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Does Moonlight for Vita work anymore?

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Does Moonlight for Vita work anymore?

Post by metalvita » Sun Dec 24, 2017 2:38 pm

Hello I recently got ahold of my own PS Vita slim with 3.60 Firmware and I hacked it with Henkaku Enso. I was very excited to find out that the Vita could do gamestreaming to it via the homebrew app "Moonlight." However I have not been able to get it to work. I have not seen anything posted on Moonlight in months. If this still works for you let me know what version of Geoforce Experience your running along with the version of Moonlight u installed and steps you did to install it.

I have a nvidia zotac amp extreme gtx 980ti on windows 10. I have tried disabling firewalls, older versions of Geoforce Experience, and all versions of moonlight nothing seems to work. I know I have the correct IP number from the computer but everytime on the vita i try to connect after typing the ip it just searches and searches not finding the computer at all.

Help would be very much appreciated. Thanks and Merry Christmas!

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Re: Does Moonlight for Vita work anymore?

Post by dmaskell92 » Mon Dec 25, 2017 6:22 pm

Merry Christmas to you too, yes I still use Gamestream. I use the latest Geforce update as it seems to refuse to work unless updated. I add all my Non Steam games to Steam, then on the Vita I launch Steam and through big picture mode and launch whatever I want.

It's been a long time since I set it up initially.
Does it quit? If not, then it's legit... Too legit.

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Re: Does Moonlight for Vita work anymore?

Post by fate6 » Tue Dec 26, 2017 2:01 am

Only the latest GFE will work iirc.
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