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#420909 by tomsmith11
Mon Nov 27, 2017 5:03 pm
Hi my names Tom,

I am new to the forum and 14 years old, but its hard for me to understand simple things (I'm not dumb or anything, but I have a rare medical condition since birth that effects my lower nerves/imbalance/thinking/doing and concentration due to this I'm now in a wheel chair that really makes getting around harder too - typing this is hard as I want to ask things but its hard for me to put down what i need to say.).
any help would be greatly appreciated, as you will be doing me very big favor seeing as I dont have any brothers and sisters to help me. my ma works so what can I do. ://

Okay, I have a ps vita not the new one but the very first one that came out, it runs on 3.36 software, I have never used it online (ever) as I said my brain can't take overloads of stress. I use the vita to play calm games from time to time and it helps ease my mind (like tearaway, binding of isaak, proteus, flower, unfinished swan etc). the reason I would like to use this is my cartridges are suffering, and the pins on the back of 3 have fallen away.

I need to know how to install this without messing up, I need it to work without having any problems, but I only want to play and run old psp games and any vita games without using the small cartridges anymore.

so please help me into a simple how to, but please dont point me back to places they won't help as it hurts my head looking at all the posts with various way of installing but then problems arise for some.

what do I do first?
how to install?
do I need to go online on the vita? or can it be done without going online?
do I need a PlayStation account?

I used google to find out about this forum and saw that it can help me install something that will enable me to run vita and psp games.
#420910 by Crackeeer
Mon Nov 27, 2017 8:06 pm
Hi. I just registered this acc for u.
what do I do first? - first you will need to update your console from 3.36 firmware to 3.60 (be aware from 3.61/3.63/3.65)
how to install? tutorial is here ... ware-3-60/
do I need to go online on the vita? or can it be done without going online? you will need to connect your psv to WiFi - it's easiest waybut it's possible to install 3.60 and HENkaku without internet connection (but you still need wifi - for offline server. for example you will need henkaku android app)
do I need a PlayStation account? no. For best experience reset your console to factory after update to 3.60. Then go to henkaku website.
After all you will need to create email exploit to run HENkaku without WiFi
#420911 by MyLegGuy
Mon Nov 27, 2017 8:14 pm
Playstation Network account isn't needed.
You do need internet to install Henkaku the first time. After you install Henkaku Enso you won't need internet.

Follow these step-by-step guides in order:

Crackeeer wrote:After all you will need to create email exploit to run HENkaku without WiFi

Mail app exploit is old stuff.
Everybody uses Henkaku Enso now.
#420915 by GreenGoblin12
Tue Nov 28, 2017 1:25 am
Oh mate, don't worry you'll get through this. 8-)

I was going to post up the same as the other replies above, the Tut on the links provided by MyLegGuy is the proper one, it's simple and very straight forward to follow.

Crackeer has also stated the same but you don't need the mail exploit.

Any problems just reply back on the forum and any of us will help mate :)
#420948 by tomsmith11
Sun Dec 03, 2017 7:46 pm
Hi all its me Tom,

I was able to install the new software on my vita without any problems, and this is a very big thank you to you kind people who have helped with the replies that you have provided (Thank you Crackeeer, MyLegGuy, and GreenGoblin12), I really appreciate this very much. This took me longer to do due to my problems, I was able to get this installed over a week period, but this was due to my problems as mentioned my mind can not take the overload unfortunately and difficulty in processing information.

With this installed, I need to ask how do I get the PSP/Vita games onto the vita? I am really unsure as to how to do this, when I read a lengthy post I suffered a 2 day black out, this affected me due to the lengthy amount of information I was reading and the stress in overthinking on how to have this done.

So please bear with me on this, and I do apologize if I am asking too much, I just have no one else to help me physically (apart from my mum, but she has enough on her plate with taking care of me and working ;/)


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