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New To PS Vita Modding

Everything that is PSVita-related but doesn't go in any other subforum
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New To PS Vita Modding

Post by Not_A_Drug_Lord » Sat Jun 29, 2019 5:42 am

Hi, I have recently decided to join the homebrew community and my god, my eyes are opened and I can never go back. It all started with wanting to use a 256 GB memory card because I wanted to have all my games installed at all times, that progressed to me wanting to download some utility apps like the Database Manager, which progressed to getting Enso-ex so I don't have to install Henkaku every time I turn on my Vita, then custom themes, a calculator, a weather app (Are you kidding me? that's amazing) and so many cool apps that expand the functionality of the Vita, I keep finding amazing applications that really make me sad because Sony could've done all of this and made the Vita the system it was destined to be. I am happy though, I will keep loving my Vita, keep buying games for it and keep looking at the homebrew community to give me things I didn't know I wanted. Please recommend cool apps for me.
For the record, before anyone mentions it, I am against piracy and don't care about emulation because I want to play Vita games on my PS Vita, so I don't need any of those recommended, thanks.
To clarify, if someone made a game to run on Vita, I'd be happy to check it out, original games are cool, I just don't care about pirating commercial games or emulating older systems, if some hobbyist wants to plug their game, I am all for it.

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