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Quick question regarding 2.02 Vita

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Quick question regarding 2.02 Vita

Post by Gabrial » Tue Jun 18, 2019 12:34 pm

Hello everyone,,,
I'm not exactly a noob when it comes to setting up games to work with eCFW but I just had a quick question about this particular Vita. I just got it while trying to get a backup Vita to update to 3.50 to use PSM and luckily it came with 2.02. Of course I'm not going to update this one any longer and instead I'll update my 3.18 Vita to 3.50.

So anyways to my question. I was looking at the exploit game chart and most, if not all, say X.XX firmware or below. I know for example Numblast says that it works for 3.01 and 3.30-.36 but it won't work on 3.18. Do other games have a similar issue or could I use a game such as Talkman Tokyo or even Numblast on 2.02 and have it work? If I have to buy UNO I don't particularly care but I just wanted to ask while I still have access to a PS3 for the next few hours.

Thanks in advanced.
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Re: Quick question regarding 2.02 Vita

Post by dmaskell92 » Tue Jun 18, 2019 5:58 pm

I'm always suspicious of threads like these being bots. eCFW exploits are obsolete and they have been for a long time.

Install 3.60, install Henkaku, install ENSO, then install Adrenaline.
Does it quit? If not, then it's legit... Too legit.

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