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Is sd2vita a must or you can use the Sony 16 gb m2 cards

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Is sd2vita a must or you can use the Sony 16 gb m2 cards

Post by boxer29 » Sun Dec 24, 2017 8:13 pm

Got this ps vita on henkuku 3.60 . Did this with 16 go Sony m2 card ..
Is sd2vita a must to install Enso and then games.
1)do you need a sd2 vita for 3.60 if you have a few 16 gb m2
2)How big is a psvita game on average , I mean how many can you install on the 16 gb m2 card .....
3 ) any disadvantage of installing these files to internal memory so you don’t need to keep the m2 or other card in psvita .

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Re: Is sd2vita a must or you can use the Sony 16 gb m2 cards

Post by randname » Mon Dec 25, 2017 1:19 am

By the word "M2 cards", you mean Memory Stick Micro?

The answer is a big no. Unlike PSP, PS Vitas don't accept memory sticks. Instead they use a special memory card. A Memory Stick Micro card can't even go in the memory card slot on the PS Vita. And there is no converter for M2 cards to be used on PS Vitas like SD2Vita.
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Re: Is sd2vita a must or you can use the Sony 16 gb m2 cards

Post by dmaskell92 » Mon Dec 25, 2017 6:11 pm

M2 cards aren't the same as the Ps Vita memory. Ps Vita memory is proprietary, meaning it only works in a PS Vita or the PSTV.

You do NOT need a sd2vita if you have proprietary Ps Vita memory. The sd2vita is only a cheaper alternative to the standard Ps Vita memory.

The Ps Vita (proprietary) memory has a maximum capacity of 64gb, with a price-tag usually over $100. You might be asking yourself "Is the Ps vita memory better because it's more expensive?". No, the Ps Vita 64gb units have many reports of them quitting or "burning out". IMO a Samsung MicroSD is 100 times more reliable, also with the SD2VITA you can use a 128gb/256gb microSD.

I'm going to do a price check based on US retailers from eBay.

Samsung EVO PLUS 64gb MicroSD = $23 USD

SD2VITA 3.0 Red Text/Revised Version = $13 USD


64gb Proprietary Ps Vita Memory = $95USD


$36 is cheaper than $95, this is the main reason why everyone wants one.
Does it quit? If not, then it's legit... Too legit.

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