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FFX HD Save Editing Enhanced.

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FFX HD Save Editing Enhanced.

Post by niatrinh » Thu Feb 16, 2017 2:29 pm

.Sickness01 for the original tutorial at viewtopic.php?p=408154
.Zirothos at 360haven for the original PS3 tutorial
.FFX HD Checksum Utility by MarkH221 at
.Fuzzymillipede for the wonderful FFXED

.You are running PSVita on 3.60 with Henkaku
.You know how to dump out your decrypted save BIN file either via Rincheat or Vita Save Manager

. FFXED (!0F8zHYwY!08OAM7srUFPG ... vwklQcwPso)
. FFX Hexed (!R9NQTTIT!LtmHXLJsSAHC ... dja3bV5ttw)

Important! FFX Hexed is a tool written by myself with an MD5 of: 54F8606742EDA4F073901FDF2E4B41D1
If you have downloaded this tool from another URL and its asking you to do a survey, donate money or reporting a virus, then delete.

Having gone through Sickness01's tutorial (from the link above), I thought there must be an easier way to edit the savegame without messing about with all that HEX stuff, especially if you intend to edit quite a bit which means the whole process can take a fair bit of time. So I decided to write this tool which will bypass all the HEX copy and pasting business as well as building the Checksum in to the tool also.

So, on with the tutorial then:

.Download FFXED from the Mega link above.
.Download FFX Hexed from the Mega link above. I recommend running MD5 to be safe.
.Extract FFX Hexed somewhere, such as the desktop.
.Copy Decrypted BIN file from Vita to PC (usually via ftp)
.Open FFX Hexed. The tool should look like the image below:


.To begin, drag your BIN file in to the box on the tool.
.Click ->> Import to PSU button. This will create a file called 'container.psu' in the same directory where you extracted FFX Hexed (desktop maybe?).
.Load container.psu in to FFXED and hack away like crazy. When you have finished editing...
.Click <<- Export to BIN button.
.Click Checksum & Exit button to run the Checksum, remove the temporary container.psu file and close the tool.
.That's it, you can now copy the BIN file back to PSVita and enjoy!

Final Thoughts:
If you have followed the above steps, then the process should be very simple and you should not have any issues. However, if you do come across any problems, please let me know below, along with comments and suggestions.

And finally, always back up your savegame!


UPDATE: You can also drag your Bruteforce Decrypted PS3 SAVE file to the Tool and follow the steps above to edit your save. Don't forget to Encrypt and rebuild with Bruteforce once you have finished.

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Re: FFX HD Save Editing Enhanced.

Post by Honor » Tue Sep 05, 2017 4:04 am

Thank you so much for this. I was having issues with the other guide some reason. This one worked first try and so much less complicated.

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Re: FFX HD Save Editing Enhanced.

Post by moxid90 » Wed Jan 03, 2018 10:38 pm

Hello, First of all Thanks you and Sickness01 (and the others) for their work. It's amazing what you have accomplished.

I'm having an issue with FFXED when i open the container.psu, it comes with the following "ERROR: Unidentified value in type: DA A2" "Adress: 0x3F0D" when I select the item section.
However, in my save I haven't reached the point where i meet Rikku and includ her in the team. I thought maybe that was the issue there.

hope you can help me with these. =)

Keep up the good work

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Re: FFX HD Save Editing Enhanced.

Post by manuelr » Wed Feb 07, 2018 11:38 pm

what it will do to the save?? full stats or something??

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Re: FFX HD Save Editing Enhanced.

Post by ANU815 » Sat Feb 10, 2018 2:29 am

Can I use this tool to transfer/convert my Vita save to a PS3 save?

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Re: FFX HD Save Editing Enhanced.

Post by moxid90 » Fri Apr 06, 2018 8:39 am

Finally I have overcome the issue i was having with the save. I didn't use the vitasavemanager before, but with using this tool to dump the save, my save was clean with no probleme when using the other tool to change the stats, unlike before.

@manuelr Yes, full stats, any item you want, have a look to the tool and what can you do with it.
@ANU815 it should be working with synchro as well.

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