind of software to make things easier (like a simple tool for dumping or implement any option to take out the metadata from the proper CFW)? Thank you so much for you atention!

I already asked Rebug team on his website, but who knows if they are still active. Anyway, if at least you could show me where to ask this, i would apreciate too guys,

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Re: About Redump Preservation Project - Asking for help for new dumping tool

Post by PixelButts » Thu Apr 19, 2018 12:26 am

The easy way that preserves quality of the disc integrity with a dump is buy a DECHA00A, throw D-REX rebug on there (and multiman) and dump as ISO then FTP the results to the PC. This allows one to bypass the need for 3k3y or any weird filesplitting.
I say DECHA00A because it's just an inherently good model, DECHA, DECHJ, DECH2000A, DECH2500A are all acceptable as well as their variants. DECH3000A, DECH4000AA, DECH4200AA are unable to be modded and therefore are bad. DECR systems are also acceptable but these have odd quirks that you'd only notice if you regularly do this stuff so I dont suggest them but if you want to then by all means.

Additionally, there are certain aspects of non-finalized PS3 discs that one should note too, and that is they don't need 3key or a PS3 to rip and decrypt them. Unfortunately this comes at the cost of dumping via IMGburn (or other medium) THEN decrypting with the SDK tools, or decrypt directly to loose files (which destroys mastering information). Ripping a non-finalized PS3 disc with IMGburn (or other software) is perfectly acceptable as the end result is an ISO that would be generated by said tools themselves, so an encrypted ISO is realistically the most 1:1 result of a disc even though you'd have to take another step to decrypt it (which isn't really that bad or hard).

Would you like me to explain anything else or are you satisfied with that explanation? I know there are other options if need be but that's if you want to hear them.

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