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buttons wont work in molecular shell or any mod related app

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buttons wont work in molecular shell or any mod related app

Post by LegendOfRock69 » Wed Jan 10, 2018 6:53 am

recently got a vita and it was below 3.60, so i manually updated it to 3.60 compatible and downloaded the latest henkaku mod, and whenever i first opened molecular shell, i could not press anything. the start button wouldnt work for settings, and so i went into the setting application to look for henkaku settings but they werent there, so i thought i was scr..ed. i ended up getting an earlier version of henkaku after constantly restoring my system and formatting the memory card, and after figuring out the whole phone server stuff.

after that the henkaku settings showed up and i was able to enable the unsafe homebrew, i went back into molecular shell and could move around and do stuff, so i deleted that M.S. (molecular shell) and downloaded the latest again, this time it worked but i still couldnt access or configure my henkaku settings and they still wont show up.

so i thought whatever ill get enso and that will be that. so i ftp'd enso to my vita and installed it, after installing it and opening it i realized i STILL couldnt press anything. so i said screw it once again and thought "well ill get the epsp bubble installer" well once again after installing and opening it, i could not press anything.

ive searched this problem many times, in many different ways to find something that could help, i only found like 2 short forum posts that ndidnt even really specify the problem, so im wondering if anybody can help me out plzz

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