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preparing Vitas on 3.60 for sale

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preparing Vitas on 3.60 for sale

Post by robbucket » Wed Aug 22, 2018 10:23 pm


I've got 2 Vitas, the 1st & 2nd generation ones. Both are running 3.60, have been activated & used to sign in to my Playstation account. I've used the original Henkaku on both, installed a bunch of emulators, some PSX games, ISOs etc. on memory cards.

I no longer have any time to keep on top of the scene news, figure out how to install/use H-encore, or fiddle around with them in the evenings & they're just gathering dust in a cupboard.

I'm planning on sticking them both on eBay - what's the easiest & safest way of preparing them for sale? Obviously I don't want any trace of my Playstation account leaving on them, so I assume a full factory reset should do the trick. Am I right in thinking that these can now be activated by whoever buys them, without needing to upgrade to the latest firmware, i.e. they'd be sellable running 3.60 but in a factory reset state?

Apologies if I haven't got the terminology quite right - like I said, after the original Henkaku was released I really haven't had any time to keep on top of the news...

cheers, Rob

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