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Is custom firmware worth it?

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Is custom firmware worth it?

Post by giselegadot3 » Sun Mar 22, 2020 10:25 am

I have a PS4 Pro on 6.20. In the sidebar I see that there are exploits found but nothing released so I understand there is nothing yet.

I've kept it unused in hope one day something might happen.

I'm asking people who do use a enabled console what their experiences are like or what they do for fun with what I assume sacrificing all online PSN use. I don't really want to but another one and update or keep it because a "hacked PS4" can be a selling point in the future.

TL;DR Is sacrificing online use worth what you can do in your experience?

After everyones opinions and advice I've chosen it was best to just update and just enjoy the PS4 rather than avoiding touching it for the point of waiting for something that might not even come.

My advice to anyone that has the same question, unless you're really want to get into this, buy a lower firmware or already enabled console if you have the money. Otherwise stay updated and enjoy games!

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