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PS Vita worth it in 2018?

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PS Vita worth it in 2018?

Post by analysis230 » Tue Apr 24, 2018 8:07 am

I used to be a very very regular user of this forum back in 2008/9, I guess. I have not been here for ages, but I hope the community is still as helpful as it used to be.

I want to pick up a second-hand ps Vita which I can get for maybe 50 USD, which is quite cheap. I have never owned one before. My concerns:
1. Is it possible to hack (jail-break) it?
2. I am a fan of old titles, so can it run emulators? and what kind of emulators
3. Would the screen look dated, not that I am used to looking at retina display laptops and phones?
4. Are there an Indie games?
5. What's the music playback quality like? I know for a lot of people it wouldn't make sense.

I used to play a lot of emulator games on my PSP and lately I've been getting nostalgic and missing that. Since both, a second hand vita or psp would cost me about the same, I thought maybe vita is a better idea? any thoughts? any suggestions?

P.S. Would it be any better than a bluetooth remote with a good android phone?

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Re: PS Vita worth it in 2018?

Post by Taronish3 » Thu Apr 26, 2018 3:37 am

Hi am owner of a vita 1001 since 2012 till to date & am buying a new vita 2000 soon as my is complete finesh like joy stick rateles and headphones jack busted so do get a new in 2018 as a new hack is around the henkaku or tiahen
i love my psvita wololo site rocks . PSVITA OFW3.68 PlayStation® PLUS waiting for new cfw

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Re: PS Vita worth it in 2018?

Post by helltoast » Thu Apr 26, 2018 4:43 pm

1. only firmware 3.60 and below can be hacked.
2. surprisingly, emulation on the vita sucks. there's potential, but no one to tackle it. you can run the same emulators the PSP can, through PSP mode.
3. model 1000 (fat) has an OLED screen which is similar to IPS, "retina". just don't leave it out in the sun.
4. lots.

don't know about 5 but an android device would probably be better for emulation. although I find most setups clunky, but that's just me.

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