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What turned this Vita into a brick ?

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What turned this Vita into a brick ?

Post by randname » Wed Feb 14, 2018 3:57 pm

Not my own Vita, but I think this is worth mentioning.

Things begin when a guy (who is a user of a Chinese PSVita hacking forum) decide to gave his Vita and a Sony card inside to a friend, but instead of keeping the Enso on the console, his friend want him to clear all the data on the Vita and uninstall Enso. Before this, he is using Enso and SD2Vita, and did some modification to system apps (which I will mention later).

So what he did is: Settings-Format-Restore This System. After this was done, he found out that the Enso didn't work, since the Enso installer cannot open. Then he went to to install Henkaku manually ,and then opened the Enso installer and pressed △ for uninstall. Then things went totally wrong: The Vita shut itself down but unable to reboot. The power light kept green (model 2000), but the screen doesn't turn on. And the system cannot even get into safe mode, the combination for entering the safe mode just didn't work. By holding power button for 10 seconds, the console is able to shut down, but would turn on by itself and stay black screen again.

What modification he did to his system is: Uninstall the Welcome Park and replace it with molecularShell with a special homebrew. The reason is: This is a fairly common and suggested operation for SD2Vita users in Chinese Vita hacking community, which the purpose is to access the molecularShell at any time, especially in case of emergency such as the SDcard suddenly broke down.

So there are about two ideas about this in community:
1. The system restore process wiped out the Enso-related files in the system, which caused the Enso to no longer function. And by uninstall the Enso in the Enso installer, it removed the necessary files in the system, which are being replaced by Enso before the restore, caused the Vita to brick.
2. The operation of uninstalling the Welcome Park and replace it with molecularShell broke the system integrity and after the Enso is uninstalled, the molecularShell, which is a homebrew, cannot be properly executed, or the console just refuse to boot an incomplete system, caused the Vita to brick.

So if anyone knows which statment is correct? This might prevent tragedy like this from happening again,
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