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How much to sell a PSVita on firmware 3.6?

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How much to sell a PSVita on firmware 3.6?

Post by Nonlin » Sun Jan 14, 2018 3:10 pm

I'm looking to sell my ps vita on 3.6 and don't know how much to ask for?
Or even where the best place to sell it would be?

Any thoughts?

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Re: How much to sell a PSVita on firmware 3.6?

Post by nightwishfan1 » Wed Jan 17, 2018 3:14 pm

You can definitely sell it on the somewhat high end. You have something that is increasingly becoming rarer, and harder to find out in this market. Even mobo boards with 3.60 firmware are becoming less and less common for certain console revisions. But anyways I guess it would all boil down to a few things to consider when pricing your vita. These I'll list below:

1. Hardware mods that have been done to the vita. This can be from swapping a 3g module from I believe a 1000 series vita with a psv2sd board/adapter, to a better battery, etc.

2. What extra accessories you're bundling with the vita. If you didn't own a 3g vita then you probably have a sd2vita adapter that goes into the game card slot. This can include official and third party licensed accessories as well like grips for the vita, memory cards, to cases, etc.

3. Which games you have and most likely will include. Be sure to do your research on what games are considered rare, and which aren't.

Anyways a good reference for you would be completed ebay listings which should give you a ball park figure to work with before taking the above notes into account: ... 5573.m1684

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