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[RELEASE] vitaQuakeII - Quake II port for PSVITA

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Re: [RELEASE] vitaQuakeII - Quake II port for PSVITA

Post by riblad_om » Wed Sep 25, 2019 6:34 pm

Emankcin wrote:
Sat Apr 06, 2019 1:27 pm
There is a bug where the game crashes, somehow related to railguns. I've had it happen when I was shot by a railgun, and also when shooting the railgun, both in the single player campaign. Also, the graphics get all crazy when certain weapons are used, like the railgun. I think it has something to do with the damage multiplier... Also, because of this, the reactor cannot be destroyed. None of the weapons do enough damage, and if you try to use the railgun, the game crashes.
I'm having a similar issue, some weapon effects are causing graphical corruption and crashing. This can be illustrated by loading up either expansion back and watching the demo for about a minute, the corruption builds up until the game crashes.

Edit: where can I find the coredump and how can I post it?

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Re: [RELEASE] vitaQuakeII - Quake II port for PSVITA

Post by Rinnegatamante » Sat Oct 19, 2019 9:31 am

v.2.2 available for download!

- Slight performance boost in GL states management code.
- Updated to latest vitaGL commit.
- Moved to Yamagi Quake2 savegames system (Important notes down below).
- Moved to Yamagi Quake2 xatrix and rogue versions (Tons of bug fixes and improvements for the two missionpacks).
- Added zaero unofficial missionpack support ( ).
- Added third person mode (can be enabled in Options menu)
- Bugfix for a potential out of filehandles bug.
- Added a new option to scale 2D elements for higher resolutions (effectively scales menus, consoles, texts, hud only on 960x544 and 720x408 resolutions).
- Menu options will now reflect config.cfg values at boot.
- Made so that config.cfg is generated when Options or Video menus are closed.
- Fix for some texts being displayed in a wrong way in 480x272 and 640x368 resolutions.
- Now Brightness option work as intended.

Regarding the savegames sytem change:
Vanilla Quake 2 used a function pointers based savegame making saves incompatible across different executables (that's why vitaQuakeII most of the time was unable to load savegames took with older releases). With Yamagi Quake 2 savegames, savegames are now based off of function names making them compatible across different executables however ALL savegames took with vitaQuakeII v.2.1 or lower WON'T WORK with this new system.

- Ch3lin for the awesome livearea assets
- All my patroners for their awesome support:
- Dieter B
- Tain Sueiras
- RaveHeart
- drd7of14
- The Vita3k Project
- polytoad
- Count Duckula
- Mark Vdovychenko
- rsn8887
- Igor Kovacs Biscaia
- Mored1984
- Andyways
- Daniel Krusenbaum
- Elwood Blues
- DiDoSvK
- gnmmarechal
- GregoryRasputin
- Jared Breland
- Lars Zondervan
- Artūrs Lubāns
- Thomas Würgler
- Troy Murray
- styroteqe
- Neil MacAlasdair
- Daniel
- Demodex
- Oleg Des
- Pirloui
- 2Mourty
- suLac4ever
- Gelson Silva
- Yakara

If you want, visit my website: :D

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Re: [RELEASE] vitaQuakeII - Quake II port for PSVITA

Post by riblad_om » Sat Oct 19, 2019 8:42 pm

New version solves my crashing, thank you!!!

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