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How can I transfer music from my iPod touch to computer?

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How can I transfer music from my iPod touch to computer?

Post by Qidai » Fri Jun 14, 2013 9:37 am

Hello, Dear all; I’m new here for help; I have a iPod touch, and there are many music stored in my iPod. Now I wanna transfer them from my iPod to iTunes library or to my computer; I tried iTunes but failed, iTunes seems not allows users to transfer music from iPod to computer; please help, if there are some app can do it?

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Re: How can I transfer music from my iPod touch to computer?

Post by fate6 » Fri Jun 14, 2013 9:41 am

not Vita related so moved to "smartphones/General"

yea there are a few programs that will let you get the music out but I unfortunately do not remember any names
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Re: How can I transfer music from my iPod touch to computer?

Post by GlueGun » Fri Jun 14, 2013 10:16 am

On your AppStore (iPod) search
and find playable free (not pro).
You may need cracked apps via cydia
to get iFile,
in cydia add xsellize to your repo
and find iFile free,
copy those songs to your documents via
playable, then connect to iTunes look for your apps, scroll down and find playable icon
You should see your files inside iTunes and click and drag to desktop. enjoy :)

For unpurchased songs,
--> /var/mobile/media/itunes_control/FXX/XXX.mp3
For purchased songs.
but you gotta save memory, so I leave that up to you...
To send and see on iTunes,
/var/mobile/applications/playable/documents/ after copy/paste with ifile!!!.
I'm having fun posting :) :)
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Re: How can I transfer music from my iPod touch to computer?

Post by nitial » Fri Jun 14, 2013 2:30 pm

To get your songs onto your computer (jail broken or not):

Begin on your Computer.

Download a program called iFunBox (or iExplorer, using iFunBox for this method)

Install it.
Connect your iPod to your Computer
Launch the Program.

Easy Way:
Click the Quick ToolBox Menu.
Under Export Files and Data, hit iPod Music.
Follow its instructions and you should be done quickly

Long Way:

Click on the iFunBox Classic Menu, (top left bar)
Click on your iPod

Find and click on the Raw File System Button (middle left area)
On the right the folders should pop up of your iPod
Navigate to:
Copy the Music Folder to your computer.
If there is no Music Folder and there are only Folders titled F00 or so on, copy those instead
On iTunes on the computer, import the folder(s) into your iTunes Library (add folder to library button)

Once added, highlight all the files with Ctrl A (or Cmd A for Mac) on your keyboard.
Right Click (ctrl click for Mac) with all the songs selected and Click consolidate files
Your music library should be repopulated on your computer.

In the iTunes_Control Folder, other folders include other files.
DCIM for Photos
Ringtones for Ringtones, etc.
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Re: How can I transfer music from my iPod touch to computer?

Post by vibrocil » Fri Jun 14, 2013 2:35 pm

Try Sharepod...You can even put it on your Ipod through windows explorer and than you have it always with you, no need for Itunes...

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Re: How can I transfer music from my iPod touch to computer?

Post by Vilam » Fri Jun 14, 2013 11:08 pm

I once use copytrans, made the work, don't know if still working.
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Re: How can I transfer music from my iPod touch to computer?

Post by shadowknight1620 » Wed Jun 19, 2013 7:29 am

Sharepod works very well if you just want to transfer music around from ipod to computer and visa versa and is easy to use. iFunBox is great if you want to work with internal framework, customising, and emulation. Basic all in one file management for ipods
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Re: How can I transfer music from my iPod touch to computer?

Post by JollyNapoli » Fri Dec 27, 2013 7:14 am

1.The first thing you want to do is connect your ipod to your computer via the white USB cable.
WARNING: If itunes opens and asks you if you would like to sync up your ipod click NO!

2.After your ipod is connected, open My Computer, or just Computer from the start menu and look for the ipod drive. It should be in the (F:drive. You will see the ipod logo in the listing of disk drives.

3.If you are using Windows vista: Open the ipod drive and click on ORGANIZE. Then folder and search options tab. Then View and Show hidden files and folders.
If you are using Windows XP, open the ipod drive and click tools then Folder options then View tab then click show hidden files and folder. Finally click Apply.

4.Now you should have a new folder called ipod_control. Open that folder up and you should see the following: Calendar, Contacts, ipod_control, notes, photos, ect. If you are trying to save all of your music then the ipod_control folder is the only one you need to worry about.

5.Open the ipod_control folder then open the music folder. Copy each one of those folders (should look similar to these: F00, F01 ...) onto your computer. You can do this by creating a new folder on your desktop and dragging the files into the folder.

6.Open itunes and insert the new folder you created on your computer's desktop into: library ---> Music

You can now sync your ipod to this new computer without losing all of your music.

The content above is without other tools, you may also read the guide below:
How to copy music from iPod touch to computer

Hope it can help you.
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Re: How can I transfer music from my iPod touch to computer?

Post by NoMoreUniqueNames » Fri Dec 27, 2013 7:59 am

JollyNapoli wrote:Post from JollyNapoli; Snipped due to length.
These steps only work with the "older" ipods like the Classic, Shuffle and Nano. This is because the filesystem for the iPod Touch isn't exposed as a hard drive and instead requires iTunes(and the MobileDevice library it installs) to access the filesystem. Even then access is restricted to /var/mobile/Media due to afcd(Apple File Connection Daemon) being sandboxed unless jailbroken and afc2add is installed(or preadded by the jailbreak tool)

You can easily get access to and backup the music on your iPod touch with iTunes and a program called "iFunbox"(both Windows and Mac).

1. Install "iFunbox". After it installs, run it.

2. Plug in device(or have it set to sync with iTunes via Wifi)

3. Once iFunbox is open, click the tab on the top left called "iFunbox Classic"
b) If using iFunbox 2014, click the bottom left corner where it shows the name of your device. Scroll down and make sure your device is the one selected(if more than one is connected) and choose "iFunbox Classic" under "Manage Files"**

4. On the left side will be a list of connected devices, click yours.

5. Open "Raw File System".

6. Copy "iTunes_Control" to your desktop by dragging it out of the window.*
b) If you are jailbroken and have afc2add installed from Cydia(or have it via the jailbreak tool), go to var/mobile/Media and copy the folder named "iTunes_Control" to your desktop.*

7. Open the newly transferred folder and move the "Music" folder into iTunes to have it added to the library.

*The windows version has a bug where folders with lots of files and folders in them won't show up where you moved it to after it's done transferring. If this happens open an explorer window, basically any folder, and put %appdata%\Roaming\iFunbox_UserCache\temp_files in the address bar, hit enter. The folder should be in here unless you've closed iFunbox since transferring as it deletes the contents of the UserCache folder on exit. EDIT3: This might only happen on older versions of the program as I have yet to try a large transfer with iFunbox 2014.

** I know there's an option labelled "Music" under the "Export Media" section. I tell you to copy it manually because it's actually faster as the export option parses the device's music library database before copying it to the computer. This option is useful if you want the album art and song info to be embedded in the actual music file. Older versions of iFunbox had various issues with large transfers using this mode but it might be fixed for 2014, again untested by me.

EDIT: Since someone linked to one of the "Copy Music and Video from iPhone" programs, I'm going to link to iFunbox because it's actually useful for more than one thing and is known to be a safe tool(as in no malware, worms, etc).

EDIT2: I just noticed that iFunbox has a new beta out called iFunbox 2014. It features a drastically changed UI so I'm going to suggest you use the latest stable version to follow this guide(2.7). I just updated the guide for 2014 as well.

EDIT4: If using 2014, click the little gear on the top right to disable auto starting with windows and auto app downloads(for updates) if you don't want them.

EDIT5: Weee all these edits:). I totally missed a similar post nearer to the top of this page, whoops. Also totally missed that the post right above mine was necroposting. So, I'm just going to make a new thread for this if there isn't already one.

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Re: How can I transfer music from my iPod touch to computer?

Post by CWedner » Fri Aug 26, 2016 7:14 am

If you're on a Macintosh, here's also a guide about iPod touch music transfer.


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