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[SOLVED] Vita Activation

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[SOLVED] Vita Activation

Post by Kaiiela » Thu Nov 24, 2016 11:48 pm

° Turns out the ps3 method still works. Happy days!
° All my games only one 10 second reboot away!
° So happy about this as well -> The icon layout & backgrounds stays the same between profile changes!
° The vita was already a great handheld but now it's simply superb!

I had completely forgot about this method since I hadn't touched my vita in so long...I"ll leave this for whoever this can help ( From hackinformer)

Code: Select all

Activating a Vita with a PS3

First, when you power on a new Vita it will go through a setup process. If you have already done this, which chances are you have, power off your Vita. Hold down the right trigger (R), the Playstation button and the power button all together. Once that’s done it will boot to a safe menu. Select restore system and let it restore. Once it’s finished you will need to go through the setup process again.  In that process you need to connect to a wifi access point and also input your PSN ID and password but be careful to NOT let it download the update. Once you get through the setup you should be on your vita home screen. I would, at this point, suggest going into settings and make sure to disable automatic downloading of updates. Once you’re sure there is no chance of it updating you need to go to your PS3 and log into the account you are using. Go to the PS Store, purchase and download a Vita or PSP game. Doesn’t matter which one. Obviously find one you like.

Once it’s finished downloading you will need either OpenCMA or QCMA. You can find a download link for both HERE! Once you have that installed you need to turn Wifi off and turn on airplane mode on your Vita, then power it off and back on. Connect your Vita to OpenCMA/QCMA and go into the content manager. Select transfer content. At this point you will want to disconnect the cable from your PC. You will get an error on your Vita. DO NOT close the error, leave it open. Connect the USB to your PS3 and you will see it pop up that a Vita is connected. Now you may close the error and tell it to connect to a PS3 via USB cable. You are now free to transfer a game to your Vita.

After you have the game transferred you can disconnect from the PS3. Once you launch that game from the Live Area your Vita will be activated on that account.

While I realize that was a little of a long read it won’t take much time.

Hi, I just updated from ARK enabled 3.55 to 3.60 Henkaku for the AccountSwitcher
(Dream come true for VITA owners with multiple accounts).

Everything works fine though I am wondering how I can activate my other accounts since we can't get on psn
( for now )

I have just spent hours reading up and I'm not sure if it's still possible ...?

Would this method still work properly ?

I have a PS3 if there is anything I can do from there ~

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