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[PSVITA] Tutorial on how to make your own vpk

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[PSVITA] Tutorial on how to make your own vpk

Post by LoopyELBARTO » Sat Aug 13, 2016 2:12 am

This is a tutorial on how to make your own Hello World vpk using Windows. You don't have to write line of code and it will be provided in this tutorial. Images would also be provided. This tutorial's source code will be based on libvita2d by xerpi with some minor changes. I will try to make this a simple to follow tutorial.
You will need to download Notepad++ to edit files!!!
1.Download PSDK3v3 from
2.Extract PSDK3v3-master to your C drive and rename that folder PSDK3v3
3. Navigate to C:\PSDK3v3\MinGW\msys\1.0 and right click msys.bat and send to desktop. Run the msys.bat and close it.
4. Navigate to C:\PSDK3v3\MinGW\msys\1.0\home and right click at your username and send that to your desktop also.(Rename that shortcut to Project Folder)
5. Click to the Project Folder that you sent to your desktop and inside that folder, create a folder called Template
6. Go and download Vitadoom.vpk from and extract the contents inside that vpk into the Template folder.
7. Download libvita2d-master from and extract the sample folder to the Project folder from your desktop. Rename the sample folder to hello_world.
8. Download [spoiler]Image[/spoiler] and replace image.png with the one you just downloaded.
Editing files
1.Edit the the main.c file using Notepad++ to make it look like this.

Code: Select all

#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <stdlib.h>

#include <psp2/ctrl.h>
#include <psp2/kernel/processmgr.h>

#include <vita2d.h>

extern unsigned char _binary_image_png_start;

int main(){
	SceCtrlData pad;
	//Calling the image
    vita2d_pgf *pgf;
    vita2d_texture *image;
	//vita2d_texture *image2;
    vita2d_set_clear_color(RGBA8(0x40, 0x40, 0x40, 0xFF));
    pgf = vita2d_load_default_pgf();
	//loading the image
    image = vita2d_load_PNG_buffer(&_binary_image_png_start);
	//image2 = vita2d_load_PNG_buffer(&_binary_image_png_start);
	memset(&pad, 0, sizeof(pad));
		sceCtrlPeekBufferPositive(0,&pad, 1);
		if(pad.buttons & SCE_CTRL_RIGHT)
        vita2d_start_drawing();		//starts to draw image or shape
        vita2d_draw_texture(image, 0,0);		//loads the image
    return 0;
Now we need to edit the Makefile also using Notepad++
2. In TARGET = vita2dsample, change that to TARGET = HelloWorld

Now, we need to build this project, run msys.bat, then type

Code: Select all

cd hello_world 
. After that type

Code: Select all

and this would build your project and automatically create a vpk.
(Technically you can use the vpk that is already generated and transfer that to your VITA via FTP and you will be done, but if you want to add custom bubbles, please continue)

Building vpk manually with custom bubbles
1.Now open up hello_world folder and you will see allot of files has been created. Remember the Template folder that we created a while ago, open that up and copy and paste eboot.bin from hello_world folder to the Template folder and replace that file.
2. Copy and paste param.sfo from hello_world folder to sce_sys folder in the Template folder
2. Download these images bg.png[spoiler]Image[/spoiler] icon0.png[spoiler]Image[/spoiler] and startup.png[spoiler]Image[/spoiler]
3. Once you are done downloading the pictures, replace the existing pictures in the Template folder with the ones you downloaded. They can be found in the sce_sys and contents folder.
4. Navigate back Template(it should look like this C:\PSDK3v3\MinGW\msys\1.0\home\username\Template\) and select both sce_sys folder and eboot.bin. Right click and select Add to Archive(assuming you have WinRar installed). Name it hello_world.vpk and click okay. That would generate a vpk file and you can transfer that to your VITA via FTP.
Your finish product should look like this[spoiler]Image[/spoiler]

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