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Will PSM programming no longer work after shutdown?

The PlayStation Mobile SDK and Unity for PlayStation Mobile can be downloaded here:
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Will PSM programming no longer work after shutdown?

Post by spittnacid » Thu May 14, 2015 4:33 am

I've only glanced over the documentation but unless I am mistaken, if you make something to run on your Vita it requires a licence key + a key from the target vita and both are sent to sony to say yes you can run this specific thing on this specific vita.

If that is the case, what happens when they shut down the servers and there is no way to authenticate the usage of your code? How do you redistribute stuff for others to use IF you were to make something before they shutdown?

Maybe what is being hinted at for everyone interested in homebrew via PSM is that as long as you have your own personal working app that maybe there is a way to build apps off of it or inject code into it to use as a loader.

I found this to be quite mysterious in an interview with yifan:
So, without giving too much away, would you say it’s an obvious exploit?
I mean with hindsight bias, everything seems obvious. Your keys are always the last place you look.

In the end what bothers me is that PSM has been available to use to create your own personal homebrew from almost day one of the Vita being released. I know because I signed up for the dev program. Only recently due to the shutdown they made the licensing free. Before it was 100$/yr. If you've looked at the PSM store you can see why Sony is getting rid of it, it's utter ****. But if people paid 100$/yr to create utter ****, what is gonna be made when its free? ANd why is Sony now giving away licenses when they are closing the doors anyways? That part seems very odd unless its a means to see if there are any serious developers they would consider giving access to the steam/vita SDK. Thats right. If you have Game Maker Studio there's an optionfor vita.... but you need a license ;)

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Re: Will PSM programming no longer work after shutdown?

Post by Cyber » Thu May 14, 2015 11:20 am

Excerpts from ... p/23079820 below:
The time line is as follows:

May 31, 2015: Final day to submit new PSM applications
July 15, 2015: Final day to submit updates to previously released PSM applications; Final day for consumers to purchase PSM applications *1
September 10, 2015: Final day of in-app-purchases through PSM applications; final day to re-download previously purchased PSM applications *1
November 30, 2015: Final day to access the PSM DevPortal

*1: End users may continue playing previously purchased PSM applications, provided that specific procedures are followed. We will notify end users of the necessary procedures separately.

Q: By when can I develop PSM application on PS Vita or PS Certified device?
A: You can develop your PSM application on PS Vita or PS Certified device until July 15th.

Q: After the update submission final day, I received bug report from end user. What shall I do?
A: As you cannot submit fixed version after July 15th, please review your PSM application carefully and fix any bugs before then. If this should happen, please ask end user to contact with SCE.

Q: How will the PSM publisher license agreement be treated?
A: The contract will be terminated.
I wonder whether we "the devs" are supposed to purchase "our own" apps to continue using them indefinitely "provided that specific procedures are followed."

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